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My hands rubbed up and down his smooth, perfect muscles. His skin was slick and sweaty. He grabbed me strongly, thrusting his big meaty cock inside me. He was a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He might have been Italian if Italian existed in this world. He was a strong man, strong and large. When he held me, I felt warm and protected, and when he fucked me, I felt myself going crazy with lust. He had a wild and destructive madness in his eyes, a desire to tear me apart with his cock and fuck me into oblivion.

However, there was control in that madness. In those moments of lust, there wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t do to please me. There wasn’t a thing that could stop him from pounding away at my pussy. It was terrifying, but infinitely more, it was erotic. I was this muscular, beautiful man’s fuck toy. He didn’t kiss me. He didn’t obsess over my chest. He didn’t try to pull my nipples. He didn’t try to rub my skin. There was no love. No romance.

Instead, he mounted me like an animal, ripping my legs open as wide as he could, and shoving his big, hard cock in, slamming me over and over again. He grunted as he fucked me silly. Pinned to the ground as I was, I was nothing but his little bitch. Orgasms invaded my mind and my thoughts, overwhelming any other senses and delivering an infinite bliss I never wanted to escape from. I realized I didn’t need romance. I didn’t need love. All I wanted, was to be pounded by a hard cock.

“Yes…” I moaned. “Wreck me! Wreck me, you bastard!’

I reached up and touched his muscular chest. It was hairy, but it exuded strength, just as every action he took did. However, even as I succumbed to this pleasure, there was something in the back of my mind. It was screaming. This… wasn’t real. This was a dream. My dreamer abilities had kicked in, and I knew that my body was asleep.

That wasn’t entirely true. I wasn’t quite asleep. I had been knocked unconscious. I remembered everything. I remembered the flight through the labyrinth. I remembered being overwhelmed. I remember the gorilla-like creatures. I remember falling into a hole. And now, I was having sex with a hunky man. No… I was forced into unconsciousness. Because of my dreamer ability, I was aware of it, but I couldn’t completely wake myself up.

My body, what was happening to me now, it wasn’t a dream. The realization started to dawn on me that the man plowing me right now was the dream. Rather, I was likely fucking one of those gorillas. He must have followed down the hole, and now we were banging me to his heart’s delight. Perhaps, it was best if I stayed in this dream. Was this really so different than with the Cambions? I mean, this was an illusion that hid the horrors of being raped by a monster. Was it really different? When I could feel a man in my hands, manly and domineering, the sex was amazing!

Just as I was thinking that the man started to spasm, and I felt his hot spunk shooting deep inside me. His hot spooge entering inside was euphoric, and I found myself cumming again as he did. Of course, at the back of my mind, I knew this was likely some animal delivering his spunk in me, but within this dreamworld, my fantasies rang supreme. My orgasms were more powerful, my pleasure more fantastic.

He collapsed on top of me. He was very heavy. I tried to push him off, but I was completely unable. Even though I was dreaming, the “real” aspect of this world was something I couldn’t overcome. I felt like I was being suffocated under him because I likely was. He has spent himself on me, and like the gorilla he was, he just lied without giving a crap about the struggling woman underneath. Was I really going to die this way?

A thought came to me, and I decided to try a position shift. Suddenly, I was on top of him in a cowgirl position. Looking down at the handsome, muscular man lying under me, I started to feel my loins burn once again. I might have continued to ride his cock, except that the bastard was already growing soft and limp. I made a noise of disgust and stood up. The pressure of suffocation had disappeared. That only led me to believe that this semi-dream world allowed me to move around in the real world as well.

Basically, I was sleepwalking. It was a form of illusion, except it was all internal. I was still in the labyrinth. There were dangerous all around me. However, my mind was filtering them all into something else. I glanced around to see that I was in some kind of stage. It looked like the stage of a playhouse, but it was surrounded by webbed rope. Should I try to leave the hole, or stay in here?

With my healing abilities at work, I’d probably be waking up shortly. I could just stay down here until that was done. However, I had a sense of foreboding too. I had fallen into a trap. What was at the bottom of this trap? Perhaps it was better I didn’t know. Perhaps, I was standing in a pit of snakes or insects. Or perhaps I was literally on a mound of rotting flesh.

In these cases, the illusion was better. Grabbing and feeling the ropes, I tightened my grip and started pulling myself up. At the least, I’d get out of this area. After that, I’d wait until I could fully awake and dispel the illusion. Working myself up, I found the ropes more slippery than they should have been. This was because they were unstable dirt and vines, not true ropes. I made myself move exceptionally slowly, and it was nearly a half-hour when I pulled myself up the top.

As soon as I was out, I glanced up. I was in a brightly lit hallway. I could only laugh gently to myself. It looked like a hospital hallway, one I might have seen back on Earth.  The vision was just a bit nostalgic. However, I was really in a dank, narrow pathway, hot and muggy and filled with unspeakable horrors. The illusion was definitely better.

Two naked men suddenly appeared at the end of the hall. Since they were similar in appearance to the one, I left at the bottom of the pit, I recognized them for what they were. As soon as their eyes locked onto me, they shone with excitement. I didn’t know where my bag had ended up. My clothing had been shredded apart by the last monster before I had even completely regained my senses. I had nothing but my own naked body. It had always been enough.

The two men started to walk towards me. Their dicks were hard and erect and wagged back and forth with each step. I could run, but I could just as easily fall in another hole too, one that I wouldn’t be able to climb back out of. I really had no choice.

“Alright, boys, let’s have some fun.”

The two grinned happily, slowing down as they approached. I reached out and grabbed their dicks, putting a stiffy in each hand and stroking them. The two men stood on either side of me, sandwiching me with their hard, muscular bodies. They smelled a thick scene of musk and man, and as their hands pawed at my body, it felt incredible. At the very least, the illusion was pleasant. The hunky men were intimidating, but not terrifying.

As I grew more confident, I heard the incoherent voices of more men from down the hallway. Several more peaked around the corner, looking curiously with interest. More of them were coming to have some fun. I was already on my knees sucking one cock while stroking off the other. His cock was large and tasted great. There was absolutely no unpleasantness at all. Being in the illusion was dangerous? How would I want it any other way?

Sex was my domain, and these men were walking into it. How could I be frightened by that? I was in control of all of this. What I saw, what I felt, what I wanted… these men were at my whim. I could excite them, satisfy them, toss them away. I could paralyze them, freeze, them or put them in any positions I wanted. I no longer needed more special skills. I didn’t need to frenzy them or release pheromones. I could do that on my own enough. I didn’t need to cast seductive skills to sway their mind, I seduced them just by being me.

I started with the two men, mounting one on top while sucking the cock of the other. My hips went up and down as I rode the of a strong muscular man under me, meanwhile doing my best to satisfy his partner standing over me. He’d occasionally grab my head, turning my face into his sex hole. I gracefully opened my throat and took it without a struggle. Of course, he finished first, but it wasn’t long before the other man under me also spurted up inside me.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress level 15!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

I managed to level up like this. However, I barely had time to look at my skills before more of them showed up. I was a little intimidated by putting the points into my preexisting skills. I had experienced some unfortunate circumstances by leveling them up. However, given my current circumstances, I decided it was best to drop the point into illusionist. Although there were several new special skills, they mostly had to do with vanity or charm. I couldn’t imagine myself becoming more charming. In fact, at this point, it’d be a disadvantage.

{Illusionist has evolved into Illusion Master.}

{Illusion Master: Illusion magic acts like a core skill. Beside control of illusions, one also can use illusions on others.}

{Illusion Magic has increased to Max.}

{Illusion Magic incorporated into Manipulation Mastery, level increased to level 55.}

I didn’t have time to celebrate finally gaining true Illusion magic. I was immediately pushed down and used. I then changed positions and played on top. I had every hole filled, sometimes with two dicks at once. As more and more creatures crowded around me, at one point I had two in my ass and two in my pussy. I’m not even sure how they worked out the logistics so they could all get in there, but it felt amazing. I really almost lost it at that point, but the men came before I passed out. I continued to use my Immaculate skills to clean myself up, conquering one monster at a time.

Although a few could last more than one round, when they eventually met their match, they passed out on the ground. For me, stamina was almost indefinite. At some point, my healing reached a point where I was aware, I could wake up. However, I decided to remain like this for a bit longer. When the last monster fell, a familiar ring appeared in my ears.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress level 16!}

We had been leveling all day by killing monsters, and I hadn’t made a single level. In a couple of hours, I had gained two levels. Looking behind me was a hallway filled with a sleeping, naked men. There were possibly a hundred or so. That was right. I was an Enchantress. You could level by killing monsters, but I leveled far better by fucking! If I wanted to gain strength and survive, I knew what to do.

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