Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Of course, position shift always resulted in a moment of confusion. With the exception of people with high perception, anyone who saw a position shift wouldn’t see the strangeness of our bodies suddenly moving position. Those that were involved thought it natural in whatever position I put them in. I once even tested this theory when I enjoyed a guy who was thoroughly repulsed by eating pussy. I switched him down below, and he ate it for hours afterward.

Although I’m usually not so faithful, I slept with the same guy every day for a week, always sending him to my pussy. Each day, when I asked him to eat me, he’d refuse, only to spend the next two hours tasting me as I kept sending him down there. When I asked him about why he ate my pussy if he hated it so much, he’d just give me a dark look and grumble about it. On the fifth day, I didn’t even need to position shift. As soon as we got into it, he immediately went down on me like it was what he always did.

I left shortly after, so I couldn’t continue the experiments. At the very least, I’d like to think that I helped make the woman he inevitably ends up with a little happier by teaching him to give her a little mandatory attention. I wanted to try the same thing on giving a guy anal sex. The ultimate goal was to test whether I could change someone’s personality through the use of position shift by continually exposing them to the thing they hate. Like exposure therapy, but with my prosthetic dick in their ass.

Of course, none of these thoughts were important at the moment. The important thing at the moment was that I was running bare ass through the snow. The confused mob had stared in shock for a few moments, but when it finally clicked that I was escaping their grasp, they immediately surged forward. I already couldn’t feel my feet, and had this been a world without magic, I’d seriously fear the damage would have left me crippled for life.

Of course, I was still able to move. A combination of damage resistance, cold resistance, mental resistance, and pain resistance allowed me to keep moving long past the limits of a human from my old world. Furthermore, half the pain was converted to pleasure. While I wouldn’t say something like I was in the throes of ecstasy, my body couldn’t tell if the adrenaline pumping in my veins was preparing me for fight or flight, although fight in this situation could be substituted for sex. As a result, I felt exhilaration where I should be terrified. I ran with a smirk on my face which would have surely confused anyone who saw it. It should go without saying that this world and its unique set of rules had long past broken me.

“Kill her!” Shouts rose from behind.

I was glad that no one had brought a bow and arrow out. Perhaps they hadn’t thought of it yet. I wouldn’t last long if they started shooting me down like some kind of animal.

Just as I was thinking that I hit an icy patch. Quite literally, my bare feet slipped on some ice and I found myself plummeting head first into the snowbank right in front of me. The crowd, complete with angry shouts, quickly surged from behind. The ice and chill cut into my bodies, my bare chest completely exposed to the subzero temperatures. I quickly pulled myself out of the snow with a gasp, only managing to flop to the side. Blood loss and physical damage were starting to take their toll, and I felt a wave of dizziness.

As I focused my eyes, I found myself facing the entire mob once again. However, they seemed to be keeping a modicum of distance, only waving their torches and pitchforks instead of actually trying to stab me or set me on fire. It took me a second to realize that most of the eyes were no longer directed at me, but at something that was sitting up over my head.

I fell back and my gaze moved up over my head. Standing on the snow bank above me was an attractive man. With my current view, his legs looked long and shapely, light leather chaps framing a generous buttock. He had blond, short-cropped hair and a sword in his hands. Rather than feel fear, I only felt relief, as I recognized this man.

“Min…” I gave him a weak smile.

Without responding, Min leaped over my head gracefully, landing between my red, puffy, partially frozen body and the crowd. The look in his eyes clearly held a certain degree of anger after having seen me in this position. I was never the kind of person to get all dreamy eyed over the idea of a white knight. Guys who felt the need to put themselves out to protect a woman were some of the most annoying guys out there. They either felt like their heroics would get them something, or it stemmed from a deep-rooted belief that women needed to be protected. Either way, these actions didn’t sit well with me.

However, the pain and pleasure I felt from this humiliating scenario had started to rapidly diminish, and my entire body was growing numb from the ice now pressed up against my entire body. I knew that this was not a good situation. As long as I felt pain, I was alive. This meant I had pushed my body far past its limit. I lived in a world where the capabilities of a level 30 far exceeded those of any person from my old world, but I still had limits to the abuse my body could take.

Min flourished his sword as three of the most aggressive men, likely lifetime adventurers from the local adventurer guild, emerged on him. His movements were fluid, and he seemed to step forward as if he was dancing. While the adventurers moved with precision, you could easily tell their movements weren’t fluid. Each decision was thought out and executed with skill and planning. However, Min movements flowed from one to the next, almost like he had planned every action since the start of the battle, and now was only completing the predetermined dance.

Within seconds, three men were disarmed and tossed back onto their asses. I would have laughed at their misfortune, but my jaw seemed to be shivering to the point that I could no longer talk. One of the reasons I had only had Jenai free me and go to Min was because of this very reason. Jenai would have been far more likely to kill everyone present had I ordered her to protect me. In fact, you could say it was expected given her personality and origin. However, I had certain desires and dreams, and there would be no way I could achieve them if I left behind a constant stream of dead bodies.

A few of the braver villagers, likely the drunks, ruffians, and town bullies, also gave their try against Min, but like the others, they were pushed back with relative ease. Likely, there wasn’t a second classer in a village this small, so Min outclassed them in every way. Although even if he had been against a fellow second classer, I had long since suspected that he would prove to be superior. It seemed odd that only six months ago he had found himself overwhelmed by a group of goblins, although I suspected there had been more to it than what he had explained. Either way, I greatly admired Min. Perhaps I wouldn’t have even ended up in this situation myself had my own skills been geared towards fighting rather than other activities.

Regrettably, I wasn’t the only one who admired him. Min’s short blond hair, cold look, smooth skin, and warrior’s physique gave off an incredibly sexy aura. Although, when I had met Min, he was a woman… he had spent a lot of time practicing the sword, as he likely had been doing when this whole thing got started. While his body still looked delicate and feminine for someone looking for it, he also resembled a high spec man with an exceptionally high charm.

I wondered myself if my own seductress abilities were altering his body in the same ways they altered my own. I had set him as my fuck buddy with the appropriate skill and I’ve spent more time, and ground more experience with him than anyone else. If there was anyone my sex and charm would rub off on, I’ve rubbed Min in every way possible.

Of course, Min remained oblivious to his own apparent sex appeal. Every village we came to, women would be eying him or attempting to flirt with him. His distant and cold attitude only seemed to encourage the worst of them. It could be said that my own sexual exploits were likely not the only cause of this lynch mob. Many of the women in the crowd had likely started this mob over jealousy from my possession of Min. They were perhaps angry at my promiscuity when I held such a charming companion.

Those same women were, even while watching their strongest men beat down by his wrath, sighing with dewy eyes over how beautiful his movements were. Of course, he had already won my heart and watching him kick some ass was starting to stimulate other parts of my anatomy once again, even as my body was likely shutting down from hypothermia. I was shaken from my thoughts when the angry mob began their next attack, coming from an unexpected direction.

“Min!” One woman suddenly spoke up. “We have caught this Tramp spreading disease and fornicating with half the men in this village! You don’t have to defend a harlot such as she!”

“Leave her! We’ll take good care of you!”

“Stay in our village!”

“I love you!”

I frowned at the onslaught of screaming women who had run out of expendable men to toss in Min’s direction and decided to fall back on their own manipulative ways. I don’t spread diseases. In fact, that could be said to be one of the best things about me. It irritated me intensely that these women would spread such blatant lies, especially to someone I cared about. Of course, Min merely gave them a cold look, which seemed to cause one of the women to even swoon slightly.

Before I could help myself, a burst of energy flew through me. The pain and numbness diminished and suddenly I could move my body properly again. I knew I had just activated my limit break. It wasn’t intentional, but a combination of the desperation, the annoyance, and my own frustration had caused it to pop. I stood up using my newfound energy and walked the distance to Min, who was still holding the sword to keep the crowd at bay, although they weren’t attempting to press forward anymore.

“That ugly skank isn’t worth it!” one of the women shouted, and a crease formed on my forehead.

“We can give you more than she can!” Another spoke up.

Within those few steps, the anger and annoyance boiled over the top. I was done with their attitude. I reached Min and wrapped my arms around him, then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted. Two small little hills plopped out into the cold icy air. These breasts could easily exist without the presence of a bra, and at best would be called A cups, but this was still unmistakably the chest of a woman. As soon as his bare chest hit the frozen air, his nipples hardened into sexy pink nips. Min’s chest was fully exposed to the entire crowd.

“See!” I shouted. “He is a she! She’s got a vagina! Do you get it?”

The crowd immediately went quiet. It was so quiet that you could probably hear it if a mouse sneezed. Suddenly, a low voice was muttering something quietly. It took me a moment to realize where it was coming from. The person standing right in front of me was speaking very softly. From instinct, I leaned forward.

“Please… Aria… why… bad Aria… please stop… this is bad play. So embarrassing… Aria. Sadist. Abusive wife… mean…”

Min’s face had gone completely red, and his eyes seemed to be staring at nothing like his soul had already abandoned his body. I immediately lowered his shirt, and then it hit me.

“Ah… there’s the backlash.” My voice came out in a croak.

Blood immediately starting rise from my throat and spewing out my mouth. The energy I had used to stand dissipated like the strings of a marionette were suddenly cut. I almost hit the floor but was stopped just before me head went face first into a snowbank.

Things started to get a little blurry after that. I could hear Min’s warm breath running across my ear, feel his strong arms wrapped around my ice-cold body, and then nothing but darkness. The sleep was fitful, filled with nightmares where I went between being burned alive and frozen.

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