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“You silly, insolent girl!” A man rushed in an angry expression on his face.

“Hector… I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

I was lying in a bed in the medical tent outside of the dungeon. I had been there for half a day recovering. News must have spread, and since the elvish tribe was currently the closest to the dungeon, a familiar face had arrived before anyone else. Still, I didn’t like his attitude, so I was responding a bit snappishly.

“You…” He had an ugly expression. “Do you not know that both sides ask about you daily? Had you not returned, you assuredly would have started a war!”

“When did I become Helen of Troy?” I asked, my eyebrows rising.

He turned away, shaking his head and ignoring what I said. “I don’t understand it either. That Devon has come personally to try to meet with you, and Lord Typhon’s servant, that Fanreek fellow, has inquired about you almost daily. If it went any longer, the entire elvish tribe might have been destroyed!

So, that was what it was. Devon wanted to relay more orders to push along my assassination attempt. I guess he wasn’t ready to just pull my plug and kill me using the death curse around my neck. As for Fanreek, he had likely been worried about me since I was taken away and brought to the elves. He was my Master, after all. Perhaps he had heard I entered the dungeon from the hero’s Master.

“I’m sorry…” I lowered my head, allowing my face to be filled with repentance.

It was naturally the deception skill. I found both sides to be filled with idiots. If they wanted to kill each other over me, it was as dumb of a reason as any other. The best case is Devon dies, and whatever trigger he has on my death curse is never activated. The only reason I remained so calm about the curse was that I wasn’t sure if it’d even work on me, and if it did, I’m not convinced Devon would ever use it unless I threatened him.

He was the same man who allowed his country to descend into shit while he pretended, he wasn’t there. I didn’t feel like he had it end him to kill his first. Of course, I wouldn’t try to intentionally provoke him. In a warped way, he was my first as well. At least, he had taken my hymen after being reborn in this world. I wasn’t always the sentimental kind of girl, but I could at least not openly try to kill him. The same sentiment went to General Typhon though. Even though he had slapped me in chains, he hadn’t been rude to me.

If I truly wanted to, I could have dumped Black Widow on everyone. Well, I’d probably get caught if I tried. It only worked with someone you were having sex with. My abilities were completely omnipotent. While I was sexually aroused all the time, that didn’t necessarily mean everyone was instantly included as a sexual partner. For me to use it, I had to mentally include someone else in my sex game. That sort of psychological trick wasn’t easy to pull off and would take some time per person. The more intimate I had been with someone, the easier it was. It involved eye contact and a bit of seductive charm.

If they were being aggressive towards me, it was easier to put them into a sexualized position relative to me. That’s why I never struggled to use Sex Paralysis on attackers. In a warped way, my mind didn’t differentiate the difference between a man advancing on me to kill me, rape me, capture me, or torture me. Any many who wanted to violate me in any way became my sexual partner the second he attempted that violation.

The ones who I was powerless against were the passive sort. If I couldn’t get someone’s heart to beat even a little faster, I couldn’t use my skills on them. Given my beauty, that was unlikely, but the possibility was always there. Plus, each person who gained Black Widow would definitely remember me showing interest in them immediately before getting it. That’s why I couldn’t just use it to inflict an army with a death curse. It also used mana, and while I was powerful, it assuredly wouldn’t work on more than a few hundred before passing out.

My demure behavior seemed to have calmed Hector down a bit, but he was still glaring at me unhappily. Perhaps, he hadn’t had sex since I took off? That would certainly explain his grumpy mood.

“I’ve decided that you will have a personal watch.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re willful. A willful woman is a disaster. Since you can’t act properly, then this is my only option.”

I wanted to hit him. I think my days of having sex with Hector ended right there. Even though this was a different world, there was only so much down talking I’d tolerate.

“Fine…” I bit off the word angrily. “Do as you must!”

I wanted to fight him on it, but Hector had a temper, and he was also the vindictive type. I really didn’t want to cause more issues for myself. However, a guard was a big problem. If I knew I’d be kept under watch after returning, I might not have bothered to return. I felt I had to in order to keep, as he put it, a war from starting, but how would I meet with my forces if I was watched all the time?

“Evan!” Hector growled, apparently not pleased with my tone.

Another man walked in. Compared to Hector, he was a bit more handsome and youthful. He had a slim body and a somewhat familiar appearance. I didn’t know quite where to put my finger on it. He was still probably thousands of years old, but he looked like a man in his late thirties. It was then that I realized he had been the moderator the day that I had been freed from my collar.

“Hector…” He said stiffly.

“Since you requested a break from moderating the talks, your new job is to watch after this woman.”

“You…” The other man’s face twisted angrily. “I’m part of the council too! I don’t know how you managed to get them to accept your return, but that doesn’t mean you can just order me around!”

“Hehe… perhaps we should ask your wife who is in charge?” Hector’s facial expressions were particularly dark. “Or how about my son!”

A bitter expression formed on Evan’s face and he glanced away. “We both lost someone we cared about that day.”

“And you lost more.” Hector laughed cruelly and then patted Evan’s cheek. “Just be a good dog for the council.”

He didn’t wait for an answer as he turned and left the room. The man named Evan looked down with an expression of hate and anger on his face. I was a bit interested in this discourse. However, I was also still angry that I was being assigned a guardian, so I leaned forward and smirked at him in a way that thought would be irritating?”

“What happened between you two? Did he fuck your wife?”

“Yes.” He answered immediately, his voice was low and cold.

My eyes widened and my next words were caught on my tongue. Even if it was true, I never had expected him to just flat out tell a complete stranger. I was really flummoxed about how to react to this. I always suspected that Hector was a bit of a dick. I didn’t take him for the wife-stealing type. I slept with him because I wanted to take advantage of his power, not for any other reason.

“Well, he fucked me too, so we’re even,” I responded.

My words could have multiple meanings, and they were all true. He glanced over at me for the first time after I said that. His eyes were piercing, and there was a strange familiarity about his appearance that suddenly made me slightly apprehensive.

I turned away, but I still spoke. “If you want to get back at your wife and him at the same time, I might be amendable for some fun. At least, we can come to an agreement.”

It was tacky, but if he was still angry about it, then maybe I could use that. He gets sex and can vindicate himself from his cheating spouse, and I get him to not watch my every room. Just a few hours a day of unwatched time would be enough.

“She’s dead.” He said, turning away stiffly.


I was finding this guy already difficult to get along with. He was a bit like Lord Typhon. He was a serious type. I tended to do better with the perverted type. Ideally, I’d enjoy a man who had a sense of humor. He should be laid back and be just a little perverted. At the very least, I should be able to convince him to try anal just once. On him, not me. Most guys will, you just got to let them know you really want it. However, they’ll only offer up their butts once, and then never again. Men could be babies sometimes.

Guys like Evan or Lord Typhon, they’re ass cheeks are so clenched they’d probably snap the dildo in two. No fun at all. Well, I did have fun with Typhon, but it would have grown boring with time. Thankfully, our sexual relationship had ended just at the perfect time.

“You will stay at my house.” The man said, not offering any more chitchat.

I threw off the covers, revealing my naked body. I had taken off my torn clothing from before. I was hoping to get a rise out of him, but he pulled out elvish clothing and tossed it at me without even looking once in my direction. It was rare I failed to earn the eye of a man, so this put me off a bit.

I got dressed quickly and then followed him out of the tent. I wasn’t that hurt to begin with, having already long recovered in the heart of the labyrinth. My injuries were all skin deep. Even the doctor’s realized this after healing me. They called it a small miracle, and we kept it at that. Either way, I was fit for returning to the elf camp.

Part of me considered just running off into the night. Although this was a forest, the elvish domain. I remembered how fear-inducing Min could be in the forest. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get away from this man. I wondered what level he was.

Our journey was silent, and he took me into one of the multi-room tent homes that were popular among Bandits, Nomads, and Elves.

“It’s big…” I said as we entered the massive place.

“You’ll sleep in my daughter’s room.”

“I’ll have a roommate?”

He shook his head. “My daughter left… a few years ago. I keep setting it up no matter where we go, just in case she ever comes home.”

“Really…” I frowned and went to the room he indicated.

It was a small, simple room. There wasn’t anything that would indicate it was a woman’s room. It was so plain it almost looked militaristic. Then, I noticed a painting. There was a young elvish girl in the painting with long hair. However, she looked incredibly familiar. A feeling of shock and excitement shot through my body as the pieces started to click together.

“What was your daughter’s name?”

“Her name? Her name is Elmindreda.”

Elmindreda. Min. I was in Min’s childhood room, and that meant the man standing nearby was Min’s father!

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