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Seducing the Labyrinth’s boss and getting him to abandon the Labyrinth were two very different things. Despite all of my coercing, he remained in the room, sitting in his chair. If I tried to use my sex, it usually ended with him pushing me down on the floor and having me. If I tried to be physical, he would just swat me away like an annoying fly.

Although he had accepted me as his woman, the High Devil had yet to be tamed by me. I had used Monster Tame on him several times, and I felt nothing. When I had used this ability on the goblins, I had felt a distinct click when I had gained control of him. However, despite all of my efforts, I couldn’t do it. Was he simply too high of a level for me to defeat?

“Devil, what am I going to do with you?” I asked out loud and then made a bitter face. “Actually, I suppose it’d be better to give you a name.”

I walked up and sat on his knee. Since the creature was a large, 9-foot-tall beast, leaping on his knee almost gave me the appearance of a small girl. Then again, the size difference was never more apparent than when he was on top of me, thrusting in with his massive, 18-inch cock that threatened to tear me open at any second. He’d definitely ruin me eventually. 

“How about… I call you Ruin?” I asked mischievously.

The high devil who usually ignored me except when he was raping me glanced down, made a grunt, and then looked back up at the ajar boss’s door.

“You like that, do you?” I chuckled, putting my hand upon his chest and lightly stroking his slightly scaly skin and hard muscles. “Hmm… you feel different.”

Something about him suddenly felt a bit different. I instinctively activated my Examine ability and looked at him. Instantly, my mouth fell open.

Name: Ruin, The High Devil

He had adopted that name and made it a part of himself! I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself! This was really unexpected. So, I was able to name an unnamed monster? It was true that not every monster I met had a name. What was the difference between a monster with a name and a monster without? Was there a powerup involved, or was it simply a name? Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking, so I didn’t have any more information.

A few more days passed, and when I wasn’t trying to seduce him or get plowed by him, I spent my time practicing my illusions. I’d imagine places like a minigolf range back home, and it was a great way to pass the time. It probably would have looked insane to anyone watching. Ruin never seemed to say thing against it though, he was nice in that way.

{Art of Manipulation has increased to level 56.)

The one time I tried to pull out my sword, Ruin started leaking out killing intent, and it left me shaking. After that, I stuck mainly to sex. I wrongly tried to let him use my asshole during one such sexual encounter. His massive meat might fit in my pussy, but he really did tear open my ass. I bleed, and it hurt for a day and itched like crazy. Had I been able to reach, I definitely would have used Cat’s Meow and given myself some analingus to relieve the discomfort. Thankfully, I didn’t need to wait for more than a day, because the next time we had sex, the familiar leveling appeared.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 17!

All stats increase by one.

You have one skill point.

Available Special Skills:

Iron Ass {Passive) – Asshole can not rip.

Labyrinth Eater (Passive) – You can consume miasma.

Butt Blade (Active) – Your anus becomes a sharp blade that can cut off anything by squeezing.

If I had a drink, I would have assuredly spit it out. It had been so long since I was leveling regularly, I had forgotten what the sense of humor the special skills system had. I got a bit out of my dept with one anal event and suddenly I was offered the ultimate offensive and defensive butt powers. Butt Blade… doesn’t that sound a bit reminiscent of vagina dentata? Well, I didn’t plan to jam things up my butt in order to cut them, so it sounded like that ability was a no go.

As for the opposite, the iron ass, I wasn’t a girl who fetishized anal sex. Yeah, it could be kind of hot, and I even could cum on it a few times, it wasn’t like I loved to get my ass stretched or something. Since I didn’t have any plans to stick increasingly larger things into my ass, I think I can spare the Iron Ass.

That left Labyrinth Eater, an ability that allowed me to consume miasma. From what I understood from what I read about it, miasma is the sort of the byproduct of a labyrinth. Miasma couldn’t be seen and wasn’t even particularly dangerous to humans. While it didn’t make the monsters that lived in a labyrinth, it did sustain them. Where a natural dungeon supported itself through a mana-induced ecosystem, a labyrinth was actually an organism that controlled the monsters inside it, using them as a weapon to protect itself and capture food, like my elf companions.

That said, miasma was a means of the labyrinth feeding its monsters. It’s why the high devil could sit on his damn chair day after day, and not eat or sleep. Without miasma, most labyrinth monsters would die within a few days or weeks. The biggest reason that the high devil wouldn’t leave this room is because this room contains the highest amount of miasma. If he left it, he would start to grow weaker.

My greatest fear when I started this endeavor was that the boss was overly dependent on the labyrinth’s miasma. I had hoped that it was strong enough that I could remove it and keep it alive once it was under my control. If it did need the miasma, then maybe it could just return here once a week or something. Well, actually, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how dumb it was to come down here. A labyrinth boss is basically useless without the labyrinth.

Could he run my army from the bottom of this labyrinth? I really wasn’t sure. I let out a sigh. I supposed it was time to return to the surface. The monster wasn’t even beguiled, so how was I supposed to do anything? He’d kill my goblins as soon as I brought them in this room. It had almost been a week since I entered this labyrinth, and it looked like it was a bust. At the very least, I still had my life and I had gained several levels.

Ignoring the points selection, for now, I started heading for the exit. As soon as I reached it, the door suddenly slammed shut in my face. I grabbed it and tried to open it, but it was completely stuck. Fear started to shoot through me as I felt a tingle in the back of my mind. If the door was closed, that meant that I was seen as a threat again. I slowly turned back to look at Ruin. Then, I let out a breath of relief as I saw him still sitting in his chair.

However, that still left the question. What had changed? Why did he close the door on me? Did he not want me to leave?

“What is it?” I demanded.

The high devil tilted his head as he watched me, but gave no indication he even understood what I was talking about. A few moments later, my eyes fell on the door in the back. Why was that room still open? In fact, if I was an enemy, that was the door that should be closed before any other. It was the room that led to the heart of the labyrinth.

I had checked it once before, but there was no treasure room filled with jewels or anything exciting like that. All that was there was some strange, fleshy wall with a pulsating membrane. The Labyrinth’s heart looked like a mucous green thing. It was hardly the shiny orb I had read about in other stories. Naturally, I had considered killing the core to free Ruin, but it could also kill him, or worse, fly him into a rage where he kills me. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t willing to risk it.

I started walking back to that room, passing by the high devil who didn’t even move and then entering into that room with the strange pulsating shape. Staring at it, I instinctively used Examine. Information about the labyrinth flooded into my mind, just like it would for any mob. I let out a gasp.


A realization started to spread through me. The high devil I had been working on all this time may have come to like me, but it wasn’t in control. It was just an automaton. Even if it loved me dearly, it would still kill me in a heartbeat, because its true master was this labyrinth. After almost a week, I had completely failed to wrestle control of this monster away from its creator. In fact, I might never be able to it. Its existence might be too linked to the Labyrinth.

However, when I had activated the Aura of Submission, the high devil wasn’t the only one it reached. The labyrinth’s heart was also affected. After several days of being under that effect, the labyrinth had finally submitted itself to me. This… pulsating creature was beguiled by me now. When I tried to exit, it kept me here because it didn’t want me to leave. When the doors had opened, it had nothing to do with the devil recognizing me. It had been this labyrinth.

My breath quickened and my heart began to race. I knew consciously that this was a living creature, but it never occurred to me that I could actually seduce it. My hand reached out as I stared at the pulsating mass. It should look repulsive to me, but I suddenly saw it in a completely different light. The excitement was coursing through me. Since it was already in a beguiled state, there was only one thing left to do.

“Monster Tamer!”

I activated the skill to take control of a monster. The amount of mana this thing required was incredible. I instantly fell to my knees, but I managed to resist passing out. Despite the sudden surge of energy leaving me, the actual process happened instantly. A moment later, I felt a connection with the Labyrinth like I had never felt before.

{You have tamed a Labyrinth.}

{You have unlocked the title: Labyrinth Master.}

{+5 Wisdom, +10 Miasma Resistance, 2X Experience with Labyrinth-created monsters.}

Remarkably, I had succeeded. I had even gained another title after quite some time. I was a Labyrinth’s Mistress now. I could feel it. It was more than that. I felt like if I concentrated, I could see any part in or around the labyrinth. It reached out to even the small makeshift tents in front of the entrance. I knew every monster, every passage, and every trap in this place.

However, the thing that left me the most floored, was a new screen that had appeared in front of me. It was called the Dungeon Master System. It consisted of a massive list of monsters, items, and modifications. Each one had a price associated with it measured in something called DP, otherwise known as dungeon points.

As I read through it all, reality started to dawn on me. The Labyrinth was my minion now, and thus I could use it completely. I could make monsters, lay traps, create corridors, and much more. I glanced up, my eyes brightening.

With this… I could finally make my own home.

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