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The soldiers seemed less friendly with me after I had pulled out my seduction, but their Lord General had already spoken, and so I had a semblance of protection. They still heatedly gazed at me in a mixture of lust and anger, but no one treated me too roughly. Despite my collar, my hands were tied and I was forced into a spot to kneel. I ended up kneeling in that spot for several hours while the village I once called home was raided and sacked. Given my stats, this was well within the realm of tolerable for me, so simply waited like an obedient slave, even as I grew bored. When all of the tents were burned with the bodies, and the last thing of value was stored on a wagon, the army turned to leave.

I was dragged over to the Lord Typhon’s horse and gave a surprised noise as two men hoisted me up onto the back of his steed before being tied to it. I remained as immobile as possible, afraid that if I accidentally kicked the horse, I’d be accused of trying to escape. Even though I was Lord Typhon’s property, a few men looked like they were waiting for the opportunity to punish me.  Typhon came shortly later, still giving out orders up until he stepped on the stirrup and swung his leg over, jumping up on the horse in front of me.

“Let’s march!” Typhon declared, kicking his horse into motion.

There wasn’t a single reply, but the growing sound of movement behind me said that everyone heard and followed orders. For the first time, I could truly feel the strength of being in charge. Even the kings and princes I met never exuded this kind of authority. This was the power of a Lord General? I wasn’t the kind of woman who found myself abnormally attracted to power or wealth, but even I could ride a little easier knowing I was under the protection of this powerful man.

“Do you know why your charm failed to subdue me, where it caught so many of my men?” The man suddenly asked without turning his head back.

I let out a blush, suddenly being forced a remember my misdeed moments after sitting in front of the man I had wronged. “I… no… I don’t…”

“It’s because of this.” Still not looking back, the man had grabbed a necklace around his back and picked it up, showing it to me. “This and items like it are common among leaders and nobility. It’s a magical item that reduces the effects of high charm and blocks seductive spells. If I had it my way, every soldier in my army would wear a piece like this, but regrettably, it’d be too expensive. At the very least, there are very few people outside of the Cambion populations that know charm magic and not many women with your natural level of charm.”

“Ah…” I responded simply, unsure why he was telling me this.

“If putting all your points into charm was sufficient to seduce a Lord General or a King,” Typhon continued. “Then the world would be ruled by whoever has the most charm. Fortunately, this world is a balanced one, and you’ll find charm rather useless. Many consider it the most useless stat, especially for a woman. If you were a man, perhaps with enough charm you could find a wife above your station, but for women, charm will only make them a target of male lust and greed.”

“Is that to say… you feel nothing when you look at me?” I asked, my voice unable to pull back a bit of sulkiness.

Typhon barked a laugh. “Nothing? Of course not. Had I felt nothing, you’d be dead right now. The spell doesn’t counter charm, it simply allows leaders to make decisions in spite of charm. I’m still very aware of your beauty and much enchanted by your charm, but it won’t affect my decisions. In short, I won’t be making decisions based on my dick. Had I not been wearing this pendant right now, perhaps I’d be mounting you instead of my horse.”

Knowing that the man was truly attracted to me made me feel a little more reassured. So, it wasn’t like he was a dead fish, he just had restricted his decision-making process with some kind of enchanted item. It wasn’t one I had heard of before. Did all nobles possess these kinds of things? During my time with human nobility, my seduction was always worn on the surface, my charm still too low to be noticeable by any man. I didn’t think this item negated frenzy and pheromones though, otherwise, it wouldn’t have worked during a certain sex party long ago.

I reached out, my fingers gently touching the outside of his thigh, knowing that keeping in Typhon’s good grace was the only way I could maintain a future of safety. “I could… be your mount… if you want.”

My words came out sultry and shy, like a maiden throwing herself at a man she had fallen for. Typhon only laughed again, grabbing my hand a pulling it off his thigh.

“I intend to… tonight, once we stop. I am very interested in the skills of a woman like you. To be so seductive, you must have had some kind of training. Were you an assassin? A spy? You don’t need to tell me, I don’t expect you to speak the truth. The only thing I trust is your slave collar. I don’t know how you were caught, but I would have paid top gold for a woman like you. Your chance to get in my good graces will come tonight, so look forward to it!”

The man spoke so blatantly without a single restaint, his voice holding no suspicion or fear that I could use the information he volunteered to my advantage. I was a little shocked at how forward he was being. On top of that, he spoke in a regular volume that could be heard by all the soldiers nearby. A few even snickered, and I put on a blush of shame I was likely supposed to feel by being so openly exploited. Still, this man in front of me wasn’t simple.

“Why… would you tell me all these things?” I asked cautiously.

Typhon merely shrugged. “Because I can? I am a man who is confident in what he has. I believe that every person in this world has a lot in life. It’s a role that they must fulfill. Your role will be decided by me, so it’s easier to openly explain the situation you are in, rather than to hide it. It will help you in properly filling out your role to my desires.”

“And what role do you see for me?” I asked sheepishly.

“The cambions were merely an aside. I took care of it because I was nearby. My men and I are actually heading to the border to discuss things with the human realm. I suppose we’ll call them peace talks… unless they fail, in which case it will be war.” When I gave a worried look he shrugged. “You don’t need to worry about such things. You only need to worry about servicing me properly. You need not be concerned you won’t know what to do, I will have my other servants train you. Perform all of the necessary duties properly in the bed and throughout the day, and I’ll gift you to my son for his twentieth birthday. He broke his last slave, and he’s been creating a stir at the local whore houses. Perhaps a woman as audacious as you can succeed in reigning him in.”

Broke? My immediate thought was a young, hard pumping stud with a giant penis. Part of me couldn’t help but be intrigued by the prospect of enjoying his company. The he could even rile up whores meant that he must be quite vivacious. Perhaps his sex drive matched my own?

‘What if I fail?” I asked, knowing that’s always the question that must be asked in that circumstance.

“You’ll go to my men, and they’ll use you until none of them want to anymore.” He responded simply, while watching me out of the corner of his eye.

My heart skipped a beat, but for some reason, the alternative solution didn’t seem bad either. Given my abilities, sex wasn’t something I was afraid of. I would never be in jeopardy of being raped to death. Rather, having sex with an entire army of men would likely bring me to level sixty. Every level would cause me to recover, and be another chance for me to escape. With a special skill that allows me to remove my slave collar and I could run away. So, in reality, either option was good for me.

Even though several of the men were giving me leering looks to try to help the General scare me into submission with his threat, the General who was closest to me could tell my mood the best. My heartbeat was unchanged, my expression unperturbed. He seemed to be holding his breath, expecting me to hold him tighter over fear he’d hand me over to the army, but that extra fear just didn’t come, and by time I realized I should have reacted, it only would have seemed faked.

After a few silent moments, he shook his head and muttered. “She really isn’t simple.”

I could only ignore his words and look inward, trying to sort out my own thoughts. I still felt some resentment and hatred for the demons ruining my life, but truth be known, living in a tent wasn’t all that fulfilling. I was making the best of it, but since all my plans were disrupted, I starting thinking about making new plans. The life of a slave under General Typhon didn’t seem all that bad. He seemed like a generous and open person. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but he didn’t seem the type to beat or make unreasonable demands.

Either way, it was already decided. My new life would be by his side and with his family. Of course, my revelations about control had never disappeared. Even though the General could resist my charm, that didn’t mean I didn’t plan to gain control of my life. I would be a slave and a servant, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t get into his good graces, and with time, perhaps even influence his thoughts and desires.

As a seductress, I gave up control. As an enchantress, I sought to control. However, control could be obtained in many ways. There were often idioms about women being truly in charge of their men. With the Lord General as my target, a man already powerful in this country, perhaps I could finally obtain the future I wanted. As a slave, I didn’t have to lie or hide from him. I could match his forwardness with my own. A small part of me grew hopeful. I could make this work.

I leaned on Lord Typhon’s back, letting my breasts push against him in a noticeable way. However, I hid the gentle smile starting to form on my lips. The hateful Gods slammed a door shut in my face, but there was always another door nearby. I’d never stop until I reached the ending I wanted. At this point, it was the only thing I had left.

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