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“Sanctuary!” I finished the ritual, turning this boss room into my permanent home.

I was the master of the labyrinth now, and the labyrinth did my bidding. I could use its system to basically create any monster or modify the rooms however I wanted. This particular labyrinth had been storing up its reserves for some time. It seemed to hesitate to depend on extravagance, and as a result, it was why it was such a lackluster one.

Well, honestly, if it had stood out more, then it would have been destroyed by powerful people. Its capacity to remain low-key had been the reason this labyrinth had lasted up until now. In that respect, I wasn’t sure if our union was a blessing or a curse.

The first thing I did was familiarize myself with the menu. I wanted to get a feeling of its strengths and its weaknesses. In essence, I had four different kinds of things I could create. I had rooms and hallways, which allowed me to expand the labyrinth. There was no such thing as a floor. If you created a sloping path or a stairway, that was your next floor. There was a bit of art to it too, because there were no restraints. If I put the next floor directly under the first floor and didn’t use special reinforcements in the rooms, it appeared like a collapse was very possible.

I could go back and increase the quality of rooms and hallways, or build new rooms and hallways. As this labyrinth didn’t waste much energy, it often depended on the cheapest of hallways, the tunnel, which resembled that of a cave and/or ant tunnel to expand itself. This quality could be improved upon up to the extent of extravagant corridors that truly resembled a castle. The boss’s room, which didn’t resemble a cave, but more like a throne room, was one such example of this improved room.

After you built new rooms and hallways or improve their quality, there were then the monsters you populated them with. The list of monsters was extensive, including names I had never seen. You could purchase monsters a la carte, or you could purchase a colony which reproduced indefinitely. The problem with a colony beside the extra expense was that it could still be wiped out, causing you to waste a lot of dungeon points.

Going by the labyrinths current design, the best method was to find monsters that could fit through specialized passages, and then create the nest in an area that humans and demons can’t reach. For example, you could build a nest connected only by a small tube and then populate it with snakes. Humans wouldn’t able to work their way down the tube, but snakes could easily leave the next and enter the floors through it.

Since the monsters could be influenced and controlled through the labyrinth, there were even such things as having baby goblins shoved through small slots and allowed to grow up in the dungeon while a small community of breeders is allowed to survive. It should be noted these particular goblins reproduced by accumulating miasma, rather than the ones that used captured women, of course, the other type existed as well. Then, there were also hidden exits and entrances with various levels of difficulty to find, so these could also be used to deposit monsters when needed.

When I was in high school, after I got a reputation as a slut, I volunteered at a haunted house one October. While the people who went through the tour only saw the crap we wanted them to see, there was also an entire ecosystem behind the scenes. People in the walls worked to scare or jump out at opportune times only to slip back into the cracks when their role was done.

I had a lot of fun hidden in those walls. My job was to bang on the walls and make moaning groans. I actually got compliments at how well of a job I did. Had they known the moans were my short-lived boyfriend, whose dick I was sucking, I wondered how they would have felt. He’d bang the walls whenever he was about to cum, and his moans and screams were very authentic.

As far as my intention with monsters, the creation of miasma-free models that could leave the dungeon, I was ecstatic when I found out they existed. However, they cost about twice the price of the dungeon variety, and once leaving the dungeon they’d no longer be under its influence. You could program them to follow your last order, but once it was complete, they were free to decide if they wanted to return or not. This variety likely existed to send out monsters and try to attack and force conflicts with people.

To me, this wasn’t a problem at all. If I created one of these monsters, I could seduce it with ease. I already was its master while it was miasma-bewitched. All I needed to do was make that bewitching perfect. During the night, I stealthily sent out such a goblin to send a message to my current group of creatures. I wanted to create a second hidden entrance which would be where I’d begin to gather my army.

When it came to building a labyrinth, the principal was almost exactly the same. Except the goal was to protect the heart by expelling or killing the adventurers. Even though my party with the elves had entered and never come back, that didn’t stop those seeking levels or fame from entering daily, so I quickly got an understanding of how dungeon points were awarded. Essentially, dungeon points were a numerical set up of mana absorption.

Mana was absorbed every second by the labyrinth itself. The larger the labyrinth spreads, the more dungeon points it is able to suck up. It truly is a blight on the land, sucking out all of the mana and using it to grow and build an army of minions. It’s no wonder that one appeared here on the border where mana is high and monsters are difficult. If this labyrinth continued to grow though, the mana would eventually dwindle. In that way, labyrinths were actually monster deterrents, since they sucked the mana that would go to the monsters and took it for themselves.

Another source of mana was people who entered the dungeon. People were mana conduits, and as soon as they came in contact with the dungeon’s miasma, it started to suck away their mana. This actually was a known phenomenon, but they all just saw it as a mana absorption debuff. It mostly affected magicians, who would recover their mana much slower in labyrinths. However, from my point of view, they were dungeon point fountains. Their slow mana recovery was because the dungeon was consuming their mana for dungeon points.

This meant that the best laid out dungeon would keep the humans returning and staying for long periods of time to try to get deeper and deeper. To do that, the next criteria on my dungeon list was incentives. Yes, they were listed as incentives. They weren’t treasures or rewards. From the point of view of the labyrinth, they were only temptations devised to get people to enter the labyrinth.

I had a small hope that the incentives might include things from my own mind. Perhaps I could summon food or items from my own world and be able to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, that kind of wish wasn’t meant for me, as the incentives were rather standard fair stuff. Generic armor, swords, gold, jewels, jewelry, and chests were the primary product. Magical items existed too, but they were quite expensive. You could build a dozen monster colonies for the cost it took for a single magic item.

Interestingly, I found my own product on the list. It was an assortment of various sex toys, the line I had created nearly a year ago by Pratter and Sandor. Perhaps, if it was something, I was intimately familiar within this world, then it was something I could make. I noticed my access to powerful weapons was lacking. There was no hero-level sword of light or something like that. Even if it cost a million dungeon points, it might have still been on the list, but since I hadn’t seen or used something like it, I had no basis for it.

Of course, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of things it could make. My theory was, besides my own personal experience, the dungeon could also produce anything it had previously absorbed. So, basically anything an adventurer brought into a dungeon could be reproduced.

The final criteria that I could summon were traps. These ranged from lethal to harmless. I could have spikes coming out of walls, but I could also just make the floor sticky. There had to be some distinct rules about the labyrinth. For example, I couldn’t create anything that confined someone. They had to be able to escape. Even something like a pit where they could fall and break their legs couldn’t have slippery or flat walls. It had to be at a state where a normal person could climb out of it.

You couldn’t have doors shut behind people, locking them in. The close thing to an obstruction I could find was called trivia doors, but the questions set had to be easily answerable. I couldn’t just set the answer to a question as something ridiculous. Question: Guess What? Answer: Chicken Butt! That did not end up working as a question.

I had discovered this as I was trying to find a way to protect the labyrinth heart absolutely. I considered just putting up a wall. However, when I tried, an error appeared.

{Labyrinth Heart must have an open route to the surface.}

I tried creating a small hole, but that wasn’t tolerated either and I got the same error. Only when it was the size of a full-sized man crawling was it allowed. I also tried creating a wall to a hidden portion, but as soon as I blocked off a section of the hallway, I lost my capacity to see what was going on. It was like cutting off a limb. I knocked the wall back down, but it took an entire day before I regained full feeling in that area of the labyrinth. The monsters in it also had to be controlled again by filling the room with miasma, as they temporarily went wild and started killing each other or falling into traps.

All in all, I experimented for three days with the various aspects of the labyrinth. At that point, I had been missing for well over a week on the surface. Stroking the bulbous fleshy heart, I gave it a gentle and affectionate kiss.

“I must go, my love,” I responded sweetly.

The labyrinth had emotions. It had moods and feelings. Right now, it was feeling anxious and worried. It didn’t want me to leave it. However, I feared that that General Typhon, Prince Devon, or the elf Hector might try to make a fuss trying to get me back. It was frustrating being desired by powerful men.

Worst of all, each man simply wanted to use me. Typhon saw me as a tool that he might be able to use to solidify his power. Devon saw me as a tool he was using to hurt the demons. Even Hector saw me as a tool to satisfy his own sexual lust. I was no tool though. Soon, they would all find that out.

“I’ll be back soon,” I promised. “When I do, we will truly start to change everything.”

I had used some dungeon points and managed to create a beautiful black dress. After half a week of being naked, it was one of the first things I had done. I also had a bed I was able to summon. Everything else I’d need to purchase from the village since my stuff was absorbed by the labyrinth and turned into mana. Of course, I could use dp to get that stuff back, but I’d rather not waste it. Soon, I’d need every ounce of dp this dungeon had.

I pulled off my dress and put on an adventurer’s garb like the one I had arrived in ordered with dp. Then, using a knife, I tore it to shreds. I made sure it hinted at several sensual parts, leaving parts of my breasts, thighs, and ass exposed. I didn’t do that on purpose, but my nature was something difficult to fight.

The high devil watched as I picked up dirt and smeared it over my body. I then took a blade and made several deep cuts on my skin. I panted, nearly creaming myself as I converted all of the pain into pleasure. Becoming aroused by being cut by a knife… this was a first for me. It presented some very dangerous bedroom play.

Later that day, I came stumbling out of the dungeon. I was covered in dirt and blood. My clothing was a mess. Yet, even with everything I had done, my beautiful appearance caused every adventurer who saw me’s mouth to open in shock.

“H-help…” I said hoarsely, collapsing to my knees.

It was only then that my appearance finally caused every to move.

“Aria!” The person who ended up grabbing me was a familiar face. “Oh, you’re hurt. I have you. You’ll be safe.

“Jerard…” I smiled up at him weakly as his girls surrounded us with surprised or uncertain looks. “My hero.”

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