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There were two elf men standing nearby, looking at me with ecstasy in their eyes. I had been so frightened at the start, but now it all seemed so simple. Nelfun and Danros were the two from my party I was able to save. Although, saving them was a complicated word because the two men would never be the same again. Right now, they were my devoted slaves.

The men still had their backpacks, so I was able to wear their clothing. Their thin, elfish bodies were closer to that of a woman anyway, except that it was tight around the hips and chest. Either way, with the help of my skills, I looked like a presentable woman once again.

As for the apes, I had them all die. At first, I was going to bring them with me, but as I flirted with and played with them, Nelfun had given a disgusted look. To me, they were just handsome naked brutish men. However, it was probably difficult to see a beautiful woman touching and being touched by a gorilla monster. I eventually decided it was better to just order the gorillas to kill themselves rather than risk problems later. I hadn’t degenerated so far that I preferred the company of monsters over men. The two elves instantly grew more relaxed with just the three of us.

Even though I had filled the two elves with an obsessive love for me, that didn’t stop their minds from working. The essential things that made them the men they were was unchained. Gross things were still gross. Things they enjoyed they’d still enjoyed. It was just through all of that was a burning, unstoppable obsession with me.

It was remarkable just how much that control went. The two men were capable fighters before, but now that they fought for me, they were more vicious and more effective. I had them function as my vanguard, and wherever I gestured, they would run out and murder with impunity. Since they were fighting for me and not themselves, they fought harder and better. My life meant everything to them. It was a kind of devotion that made me feel exhilarated and horny.

Of course, I restored their health often, making our trip down even slower and more methodical. After all, we had to put all of our clothing and armor back on once we were done. How could I stand to heal them without using my whole body? Sometimes, I would work both elves at once. Other times, I’d have one guard while the other performed. The more I gave them my body, the more they gave their bodies to me. Their fear was completely gone, and they would plunge into a group of monsters without any thought of their lives. My elf party was stronger than they had ever been, and it was thanks to me that they were like this.

Of course, I helped them out when I could. I distracted the monsters. I seduced them. The ones with dicks and humanoid forms I’d occasionally fuck. I remained in my illusion world when I was tasting a monster. I found myself less likely to panic, and I was able to see better in the dark like this. I’d send the men down the hall to guard the exits, and then I would perform a proper leveling, making sure to take advantage of my titles, allowing the monster to taste various positions and multiple holes so that all of my multipliers took effect. When I was done with the monsters, they always ended up the same way.

I had them kill themselves. I could kill them myself. They wouldn’t resist me if I chose to stick my blade in their hearts, but for some reason, it didn’t feel right. I’d get a hand full of experience for killing the monsters, but after using them fully to level, it felt shallow and improper to dirty my hands. It felt like my own personal code of ethics. I didn’t want to kill someone I fucked. It’d be better if they died by their own hands.

I was also considering my next level too. My experience was rising quickly and I had little doubt I’d be reaching another level soon. These monsters I was seducing were high-level monsters. Without the ferocity of my elf companions whose need to defend me exceeded their desire for life, there were a few instances where things might have grown dangerous. I was thinking it would be nice to put a point into Black Widow. Right now, the skill marked someone for death, but it took a week for it to take effect. If I evolved the ability, wouldn’t it be a surefire way to kill anyone I wanted? I hoped the skill time that was a week could be reduced to instantaneous. Unfortunately, it was impossible to predict how these skills would evolve. I had been scorned before by evolving a skill and turning it into something unrecognizable from the original ability.

The time that passed was three days. For three days and nights, we worked our way down this massive labyrinth one corridor at a time. I treated my men well, refreshing them, healing them, supporting them… and in return, they gave an alertness and exuded power to keep me safe. There were no traps they missed, nor monsters they allowed to sneak attack. Their work far passed the point where a normal human would break. That was because they were already broken.

On the third day, I finally leveled once again.

{Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 17!}

{All stats increase by one.}

{You have one skill point.}

{Man Tamer {Passive) – Control humanoid creatures easier.

Slave Mistress (Passive) – 2X experience with enslaved creatures.

Aura of Submission (Active) – Release a ring of power that slowly makes those within it submit to you.}

I hissed when I saw the abilities. Had they been shit, I’d have gladly jumped on Black Widow, but just the opposite, they were all extremely domineering. The leveling system was extremely unbalanced, often following themes or tangents. Last time, they were all dungeon related skills. This time, they were all power-related skills. Sometimes, I’d get three that sucked, and other times, I’d get three that were absolutely desirable. I suppose the system had no clue what I’d like, and only picked seemingly on a whim.

With a sigh, I managed to cross out Slave Mistress in my mind. More experience simply wasn’t needed at the moment. That left Man Tamer or Aura of Submission. It was truly difficult. I already could control men. This merely made it easier to control them. However, Aura of Submission could serve the same purpose, and as an active skill I could use, it would be compounded with all of my seductive abilities. In the end, I decided to pick Aura of Submission.

The reason was simply a memory of a certain Kappa smashing his skull in. Even though I had control of him, he rejected that control. He wouldn’t submit to me. If I had an Aura of Submission around me, perhaps he would have kneeled at my feet instead. It was a thought like that that ultimately informed my decision.

It was only a few more hours before we found ourselves in front of a large door.

“What is this?” I asked, thinking I already knew the answer.

“Mistress, it’s the final door into the boss’s room,” Nelfun explained.

I nodded as I looked at it. We had finally reached the end. I wondered if Hector was looking for me. Was Devon growing itchy without his assassin available? It didn’t matter. I wasn’t working for them anymore. I was doing this all for myself. I wasn’t their slave anymore.

“Be honest with me, can you guys take him?” I asked.

The elf lowered his head shamefully. “I would like to promise Mistress his head on a platter, but I cannot. The truth is, without Mistress’s benevolence and power, I would have already died a dozen times. We were far too proud to think we could take this labyrinth on our own. However, Master Baron had given us no choice. If we refused to go or we failed to defeat the boss, he planned to drop us as disciples. It is the ultimate embarrassment.”

Baron had already said something similar. These guys were unlikely to survive this trip. It was a simple suicide mission in his mind. He was getting rid of the trainees that had shown no potential. It showed how cruel a man Baron was, yet I had already accepted this world was cruel, and such a thing didn’t stir my heart in the slightest.

“Each level of the labyrinth has grown exponentially more difficult. If you hadn’t been forcing the lesser devils, the wrog beasts, and the zombie champions to submit, we naturally would have been destroyed.”

I blinked. “Is that what I’ve been fucking?”

Naturally, I had kept them as illusions. Not every guy was big and muscular. I couldn’t change their body physique. However, I didn’t allow myself to see what it was I was sleeping with. Shamelessness and high mental fortitude didn’t mean I wouldn’t experience trauma if it was bad enough. I had experienced many traumas in this world that still lingered in the back of my mind and seemed to warp my decision making.

No, this was the person I had to be to survive this cruel world. I wouldn’t try to blame my actions on my upbringing or the game mechanics. I had to own up to my decisions. Those decisions included the one that I had to make now. Looking at the two men, I nodded.

“How long can you hold him off?”

“We don’t have any information on the boss, so it could be anywhere from a minute to thirty minutes.”

“Then, you will give me a minute.” I responded, not a trace of fear or regret on my face.

“Y-yes, mistress.”

My voice was cold and devoid of emotion. Both men knew that I had just ordered them to die for me. Worse of all, they would both do it without questioning. Their hearts, bodies, and minds were already mine. The men walked over to the door, each one grabbing a handle. I stepped back. What happened next would threaten all of our lives. I didn’t even know what kind of monster lied beyond the door, but it was absolutely necessary for my plan.

The door opened and the two men ran in without reserve. I followed behind them, but I only made it a few meters in when the men stopped short. There was a massive creature with large horns sitting on a vicious bone throne. His skin was red and black. Heat came off of him which was instantly stifling. The two men let out noises of shock and surprise. I immediately used Examine on it to see just what it was.

“A High Devil? Lvl 85.” I whispered as the information entered my head.

“It’s hopeless… how could a high devil appear in this labyrinth?” Nelfun said in disbelief.

This was clearly a more powerful opponent than either man had imagined. Although the two men were seeing their death, my eyes flashed with excitement. This was exactly the kind of monster that I needed. Strong, muscular, domineering, and powerful. They were looking at the end of their lives, and I was seeing the beginning of my army.

“Attack him!” I ordered.

The two men raced forward to their death, and I began to do the thing I was best at, seducing.  

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