Yurtdışı Yatırım

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I rolled over onto my hands and knees, sticking my butt up in the air and wagging it in a provocative manner. Fortunately, the man I had created knew his place properly and quickly got on his knees. I wasn’t wearing any pants, so he quickly pulled my cotton panties over my rump and down to my knees, exposing my glistening pussy. I arched my back to give him proper access to the goods.

He didn’t pull down his pants or anything. He just pulled out his cock from the top. It was soft, but he only needed to rub his soft head against my wet clit a few seconds before I could feel it hardening against my womanhood. I gave a pleased moan.

“Mmm… stick it in.” I purred.

He didn’t need the provocation, as it slid in a second later. He went slowly at first. His cock was still somewhat soft inside me. I could feel it straightening, hardening, and growing inside me as his own excitement swelled alongside his member. His hands gently traced over my butt and found a grip on my love handles.

His hands were very soft and smooth to the touch. Unlike the adventurers who had grown up with swords in their hands or villagers who had grown up handling farm tools, he lacked the callous and scars that accumulated even in the younger men. It proved to me that this was a fantasy I concocted. The other evidence was that his dick was quite large. Well, it was in the 8-inch range. Despite popular belief, when you wanted good sex, bigger wasn’t better.

Now, a larger size didn’t hurt, especially with a standard guy who didn’t know what the heck he was doing. However, once the size reached a certain point, the pleasure wasn’t always worth the damage it did after. A bruised cervix, some tearing, temporary incontinence… a monster cock sounded fun until you were feeling sick to your stomach for two days after.

Fortunately, this guy was just the right size to fill me up without tearing me apart. He began to slide his wood in and out of me, picking up the pace as his cock finally reached its full erection. The act only took about fifteen seconds, but the feeling of his cock slowly stretching inside my pussy while he tried to push it deeper and deeper was very euphoric.

It was in my nature to enjoy sex, or perhaps that was just the Enchantress in me trying to make justifications for enjoying this. In the back of my mind, I reminded myself I needed to focus on what was important. I was unconscious. Min was possibly in trouble. I fell into a vivid dream and I needed to level to get out of it quickly. I used my knees and pushed back with my butt, timing my movements with the man thrusting behind me.

The noises of sex grew louder as his dick thrust into me in a very satisfying way. He was getting very deep, my wet pussy permitting his dick to pierce my insides quickly. His balls were slapping against my clit and he had a tight grip on my hips, riding my ass for all he was worth.

“Ah, fuck… harder, fuck me harder.” I begged.

He was fucking me hard enough, but I goaded him anyway. The sooner he came, the sooner I could collect his experience. Once he did cum, could I just make him vanish? Then a new guy would knock on my door and I could start the whole scenario again? That seemed to be the best situation. A small part of me was afraid to try to change things too much, like making a congo line of men or more than one guy at a time. If it was too easy, I wouldn’t get experience, and if I accidentally made it too brutal, I could put myself in a hard place.

“Oh, gods…” The man let out a moan as he went.

“Oh, gods, fuck yeah,” I added.

It probably would sound silly in normal conversation, but as his balls slapped against my pussy and the loud wet thrusting sounds filled the air of the room while the pair of us grunted and moaned, there was no discomfort or embarrassment allowed. It was all about the pleasure. It was about the sex. His penis thrusting into my pussy. Out of context, the words we said might be silly, and the scrunched up expression on my face as pulses of pleasure shot through my abdomen might be comical, but at this moment it was nothing but erotic. He wanted to see my eyes shut tightly, my mouth opened slackly, my hands tightly gripped on the pillow in front of me. He wanted to see my toes curling in sexual excitement. He wanted to see what his dick was doing to me.

“Ride me, ride my ass!” I shouted back at him as I gyrated my hips, causing his dick to squirm around my pussy.

I had gotten past the fact that this was my family home. Shouting in my parent’s house for someone to ride my ass could be mortifying. Now, I just wanted him to do it. Harder and harder. I wanted this strange man to cum inside me. I wanted his seed. I wanted more of him. I wanted his sex. I wanted…

It was at that point that I could feel something else. It felt like a slight tugging deep inside me. Each time his dick slid out of me, it felt like something deep inside of me was being tugged out. His dick wasn’t catching on anything, I was far too horny and wet for that, yet something felt like it was being taken. It was the slightest kind of loss. As soon as I noticed it happening, I realized that I didn’t like it. It felt like my own arousal was being drained, like each time his dick pulled out, the sex became a little greyer.

At the same time, he seemed to become revitalized, his hips thrusting with an endurance beyond imagination. His hips kept going, and he kept plowing into me hard longer and more enthusiastically than most of the men I had enjoyed in the past. Was this the hard part of the dream? Was this the challenge? I felt like this man was taking my own sexual energy and making it his own. Well, he was me, so it made sense, but it felt like he was using my own seductress powers against me.

Each time I came, I felt a little weaker. It wasn’t a bad feeling. It was actually very sexually gratifying. Perhaps, that was the odd part. I rarely felt sexually satisfied to point of relaxation since becoming a Seductress. Had I changed? Was an Enchantress really that different?

As sexual fluids leaked down my legs, I felt like finishing up, like cuddling, like going into a sexual coma. This might have been how I felt in my old life after I enjoyed a particularly energetic guy and we spent a few hours going at it. When we were done, I’d run to the bathroom and clean up. We’d lie together naked and kiss and get a pizza and fall asleep watching TV. In the morning, he’d be gone as often as not.

Since I’d become a Seductress, it wasn’t like I couldn’t gain sexual release and satisfaction, but I never felt like I couldn’t go again. I liked being covered in sex. I liked being dirty, and wet, and sticky. I liked to go again, and again, and again. I’d fuck right until I collapsed unconscious, and I had on multiple occasions.

This wasn’t an awful feeling, but for the person, I’d become in this world, it felt wrong. It felt like I was giving up. It felt like I was losing control. Control was one thing I swore I’d never lose again. My hands tightened on the pillows once again and my teeth gritted. I wasn’t having another orgasm, instead, I was strengthening my resolve. I immediately began to pull back.

I couldn’t exactly explain what I did. As he thrust into me, I pulled on him, bringing his essence into me. He went deeper in me than I ever thought possible. I let out a surprised gasp and his thrusting faltered for a second, but then he cautiously started to continue, and I pulled more lightly once again. His dick didn’t slide any deeper inside me, but each time his dick reached its apex, when I pulled, I felt something warm reach deep inside, moving up into my belly. When he pulled out, it pulled something out of me once again. However, I took it back as soon as he slid it back in. It became a tug-a-war, where our sexual organs pulled at each other. Although his thrusts weren’t lengthier, the tugging made them feel that way. He pulled out longer, and pushed in farther the more we pulled at each other, creating a subtle feeling that his dick was longer than anything I could imagine.

When he slid in, it felt like his dick slid in for eternity, reaching every part of my body, and when it slid out, it felt like it pulled my whole body out with him. Our insides, our essences, they began to mingle. What he took from me, I took back, but what I took back wasn’t the same as what I lost. It was mixed with him. I could feel his excitement deep inside me, he could feel my sexual lust deep inside him. Our bodies began to move as one. The pushing, the pulling, we worked in rhythm, our very essences mixing together, circulating, exchanging.

“AH, ah, ah, ah! Fuuuuuuck!” I screamed out, feeling a sexual peak I had never experienced before.

It was a level of intimacy beyond belief. I could feel him inside me. I could feel him feeling himself inside me. I could feel him feeling me feeling him. It went on into infinity, an infinite loop of sexual gratification. When he finally exploded inside of me, I came hard and long. My pussy contracted so hard that it forced his dick and a good amount of his cum out. He hadn’t finished cumming and the last few gobs ended up hitting my butt and thighs, but I couldn’t care less. My own pussy continued to spasm in sexual satisfaction. I collapsed onto my bed, turning to look up at him. My eyes were slightly glossy, my hand held my clit as my pussy continued to spasm uncontrollably, recoiling from the extreme sexual pleasure I had just endured.

He was looking at me wide-eyed, his expression confused, shocked, but also as sexually satisfied as my own. In another day, as a seductress, I would have tossed him a flirty smile, gotten on all fours, and sucked the juices off his softening cock, now half the size it had sported when it was thrusting into me. However, I just didn’t have it in me. No, I didn’t feel like I was being lulled into a sexual coma. Quite the opposite, I felt I had been shoved into a sexual blender. My body was so completely heightened, that each move caused my body to twitch and my pussy to clamp.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 11!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

Special Skills Available:

{True Sight (Passive): Cannot be affected by visual hallucinations.}

{Dream Walker (Active) Wake up and sleep at will.}

{Mood Ring (Active): Change targets mood and emotional state during sex.}

None of these skills seemed weak to me at the moment. As OP as True Sight seemed, it didn’t really have a point for me. I didn’t plan on visiting traps in dungeons, which I heard often used visual illusions to trick adventurers to their death. Instead, as someone who was using sex to control, Mood Ring would be the best option. Regrettably, I was having a vivid dream right now. I was a little shocked I didn’t wake up just from leveling, but the gods of this world seemed to provide for me with a solution all the same. I selected Dream Walker.

“I-I… that’s not… I don’t know…” the man finally got the words out, taking my attention just as I was about to use the dreamwalker skill. “That was better than they described.”

“They?” I asked, fighting another tremor of orgasm shooting up through my body. “Who’s they?”

“The colony…” He said absently, but then his eyes widened when he turned to me. “Oh, that. Well, you knew that already. Wait, what did you do? Was this some kind of magic?”

The man suddenly seemed slightly weary, taking a step back.

Colony? What colony, what is he talking about. We’re in my dream. I’m just dreaming. What kind of…

“Dream… colony…” The reality of the situation came crashing home. “You’re… a succubus.”

Suddenly, I felt like a complete idiot. Even if I could control my dreams, these were literal dream demons. This so-called colony of succubus we had been traveling nearby. It was the very colony I was trying to find. Here was one, right here. That meant that my unconscious body had been found by a monster, but that monster must have been these very succubae I had been searching for, not that I needed their help anymore.

“Um… well, technically, I’m an Incubus. You can call us Cambions, yes?” as the man said this he didn’t seem surprised when I had called him a succubus.

Was I supposed to know? I tried to run through the conversation we had right before having sex, but I was having trouble remembering the lines. Good sex didn’t put me in a coma, but it did seem to wipe my brain clean of any properly coherent thought. What I could think of is that if I was being attacked in my dream, then if I woke up, I’d have some kind of Incubus, maybe several of them, standing over me. Were they doing physical things to my body while they played with my mind? Was some monster humping my unconscious body in the woods while I died? Was this sexual euphoria because multiple incubae were manipulating my body at this very moment? My frown started to deepen.

I immediately used the dreamwalker ability. Nothing happened. Not only did I not wake up, but the world around me remained completely the same. Did dream demons out-compete my skill? What was the point of this skill if I couldn’t use it properly?


“I need to go.” The man shook his head and stepped back. “I have to report to the elders.”

“Elders? No. Wait. My body. I need to wake up.”

“I’m sorry.” He said, turning and walking right out the door of my bedroom.

I immediately jumped to my feet and followed him, my anger and shock finally overriding the sexual euphoria from a few moments earlier. The man moved fast and was already at the bottom of my stairs and heading for the door. I raced down after him.

“I’ve been looking for you! You can’t keep me in this dream!” I shouted, taking the stairs quickly.

He made it out my front door, and I ran at him full tilt. Then my entire body struck something hard and I immediately stumbled back and to the ground. My body was quite a bit tougher than it used to be, so I wasn’t hurt. I immediately leaped back to my feet and raced after the man. However, my body stopped the second I hit the front door entrance again. I forced my arms through, but no matter how much I pushed, I couldn’t get the rest of my body through the front door. He was now on the sidewalk, but he did turn back when I slammed my hand painfully down on the barrier. He had a guilty look on his face as he looked back at me.

My attention focused on the barrier for a brief moment. It was cold, metallic, and I could move my hands around it and reach out. It was like… bars. As my mind focused, I could see them now. There were six solid iron bars directly in front of my front door, preventing me from walking through. I was effectively locked in.

“This… isn’t a dream, is it?” I asked, my heart starting to drop.

“I’ll be back. I just… I need to find out… what…”

“Am I safe?” I interrupted.

The man turned his head away. “I… don’t know, but you aren’t in the forest any longer.”

I breathed out a single breath of relief, and then the panic returned. “Min! An elf! There was an elf woman. Please! Let me know if she is safe.”

“Elf?” The man looked back and then shook his head as if to himself.

“Please… boy… find out for me.”

The man stiffened for a second, and then without looking back, spoke. “Peers. My name’s Peers. I will be back. I swear it.”

He walked down the street until I could no longer see him in the distance. I took a few steps back and sat down hard on the steps of my stairway.

What shit have you gotten yourself into this time, Aria? The voice in the back of my head taunted me.

I didn’t have an answer.

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