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Weeks turned to months, and my life within the Cambion village started to turn into a routine. My leveling had stalled on account of remaining faithful to a single sex partner, and we rarely went nuts when it came to sex positions or time. Like any long-lasting relationship, the sex started to decline as the pair of us grew comfortable with each other’s wants and desires. Although some may have had an impression I’m a slut by my previous provocative tendencies, at that time I was driven by a desire to survive and habit.

When you have many orgasms, its very easy to fall into the habit of continuing to seek sexual gratification, especially to fill the void left by fear and anxiety. For example, a person who masturbates frequently can barely go a day without becoming horny and masturbating, where someone who doesn’t masturbate might go weeks without an orgasm and be perfectly fine. A person with a loving wife, children, and fulfilling work might masturbate less than a single guy who just lost his job. It might not just be because he has more free time, but because he also is carrying some stress and loneliness that orgasms can treat.

In my case, my current busy scheduled and limited choices prevented me from having the time or opportunity to have the sex to which I was accustomed. My carnal resistance continued to rise and my horniness finally dropped into the realm of normal humans. That’s to say I had sex with Peers every morning, an event that when conjoined with our strange accumulation of circulating life energy, provided the sexual pleasure of any three normal orgasms. Then, every night, I would pull out my dildo, a ten-inch Sandor and Pratter exclusive that the Cambions had thankfully salvaged from the slavers and provided myself with a couple of orgasms just to help me go to sleep.

Now that I thought about it, that might be considered rather sexually active for most humans, but it was a major improvement to me when compared to before, when I masturbated whenever I thought people weren’t looking, mounted Min at least twice a day, and still looked for other men on the side. In retrospect, my behavior was a bit out of control. Part of me missed that old life. It was a life where I got to experience new and exciting cocks every day. It was risky, reckless, and the darker parts of me admitted it was fun.

However, the safety and security of the village suited me fine as well. I certainly was happy not fearing for my life. I also started to feel emotions for Peers beyond sexual satisfaction. His laid back and accepting attitude was refreshing. Compared to Min, who was quiet, reserved, and often intense, Peers was much easier to be around. I didn’t mind teasing him and being teased by him.

“Good, good! Hold it, just a little longer. You got it!” Mary responded excitedly.

In my hand was an honest to goodness fireball. It wasn’t the first one I’ve ever made, but it was the strongest and most stable. It was one I was confident that if I sent away from my body, would travel more than a meter before dissipating in a puff of smoke.

{Fire Magic has increased to LVL 5!}

I smiled happily as I saw my magical ability increase to five. For magic, five was a very important level. It was the level where fire magic was considered capable of being used in fighting. Before this, I could start fires, warm blankets, dry clothing, and heat up a room, but to actually be capable of damaging someone beyond a slight burn was outside of my abilities.

Of course, Mary hadn’t just taught me fire magic. I also had increased water magic to level 5 the previous week, although it’s usefulness in battle outside of a fire attributed monster was questionable. Unlike in RPGs, it was actually exceptionally difficult to hurt a monster by tossing a ball of water at them. Unless you could turn the water into a compressed beam or create so much water as to flood your enemies, neither of which could be done without a lot of effort and higher understanding of water than level 5, then it simply wasn’t practical as a weapon.

As to the more creative uses of water, such as coalescing it in someone’s lungs to drown them, controlling the water flow in someone’s body to instantly dehydrate them, or boiling them from the inside… Mary was completely shocked by these particular suggestions. With a bit of self-study, I discovered this was not actually a possibility. Water magic worked best on pure water, and the purer the water, the easier the magic worked. By the time you got to the consistency of the ocean, controlling saltwater was near impossible and even the act of just separating the salt from the water required an 8 or 9 in water skill.

The few people who did use water as a weapon often kept a gourd of distilled water to use in fights, because even river water caused a dip in strength and quality. That wasn’t to say that water magic was weak. Being able to pull moisture out of the air or distill water that was normally undrinkable was infinitely useful to any group of travelers. Water was both heavy and inconvenient, and a water mage afforded a group many conveniences they’d otherwise be forced to live without. They were supporters and could be the backbone of any group, and when added with an offensive magic, these support mages were highly sought after by adventurers. Suffice it to say, if I attempted to join the Adventurer’s guild now, rather than shunned, I’d be welcomed with open arms.

On top of that, after learning both these skills to four, they joined with Magic and Magic Sense to create an advanced skill, elemental magic. As to what elemental magic does, from my understanding, it strengthens the use of the basic skills beyond their max, and also allows them to be combined. For example, I could now directly create steam by combining fire and water. It was only at level 1, but Mary was still incredibly impressed when I told her I had gained this skill. Despite her water and fire magic being at 7 and 8 respectively, she still had yet to learn any advanced skills. While my skill gains seemed rather slow to me compared to the first few months in this world, to Mary they were the progress of a savant.

To put my learning in perspective, most people took four years to do what I’d accomplished in two months. Getting to level five meant I had a basic understanding of these magics. This required typical study under a master magician far more skilled than Mary. In fact, she admitted that most of her fire and water magic came from allocating her skill points. She had expected me to have to do the same and only expected me to reach level 2-3 at most, given my level and age.

However, where most people learned magic control alongside the elemental magic, I had already maxed this skill on my own. Combined with a base understanding of thermal kinetics and the properties of water, this led towards rapid growth, once again proving that education is the key to skill gain. I wondered if I had paid more attention in those physics classes if I might already be at an even higher number by now.

By this point, the fireball had dimmed in my hand, and it was already near going out. I had already been practicing for an hour, and the mana inside me had dwindled. It felt like a waste to down mana potions just to keep practicing, especially since I had other responsibilities, such as making more mana potions! I cut off my supply of mana and let the fireball snap out of existence with the closing of my hand. It was definitely a cool experience to hold fire in my hands.

“Soon, I might start having to ask you for advice,” Mary said, her lips pouty and her eyes fluttering.

If I hadn’t already become used to Mary’s demeanor, I would have assumed that she was flirting with me. For not the first time I considered pushing her down on my bed and seeing what happened. I was no longer strictly a straight woman, and while Peers satisfied the needs I had with men, it’d actually been quite a long time since I’d been with a woman. It was exactly for that reason I hadn’t summoned Jenai up until now. If I summoned her, I knew we’d be having sex shortly after, and I wasn’t sure how cool Peers would be with that. Now that’s it’s been two months, it’s been a really long time since I summoned her, so she was likely going to be angry with me too, which only made me put it off longer.

“I might…” I responded coquettishly, but I didn’t put any real effort into it.

I wouldn’t be teaching Mary too much about water and fire magic. It wasn’t necessarily being vindictive. I just wanted to keep some secrets to myself, and I didn’t see Mary or the colony benefiting all that much by Mary gaining a level or two in a skill. She was teaching me magic as a means of the colony showing me their sincerity. If I turned around and ended up helping them out, I felt like it’d be stepping a bit of their sincerity. While I wanted the Cambions to think I was worth keeping around, there had to be limits. It’s possible to make yourself too useful, and my free time every day was already limited.

Before Mary left, she touched my arm, letting her fingers linger there before pulling away gently like we were lovers. As soon as she left, I turned to my nightstand and went through the potion vials which had been used to test whether there was any effect induced on the potions as a result of being in proximity of Peers and I having sex. Peers had to leave early this morning on a supply hunt, so I wasn’t able to test these vials out. I had planned to try to include them in the energy cycling between Peers and me. More importantly, this morning I hadn’t been sexually fulfilled. Adding Mary’s sultry teasing, and I was actually somewhat stressed by the time she left. I quickly found out I couldn’t think straight.

Rather than head right for the lab, I pulled out ol’ faithful, yes, my 10-inch dildo has a name, and I hiked up my dress. As the spring season set in and the weather grew hotter, of course, I didn’t learn my lesson and continued to move around in the absence of underwear. My skirt was traditional and went down to my ankles, so unless some one like that boy pulled it completely up, I had no risk of exposing myself.

However, at the moment, I was definitely exposed. Discarding the rack of vials in front of me on my pillow, I lifted one leg up onto the bed while keeping the other supplanted on the floor. Leaning back on arm, I picked up the dildo with the other and injected a light degree of magic into it, causing it to warm up and spring to vibrating life. For the moment, I just pressed the head against my clit, allowing the vibrations to turn up my sexual excitement levels appropriately.

Holding the other end, I lightly swirled the head of the dildo in concentric circles over my clit like it was a smaller bullet vibrator. I had such a contraption, but I wasn’t in the mood to do two things at once. Naturally, the Cambions only provided me with a tent, so all it would take is someone pushing open the flap at any point and I’d be caught, my throbbing pussy in full view of the outside world.

However, Peers is the only guy who’d ever push into my tent without warning, and he was gone today. Even if he did suddenly show up, it wouldn’t be a problem. With Peers temperament, he’d just laugh it off, come up to me, kiss me in the lips, grab the dildo out of my hand, and start using it on me. He was sloppier at it than me, occasionally jamming it too deep or at the wrong angle, but in conjunction with his warm lips and hard body, it’d do the trick.

With my eyes closed and a faint smile on my face I didn’t realize was there, I rapidly twirled the vibrator while thinking of Peers fucking me. I imagined his kisses, his breath, and his warm body. As I imagined the feel of his cock sliding into me, my fingers lowered and I send the dildo plunging into my womanhood. Enough of my mana had recovered and I was very adept at manipulating the mana-powered virbrator, so it came as second nature as I controlled the vibrations in a pattern that achieved optimum results.

As my wrist started to bend up and down aggressively, sending all of the ten inches of dildo plunging into my depths with each twist, my mind started to wander away from Peers. I started to imagine Mary as the one with me. She was giving me her sultry, sexy looks while holding the dildo and plunging it into me, her soft, sweet lips taking my own.

The combination of the dildo’s vibrations, the highly skilled movements of my hand from the former sleight of hand and maxed masturbation skills, and my own erotic imagination, and I immediately found myself cumming hard. My hand on the bed tightened into a fist, holding the blanket tightly. My fingers started to curl, and my mouth opened in an elongated but silent orgasm. Naturally, I couldn’t be loud at this point in the day. Even if nobody pushed their way into my tent, they could still hear things.

My pussy clamped down hungrily on the dildo deep inside me, automatically performing kegels that were completely lost on the bodyless contraption, but served to enhance and elongate my own orgasm.

“Ahhh… hah, hah, hah,” I let out a final moan, unable to keep the last bit of orgasm from coming out of my mouth as I started panting.

As I moaned, I also gushed, fragrant lust erupting around the dildo and shooting out of my pussy, almost assuredly wetting my sheets. At this point and time, I’d usually would keep going. For me, a single cum wasn’t nearly as sexually satisfying. I’d have to keep going two to three more times, depending on how horny I was to start with.

However, just as I came, I felt a magic disturbance coming from in front of me. Jumping out of my lustful mode like I had just been shocked, I pulled the dildo out, eliciting another squirt of lewd liquid to leave with it. Tossing the dildo to the side and ending the mana feed, I straightened myself and pulled down my skirt. In the span of two seconds, my body still reeling for orgasm, I had removed almost all evidence of my transgressions. If there wasn’t a wet streak on the bed running from a small pool under my butt all the way to the pillow of my bed, there would have been no indication at all of what I was just doing.

“Oh, shit.” When my eyes finally focused on what created the magic disturbance, I cursed out loud.

It wasn’t somebody spying on me using magic or something like that. Rather, it looked like when I came, I came harder than I expected. My lust had actually overtaken my pillow, and the rack of test tubes sitting on top of that pillow. My lust had struck the testubes, with some of it dripping down into a couple of the them, causing the magic disturbance.

My first thought is that I must have ruined the results of my experiment. However, even that shouldn’t have created this strange magical resonance. One particular vile from the set caught my attention the most. Picking it up, I instinctually fed a bit of my mana into the mixture. It almost felt like it was humming, and as soon as I started feeding it mana, it almost felt like a black hole. Without warning, it began to suck out my mana aggressively. I didn’t even have the chance to pull back.

In an instant, the last bit of mana was drained out of me, and I nearly collapsed on the bed from fatigue. The only reason I hadn’t pass out was that the Sexual Saint skill kicked in, giving me a small boost of mana. Looking down at the vial, the humming resonance seemed to feel even louder now. The color was also changing. Originally, it was a dark red, but now it was much lighter.

Unable to stop myself, I pulled a few mana potions from my bedside and downed one, recovering most of my mana in a single gulp. Ever so carefully, I start putting mana back in. Once again, the potion started to hungrily eat mana, pulling it out of me at an alarming rate. I immediately downed a second potion before it could drain the last of the mana from me and cause me to faint. The potion was still humming and changing, growing lighter and lighter red until it was almost clear. It took one last potion before the mana was finally all absorbed.

I let out a gasp when it finally finished, a small surge of power indicating the potion was complete. As soon as the power erupted, the translucent solution started to glow with a golden hue. Being used as a mana channel had exhausted my mind, and I had a splitting headache after having almost three times my normal amount of mana drained through me. However, I had to know what I just created. Without a break, I executed the examine ability.

{Elixir – Class S – Complete Recovery and Restoration of all status misalignments short of death.}

I only just managed to get the test back on the rack when my body gave out and I collapsed into unconsciousness. I didn’t even have time to celebrate as one other body of text popped up in front of my eyes.

{Congratulations, you have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 12!}

{Due to the failure to select a skill, your point has been automatically allocated to the most suitable selection: Illusionist.}

{Title Unlocked: Illusion Breaker}

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