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“Fuck me harder…” I begged.

The guy behind me made a wheezing laugh. “Damn, this bitch is a slut.”

“I’m not a slut.” I panted, “Isn’t it just your inability to satisfy me?”

“Why you!” The man slapped my ass, shoving his dick into my behind as roughly as he could.

However, I converted all pain into pleasure with masochism, my mind turning delightfully numb with the pain. Perhaps that was one way I could sexually satisfy myself. If I could just induce pain and convert it into pleasure, I could satisfy my sexual desires. That line of thinking worried me though. How much damage would I experience before my pleasure was finally satisfied? Was it even possible to satisfy me?

At the moment, I was being fucked silly by two men. As to their names, I wasn’t entirely sure. The guy under me has a scar on his lip, so let’s call him Scarface. The man who was punishing my asshole to my delight had a balding spot, so I’ll call him baldy. This night was entirely about fulfilling my needs, so these men’s names weren’t particularly important.

After Devon made me agree to his pronouncement, he let me go just like that. Well, just like that was a bit false. They placed a curse on me. The curse resembled the one once placed on Jenai all that time ago. It was a curse that demanded obedience. If I didn’t obey, the curse would simply kill me. Or would it? I didn’t really know how much Control that ability gave me. It said I could ignore orders, but was a condition on a spell that killed you if you revealed its existence to anyone truly an order?

Just like that, I had traded one leash for another. It was easy come, easy go, just like these sexual partners under me. For not the first time, anger and rage flowed through me. I channeled that anger into my sex, forcing myself to come again on this rugged man’s dick. My eye’s tightened as I felt the waves of pleasure washing over me. It was only when I was cumming that I truly felt at peace. This was the direction I was going. This was the direction I had been driven.

“Ah… I’m cumming!” Baldy cried, his dick thrusts growing a little unhinged and a few of them hitting the wrong spot. However, even if he hit it wrong and caused pain and discomfort, I only turned it into pleasure. So, for me, there was no bad touch.

As he came, I cast Rejuvenation on him several times. As a result, his load was far bigger than normally possible. The guy himself made a noise of surprise as he found himself cumming continuously. As to why I did it? There was no reason. I just wanted to. I wanted to feel tons of cum being shot into my ass. The hot seed quickly filled my colon. With three rejuvenation, he just kept on cumming for nearly a minute. He was likely amazed by himself, thinking himself a champ. I let out cries of pleasure, as the feeling of my ass being engorged with cum collided with the cock still ramming deep into my pussy.

Of course, that guy started cumming too, and I shot him with Rejuvenation as well. It wasn’t my desire to get pregnant or anything. I was thankfully on herbs and there was little chance I would become pregnant. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling. The heat of it blasting in at both sides. Cum flowed from both men freely as they orgasmed. So much of it filled me that I honestly felt slightly engorged as if I had just enjoyed a big meal. When both cocks plopped out, white stuff fell from both holes, dripping everywhere. I looked down at my body, leaking cum everywhere.

This was the state I had come to. Banging strange men and leaking cum from multiple holes. It wasn’t about experience. It wasn’t about survival. It was simply about feeling something. It was about being able to think and plan. My mind, as hard as it was to believe, worked best when I was being sexed. It was perhaps the only time I was able to think clearly. The more I was being fucked out of my gourd, the more I felt like I could almost figure things out.

“Damn girl… you bring out the best in me.” Scarface chuckled.

“Mm…” I nodded, “Ready for another go, studs?”

“Damn, this bitch is a slut. Give me her pussy this time!” Baldy said.

Rather than move themselves, I just spun around, sitting down on Scarface’s cock in a psuedo-crabwalk while offering up my pussy for Baldy’s penetration. Of course, I restored some stamina to the pair of them so that they could stay erect. The men were happy to stick it back in my holes. I roughly grabbed baldy by the strands of his remaining hair and started tongue kissing him while he fucked my pussy. I used Immaculate so that even though the room spelled like skanky sex, I still smelled enchanting and clean. If the men had been paying attention, they would have noticed that despite the fact we had been roughly fucking for hours, and the pair of them were covered in dried sex, sweat, and body funk, I still looked as perfect as the moment they first penetrated me.

As far as my own fluids, I didn’t even care. His dick barely got in an inch before my juices were flowing at full strength. A dick being jammed into my asshole was all pleasure. Where once, I felt like I needed to be properly lubed up, that was no longer the case. I actually was starting to like it when it went in without any lubricant. The way it got caught on the rim, and he had to force his head in… the way it popped into my butt… the way the skin coarsely rubbed against my stretched sensitive parts. It was all sexually arousing. Even without BDSM, even if I experienced the pain of having my ass stretched without lube, I enjoyed it!

Anal sex was just one more perversion I had completely fallen in love with since coming to this world. How quickly a girl changed, or perhaps how quickly a girl was forced to change. Lesbianism, anal sex, voyeurism… I was very quickly losing all sense of limitation. Or, perhaps it would be better to say that I was beginning to love all things involved with sex!

Just as I was once again growing lost in thought while my body’s needs were being serviced by these gentlemen, I noticed a stream of light coming from the closed window. The curtains had fluttered a bit, and I noticed the sunlight.

“Fuck. What time is it?” I demanded, staring out the window. “I need to get going. It’s morning already…”

I stood up, instantly pulling both cocks out of myself. I casually use immaculate and stepped down. By the time I hit the floor, I looked as perfect as if I hadn’t spent the entire night having sex. I had even sucked a little lifeforce from these men, so while they had big bags under their eyes, I didn’t even feel like I needed sleep.

“H-hey!” Baldy shouted, suddenly found the woman he was just enjoying walking away without even a look back.

I ignored him, immediately redressing in my clothing. I wondered if there was some kind of quickdress skill I could learn. Being able to instantly cloth or make myself naked would be pretty interesting. I might be able to do the naked part just with position shift. I wondered if there was a way to separate myself from my clothing. The other way around might be a bit more difficult. Well, I could always experiment later.

“I said hey!” The Baldy grabbed my arm, trying the yank me back to bed. “We’re done with you when we say we’re done with you!”

“Rock A Bye…’ I muttered without even glancing at him, hearing a thump as he collapsed to the floor asleep.

Meanwhile, I was looking for my underwear. Seriously? How did it get on the closet door? I reached up to grab it.

“What did you do?” Scarface shouted, pulling a dagger from his gear on the nightstand. “You bitch! You think you can just walk away like that?”

I glanced over at the man while bending over and pulling up my underwear. It was an alluring sight for a world where most undercoverings were rough furs or nonexistent. I had to get this stuff custom made, after all. Living without underwear was one change I would never make. I liked to think the comfort and the effect were both worth it. Plus, as a woman who was horny 24/7, it was practically a necessity to keep my thighs clean. Scarface’s eyes widened as he checked me out, my charm influencing him. However, adventurers weren’t the same as villagers, and he quickly shook off the effect and shot me an angry glare.

“Hmmm… I cast it on both of you.” I shrugged. “I suppose it does only has a 70% chance of working. That’s unpleasant.”

“Unpleasant?” The man sneered. “I’ll show you unpleasant!”

He immediately lunged for me, the knife flashing. Before he reached me, I casually lifted my finger to my chin and tapped.

“Sex Paralysis….” He stopped suddenly like his entire body was suddenly encased in stone.

I never really needed to say the names, but I always found myself doing so when I decided to use abilities. In the past, I might have worried about whether I was having sex or not. Now, that need was completely gone. Thanks to sexual fortitude, I was always having sex. It was the unfortunate reality of my life, but it was convenient.

“Sorry, while Rock A Bye wears off and someone wakes up, sex paralysis usually works until we stop having sex.” I sighed as the man stared at me blankly, his eyes flashing in confusion, anger, and finally fear as he realized that he wasn’t in control of the situation in the slightest.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know how that translates to now. As a woman who’s always turned on, that might mean sex paralysis is a permanent condition, right? I might be able to release it on you. I’ll at least give it thought sometime later tonight. Hopefully, it wears off on its own. If not, maybe your friend can help de-curse you.” I sighed. “It really would have been better if Rock a Bye worked. Oh well. I hope things work out for you.”

I grabbed my bag of stuff, and then a purse off the nightstand. The guy’s eyes widened and his mouth made a noise that came out of an unmoving mouth.

“Oh, this?” I hefted the money bag. “I’m no whore, but I showed you guys a quite a good time last night. The least you gentlemen could do is buy me some breakfast and show me a good time, right?”

I winked at the man, who was completely powerless to stop me. With that, I walked out of the room and shut the door. When it closed, I let out a sigh. If only that kind of strength worked on Typhon or Devon. As much as I could wrap a normal person around my finger, it would take everything I had just to survive these other people.

Why was I destined to get wrapped up with this political intrigue? Why could my life just not be normal? I headed out of the inn. I still hadn’t decided on everything I would do. However, I did know one thing. If I was going to survive what came next, I’d need backup!

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