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The devil let out a roar, causing the room we were standing in to tremble. I had only taken a few steps when the door behind me slammed shut. Well, I had no plans to run away anyway, but now this was a fight we had to finish. The two elf men tried to keep their distance, shooting arrows at the Devil. However, they quickly found that those arrows bounced right off of his iron hide.

He thew out a fireball toward the elves, providing no chant or indication he was casting a spell. Nelfun leaped to the side, barely managing to escape with his life. It was clear to anyone that it would have been a killing shot had it hit him. However, with me standing at the end of the room, he only gave one brave look before pulling out his sword and racing towards the beast. Perhaps the old him would have fled or pissed his pants, but this man had only thoughts of me in his head at this point.

While the two men mounted a suicidal attack on the devil, I equipped my reborn title, making sure to maximize my charisma. I set beautification to high devil and then began to throw seduction spells at it. After each one, I’d identify him. However, even as I through enough seduction to beguile a normal person, I didn’t see any change to his status.

While I continued to pelt him with Seduction, Eye of the Beholder, and even a little bit of illusion magic, the two men danced around him. The high devil’s confusion caused by my illusions was probably why the two men weren’t already dead. I wanted to use monster tamer on this creature, but he seemed extremely resistant to becoming beguiled. As the fight wore on, I started to worry more and more.

I used All Nighter to keep their stamina up, and Healthy Sex in order to keep them from getting hurt. Despite all that, I found my seductive charms unable to breakthrough. Perhaps it was partially because he was in the middle of a fight and raging, but even when someone was heightened, it still usually caused them to succumb after a few more spells.

Yet, despite all of that, the high devil suddenly let out an oppressive roar, suddenly changing his movements. It was clear by the look in his eyes that he was lulling the two men into moving confidently. As soon as they began to have hope at winning, the high devil’s true abilities began to kick in. Slamming his fist into the ground, the floor shook and the two elves lost their balance. Danros was the closest to the devil. It reached out and grabbed him.

Danros tried to stab the devil with his sword, but he was swinging wildly. The devil grabbed the sword, a disdainful look on its face as it tossed it away.  Nelfun tried to free Danros, but any attempt he had to attack, the devil would move, placing Nelfun in front. It was clear that a great deal of intelligence sat behind his eyes. He may have been a monster, but he was also able to strategize. More than that, he seemed to be slightly sadistic, taking horrific glee as Danros desperately struggled in his grip, and Nelfun failed to save him.

However, these moments didn’t last. After having his fun, the devil grabbed Danros’s legs. With a single pull, he ripped the man in half.

“No! You bastard!” Nelfun screamed.

As for me, I was stunned to the point where I no longer used my abilities to seduce him. He was far smarter and more powerful than I had ever predicted. It was clear that he was only toying with us. As far as my skills, it was possible he was blocking them. Even the dazed results of my illusion magic was likely just a feint he used. Nelfun charged the devil.

“Nelfun, no!” I shouted.

It was too late. The devil tossed the legs of his comrade, still spraying blood, at Nelfun. He ended up tripping over Danros’s body parts, losing his attack and stumbling towards the devil with none of his defenses up. Dropping the other half of Danros, the devil grabbed Nelfun’s skull. His hand was large enough he could grab Nelfun’s skull like an egg. With his other hand, he casually flicked his sword out of his hand.

With Nelfun disarmed, he could only struggle idly, kicking in desperation. However, the devil’s arm started to tense as he started squeezing Nelfun’s head. Nelfun’s defiant screams turned into ear-piercing cries. The only other sound that could be heard was a loud cracking sound. It took me a moment to realize that was the sound of Nelfun’s skull. His eyes popped out of his head, and then his entire head ruptured like a dropped watermelon.

I collapsed to the ground, immediately vomiting at the sight. Only then did those evil, inhumane eyes turn to me. He grinned, even though his body was covered from head to tail in the viscera of my teammates. I had been willing to sacrifice the pair, but their deaths had been far more horrible than I could have imagined. On top of that, I had completely failed to tame the monster.

The devil started to stomp towards me, moving as if he had all the time in the world. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I was terrified. I ended up peeing myself, warm liquid leaking down my legs. However, my brain was stiff now. All I could do was watch as he approached with that inhuman grin. Become his master? What had I been thinking? I had grown far too overconfident in my own abilities. All of my illusions had been burst like a bubble in an instant.

I considered fleeing into my illusions, but even that wouldn’t spare me a horrific fate. I could only watch as he reached down and grabbed me. His large hand could wrap around my neck in a single grip.

“P-please…” I gasped, desperately trying to keep him from breaking my neck.

He reached out grabbing my legs. The sight of Danros being ripped in half shot through my mind. In a moment, I would be in pieces. My eyes closed as I waited for the inevitable pain in my midsection. He pulled and I could hear a ripping sound. However, it wasn’t the ripping of flesh, but the ripping of cloth.

A chill from down below, my wet legs, told me that he had ripped my pants off. I was tossed down and then folded like a pretzel. The massive creature got on top of me, his extreme weight making my body feel like it was being crushed. He pulled back his loincloth, revealing a massive 18-inch cock that was fully erect. Only then did my mind realize what was happening.

I was an enchantress, a seductress, a woman who had control of the realm of sex, but this great beast had been so powerful and intimidating, that I was helpless as he thrust into me. A pain wracked through my body as he tore me open. He wasn’t gentle in the slightest, slamming his dick into me so hard that my pelvis ached with each thrust. The entire time, he had his hand around my throat, not permitting me from breathing in the slightest.

Had I been a normal woman, I’d have already passed out from the pain and lack of oxygen. Within five minutes, I would have been a corpse. However, I wasn’t normal. I could go thirty minutes without taking a breath, and even as he tore me, I converted most of the pain into pleasure. The pain must have been excruciating because the pleasure was overwhelming. I came over and over again. Had my throat been allowed to move air, I would have been howling incoherently. Each thrust of his cock brought unbelievable pleasure. My body shook and rocked as my mind became completely saturated with the intense feelings of sex.

From the moment I had ended up in this world, my life had been a downward spiral. I used every weapon I had to remain sane and keep going. I endured, I fought, and I lived on. I tried to make a home. Sometimes as an adventurer, sometimes as a human, as a monster, and as a slave. Yet, there was no home for me. There was no happy ending. There was no relief. No control. No hope.

At that moment, I had reached the lowest point since I had been to this world. As the devil raped me, my mind shattered, cracked, and fell apart. My world became nothing but agony. Sexual agony. Tortuous agony? It didn’t even matter. It all felt the same in the end.

I didn’t remember how long it lasted. A minute? An hour? A week? The infinite bliss was all there was, and when I could no longer take another orgasm, I chose pain instead. Pain, please, love, hate, survival, death… nothing mattered anymore. I couldn’t hear his grunting as thrust into me. I couldn’t see him anymore. The world closed around me.

Distantly, I felt him cumming inside. His cum was hot, and it felt like it searing my insides. However, from beginning to end, I wasn’t even allowed to scream.

The thirty-minute time for Lover’s Breath reached the end. My heartbeat slowed. The darkness started to spread across my vision. Time’s up…

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