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The cave was dark except for the lighting distributed by the guys. On the upper floors, we encountered other parties who were hunting enemies for loot or experience. This kind of hunting had reduced the population and attracted the interest of most of the monsters found on those levels. As a result, we didn’t encounter very many enemies. However, by level 10, most of the Adventurers didn’t bother to head that deep. Their goals weren’t specifically to defeat the dungeon or anything.

The result was that the deeper we got, the more enemies we encountered. On top of that, the deeper you got into a labyrinth, typically the more powerful the monsters would be. By the time we reached the tenth floor, the fighting had become quite dicey. For the first time, one of the elves was injured. A large cave troll was swinging a club around wildly. It was the one named Danros who ended up getting clipped just as the troll was starting to fall and he let his guard down. It was clear from the strike that he had broken a rib.

“We’re going to use a potion,” Nelfun announced with a sigh.

“S-sorry…” Danros spoke with an unhappy expression.

“It’s fine, this was bound to happen eventually. We were prepared from the beginning to blow through our potions. I was just hoping we made it a bit deeper before we had to start using them.”

I frowned as I watched them talk. Of course, I had many healing potions of my own. I had made many extras and hid them in my pack. These were not even counted with the rest of the group’s supplies. Naturally, I couldn’t just make potions anywhere without the right ingredients and equipment, so it wasn’t reasonable to make them in the labyrinth. It may be selfish, but I didn’t want to share these supplies. If it got to a point where I needed them, we’d truly be desperate. However, that didn’t mean I wanted the team to be weaker because of my own selfishness.

Actually, the reason I was hesitating was that he really didn’t need the potion at all. I had a Special Skill, Healthy Sex*, which allowed me to bring someone back to full health during sex. That was already an amazingly powerful healing spell. However, tying that with the life-shattering ability of Sexual Fortitude, and I could now cast it without needing to open his pants. Well, it felt a bit like a missed opportunity, but it’s probably for the best.

“Wait!” I called out, stopping the men just as they had pulled out a health potion and were putting it to the pained man’s lips.

“Ma’am?” Nelfun asked with a furrowed brow.

“Um… actually, I have a healing ability of my own.” I tried to explain as vaguely as possible. “We can probably avoid a potion if I cast it.”

The man’s eyes brightened. Overall, my combat ability within the dungeon had been a bit low. Being able to heal without the need for a potion would be great for the men. The only problem was that I wasn’t clear on how to use this special skill. Usually, during sex, it sort of just happened. Inducing this spell without the sex was definitely not something I was used to. However, I walked up and placed my hands down on Danros and gave it a try.

I thought the words Healthy Sex as much as I could. Well, it wasn’t like I was going to yell out the words ‘healthy sex!’ around a group of relative strangers. They’d definitely have some questions. I wished I could have a skill renaming ability. Regrettably, that was one feature that this status menu didn’t offer. Instead, the names were all random and supposedly based on my own experiences. I didn’t know how I felt about that.

“Ah!” He suddenly jerked.

“What is it? Are you alright?” I asked.

“Ah-ah-ahh… I’m fine!” He suddenly tried to push up.


He forced me off him and then scrambled to his feet. As he got up in such a hurry while I was still crouched next to him, his pants around the crotch ended up touching my cheek. I felt a hard thing as well as a wetness that smeared across my cheek. Instinctively, I touched my cheek and then put my finger to my mouth. Cum? The guy didn’t notice he had accidentally smeared a bit of wetness on me. Rather, he looked extremely embarrassed. The other guys didn’t understand what was happening. All they could see was that their friend with a broken rib had suddenly healed in an instant. Even healing spells weren’t usually this impressive.

“Oh, wow… that’s incredible.” Keton muttered.

“It healed him completely! If you can keep using that ability, there will be no reason we can’t make it to the bottom level!” Nelfun said excitedly.

Of course, my eyes went to his pants leg, where I could see him trying to slouch to hide a slight erection, as well as a wet stain on the front of his pants. My libido started to surge. The taste of his filtered cum was on my tongue, and the smell smeared on my cheek was like an aphrodisiac. My pussy immediately began to moisten, and a somewhat feral look appeared on my face. It appeared that using the spell somehow induced an orgasm. I supposed there were bound to be some setbacks towards forcing special abilities that were technically tied to sexual activity and only activated through a loophole skill.

That said, I had managed to force my libido under control for most of the day. Before we headed out this morning I had fingered myself for a good hour, cumming, at last, a dozen times. Now that I was always on, it was this kind of upkeep that was needed for me to keep control and not slip into becoming a raging slut. However, That barrier was starting to crumble with the introduction of such sexual themes. I wanted nothing more than to mount that cock. In fact, how could one cock be enough? How about I enjoy all three men?

Why not? It wasn’t like Hector owned me. He had locked me in his quarters and used me for fun, although I couldn’t say the exchange wasn’t mutual. However, that didn’t mean I was Hector’s woman or anything. It was the same as with Typhoon. I may have been his slave, but to expect some kind of sexual loyalty from a man who like that was truly ridiculous. I slept with them because I could and because I wanted to. They might have thought they were controlling me, but in the end, their control was only an illusion. If my new abilities had taught me anything, that was it.

I thought when I became an Enchantress, the nature of my ability was simply to control everything. Except, when I tried to exude true control, a man resisted until he bashed his head in and died. Then I ran into the Cambrions, the species I perhaps identified with the most. They were a species of illusionists, using magic to hide and deceive. Their control was only a lie, and despite how much the world feared them, they were weak and perhaps had the least control of all.

Then, I was enslaved by Lord Typhon and later cursed by Devon. Yet, despite all of my control was supposedly taken from me, I never felt more in charge of my reality. So, what was control in reality? Was it the control I was exuding right now, keeping myself from attacking my elf companions for sex? Was it getting what I wanted? Or was it simply a dream, and illusion that people tell themselves to satisfy their own helplessness.

“Aria?” Nelfun asked in concern, his hand reached out towards me.

I jerked, glancing up at the group, who had finally noticed was still crouching. I realized my teeth had been clinched and my face was red from exertion. I exuded my deception and returned my face back to the expressionless thing I had long grown used to. It occurred so quickly and naturally that it caught the men off guard. I’m in control. I am control. I let out a sigh and stood up.

“Shall we-“

Roaaaaar! A sudden animalistic cry emerged from behind the men. I could hear some rumbling sounds like there was a train of creatures in the dark. They sounded like they were coming in this direction quickly. Shit! Had I let out my eroticism for a bit? Without thinking, I pulled a vial from my pocket and tossed it past the elves into the distance. When it hit the ground, a green gas exploded from it. The gas seemed to emit just a hint of light. Dozens of hulking shadows appeared just beyond the smokescreen.

The first creature to blow through the smokescreen began coughing and stumbling. Three others exhibited the same problems and collapsed. They fell to the ground. The vial I had used was a poison cloud. It was about the best poison I could make at my current level, and I didn’t have any more of them. Naturally, they were dangerous and making them required a great deal of effort.

The creatures finally appeared. They looked to be something like gorillas, except they had absolutely no fur and they had red eyes. They were quite terrifying and ugly. Worst of all, I could see some of them with long erect dicks awkwardly sticking out as they raced towards us. They didn’t hesitate to trounce on the poisoned ones in front, crushing them under their feet as they struggled to get to us. I didn’t know how many of these creatures were present, but I could see at least a dozen and there were definitely more piled behind them.

These hulking beasts were about twice my size and weight, but their dicks were slightly smaller than a human. Their balls were hidden within their hair, so all I could see was a bulbous grey and white cock. If they did get me, my biggest worry would be being smothered or torn apart as they fight over me. These guys were much stronger than me. It was definitely not a situation that I could just fuck my way through. The guys loosed several arrows, but the gorillas seemed to just knock them away in their horny rage.  As for me, I released Rock a Bye and Sleep Paralysis in the group. A few froze solid, only to be knocked down by the ones behind them. Those that fell were quickly trampled to death.

It only took a few moments from when they appeared for the group of us to realize that there was no chance we could hold our own.

“Run!” Nelfun gave the order.

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I spun and began to speed away. This was supposed to be my chance to level and gain a powerful ally. Why had everything gone so wrong? Not only had I not defeated a single enemy despite our party having killed dozens, but now I was running for my life. I supposed if leveling was easy, everyone would be a super high level, but this was certainly frustrating.

I stopped when I realized I couldn’t hear anyone behind me. My stamina was at a level that couldn’t even be imagined, so I had been running for an extremely long time without a hint of stopping. I wasn’t even breathing hard. I forgot just how abnormal my endurance was. There was probably no one alive who could outlast me, in anything.

I spun back, searching for the guys. However, they were not there. I had assumed everyone was following me. Had I outrun them? I wasn’t faster and I hadn’t been running that long. Maybe they had ended up taking a different path? Or… the other option was that they had been caught by the naked gorillas. If that was the case, they were already dead. I let out a frustrated noise. A single slip-up and I had fucked everything up. Just a single moment of horniness, a single second of losing control, and this was the consequence?

I heard snorting down the hallway. It sounded like one of the gorilla’s sniffing and searching. I let out a silent curse and spun away, turning down a different hallway. At this point, I was completely lost. I knew it was extremely dangerous navigating a labyrinth like this. After all, there were all kinds of traaaaa-

“Ahhh!” The ground gave out from under me in a pit I couldn’t see in the dark.

I fell for a few moments before hitting the ground painfully. A blow resonated through my head.

{Concussion resistance has increased to 3.}

A moment later, the darkness became more certain, and my dreams began.

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*Formerly Phoenix Down