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Of course, saying I was going to take control and actually taking control were two very different things. I couldn’t just start hitting them with seduction. The Kappa had his eyes on me directly, and a single wrong move and he would immediately kill me. I had no doubt of that. Furthermore, as a third classer with his guard up, I couldn’t hope to seduce the Kappa directly.

Nova was able to tell when I tried to Seduce him. I didn’t know the capacity of these demons, but there was always the risk if I used the ability on someone that they would also resist or at least be aware of it. That would mean instant death for me. This left me scoping out the other seven members of the Kappa’s caravan. They were all supposedly demons, but at first glance it was difficult to tell.

For all intent and purposes, the demons here looked human. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a bulge in the back of one demon’s pants that might be a tail, and another demon had eyes that were slightly more oval. However, had you told me this party was human, I would have found it difficult to argue without careful inspection. I had always imagined demons to be less human in appearance, so this surprised me a bit.

The boy I ended up settling on was the youngest of the group. He looked nervous and insecure. He likely had the lowest level and the least skills. If there was anyone I could seduce without them mentioning it, it would be him. Holding my breath, I finally released the Seduction skill I had held back since my time with Nova.

Unable to help myself, I ended up looking directly at the boy. He noticed me staring and immediately turned his head and walked away. However, he gave no indication that I had seduced him. I broke the look immediately so that the Kappa watching me didn’t grow suspicious.

As a result, that’s how I ended up spending the next six hours. Whenever the boy came into my sight, I’d strike him with a Seduction or an Eye of the Beholder. I didn’t want to dump a ton on him and cause him to immediately act out. Instead, I simply wanted to lure him into finding me irresistible. The method was a bit forceful, but I didn’t have weeks to gradually twist him. If I wanted to protect Min, I had to escape that night.

Of course, I had to use my manipulation. Each time I seduced the boy I was racked with a spike of pain. However, my art was to the point that I could let nothing show on my face. The mixture of pleasure and pain even started to become somewhat enjoyable. I was becoming somewhat excited by the spikes, which not only delivered a dose of sexual pleasure, but signified another step towards my escape. Another unexpected benefit made it all the more exciting.

{Pain Resistance has increased to level 12.}

{Manipulation Art has increased to level 17.}

Messages I hadn’t seen in what felt like forever appeared. The fact that I was starting to level again told me that I must be on the right path. What I was doing was what I should be doing as a seductress. My skill stagnancy over these last couple of weeks had to be because of my refusal to live up to my potential as a seductress.

The plan I concocted was a simplistic one. I attracted the boy to me. When it became night, he’d either take my guard duty or distract the guards to get close to me. Well, at least I hoped he would. With enough seduction, he should be in love with me enough that he couldn’t help pulling a Romeo and Juliet by coming to my side. At that point, I’d finish seducing him. I’d convince him to release our collars and facilitate our escape.  It was as simple as that.

My thoughts were suddenly broke by the sound of a howling wolf. I shivered at the noise, but otherwise thought nothing of it until one of the men spoke up.

“They’re wolves. Been following behind us for some time. Usually, they wouldn’t come near a caravan like this. I wonder what’s made them so brazen…”

As if his words opened the floodgate, another howl came from the front, then more howls from the sides. The horses were well trained, but even they started to skitter at the noises of a predator surrounding them. The cart stopped abruptly, and the men all drew their swords, looking around anxiously.

It was at that point that the realization hit me. In the past, I had always had means of easing my menses. I’d either stay in a busy city with walls, or when all else failed, Min could cast a wind spell that prevented my scent from traveling. However, I had started my period again, and I was now in the middle of the wilderness in the demon country. My body would attract any nearby monsters with sensitive noses.

All the men were looking out among the trees, cautiously stroking the hilt of their swords. All of them, except one. The Kappa had still been staring at me. As the realization flashed over my face, I couldn’t hide it from the Kappa no matter how quickly I schooled my face.

“What did you do…” He asked darkly, his hand tightening on his knife.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I responded, working my manipulation.

“You bitch!” The Kappa didn’t respond well to my lie, immediately lunging for me with the knife in his hand.

I responded by impulse, bringing up my legs and kicking him in the stomach. He bent over and the knife missed my neck as the front of his body fell forward. As a result, his hand ended up grabbing my chest. Realizing I had outstayed my welcome, I knew that the plans had just changed and I needed to escape this instant.

Sex, sex, this is sex! My mind worked furiously trying to imagine myself chained up as some kind of sex play, his hand on my chest as he threatened me with a knife.

“Position shift!” I pushed myself back as I said it, and to my surprise I flew back several feet and landed on my ass.

Feeling something hard in my hand, I looked over to see the knife the Kappa had been holding was now in my hand.

“You bitch!” The Kappa shrieked, rising up to attack me.

A second later, the chains tightened and he was stopped, unable to move more than a couple of inches. To both of our surprises, we had completely switched spots. He was now in the chains and I was now in front of him with a knife. I had imagined the sex as some kind of play where I was chained up and he was threatening me with a knife, and then like I had done various times in the past, such as during the gangbang, I position shifted him.

It had worked better than I possibly imagined. He was in chains, and I was the dominant. Even though Sexual Positions typically went unnoticed by the people I performed them on, it was hard to reconcile going from not being in chains to being in chains, so even the Kappa was aware that I had done something to him. However, before he could say anything else, I slammed the hilt of the blade into the side of his head.

It hit the bone, but it was enough force that his head whipped into the side of the wagon. I didn’t knock him unconscious, but he was disorientated enough that I was able to search his body. I immediately pulled out the keys that had been used to lock him up. Of course, while I did all this, I felt the familiar pain of the collar lashing back, but I did my best to ignore it. It was getting easier.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The voice came from another guy who had noticed the commotion and climbed onto the wagon.

“Min, take them!” I tossed the keys to a surprised Min, and before the guard could lunge at Min, I ignited the pheromones.

His eyes went lustful as his attention turned to me completely. Immediately, he started descending on me. However, I didn’t plan to be fucked today. I held up the knife, ready to bring it into his throat. That was when another loud thump came to my right. I looked over in surprise to find myself face to face with a massive wolf. It was gray in color and about twice the size of any wolf I’d have seen in my old world.

The man used my breach in attention to make his leap at me, but I leapt back and kicked him. The kick sent me flying off the edge of the wagon, and the man flying into the pouncing wolf. The wolf and man crashed down on the wagon floor while I fell three feet down to the cold, muddy ground. The blow caused all the breath to leave my lungs, but I couldn’t afford to waste any time and immediately got to my feet, depending on Lover’s Breath to keep me from passing out.

All around me wolves were running around and fighting armed men. It looked like my pheromones had distracted the guards while at the same time emboldening the wolves to attack. The end result was that they were in the middle of a fight to the death. The victor from either side would undoubtedly rape and kill me. That was an ending I wasn’t willing to accept.

As a result, I did the one thing I could do. I started running. I didn’t get far before I came face to face with one of the guards. He had his sword drawn and was bleeding from a few superficial wounds. I struck him with Seduction as soon as our eyes met.

“You… protect me.” I gave in a voice that was closer to an order.

“You bitch… this is your doing?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You need to protect me. I’m money in the bank, aren’t I?” I took a step forward, but he took a step back.

“Stay away from me!”

“It’s alright.” I held out my hand while hitting him with another Seduction. “I just want a strong man like you to keep me safe is all.”

I used sweet seducing words and put on my best smile to be as alluring as possible. The effect seemed to be working. He shook his head like he was dizzy, and the sword in his hand was starting to loosen his grip. I took another step forward, ready to drive home the finishing touches.

A wolf exploded from the edge of the forest and immediately descended on the man. He let out a scream as he couldn’t bring the sword up in time and the wolves jaws closed down on his neck, dragging him to the floor. I didn’t wait to see what would happen. Instead, I cursed my luck and turned in a direction away from both the carriage and the man and ran off into the forest. It was regretful that I lost the opportunity, but the situation was tight right now.

Even though I had no footware and was in a skirt, my endurance kept me running for a good distance. I didn’t know where the heck I was going, but for the moment I just needed to get some distance from the wolves and men. I could think about where to go next once I officially escaped. I’d have to meet back up with Min. Knowing Min, she’d already escaped and was waiting somewhere for me.

My feet stopped in an instant. Directly in front of me was another wolf. This was the largest wolf yet, a so-called alpha wolf. A crack from behind caused me to spin. Another wolf was approaching from behind. Two more from either side in a pincer formation. I was effectively surrounded by the entire pack. I wasn’t fast enough for a true hunter. In the end, I had escaped from a fire only to land in a volcano.

Of the four wolves, three of them sported large erections, showing that my pheromones and menses were having a strong sexual effect on them. The forth wolf had a slightly smaller stature, it was likely it was female. The abilities I used shouldn’t affect women, although I had no clue if monsters counted. Likely, this wolf was only following along with the pack.

The alpha wolf immediately leaped on top of me. I was shoved down to the ground in an instant, sharp teeth brushed against my face as smelly breath rushed up my nostrils. Two legs sandwiched my chest, digging into the skin for a grip. In an instant, his body started rocking, a hard thing between my legs pushing up into me painfully. Fortunately, the monster-like wolves had no grasp on skirts or underwear. His erection was only rubbing against the clothing with some uncomfortable force. It was the equivalent of a dog humping a leg, but it was still frightening to me.

As the wolf continued to dry-hump my body, I rose the knife and stabbed it into the side of his neck. I was able to make a second stab by the time he pulled away. Screeching and whining. He stepped back and took his distance. Finally recovering, I only managed to make my way up to my knees.

The other three dogs starting growling. Immediately, they started to circle around me in a menacing way. I was no longer the leader’s sexdoll, but a threat and prey worth killing. All of my goodwill was lost in an instant. I gripped the bloody dagger, gritting my teeth.

I had to take control of the situation. Would Seduction work on Wolves? I had to try. There was nothing else in my tool belt. I used the seduction on all three wolves. I used again. And then again. I had to make them submit. I had to command them. Seduction, Seduction. Seduction.

I collapsed to my hands, breathing hard. The wolves continued to circle around. The circle was closing. The gap was too large. I wasn’t able to break their group mentality. I was still their prey. Still their food. It didn’t work. I needed something more. Seductress wasn’t good enough. I needed power. I needed the ability to make them kneel. I needed dominance.

I need… control.

As soon as those thoughts went into my mind, it burst through my body like a lightning strike.

{Enchantress Class Unlocked: Your class has evolved to Enchantress!]

Class Skills Unlocked:

{Fusion (Passive): You can breed with any species successfully.}

{Control (Passive)l: Your commands are more likely to be obeyed. You can ignore other’s commands at will.}

{Absorb (Active): During sexual intercourse, you can absorb a part of your partner’s lifeforce. Lifeforce can be used to restore mana, heal wounds, gain experience, and increase overall health.}

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