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I walked around the hallways of the hospital looking for more naked men to consume. No, that was probably a twisted way I seeing things. If I truly allowed myself to fully embrace the fantasy, I wasn’t sure if I could ever return to reality. I was in a dungeon surrounded by monsters. Nothing could change that reality. Back in that goblin cave in what felt like forever ago, I would have loved to plunge myself into an illusion that I never woke from, but at this point, I couldn’t afford to.

At this point, my healing had repaired whatever concussion had rendered me unconscious. It was my own special skill, Dream Walker, that kept me within this illusory state. I also found I could slip in and out of it at will. It seemed to blend seamlessly with the Illusion Master to allow me to basically experience what I wanted to experience and shape my own reality. In short, I had become so good at Manipulation that I could even manipulate myself.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 16!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

{Dungeon Slut – 2X experience when having sex in a dungeon.}

{Dungeon Mistress – Easier to control organisms in a dungeon.}

{Dungeon Dweller – Increase to all status in a dungeon.}

Three new skills that suited an Enchantress caught my attention. They were all related to Dungeons. Since all of my experience this level came from sleeping with monsters in a dungeon, it made sense. I didn’t plan to dwell in dungeons though, so, my first thought was to ignore them and further develop my already existing skills.

However, when my eyes caught on Dungeon Mistress, I felt a tug. It synergized well with my Control and Monster Tamer. More than that, it made my desires, to take control of a boss monster, much more likely to occur. I had been going about this all wrong. I was trying to use the elves to fight my way down to the bottom like a normal person. However, this broken job of mine had made me less and less human every day. I didn’t level by killing monsters, and I won’t get to the bottom the same way.

When the next naked man appeared, my tactics changed. I allowed myself to awake just briefly enough that I could Examine the monster as it approached me. I immediately broke into laughter.

{Horny Ape – LVL 52 – Kills: 10}

It had no name, and while I could see more information about its sexual tastes and the like, none of it really mattered to me, so I ignored it. The horny part of the name was because it had a single horn on its head, that I had honestly not noticed when I was running from them in the dark earlier. However, the name was especially suiting considering the circumstances. Launching seduction against the creature, I set Beautification to work on Horny Apes.

I then used Sexual Paralysis, dropped to my knees, and began sucking him off. There was no reason I had to suck him off. However, I felt more comfortable using my sexual themed abilities when I was engaged in sex. How could I seduce a creature without having sex with it? My loyal goblin army on the surface, I owed them some attention as well, especially after they’ve loyally followed me even though I haven’t touched base with them in weeks.

I waited until he blew his load in my mouth before I used Monster Tamer on him. It immediately took hold as he grabbed my head and came just as sex paralysis ended. Out of curiosity, I manipulated my dream and imagined he came chocolate syrup. I ended up coughing up cum as I burst out laughing. No, I should say I coughed up chocolate syrup. It ran down my chin, and I eagerly swallowed it all down.

I hadn’t tasted chocolate since I had been to this world. The taste alone was almost enough to make me cum. I was so excited by it that I pushed him down and used All Nighter and Rejuvenation on him. I wouldn’t let him back up again until I had sucked another three loads of chocolate down. When I was done, I licked my lips and sighed. It was all an illusion, but it wasn’t like I hadn’t guzzled tons of cum before.

Smiling over at him, I winked. “I’ll make the others each a different flavor, but you may stay my favorite.”

The naked man with his softening cock grinned back at me, but his eyes held only reverence and loyalty. The aggressive tendencies that the other Horny Apes displayed was completely gone. I identified him again, and he registered as under my control. Thus, I had him take the lead, and when we found another Horny Ape, I similarly hit him with Monster Tamer. It completely failed and the monster came forward.

I started trying to work out why it failed. Was it simply something that sometimes didn’t work? Certain things like Rock a Bye would give me a specific percentage of a chance. In that case, was it something the ape resisted? In that case, how could I break that resistance?

Meanwhile, my Chocolate Horny Ape put his arms up and the two started fighting. Watching the two beautiful, naked men fight, their dicks hanging down as they pushed each other back and forth and grunted amused me greatly. I even considered watching the show and earning some masturbation experience. However, the fight got more aggressive and then blood was drawn, and I had to remember that these were just monsters and they would kill each other, just like the Pigmen from so long ago.

That’s when an idea finally occurred to me. Thus, I told Chocolate to back off, and then I said hello to Marshmallow. Like Chocolate, I paralyzed him and then sucked the new ape off until he came. When I struck with Monster Control, it happened instantly. Apparently, while orgasming, they became exceptionally weak to mental attacks. So, all I had to do was make them have orgasms, and then strike while they were vulnerable.

As for the marshmallow, it tasted like marshmallow, but the consistency was a bit off. It was warm, so imagining it as melted marshmallow made it go down easily. The illusion apparently drew the line there. I couldn’t make it stop having the consistency of cum. It had to be a thick, liquid substance. It wasn’t like I could make them cum chocolate pies or something. Actually, if I had Chocolate cum in me, it’d be a Chocolate cream pie. Ah, but I didn’t want chocolate up in my snatch, even if it was just an illusion.

When I was in high school, this guy bought a bunch of food and we tried to have some food sex using bananas and chocolate syrup, only for me to end up with a urinary tract infection, so now even the thought felt unsanitary. Mind you, sleeping with things that were more animal than men didn’t bother me the slightest.

Actually, with all these confectionaries, I was starting to worry that I might get fat. Although, if I remember correctly, semen is mostly protein. I wondered if anyone ever got fat from swallowing too much cum. I might end up being the first if things kept going in this direction. Ah well, I found strawberry next. Of course, I mean the sauce, not actual strawberries. I realized I was sticking with condom flavors. Well, you stuck with what you knew.

Actually, I found this much more enjoyable. A flavored condom just makes what you suck taste slightly better, but with flavored cum, it’s the end product that you get awarded with. It was motivation to reach the end and then receive a tasty treat. Thinking of that, my eyes landed on guy number four. This time, I decided to go for something a little different. I had already three sweeties, I wanted to try the main course.

“Gaaaaaaahhhh!” I ended up biting down, and the monster ended up howling.

Since he hadn’t cum, he ended up kicking me in the face. My three ended up jumping on him, and by the time I managed to pull apart the naked man pit, my new guy was dead. I let out a long, depressed sigh.

“Sorry, Sausage… it just wasn’t meant to be.”

It was such a good idea too. He was sausage flavored, and when he came, it was going to be cheese whiz. I was going to suck him off and it’d be like having the whole course. However, unlike the chocolate, marshmallow, and strawberry faucets that just deposited in my mouth, the sausage texture and taste were just too tempting. Apes had rougher penises anyway that resembled the texture of sausage. In the end, I bit down. Well, his penis was still attached, so at least he died with his dignity.

Wiping my mouth, I began to acquire more flavors, I mean monsters. There was Caramel, barbeque, cheese, and ranch dressing. Actually, the ranch was a mistake. I didn’t know what I was thinking with that one. I nearly had the others kill him just on principle, but I had to remind myself not to. My army of Naked Ape’s grew to ten, and it reached a point that most of the other apes would scatter when they saw us approaching. These seemed to feel that these guys were no longer like them, and the numbers were simply too much to overcome their desire to reach me.

I was getting to the point where I was thinking about leaving them somewhere so I could recruit more when I ran into someone who was actually clothed. Well, most of their armor had been torn off, and they were lying on the ground. My illusions seemed to peel away, my unconscious mind making sure that I saw what was truly there. It was one of the elves I had ventured here with. He must have been caught. The bodies of a few naked men were lying around him, and he had several deep wounds on his body. I felt his neck and looked away. He was dead. I recognized him. He was the apprentice called Keton.

I continued to walk, this time moving forward with a purpose. I found the trail of blood first. It was far easier to see in my illusioned state since the floor was white tile. The blood stood out with ease. I followed it along, and as I turned a corner surrounded by ten naked apes, two apes that seemed to be jumping on something ran away. I ran forward, gesturing my apes to remain behind. When I turned him over, I saw the leader Nelfun. He was barely alive, just clinging to life.

“A-a…” he tried to speak, but he was unable to.

He hadn’t noticed the naked apes. Rather, his eyes could only just see me. His eyes glanced away suddenly. I looked down to realize that with my clothing having been torn apart, my tit was hanging out on display. I hadn’t even been paying attention to it, yet this dying man still had the courtesy to look embarrassed by a woman’s naked body. I identified him too and realized that he was actually a virgin. Remembering the face of Min, I suddenly realized that I absolutely didn’t want this man to die.

“I’ll fix this,” I said.

Reaching down, I pulled out his cock. My hands began to skillfully tug it until, even in his half-dead state, it started to get erect. His eyes widened as he seemed to realize what I was doing, but he was as helpless as a babe. As for me, I was already mounting him. I immediately used the Healthy Sex ability on him. He gasped and rocked, the wounds healing on his body. However, I didn’t stop bouncing up and down on him.

With the amount of damage on him, it wasn’t instantaneous. Rather, it took about two minutes before everything had healed. When it reached the end, he let out a roar and climaxed inside me. I didn’t even realize it, but I had attacked him with Seduction numerous times while I fucked him. I set beautification to elf, and used magical accentuation to further max my charisma, which was already up thanks to the ridiculous reborn title. As soon as he came inside me, I grabbed him tightly and whispered in his ear.

“Become my slave.” I hissed, feeling the full might of my manipulation combined with dungeon mistress and control.

Any willpower he had was long obliterated. Monster or man… they’d all become mine.

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