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It is said that a man in love acts stupidly. The same holds just as true for a man under the influences of pheromones. Six cocks were thrust into my face as if the men expected me to suddenly grow five more mouths and simultaneously satisfy them all. My clothing didn’t last long, being ripped from my body like they were in a race. Once bared naked, I had to guide each guy by the balls into a spot. Well, even after having one man down and straddling his cock, bringing another man up the rear, and grabbing a cock in each hand, and another for my mouth, I still found myself one orifice short of satisfying all the men.

Two men seemed to start to to joust with their genitals, trying to compete over who got my right hand. It was the kappa who ended up thrusting it into my ass. However, he barely managed to make a few thrusts when it fell out and slipped into my pussy. I gasped and then subsequently gagged on the cock being shoved down my throat as two dicks violated my pussy.

I had big cocks before, and neither of these men were particularly large, but part of how they stuck it in stretched me out felt like more than I was used to. The cocks thrust in at different rates, rubbing against each other and the walls of my vagina, imitating pleasant stimulation. The kappa was angled up a bit, coming in from the back of my crack and shoving into my pussy. The man under me thrust straight up. Both men’s cocks collided in my pussy, their heads pressing against each other deep inside of me. The feeling turned me on and before long I was as wet as I ever was.

At that point, I realized that the kappa had graciously freed up a hole, and I sent one of the guys back behind me. He eagerly moved behind, and a few moments later I felt a large phallus pop into my butt. Holy shit, I felt stuffed. I had definitely reached my limit as three cocks plowed into my nether region. It was a bit painful, but with masochism, the pain quickly turned to pleasure. I was already cumming and I couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t really know the linguistics of what was happening behind me. The kappa and the guy who was now taking my ass must have managed something out, but as they were behind me I could only guess. Movement also seemed to have been restricted, as their thrusting was slow and methodical. The guy under me was still free. His hips raised up and he plowed me without a single ounce of slowing down. That guy at least seemed to have good stamina. The kappa and the anal guy unfortunately were a bit more restricted. It was probably for the better.

My ass and pussy felt on the cusp of breaking, but after having my limits tested, I knew that this was but a drop of water compared to what my body could take. Rather, I enjoyed putting my body through this kind of sexual torture immensely. It was the sort of situation I hadn’t gotten to enjoy as much since I had started traveling exclusively with Min.

The thought snapped me out of some of my enjoyment and my eyes went up to Min again. She was merely watching, her eyes expressionless as always. It wasn’t her. That was all I could tell myself. I’m doing this so Min doesn’t have to. It didn’t matter if Min understood or not. It may be selfish of me, but I hoped Min could just bear with it a while longer.

Two hands wrapped around the back of my head and a hard cock was forced down my throat. I had been inattentive as I was glancing at Min, and the guy had grown annoyed at my lack of enthusiasm. I redoubled my efforts, using both hands to pleasure two men while bobbing my head aggressively and sucking on the third. I left my lower regions at the mercy of the three men under me, and they seemed to serve me well as they plowed away with vigor.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum!” I growled as I felt a little warmth erupting in my pussy.

I couldn’t help the first shot, but I positioned shifted the guy under me to my hands and let the last couple of squirts hit me in the face. With a cock in my mouth, I didn’t even try to swallow the cum as it ran down my face and chest. The guy didn’t even look sheepish about cumming inside me.

Normally, I took a medication that prevented pregnancy. This world’s version of the pill. That was, until I was abducted as a slave. As a result, I haven’t taken the pill recently, and needed to start worrying about such things as pregnancy.

Once the guy who cames dick started to soften, he pulled away with a confused look on his face. He looked down at the gangbang in front of him and his mouth opened in disbelief. I didn’t have time to say anything to him, as the other guy in my hands started cumming too. Another streak hit my opposite cheek, so I now had spooge running down both the right and left side of my neck and chest.

Like the first guy, as soon as he came, the pheromone started losing its effect, and he started looking around like he had just woken up from a dream. With my hands free, I moved the man out of my pussy to my hands. It was good timing, because they did not last long. Just the shock of going from my pussy to my hands set him off, as the kappa immediately lost his load, most of it ending up on my arm and shoulder. The guy exploded in my mouth a second later, and I brought the last guy out of my ass and to my free hand just in time. While I desperately swallowed one guys load, I took splashes of white across both cheeks.

When the last guy softened and pulled away, I looked up innocently, covered in the spooge of all six men. I didn’t lick up the mess at this particular time. Instead, I wore the evidence of their deeds with a smile on my face.

It was the Kappa who approached me at that point. He looked down at me darkly, but didn’t say anything else in response. However, none of the men seemed very pleased after enjoying my body to their fullest. The kappa leaned down and grabbed me roughly, bringing me up by my arms.

“We’re done here, get the other girl and put her under close watch.”

The men reacted to the kappa’s voice immediately, untying Min and dragging her back to the carriage with me. I was dragged along mercilessly, still naked, and then tossed back down at the foot of the cart. Min was being chained back up to the tree, while the Kappa looked over my unattached chains that were still worked with a wry look. He chained me up, and without another word turned and left.

I was still completely naked and covered in their spooge. I was just left there in my own sex. I used the freshen up skill, but that only applied to the inside of my pussy. Perhaps I should have let them cum inside me. Then it’d all be gone. I vaguely wondered if Freshen Up would work as a birth control. If it removed the mess, then didn’t that mean that it got rid of the semen? It was still hard to take that risk. I missed condoms. Don’t get me wrong, bareback feels wonderful, but condoms had their own advantages from time to time.

Without being sexually active, my stamina dropped and I grew tired after a long emotionally stressful day. In the end, I fell asleep just like that, gobs of cum covering my face, butt naked outside. Did I even feel pain when I used the Freshen Up? That thought was lost as I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woken up with a sharp kick. My eyes opened, and I found that I was down face first in the mud. The cum had dried and stuck, and I now had innumerable pieces of dirt, leaf matter, and wood splinters stuck to my face and chest. I peeled myself off the ground and rose up. The person greeting me was the kappa once again.

“I’m cold, I need clothing.” I stated simply, looking the kappa in the eyes.

He glared back at me darkly, and for a second I expected his fist to come flying at my face. Instead, a bundle he was carrying was shoved against my chest with enough force to make me take a step back.

“Put it on and clean yourself up.” He demanded sharply.

I unwrapped the bundle to see a basic set of what I’ve come to call a slave outfit. Simple grey long-sleeved shirt and a simple ankle-length skirt. There was also a water skin full of cold water. The kappa didn’t afford me any privacy as I washed down my body. Even with the unusually warm weak, I was shivering by the time I was done. A little blood came out of my vagina.

I sighed at the cramped feeling in my abdomen. I was starting my period. I had thought that this might be the case. Even under this worlds medication, menstrual cycles were still a possibility. After looking at the Kappa’s stiff look out of the side of my eye, I decided not to push it and instead used the Freshen Up skill. Instantly, the pain and pleasure shot through my body, causing me to gasp my hand to impulsively reach for my neck.

“What is that?” He said defensively, his hand on his sword.

“I-I need to get dressed, the chain is restricting me.”

I came up with the excuse. He looked like he didn’t believe me, but after a moment he nodded. The Freshen Up seemed to work on the blood as well. I immediately felt clean down there despite the circumstances. Doing that skill regularly could prevent me from making a mess. I suddenly found a skill most women in my world would kill for. Of course, it resulted in a sharp pain in my body, but given the time of the month, pains could be considered expected.

I quickly put on the clothing after the slaver reluctantly released my ankle. He watched me extremely closely, his hand stroking his sword the entire time. He gestured to the wagon, and I stepped up graciously and returned to my seat. He immediately replaced the chains on me.

As he did this, I tried to get a look at the other guards and Min. Min seemed in fine shape. She was dressed and clean. Did another slaver watch her as she bathed herself in the cold as well? The thought bothered me somewhat, although I didn’t know why. When my eyes met one of the younger guys, the one I had blowjobed the night before. As it were, he immediately diverted his eyes and walked away. In fact, other than the Kappa, none of the other guards would meet my eyes.

“What is everyone’s problem?” I ask casually.

As I asked this, I was watching as Min as she was unchained and brought up onto the cart, still being kept at a distance from me. Her eyes met mine for a moment. Her face didn’t show anything. Like the guards, she turned her eyes away after a moment. That seemed to hurt even more than with the men. Even Min was shunning me?

“You…” The Kappa seemed annoyed by my innocent question. “What did you do last night? Some kind of seductress skill, I suppose? Is that Seduction? Frenzy?”

That was right. The Kappa knew what my skills were called, but just like Nova holding my guild card, there were limits. He knew my skills through my slave collar, but he didn’t know what the skill meant. So, he didn’t really know what my abilities were. He could make guesses, but the exact nature of my abilities would be a mystery to him.

“Something like that…” I responded with a non-answer.

He ground his teeth for a second. “You… have scared the men. We’re very close to the Cambion colony right now. The guards have heard stories of those succubus sucking the souls out of men. Then, you turned them into putty in your hands. Even I succumbed to your ability. Your collar. It did nothing. Do not continue to push us. Most of the men already want you dead. You won’t find yourself easily seducing them again. They’d rather die than be turned into some woman’s puppet.”

“It… doesn’t work that way…” I started to explain.

Without warning, he pulled a knife from his hip and flew across the carriage. He jammed the knife up against my throat. It was so sudden, even Min jumped at the act. A moment later, a cold sharp blade was pressed against my neck.

“I warn you, woman. You will follow my commands. The next time you break them, I will not hesitate to kill you, do you understand?”

I couldn’t do anything else but nod. “Yes, sir…”

After a tense moment, he sighed and pulled the knife away, sitting back down. “It… must be the charm. Perhaps I can sell that information to some rich scholar.”

“Excuse me?” I asked in confusion, while rubbing my neck.

He leveled another suspicious look at me before taking a deep breath. “You… moving. There is a saying in the slave trade. Don’t work with third classers. Not that enslaving a third-classer is easy, mind you, but third classers can… resist the effects of the collar. They seem to be able to choose not to listen at will. They’re quite difficult to handle. Usually, an expensive enslavement spell needs to be directly casted on their body. The manufactured slave collars are insufficient to restrain them.

“It was always assumed that this was because of their high level. A high level is a high resistance of enslavement. It made sense. There have been slaves that are strong. Slaves that are smart. Slaves that athletic. So, resistance to slavery was never attached to any specific status… until you.”

“Are you talking about my high charisma? You’re saying my high charm allows me to move?”

“Perhaps…  I’m not sure I understand what charisma has to do with slavery, but it’s the only thing about you that sits on the same level as a third-classer. True, your endurance is abnormally high too. It’s said that slaves with high endurance can take more punishment and resist longer than others. But there is a difference between resisting and refuting. You have flat out denied our requests. Used skills. Defied me.” He replied while his fist tightened.

I ignored the bottled anger in his voice and instead thought about the information he’d given me. While he couldn’t connect charisma with enslavement, I thought I could come up with a sufficient answer. What is charisma anyway? It’s a measure of how appealing you are, but it’s not always from a sexual standpoint. Overall, it’s an ability to arouse loyalty and enthusiasm.

Someone who is charismatic isn’t simply desirable. They have the confidence to speak in public. They have the capacity to face criticism. They’re not easily manipulated or tricked. They can adjust their emotions at will. They don’t simply attract people to their bodies, they attract people to their ideologies. It’s used to alter people’s opinions. It’s used to change their minds. Charisma is the status of a leader.

In essence, charisma is the status of control. My mind froze as the words came crashing home.

Control? I had no control. All of my abilities were centered around letting go. I allowed things to happen to me. Men had their way with me. I survived. I reacted. But, I was never in control.

Then… what was the point of sexual positions?

I could alter my own sexual positions. In practice, I could control the sexual intercourse however I wanted. Furthermore, my major status, the one that raised the fastest, is a status of control.

I messed up.

I’ve been using the seductress power wrong. I’d always been using it wrong. The special skills I’d been gaining are all based on how I acted. I had assumed that they were a reflection of my class, but they were more of a reflection of my behavior. I typically acted in a passive manner, responding to this world I found myself in. I desperately wanted to level faster, protect myself, and be strong enough to resist others. Most people never even gained all of these special skills. Their class was only made up of maybe 2-3 special skills total. I had allowed my flood of skills to conflate the issue. They had lead me to believe that this was the nature of a seductress.

However, if I think about this as a destination, then my next class should an extension of my previous class. A 1st class warrior learns the basics of fighting, which ultimately prepares them for their next class, whether it be a swordsman, an archer, or some other fighting class. My class must also have the same kind of setup.

What has seductress been preparing me for? It’s been building my body. Concentrating on myself. It had to be control, but it wasn’t control of others. It was control of myself. Mental Resistance and fortitude to allow my mind to handle pressure. Endurance to handle the stress. Charm to increase my emotional control.

However, I finished growing. I was strong enough now. I already had control of myself. Even under the effect of a slave collar, I could function. What did I need to do next?

Control others. The thought came easily.

Yes… I need to control. I’d hidden from my powers. I had become afraid of them. Even as I used them, it was always with the intent of protecting myself. I had gained the art of manipulation, but I only used it to hide. I gained sexual arts, but I only used it to submit.

While these thoughts went through my mind, the Kappa in front of me was watching me carefully while picking his nails with his knife. I finally made up my mind. It was time to take control.

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