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I let out a horrified gasp, my eyes shooting open. Pain wracked my throat, but I had no desire to convert any of it into pleasure. Why was I always turning my pain into pleasure? The pain was important. It told you when you were in danger. Somehow, I had convinced myself that if I could feel the pain, then I wasn’t truly in danger. It took nearly dying to realize how wrong I was. However, I was definitely alive. I didn’t feel like being dead would be so painful.

I felt pain in my throat. It was raw and painful to breath. I also heard a bit of a rattle when I took a deep breath, accompanied by a deep pain inside. There was pain down below. My legs actually felt somewhat numb. I was cold, but I didn’t feel like I could shiver.

{Cold Resistance has increased to level 3.}

Well, it looked like that was still a thing. As long as I still had my status, I could potentially arise from any situation. I was like a phoenix, right? I rose from the ashes of death. This was no different. I decided to check out my status menu.

Name: Aria

Class: Enchantress

Titles: Town Bicycle, Gang Banger, God Killer (selected), Dragon Layer, The Reborn (selected), Illusion Breaker (selected), Lesbian Lover, Rough Rider, Solo Player

Level: 18 (48 Total)

Statistics: Strength 54+5, Intelligence 55+5, Wisdom 55+10, Endurance 77+5, Agility 54+5, Charisma 97+55

Resistance: Asphyxiation 1, Carnal 7, Charm 2, Cold 3, Concussion 3, Damage 10, Disease 3, Fear 3, Heat 3, Illusion 10+10, Magic 3, Mental 21+100, Pain 12, Panic 5, Poison 2

Standard Skills: Barter 1, Climbing 1, Dagger 1, Flee 1, Fire Magic 5, Life Sense 3, Magic MAX, Magic Sense 5, Massage 1, Multitasking 2, Potion Making MAX, Rune Creation 1, Sword 4, Throwing 1, Water Magic 5, Whip 3

Advanced Skills: Elemental Magic 1, Enchantment 3, Lip Reading 1, Mana Alchemy 6, Poison Making 2


Art of Sex (Anal, Bondage, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Deepthroat, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral, Seduce, Titty Fuck, Vaginal Intercourse, Kegels, Dirty Talk, Tongue Craft) Total Level: 71

Art of Manipulation (Conceal, Deception, Etiquette, Illusion Magic, Acting, Disguise, Role Playing, Sleight of Hand, Sneak, Stealth) Total Level: 55

Special Skills: Absorb, All Nighter, Aura of Submission, BDSM, Beautification, Below the Belt, Black Widow, Cat’s Meow, Celestial Whip, Charmless, Control, Dreamer, Dream Walker, Dungeon Mistress, Enhanced Positions, Eye of the Beholder, Fragrant Passage, Frenzy, Fuck Buddy, Fusion, Healthy Sex, Illusion Master, Immaculate, Limit Break, Lover’s Loyalty, Magical Accentuation, Monster Tamer, Pheromone, Phoenix Rises, Possession, Princess Kiss, Rejuvenation, Restoration, Rock A Bye, Sanctuary, Seduction, Sex Paralysis, Sexual Experience, Sexual Fortitude, Sexual Saint, Stalker, STD Immunity, Title Holder, Voyeur

Positions: Aries, Asian Cowgirl, Ben Dover, Bobbing for Apples, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Daisy Chain, Deep Stick, Doggie Style, Double Dip, Double Oral, Downward Dog, Eating Out, Face to Face, Fingering, Fully Loaded, Gemini, High Five, Italian Chandelier, Kneeling Blowjob, Lap Dance, Leg Up, Missionary, Ol’ Fashioned, Rockin’ Rockette, Rodeo, Scissoring, Sidewinder, 69, Spooning, Standing Spit Roast, Sultry Spooning, The Doggy Deluxe, The Fan, The Libido, Three’s a Crowd, Two in One, Valedictorian, Woman On Top, Workout

Status Effects: 4X Experience on Beguiled Targets, 50% Extra Experience

Your status only increased when you were pushed to your limits. That was why, since reaching the second class, my status hadn’t been increasing by leaps and bounds. For a pain resistance to increase, I’d need to experience pain. For strength endurance, I’d need to throw all of my strength against something I couldn’t defeat. For endurance, I’d first need to run out. That was the way of things.

I noticed I had started to gain Asphyxiation Resistance. That was because, thanks to Lover’s Breath, I had never run out of breath until now. Only, now that I had been put to the limit, did I start to grow stronger in these things.

It appeared that this third-class monster was sufficient for me to level. I had already just leveled, but that goes to show you how much more experience a high-level monster gave me. Had I been able to successfully beguile him, I might have even managed to level multiple times. So much experience was wasted… no… I seriously almost died. I can’t let myself obsess about points again considering how close I had come to death.

It took me a moment to realize how my point was automatically spent while I was unconscious. It looked like Lover’s Trust became Lover’s Loyalty.

{Lover’s Loyalty: After each sexual encounter, your partner will come to trust, support, and depend on you more.}

Isn’t that basically every woman’s dream? My mouth twitched slightly. Only then did I realize that while I was sitting here, I must still be in the boss’s room. Glancing around, I realized that the high demon was sitting on his throne. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be breathing slowly as if he was asleep. As for the door out… it was shut, trapping me in this room. That meant, despite the fact I was still alive, the battle was still going on.

Other than the room lit with magical torches that emitted no smoke. There wasn’t much to the room other than the pillars, the throne, and the doors. The double-hinged door behind me was a means of entering. There was also a door behind the boss which was also just as closed.

I forced myself to my feet, looking down at my body. Even though the devil’s chamber was hot and muggy, I had many open wounds and my clothing was falling off of my body. I must have lost a lot of blood, and on top of that, the rocky ground was chilly despite the heat above. Once I stood up, I approached one of the cracks in the floor where hot air seemed to vent up from somewhere underground. I started to warm myself up, rubbing my hands together. As I moved, I kept my eyes on the high devil, seeing if he would awake from his slumber.

When I was certain he was still asleep, I took a deep breath and started looking for my clothes. Immediately, a shocking sight caused me to gasp. I saw two skeletons lying on the ground. Skeletons shouldn’t have been surprising, except that I was completely sure this was where my two elf companions had fallen.

How long had I been unconscious? No, if it had been enough time that the skeletons had already decayed to just bone, I would undoubtedly have died. I may be able to heal faster than normal with Restoration, but there was no way I could sidestep starvation. That was one reason that I started looking for my supplies, as I was starving.

Actually, the more I looked at it, the more I realized even the bones were breaking down. In fact, they seemed to be breaking down in front of my very eyes. They looked half-sunken into the ground, and with each moment, they grew even more degraded. I remembered some of the teachings I had received from Jerard’s party. A labyrinth was a living thing. It fed off the mana veins of the earth, but it’d also consume the lifeforce of the dead.

It was digesting the elves slowly in front of my eyes. As I was still alive, it didn’t target me. On the other hand, my stuff was nowhere in sight. Had it already consumed all of my stuff? Perhaps, it was because I was so close to the bottom of the labyrinth. This is where it was strongest. You probably weren’t supposed to linger here for long. Perhaps it wanted to push me along towards death too. Digesting all of my belongings so that I could follow and become its food. Well, that was just my thought on the matter.

I was starving, I had many wounds that even Cat’s Meow couldn’t close. I had lost a lot of blood, and I was so cold, even next to this heat vent where I should be boiling. Wasn’t that a sign I was dying? If something didn’t change soon, I would definitely become the labyrinth’s next lunch. Looking over at the high devil, I took a breath.

“Aura of Submission.”

A field of energy erupted around me. The high devil’s eyes popped open and he immediately turned to look at me. My body shook under that stare. I remembered just a short time ago being pushed under him as he tore me apart. No, I couldn’t let myself be controlled by that fear. Rather, I am the one who controls others. This is my domain, devil. Don’t think because you have more levels than me, that you can best me in the slightest! He stood up, and I shakily stood, staring at him defiantly.


We were already having sex, that was how my body reacted. Thus, I could absorb his lifeforce directly. I instantly felt a warmth inside me. My wounds started to close.


I cleaned my body, ripping off the last shreds of my clothing. I was completely naked now. His life force was many many times greater than mine, so it only took a moment of absorption before my body was restored. Had any of the elves been alive, their eyes would have popped out of their heads at the sight of me. My naked body was perfect and unblemished. From tatters to the beauty of a goddess in just a few moments time. This was my domain, the devil just didn’t know it yet.

He let out a roar, racing at me. A moment before he shoved me to the ground, I used a position shift, tossing him into a position with me on top. Even though his member was so large that it hurt going in, I didn’t hesitate to plunge it in. I didn’t convert the pain to pleasure. Actually, the pain felt good anyway. The pain told me I was still alive. The pain was a part of me.

I rode him in every position. Eventually, he got the better end and pushed me under, having his way with me again. When the damage built up, I used Absorb on him. Meanwhile, I kept the Aura of Submission around us, constantly breaking him down. After having his fun with me after a few hours, he tossed me aside. I was mentally exhausted, but I was still conscious and my body had already recovered. I let him wait a few hours, and then I provoked him again.

This time, I managed to stay on top, even managing to finish despite his member that made me feel like I might break with each thrust. This time, when he was finally done, he didn’t toss me aside like a discarded rug, but merely dropped me and walked away. After a brief rest, I used pheromones to bring him back to me.

Over and over again, we fucked. Sometimes, he’d get control, forcing me down and roughly dominating me under his powerful thrusts, but slowly I started to win more and more, gaining more and more control of the situation. I leveled, and then I leveled again. With the next level, I picked up a special kill called Mana eater. It allowed me to directly pull mana out of the air to replenish my own and heal myself. I had to enter a meditation state to do it, but I could recover my entire body after only five minutes, at least in the mana-rich core of a labyrinth. On the surface, it’d probably take longer.

With my second level, I gained an ability called Famine, which allowed me to not need to eat or drink. By absorbing the lifeforce from mana and the devil, I was able to keep myself healthy despite starvation, but this got rid of that distant gnawing feeling in my stomach, so I didn’t hesitate to select it.

It was three days later when the boss room doors opened. I was sitting on the high devil’s lap, bouncing up and down on his cock. He just came, filling me up as much as usual. If I hadn’t lost my storage ring, I would have already started playing with potions using his semen to see what I could make. At first, I was expecting someone to walk into the room. However, I also noticed the door behind us opened too, which would be the room filled with the labyrinth’s treasure.

“The doors opened.” I turned back to the high devil, who reached out and gently pushed my hair behind my ear, causing me to grin. “You don’t see me as an enemy any longer, do you?”

For a moment, I thought the boss doors were timed, but seeing the look on the devil’s face, I realized this was different. After having sex so many times, he finally had grown to trust me to the point where I was no longer considered an enemy. Since there wasn’t an enemy he was battling, the doors naturally opened. Only if someone else walked in would the doors slam shut.

I had succeeded. I had seduced the dungeon boss.

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