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“Hah… Hah… Hah…” the noise of my panting was the only thing that could be heard in that tent.

My legs were wrapped around the Lord General, and I was giving him the best cowgirl that I could. For a man so used to being in charge, it seemed a bit odd that he preferred to take a passive role in sex. Usually, he left it mostly up to me to satisfy him. As to the effort he put into it, there was very little. I would need to suck him off or get on top. Today, I had been feeling a little horny, so I went into a more aggressive position, bouncing up and down on Typhon’s cock.

His penis was of decent size and it remained hard for some time, so I was able to play with it until I achieved my own satisfaction, and of course his. Meanwhile, Typhon held me with his hard-calloused hands, but he didn’t actively participate all that much. He’d simply watch me work, watch me satisfy him. He wore no particular expression of pleasure, although my skills of deception were able to read the subtle expressions of his face. It was the only way I could tell the things he liked and the things he didn’t like.

For example, Typhon didn’t really like hand jobs. He liked things to be wet, and I quickly found that if I was going to stimulate him to get him up, it needed to be orally. This wasn’t much of a problem for me, so I took his hard meat into my mouth and worked my tongue with precision, making him instantly hard. The first time I had done this, Typhon seemed a bit surprised at my skill. However, he quickly grew to accept it.

This was, of course, all told through minute expressions on his face. A lesser woman would have been lost to understand what he wanted. She likely would have failed to properly please him, and would already be a soldier’s whore. Although the prospect of servicing the army slightly excited the greed in me, I no longer felt the fear and desperation for levels and skills that I once did. In reality, I didn’t want to fuck an army of men. Perhaps, a small slutty part of me had fantasies like this, but this hardly was something I’d vote to do. When I did it with Nova’s men, I was afraid for my life, and desperately felt like I needed to escape.

That terrified seductress no longer existed. I had more control over myself now. I had skillsets, and I knew how to use them. I understood that my future won’t come from desperately power leveling, but from intelligently choosing my future. I worked to satisfy Typhon because I saw a greater future with him. Power leveling to sixty might give me short-term benefits, but it could also be more dangerous as well. Most people at level 60 or higher were considered pretty exceptional. If I lacked the skills and position to back up my level, it could mean dire consequences for me.

And so, I worked my legs, which wouldn’t tire out so easily as a second-classer with enhanced sexual endurance, to pleasure the cock of the man under me. I learned about his interests. I learned what felt good. I learned what tasted good. I learned everything I could. He wasn’t a man who liked to talk during sex. The dirty talk was another thing he didn’t take to. So, I panted and worked, and when it was time for him to cum, I could see the furrowing of his brows, and the clinching of his lips, and I knew he was ready.

However, even as I felt warm stuff flowing inside me, I kept working. He liked that. He liked to feel my pussy sliding up and down even as he came. I found different men made for different cummers. Some men liked it when you ground your pussy down, they wanted it as deep as possible as they cum. No movement, just deep inside your warm innards. Other men liked it on the surface. They liked to see the cum shoot in your hole, and being quite shallow, immediately leak out, leaving your pussy looking like a white mess. Of course, there were men that preferred to end it in the mouth. There weren’t as many of those in this world. In a world without pornography, men aren’t conditioned to expect every sexual encounter to end with a cumshot.

As I felt his hot seed inside me while I continued to ride up and down on his cock, I wasn’t worried about thoughts of pregnancy. While I wasn’t an army whore, there were army whore’s along for the ride in more ways than one. I was able to buy herb from them, and keep myself relatively risk-free. There was actually a couple hundred army followers, which consisted of craftsmen, blacksmiths, and others that supported the army.

It turned out the army ran on commerce. Soldiers were paid based on performing their duties. Armor, weapons, provisions, and food weren’t automatically provided. These were things that soldiers had to buy.  As to how I paid for my own, Typhon provided me a daily allowance. This allowance included buying enough food for him and myself. Any money left over after meeting all his needs I was allowed to spend on myself. To a normal woman, that’d mean I had barely enough to feed myself and stay clothed. However, I was no normal woman.

The army followers didn’t know about my reputation as Typhon’s slave nearly as much as his soldiers. So, they weren’t as cautious around me. My charm was considerably effective against them. After a few days, I had gained a skill, barter. Batting my eyelashes and giving a few smiles, I was able to meet Typhon’s personal needs easily. This left me some disposable income. I was the best-dressed slave in the camp, looking closer to a beloved concubine than a poor slave picked up at the last town.

Rumors had even spread around camp that Typhon was spoiling me too much. As for Typhon himself, he didn’t care. As long as I met his needs, I could spend the money however I wanted. If anything, he approved that a slave of his was the most glamorous in the camp. It was only suiting that the top general had the top woman.

“We’re done, you may leave.” Typhon suddenly spoke up.

Without a pause, I pulled up all the way, lifting myself off his cock. A little bit of white stuff started falling from my still gaping pussy, but I quickly caught with my hand before it dripped back onto Typhon’s wet dick. I immediately stepped off of him and bowed.

“As my lord commands,” I replied.

This was the way our relationship went. I’d pleasure Typhon until Typhon no longer wished to be pleasured. There was no climactic ending. No mind-blowing orgasm where we exploded in each other’s arms. I simply road him until he got bored of me, and then I stopped riding him. If I tried to stop before then, such as when he came… he probably wouldn’t have said anything, but his expression would have held some displeasure. Therefore, I gave the man exactly what he wanted.

“You may do as you please until dinner.” Typhon stood up, already turning away from me without another look.

His reactions were always dispassionate. He didn’t admire my naked body or grow excited looking at cum leaking down my legs. He finished, and now he was moving on to something else. Although he said I could do as I please, that meant I was free to do all of the chores he needed. That included preparing his meal for dinner, cleaning his clothing, picking up the tent, and various other little responsibilities that had added up when I became aware of it. Thus, my free time wasn’t as impressive as one may otherwise think.

“Master, I’ll be going to Fanreek now,” I announced, lowering my head in a bow.

Typhon stiffened for a bit but didn’t protest. Since he didn’t order me now, it must be approval. There were many intricacies to being a slave. Anything not specifically rejected was allowed, except if you angered your master. You had to know your master inside and out and predict his needs, wants moods, and attitudes. In a way, he tolerated my meetings with Fanreek. They didn’t please him, but they didn’t displease him either. It was a fine line to walk, so I remained very open with when I went to his side.


I raised my head, looking at an object that had landed at my feet. It was wrapped up in cloth, but it was undoubtedly a sword. More than that, it was a thinner sword that seemed more appropriate for a woman. I had been saving up money to commission a blacksmith to make me my own sword. It meant I hadn’t been eating much, However, rather than immediately grabbing it, I looked up at my master for confirmation.

“Take it,” Typhon responded, not looking at me as he spoke. “If you insist on continuing these sword lessons with that cranky, old instructor, you should use a sword that properly fits you. These last two weeks, your work has been what I might expect from a lifetime servant. You will do well to strengthen your body and your mind. I see you becoming an important figure in my household.”

I was almost dazed by these words. It was the closest thing to praise I had ever received from Typhon. It was much more than praise. It was complete and utter acceptance. It was a glowing recommendation given by my lord and master. I couldn’t help by brake into a smile and throw my arms around him. Typhon stiffened when he was suddenly hugged, but he didn’t push me away as I kissed him lovingly. It was truly a heartfelt show of appreciation, well, as heartfelt as one could expect from a woman like me. Had Typhon truly not wanted my affection, he could have pushed me away or dodged without losing a breath.

When I pulled away, Typhon had a weird expression on his face. It took me a second to realize that the strange upturned corners of his lips were actually the semblance of the smile. I bent over and grabbed the sword, pulling it out and admiring it. It was made of a decent material, I thought. Well, the sword was shiny and new looking. I had no clue what kind of metal it was made out of. The grip was way more comfortable than the swords I borrowed from Fanreek. The blade was thin and long. I was actually worried it might break against the broadswords. I could already tell this was a sword that took advantage of finesse and skill, not brute strength. I’d need to be very careful when learning how to use it.

“Master, I love you!” I gave Master another courtesy and a smile before I turned and raced out of the tent.

Running through the camp with my sword drawn quickly got me a few glares, so I rewrapped it as I made my way to Fanreek’s tent.

“Fanreek, I’ve come to play,” I said.

“Hmph!” An old gnarled man stepped out of the tent and snorted. “I see you finally afforded yourself a sword. At least that’s something.”

Fanreek was the old man I had spoken to my first day in camp. While he was old and ornery, he was also a skilled swordsman. He actually used to be the arms instructor for the army. He was technically retired, but he traveled with the army anyway. He said it was to make sure the new generation didn’t embarrass themselves, but he actually didn’t take on any new students. Well, except for me.

I had run into Fanreek a few times. We both frequented the whore tents quite a lot, so naturally, we had met quite a few times. I eventually learned he seemed to have some respect from the rest of the army, and when I found out he knew how to use the sword, I started pestering him. Last week, he officially started to train me to use the sword in our spare time. We had met up with the main army and were currently heading to the human border. I didn’t know the details, but these were supposed to be peace talks. Either way, the army moved slowly, and so they only traveled about eight hours a day. The other eight hours I was free to play around the camp when I wasn’t servicing my lord.

“Typhon bought it for me!” I said excitedly, pulling the sword out and showing him.

The man barely glanced at it and shrugged. “Your Master truly does favor you. You should be careful how much you spread your good grace around the camp. The other slaves will come to resent you.”

I sniffed. “I’ve done nothing but my duties. If the other slaves wanted better lives, they should work harder to obtain it.”

Fanreek shook his head at my selfish comment. “Even amongst slaves, I guess some people are just born better off. Your charm and beauty are going to get you in trouble if you become too full of yourself, woman. If you weren’t Typhon’s, I would have already given you a spanking myself.”

“If you wish to spank me, I’ll be happy to get it any time. However, can you use a paddle, your hands are a bit too soft to truly get me off!” I answered.

Fanreek’s eyes flashed. It was exactly these kinds of comments that had won Fanreek over. The gap between such an immaculate beauty pervertedly saying naughty things made him happy. Naturally, his lessons hurt me often, and he knew full well I was a masochist. Seeing me grow excited when he smacked my butt with his sword was a thrilling experience. In the end, Fanreek was a pervert, and he taught me the sword because it gave him a reason to interact with a pretty girl, to make her sexually excited and frustrated, and to joke lewdly. Basically, as long as I kept it fun for him, Fanreek would keep me around and teach me more.

“If you weren’t Typhon’s girl…” Fanreek sighed in regret for the hundreds time. “Come on then, let’s start, do your stances.”

Perhaps Fanreek was a bit of a masochist too, teasing himself constantly against a woman he couldn’t have. Worst of all, he knew I wouldn’t reject him if he pushed me down in another circumstance, which made it all the more maddening.

As he regretted his life choices, I started to go through the stances he had taught me. It was a combination of footwork and handwork. With a teacher, I was actually learning this stuff very quickly. I was already up to skill level 3 in the sword. Of course, the bare minimum of a soldier was 5, and there probably wasn’t a single man in camp who didn’t have a sword skill over 8, if not already in advanced sword technique. However, I was content with my progress.

What I didn’t see was the glint in Fanreek’s eyes. What I didn’t know was that Fanreek’s interest in me wasn’t simply skin deep.

“Too fast…” He muttered lightly, “She’s learning too fast.”

To reach a level three in swordsmanship in a week, something that would take a normal soldier a year, naturally this could be considered amazing. I still was ignorant of this world, and alongside Min, a prodigy in her own right, I had never realized how abnormal my abilities were.

“She’s dangerous… my lord. She could either be an instrumental help to our plans, or the worst thing the demon continent has ever seen. Only time will tell…”

“What is that?” I asked, glancing over Fanreek with a smile.

“Nothing, your stance is weak. Correct it.”

As Fanreek corrected my stance, I continued to go through the motions he taught me. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Lord Typhon watched from a distance.

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