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“Ahhn… ahhh…” My legs were spread open and a had a magic toy vibrating inside me. “Ah… M-min…”

I slid the toy in and out, allowing it to reach in deeply. I remembered the first time I had ever used a vibrator. It tickled. I could only keep it on my clit. If I tried to stick it inside, I wouldn’t stop giggling as it shook inside. Now, it couldn’t vibrate fast enough, and I found the model that I had acquired to be a bit weak for my tastes.

I could probably work on modifying it a bit. I think I could double the severity of the vibration. That would definitely be enough to bring me to the edge. As of now, it was more of a tease. Fortunately, I had long since maxed out masturbation. It was rather easy to make me cum. With a few flicks of my wrist, I’d be writhing in orgasmic pleasure.

There was a problem though. I was lying on a bundle of clothing, my face pressed against it which I moaned into. Yet, when I smelled it, it didn’t really smell like Min. The old Min had truly been different than the person I knew. She used to wear makeup and perfume. It was the perfume that permeated her clothing and kept me from feeling fulfilled.

Min never had a manly scent, but I missed the scent of her sweat. I loved the smell between her legs, especially after she had been practicing her sword. I missed the taste of that cock. However, it understood now it wasn’t the cock that I liked, it was Min’s taste. She wore a strap-on that turned her own natural fluids into cum, but the fluids still tasted like Min. Whatever organ it came from, I missed her taste.

“Ah… shit…” I muttered as I felt tears falling down my cheeks.

I thought I had gotten over this. Min was dead. She was shot with an arrow and she fell to her death. I never would have imagined after that I would have ended up in her former room. Despite years having passed, he still packed her stuff wherever the elves moved, and then unpacked it so her room was ready. I wondered how she’d feel if she knew that. I knew that Min had run away from home, but I had never really learned why. Min had never been willing to share these kinds of things with me.

“Aria, you have a guest… Woah!”

“D-damn it! Don’t you knock!” I grabbed something and tossed it at the man who had walked in on me while jumping off the bed. “Ah! Bryson?”

Bryson had been right next to Evan and they both had entered my room suddenly. Bryson had a vacant look as he stared down at my lower portions. They had no coverings in the slightest. I had restrained myself by keeping my shirt on already. They didn’t expect my pants on too. Evan, who had been stuck in the face with a pair of his daughter’s panties which I had… well… nevermind that, he tossed them down and looked away.

“There’s no door to knock!” He said helplessly.

“You…” Thump! Vrrrrr….

At that moment, the vibrator that I had left in me chose to slide out and land at my feet. It was now making a louder noise as it was jumping around on the straw floor.

“Never changes…” Bryson’s entire body shook for a second.

It looked like he was laughing at me. I crossed my arms and gave him a scornful look. I had no hatred for the hero, but he was part of the human forces. He had stood around while Devon had given me that mark and he had done nothing. That put him in the doghouse, at least. I did beat him later in a competition, and he didn’t give me trouble after losing, so I guess he was an okay guy. He was no Min, though.

“What do you want?” I asked curtly.

“Ah, can you put on your pants before you guys talk?” Evan demanded in a flustered tone.

“Hey! It’s the two of you still in my room!”

“This isn’t your room. It’s my daughters, and… wait for a second, what were you doing in my daughter’s room?”

“What?” I narrowed my eyes. “You want the details?”

At this point, Bryson’s shoulders were shaking and his lips were twitching. With one hand over his mouth, he grabbed the still flustered Evan and pulled him out of the room. I sniffed at the pair as they left and then reached down and shut off the dildo. I quickly licked it clean and then tossed it on the bed. Then, I found a long skirt and tossed it on. I had already stepped out the door when I realized I had forgotten underwear. It was fine, I didn’t need it anyway.

When I left Min’s room and entered the reception area of the complex tent, I saw Bryson and Evan sitting down at a small bar he had set up. Evan had gotten the pair of them a drink. I had only been staying at this house with him for twelve hours and he already needed a drink? I pulled the drink from his hand and downed it. The alcohol burned going down. It definitely wasn’t a fruity drink. He made a noise, but then sighed and got a new glass.

In the meantime, I turned my attention back to Bryson. “Why are you here, hero?”

I suspected I already knew the answer. It was naturally because Devon was trying to get a hold of me.

“I heard you came back from the labyrinth. I was worried you were hurt. Then, I heard you were staying here and I had to co- ah… I mean… I just wanted to check on you.”

Evan frowned as he heard this. “Have I fallen so low that the council won’t even trust me with this? When will Hector’s torment end!”

Bryson blinked, but then a somewhat ugly expression formed on his face. “Hector… he’s still here?”

“Still here? He runs the council.”

Crack! Bryson’s glass suddenly shattered in his hand.”

“Ah, s-sorry…” His hand was all bloody. “Didn’t realize my own strength.”

He brought his hand up to me. I immediately grabbed it and started licking it. Using Cat’s Meow, I removed the wounds quickly. Of course, I tasted his blood too, but I didn’t mind at all. I suddenly froze. Evan was staring at the pair of us with wide eyes. I had just started licking. Bryson must have handed me his hand to bandage, but it happened so naturally, I hadn’t even thought about it. When my eyes landed on Bryson, he suddenly pulled his hand away.

“Ah… what are you doing…” He gave an uncomfortable smile.

“It-it’s an ability. I can repair wounds with my tongue. S-sorry… I wasn’t thinking.”

Evan let out a breath, shook his head, and then drunk the alcohol in his hand in one swish. Bryson laughed and then put his hand away. He didn’t check the wounds at all. He just trusted they were healed.

“Fa- ahem… Evan, will you be okay taking care of her? If you need me to, I can… um… watch her, for you.”

I crossed my arms. Why did I feel like an animal who was being passed on from owner to owner? Everyone wanted to protect me or take responsibility. I just wanted to finish building my army. Well, if they knew about that, not even Bryson would be looking at me with anything but fear.

“Actually, I may need to take you up on that offer. I’ve become the council’s dog lately, and they keep piling things on me.” He responded bitterly. “Sorry, I don’t mean to complain to a couple of humans about elvish affairs.”

“It’s fine…” Bryson responded with a tense expression.

“Actually, if you are looking to unload me, there is someone you can leave me with.”

Bryson shot me a worried look while Evan raised an eyebrow.

“Who is that?” Evan asked.


Both of them reacted to the name almost identically. They wore scowls and tensed at the name. I would have sworn they were related.

“You can’t trust him!” Bryson said.

“What do you want with him?” Evan asked at the same time.

“Baron is a swordsman.” I responded, “Since I have to be restrained in this village like a prisoner, then I might as well get some practice in.”

Evan’s expression loosened, but Bryson continued to look on suspiciously.

“Aria, that man… Baron… he is a scoundrel. He only cares about money. You can’t trust him with anything.” Bryson said carefully.

“I’m afraid he’s right,” Evan added. “You should know better than anyone. He sent you on the suicide mission with the disciples he wanted to toss away. Even his status in the tribe was barely enough to keep Hector from punishing him. Had anyone had any proof he had been responsible for that disaster; he’d already be hanging.”

“I don’t count?”

Evan shrugged. “You’re human.”

“It’s fine.” I shook my head. “I can take care of myself.”

“It’s not you that I’m worried about,” Bryson muttered.

“He may not accept it. Unless you’re willing to pay him…” Ethan’s voice drifted off.

“I have an offer he won’t refuse.” I sniffed. “So, are you going to take me to him or not?”

The two men looked at each other and sighed. Even though Bryson wasn’t an elf, the two seriously had similar mannerisms. The pair finally conceded and then lead me out of the tent.

“if you change your mind, I am always available. You just can’t trust him.” Bryson said as we walked.

“And I can trust you?” I shot back.

A pained look flashed on Bryson’s face and he turned away. For some reason, I felt a bit of guilt over that expression. I had no reason to trust him though, so I had no reason to feel guilty. I shook off the feeling.

It wasn’t long before we stopped at a smaller tent. The pair gestured for me to enter, but it was clear that neither one of them wanted to enter the space that belonged to Baron. I took a breath and then stepped into his tent. There weren’t rooms in this tent, so Baron was just sitting on a pile of blankets and pillows. When I came in, he glanced up from a scroll he appeared to be reading. When his eyes landed on me, he winced.

“You again…” he said uncomfortably. “I heard you had survived. Failed the mission though.”

Did I really fail the mission? Well, that was a matter of perspective. I had certainly defeated the labyrinth, just not in the manner he expected.

Baron picked up a drink and raised it to his mouth. I walked across the tent quickly and then slapped the drink out of his hands, causing it to bounce to the side. His eyes widened in surprise at my sudden action. In the past, he had always been brutish, condescending, and a complete dick. I decided this time I wasn’t going to put up with it.  

“Let’s cut the shit. I need your help again.”

His eyes narrowed. “The last time I helped you, it just gave me problems. Not only did you stay alive, but you came back.”

“I need a babysitter. A lot of people want to watch me. I don’t want to be watched. You watch me, but you don’t see anything, got it?”

He frowned. “That sounds… expensive.”

A small crooked smile formed on my lips. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay your something you’ve been wanting for a while.”

His eyes sparkled with interest. “Oh, not you have me interested. What is it?”

“Heh… isn’t it the thing you’ve been thinking about ever since you first saw me?”

“What is that?” He narrowed his eyes.

“You become my babysitter, and you get my pussy.”

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