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“What’s going on? Why are we stopping, it’s only noon?” I asked a man on horseback traveling nearby.

The man sniffed with displeasure at be addressed by a human slave, but he responded anyway, not wanting to offend the Lord General. “We’re here, if the army goes any closer to the boarder it’d incite an incident. There is a local border town nearby which will support us. The exact meeting spot will be established over the next day or two, and then the negotiations will start.”

I shot him an appreciative smile, but he only sniffed and turned away again. Many of the men were still quite wary of me. I had heard some of the talk, and the rest had been filled in by flirting with Fanreek. Truth be known, many felt I was treated too well by the Lord General. Female camp followers who had hoped to get into the Lord General’s bed and perhaps get impregnated by him were spiteful. However, even the men of camp danced between envy for my close relationship between the Lord and the former sword trainer which they considered undeserved. Many would kill in this camp to be trained by Fanreek, and some human slave woman was a complete waste of his talents. As to having the Lord General’s ear, everyone desired this.

Other than Fanreek and the Lord General, the only other people in camp who treated me with any respect were the whores. Naturally, spending too much time with them had only served to further lower my reputation. It was considered harmless for any man to visit the whores as often as time and money allowed, but for a woman to be seen fraternizing with them gave the camp followers and soldiers a bad impression. Somehow, I represented the Lord General’s pride and respect, and being seen with “lower” people spit on his house’s name. Naturally, had Typhon himself cared, I would not have been allowed to do so.

So, I headed to the whore tents anyway as they were setting them up. During these hours, most of the soldiers were working and thus the ladies were not.

“Ah, Miss Aria… come to look for more herb? The way you and the General go through it his cock must irresistible!” An older woman with large breasts and a big butt smirked as I came near.

“What can I say? I have too many places he likes to slide it. If it was just one hole or two I could manage but soon he’s slipping it between my tits and thighs and feet…” I gave a shrug.

The girls nearby burst out laughing while the old woman looked up at me chuckling. “Just the thighs. When he wants to fuck you in the armpit or the ear, then we can start comparing weird places. Actually, I didn’t think I needed to have this conversation with you. You do know it’s only the cunni that’ll get you pregnant, right?”

There was more laughter and I moved forward and gave her a gentle hug. “How are you doing, Mom?”

“My ass is sore, lot of men have been requesting to fuck me in the butt lately. I should start charging more, the bowels don’t move like they used to.”

Mom was the only name the woman gave, and in truth she was a bit of a mother figure to most of the whore camp followers. She kept them together, which kept them from being snatched, enslaved, or otherwise harassed by the army. One might think that army prostitutes were abused, but the truth was that they held a substantial power in the army. Simply put, a lot of men had put their dicks, and hearts, into these women, so rules had grown to protect them. One bad apple could lose many of them access to cheap sex, so they were very motivated to keep the red-light camp cordial.

A drunk man once beat a girl during sex and then refused to pay. His fellow soldiers strung him up by the toes and paid her ten times his due. Had the girl chosen to flee the camp afterwards to ply her trade in a safer village, the man very well might have been killed. She had quite a few fans. Not just soldiers, but some blacksmiths and other followers might choose to not ply their trade to a man known to be abusive to the whores.  That was a kind of power too.

“Here mom, I brought this for you.” I handed her a small vial of healing potion.

I hadn’t made much of it on the go, but Typhon had told me not to sell any of my potions. He didn’t want to advertise that particular skill. I wasn’t sure why, but an order was an order. Perhaps some of the reason he was so lax with my allowance was exactly because I could so easily make up money selling potions and he didn’t want to tempt me. I really couldn’t guess. Either way, handing potions away as gifts was allowed, and being in mom’s good graces got me a discount on herb.

“Oh, bless you, dear… this one you drink?” Mom asked, only the slightest tinge in her voice.

“I’ll make you one that’s topical later. Perhaps something with numbing agent?” I responded, giving Mom and nod.

“Oh, you don’t have to… but it would certainly ease my backside. Bless you dear, bless you.” Mom slipped the vial into her pocket without another word and turned away.

She was quite a blunt woman with very few scruples. If you gave her a gift, she would take it. Many would call her crude and unrefined. She was definitely no lady. However, it was for that exact reason that I liked her.

“So, what are you guys doing later?” After placating Mom, I approached some of the girls who were setting up a tent.

There were three of them, all pretty women, with the youngest looking around seventeen. Well, this was that kind of world. Seeing a fourteen-year-old girl wouldn’t have been unexpected. I’m just glad I didn’t have to witness it in this camp.

“Ah, we were thinking of going into town later.” A tall and lanky woman with a slight cleft lip spoke up. “Small towns usually have only one or two working girls, so the men there are hungry for fresh meat.”

“That doesn’t piss off the local working women?”

One of the girls shrugs. “If anything, they’re going to be too busy with their feet up in the air servicing our army population. A lot men like to sample the local scene.”

“They have beds…” The seventeen-year-old sighed. “The burlap is so rough on my knees.”

“The tents good enough for us. You make more a night in the army than you make a week in the bed of a small village. Just keep it up. Who knows, you’re young, an impressionable soldier might take to you and try to marry you!”

The younger girl blushed. “Please don’t tease me! I’m definitely not a woman who can ever marry anymore.”

As the three prostitutes were sighing over her words, I shook my head. “Don’t say that. As someone whose been around, I can tell you that it really doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. Everyone deserves to find love and happiness. Maybe one day, even I’ll find a man…”

The three women let out laughs and the tall woman spoke. “That’s certainly our Aria, so optimistic. I’ve never met a slave like you. The way you hold your back, I almost believe you. You were enslaved and found as Cambion fodder, yet here you are with a smile. If you can keep up your spirit, then I guess one day I might be able to find a man too.

“That’s the spirit!” I laughed with the three women, however, at that point I heard a commotion and turned towards a tent that was already set up. It was of course Mom’s tent.

“You, get out, your lecherous old fool. I’m not taking customers today. Some personal issues.”

“Oh, come on, Mom, you got your tent set up, how about a quick role, just to set the mood?” A man was saying as Mom shoved him out of her tent.

“Fanreek?” I asked in surprise.

“Ah… Fanreek’s at it again causing trouble. Think mom will ban him from our tents again?” The seventeen-year-old let out a chuckle.

“Naw, she’s sweet on him, don’t you know. He’s the reason she’s got such a sore arse.” The other woman spoke and then gave a snorting laugh.

“I personally don’t let them stick it in my ass. They always want me to suck it after and get offended when I won’t. If you think my ass is so yummy, why don’t you stick your tongue up there!” The tall one added.

“They might just take you on that offer.” The other laughed.

“Eh?” The youngest spoke up. “You can tell them not to? It always hurts but I don’t want them to be offended?”

“Oh, poor girl.” The tall one sighed. “At least tell me you’ve been charging them extra for the butt.”

“Eh!?” The girl looks at the two other girls with a frown.

The other two start shaking their head. “We still have a lot to teach you, girl.”

I parted from the three women with a smile and a nod before taking several quick steps towards Fanreek. “Master… what are you up to?”

“Huh?” Fanreek turns from Mom who is still pushing him out the door, even though her face looks more amused than angry. “Oh, it’s just you.”

Just me? I gave a little pout. Seriously? Mom was Fanreek’s type? I mean, Fanreek was kind of an ugly guy. However, that didn’t really matter when it came to hiring women. You could hire whoever you fancied. You could obtain youth, beauty, and anything else you wanted… but Mom? She was a short, chubby woman with a big nose, bulging cheeks, and almost my polar opposite. She wasn’t ugly, but I just didn’t expect men to pick old fat women when skinny youths were nearby. I had assumed with how Fanreek leered at me, that I was his type. I was a little startled finding out I wasn’t.

“Master? Is this old creep doing something to my previous girl here?” Mom responded wryly, giving Fanreek a dark look.

“It’s not what it looks like, Mom. I’m just training her on how to handle a sword.”

“Ooo… I bet you are!” Mom responded, however, she didn’t put off the aura of someone angry or jealous, just playful.

“Don’t be like that, Mom, you know you’re the woman for me. Why don’t you stop selling yourself and just take up residence in my tent personally?”

“Hah? And never be able to sit again? I think not!”

I couldn’t help but snort; however, Fanreek hadn’t been aware of Mom’s problem and thus didn’t understand what she meant. He could only shake his head helplessly.

“Come on, Mom, pretty please…”

In fact, now that I saw it, Fanreek was just as shameless as Mom. The two people were actually really suited for each other. There interactions felt kind of sweet in a morbid kind of way.

“Hmmm…” Mom looked down at Fanreek, who was just a step from bowing his head on the ground. “Very well, under one condition!”

“Name it!” Fanreek responded excitedly.

“Take Aria into town. Treat her to a day.”

“Ah!” I let out a cry while Fanreek raised an eyebrow.

“Town? She’s Typhon’s slave…”

“Then ask him to lend her out. The poor lass went from a Cambion monster lair to an army slave. She probably hasn’t had a real bath in three months. Take her out! Let her have a nice night on the town.”

“I’d rather take you out.” Fanreek responded, pouting.

“That’s my condition. And don’t be stingy… I’ll consider that payment.”

“R-really! Even in the… you-know-where…” He held his hand up, blocking his mouth when he said the last part.

Unfortunately, I already did know where, and I couldn’t unknow it.

“Well, that depends on how satisfied Aria is with your generosity. She has a certain something for me if she approves.”

“What kind of shit is this? I feel conspired against?” Fanreek cried.

“It’s just female stuff, right Aria?” Mom gave me a wink.

I nodded, understanding what she meant. She’d need a certain topical numbing agent. She was willing to take it up the ass for me, in every kind of meaning. In truth, I had been thinking about wanting to visit the town. Mom made that possible. See, I said getting in her good graces benefited me. I gave mom another hug.

“Thanks, Mom, you’re the best!”

“Yes… yes… Now, off you two go.” Mom straightened her shirt by pulling the bottom, which nearly caused her big saggy tits to pop out the top. “As for you, Fanreek, come back tonight, I’ll leave my tent open.”

Fanreek nodded, half excited and half in tears before turning and beckoning for me to follow. I caught up to him by the time we left the camp. I couldn’t stop myself from leaning over and asking.

“Mom? Really? Why Mom?”

“It’s that ass.” Fanreek answered bluntly. “I get so much grip. When I slide it in it’s like fucking a tight, warm pillow. I love watching it jiggle when I fuck it. I mean, why do you think they call me Fanreek. It’s cause my dick always reeks of the last girl’s fannie I fucked.”


Fanreek stopped once he realized I had stopped walking, turning back to look at me. “Aria?”

“I’m… sorry I asked.” I muttered quietly, looking down.

“You… if you don’t want to know about my sex life, don’t ask!” He growled, turning away and stalking off.

After a few moments, I ran up to follow him. It turns out after all I’ve been through, I still could be affected by too much information.

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