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“Vessë is so cruel…” There was a whimper coming from next to me in bed the next morning.

“Hmph, it was my wife that was so rough last night.” I lifted my boob up and licked it.

A moment later, a scratch left on my boob disappeared under the power of cat’s meow. This was only one of many scratches left on my person, several of which I couldn’t reach with my cat’s meow. It certainly left the question of which one of us was the bigger pussy.

This was only the second time I had every frenzied Min. The first time had been during a giant village party. It had turned into a giant orgy, and the pair of us had slipped away in the morning before anyone could get the idea to start blaming us. Well, Min himself had been incredibly territorial in frenzy, and to be honest, any other person who approached me, man or woman, was sent running. I’d yet to experience the so-called threesome with Min to date. That was a small part of the reason I had decided not to summon Jenai during last nights entertanment. Even if I could get Min to engage, he might resent me come the morning.

I leaned over and pulled Min towards me, planting a princess kiss on his lips. The effects of sleep deprivation immediately began to evaporate, curing whatever headach he had been suffering.

“Vessë always feel good to kiss…” Min sighed as the tension left his forehead.

“Because your wife will always takes care of you,” I responded and kissed him again before standing up and slapping his bare ass while I worked my way to my feet. “The plan hasn’t changed, I imagine? We’ll still need supplies, some protection, and a streategy towards invading the succubae territory.”


“Then I’ll just have to sell every potion we got. This far out on the frontier, even cum potions ought to sell. Just need to find a merchant with low analyze skill and maybe some sugar or syrup or something to cover up the taste.”

I finished dressing and kissed Min one more time feeling rejuvenated for the first time since I had almost died a few nights prior. As I headed down, I saw a few maids with bags under their eyes, although some moved with a pep in their step that suggested they enjoyed an eventful last night. The maid who had mentioned a rendezvous with some guy named Edward looked conflicted, her lips seeming perpetually open like she couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night before and just refused to believe it really happened.

I approached the innkeeper who was fully gussied up this morning with makeup and a dress, a wide grin on her face. When her eyes met mine, she beamed.

“Ah, there she is!” She greeted me like an old friend. “You couldn’t have been more right. The things my husband did to me, why, he hasn’t been that vigorous since we were young and stupid. Ah, it feels like I’m in my teens again.”

I might have disputed that last statement given her aged appearance, but I merely smiled politely. “I’m glad you’re happy. Pink moon, uh… it didn’t cause any.. adverse effects?”

The innkeeper put her finger to her lips and thought about it for a second. “Ah, well, from what I heard, last night one of our maids confessed to one our frequent patrons. And he responded by taking her into a room and having his way with her.”

“Ah, well, that sounds about right…”

The innkeeper chuckled and shrugged. “Unfortunately, his wife stopped by a few hours later looking for him. Found him balls deep in the maid. No matter how much she yelled at him, he wouldn’t stop. In fact, he then threw her down on the bed right next to the maid and had both of them.”

“Oh, wow…” I cringed at that, I hadn’t thought the maid would turn out to be a homewrecker, after all.

The innkeeper shrugged. “His wife was so flustered that she didn’t know what to do, said his eyes were like an animal. Kind of like what my husbands was like. Told her about this pink moon. The pair is having a nice long talk right now about their futures. Is it cheating if it’s a threesome that you’re a part of? And what if it didn’t start as a threesome, but became one?”

I gave a nondescript shrug as the innkeeper seemed to be seriously pondering these questions. It looked like Edward’s wife may have gotten the very end of the frenzy. Enough pheromone to cause her to turn erotic, but not irrational. So, when she was set upon by her entranced husband, the intensity probably coerced her into participating. It wasn’t my finest work, but hopefully, those three worked something out to obtain some happiness. Alcohol had caused these sorts of situations without the influence of a Seductress throughout all of human history, so I didn’t let myself take too much of the blame.

In fact, I had once been the third wheel in a relationship between an innkeeper and his wife. I never really followed up to see what became of those two. I recalled using a lot of seduction on the woman, but since it was so short termed, I’d assume that it would only have short-term effect. That felt like an eternity ago, even though I hadn’t been in this world for even a year yet.

“Um, speaking of which, I need some money to travel, and I have some potions I’m hoping to sell.” Breaking the innkeeper and my own drifting thoughts, I turned things back to what is important.

“If you’re not selling in bulk and you’re looking to maximize your profits, have you considered selling straight to an adventuring party?”

No, actually, that thought had never occurred to me before. However, as soon as I heard it, it made so much sense. In fact, there was no reason I needed to buy a party at all. Trade was perfectly acceptable as well. I could simply trade the potions for services. Any adventurer should be able to see the gain in acquiring potions. Selling it to a merchant always meant markups. By going straight to the user, I could skip that and deal with someone directly.

“Do I just go to the adventurer’s guild then?”

“No! No… you don’t want that. The second you’re in the guild, the guild’s going to want some money. It’d be best to do something… shall we say, under the counter? In fact, I know a team that stayed here last night. They’re trustworthy enough. You can give them a try.”

“Stayed here last night?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

But it was too late as the innkeeper was looking over my shoulder, “Ah, here they come now.”

I followed her eyes and my mouth opened a little as a young man a few years under my age came walking down the stairway. He was surprisingly attractive, with a muscular physic, a strong chin, blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing typical leather armor with a sword at his side. He wore a polite smile which he beamed around the room, even at some maids, who nearly shivered at his glance.

These looks were brief, as the maids quickly averted their eyes when behind him stomped three other people. Their sight caused my mouth to drop even more. They were three women, all of above average beauty. The woman in front wore armor like the man but had long blond hair that was tied up in a ponytail. The woman behind her wore a long black dress that displayed a fair amount of cleavage. The last girl wore a white robe with a hood up in an attempt to hide her features, although it only served to frame an incredibly beautiful face.

Although I didn’t really know how beautiful I had become since I’d become a seductress, all three of these women could be considered knockout beauties. They were each as beautiful as Jenai or Min in their own particular way. As they reached the common room, the three women each grabbed a piece of the guy, one holding each arm and the white cloaked shy one holding the back of his cloak. They looked like they were afraid he would scamper away at any moment. As he joyfully looked around the room as if he didn’t notice three beautiful women cramped around him, the women stared down every maid or female patron who even glanced his direction.

I didn’t need to be a seductress to understand the dynamics of this group. Those women were, for one reason or another, absolutely in love with the boy, and there seemed to be a fierce competition going on. That’s when I realized that both girls holding either arm were glaring directly at me. Wow, ladies, he may be a little cute but I’m not about to step into your little snake pit and get-

“Hey! Jerard! I have someone here I’d like you to meet.” Failing to read the climate at all, the innkeeper waved the boy over, inviting his snake pit to me.

When the boy called Jerard’s eyes landed on me, they widened for a second and then he gave me an even wider smile and started heading over. Rather than fake, he wore a smile that looking refreshingly honest. Even I found myself thinking he seemed like a good guy without knowing a single thing about him. He moved forward without prompting the women holding on to him, and it almost appeared like he was a dog dragging three women who were desperately pulling back on his leash. The image was too perfect, and I couldn’t help but let a gentle laugh come out. All three women immediately stiffened, giving me completely unearned hostile looks.

“Your team, I presume?” I responded, trying to hide my smile.

“Wha.. ah…” He looked to his side blinking as if he had forgotten he wasn’t alone. “Ah, yes. My team…”

The girl in armor pinched him although he seemed to ignore this as he looked back at me.

“This young gentleman is Jerard. He just reached second class and is a bit of a local hero.”

Jerard seemed to blush at the innkeeper’s words, looking down shyly.

“The girl wearing armor is his companion, Daria. Behind him is a white mage they saved and joined them a few months ago, Mia. And this woman is…” The innkeeper’s introduction was polite but with a slight edge as she gave off their names.

“I’m Rosetta.” The black-dressed woman pushed forward, putting herself in front of Jerard and pushing out her cleavage like it was a weapon aimed at me. “And, you are?”

She spoke with an odd air of superiority, her nose up in the air like she was above everyone else in the room. It was an act, of course. As someone who had spent months living amongst the nobility, her behavior only contained a pale imitation of nobility. She was likely the daughter of a first-generation Knight if even that. I’d dined with Kings and princes; this behavior was so vanilla that she seemed almost cute.

Unable to stop myself, I pulled out the art of manipulation, bringing out the mask of a princess I hadn’t worn in many months. I let out a throaty laugh that seemed to ring throughout the common room, drawing every eye in my direction.

“My, my… what an adorable child. You may call me Aria. I am but a humble alchemist.”

I gave the group a courtesy very much unlike a humble alchemist’s daughter. In fact, despite the fact I wore simple traveling garbs that wouldn’t be considered remotely seductive, my body emitted elegance and beauty with every tick and motion. The part of a princess came as natural to me as being a seductress.

When I raised my head, three women were staring at me wide-eyed with open mouths, and the guy’s eyes practically contained stars of wonder, like he was watching some kind of show.

“I’m sorry. Sometimes, I can come on too strong,” I toned back the manipulation a bit, using one hand to brush my hair out of my face and the other to lightly touch Jerard’s hand. “Forgive me?”

One of the women, although I didn’t know which, made an unintentional gasp, and then the thought suddenly came to me before anyone could respond and I couldn’t help but speak.

“Ah, that’s right. You all came down together. So, you shared a room last night?”

The implication of my innocent words seemed to cut through the group like a knife through butter.

“Ah! No!” Jerard was the first to recover. “I stayed in my own room, and the ladies slept in another. I’d never do something so…”

He seemed to lose his words as I gave him a gentle smile.  Wait, Jerard was by himself last night, and the three girls were by themselves. In fact, now that I noticed it, all three women seemed to have bags under their eyes, while Jerard seemed perfectly fine. Boys will be boys, Jerard probably took care of things himself and then had a pleasant dream… but what of the women?

Their refusal to meet each other’s eyes, and the fact they positioned themselves so all three of them had Jerard in front of them took on a whole new meaning. Oh, yes. These girls certainly enjoyed a pink moon last night.

“Puh!” I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a laugh before covering my mouth.

All three women were in love with Jerard, yet they had spent last night rubbing up against each other for sexual relief. They seemed to realize the look I was giving them and connected it with what I was thinking, and all three women went rigid again, lowering their eyes in extreme embarrassment. Jerard himself only looked on innocently with a cocked head.

It was satisfying in some ways, but I really did need something from this group, so I couldn’t push things too far. I decided to let it go.

“In all seriousness, could we sit down for a bit? I was hoping you could help me.”

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