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“Hello, my Narg, it’s been a while.”

The goblin slid off the side of his wolf and then gave me a low, respectable bow. Despite his attempts to look elegant, he was still just a goblin in tattered armor, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Yet, even my laughter was sensually, and I could see parts of him stiffen as he stood to attention. Next to him was the alpha wolf whom I had brokered a treaty with. In the weeks since I had left them, the goblins and wolves had continued to integrate, and the goblin-wolf tribe was now a single unit.

The once feral wolves now acted as tame as dogs around the goblins. However, they were not the only species in the room. They looked warily at the skeletons, a group of about twenty that I had summoned using the dungeon. At the moment, the skeletons stood at standby, not even moving at all unless I gave them orders. I would likely be using them as guards, mainly to protect this spot and keep it secret.

As to where we were, we were standing on a large subterranean room that was connected to the back of the boss’s room. The space to get through was tight, and a normal man, let alone one in armor, wouldn’t be able to reach it even if they tried. It involved a lot of sharp turns and tight spaces. Perhaps one of the goblins could make it through, but I mostly sized it for myself.

The large room had access to the surface, but this was similarly hidden, and involve small spots that a grown man would struggle to get through. If I did decide to create larger monsters, there may be a need to expand the space. At the moment, this was the location of the new goblin-wolf tribe. They had managed to recruit all of the nearby goblin packs under them, and there were now a group of goblin archers and shamans as well.

When these groups first saw me, they were frightened, but after some charm, they quickly became tame just like everyone else. Now, I had an army of nearly three hundred goblins, about fifty wolves, and twenty skeletons.

“I want you to increase your numbers,” I told the goblin.

He nodded in confirmation before pulling away and barking in his language to the other goblins. They seemed to know what he wanted, and a group of goblins took off. Perhaps, there were a few more nearby goblin tribes to subjugate. Maybe, I could have them subjugate another species. It’d be good to increase the range of abilities my army had. More magic-wielding creatures would be nice, perhaps a few tanks.

I had done a bit of experimenting. I created two goblins using the labyrinth. One of them was bound to the labyrinth, while the other was disconnected. I presented them in front of the goblins here. Although they were suspicious of those not part of their tribe, they eventually did warm up to the goblin who wasn’t bound to the labyrinth. As for the one who did, they kept their distance from it.

Upon observation, I could see that the two types of goblins were inherently different. There was something inherently darker about the goblin that lived off the miasma released by the labyrinth. His eyes just seemed to possess nothing akin to a soul. He was a puppet of a labyrinth, nothing more. I could see that same feeling in the other labyrinth bound creatures. Unfortunately, it cost almost three times the dp points to create a goblin free of miasma versus labyrinth bound.

I further checked out the residents that were inside the labyrinth, and I noticed that they were mostly unbound. It took me a while to figure it out, but the labyrinth used them like this. A bound goblin was fed by miasma. That meant it couldn’t exist outside of the dungeon for long without perishing. Of course, this enacted a cost on the labyrinth. In short, it made less dp the more bound creatures it was supporting.

However, when two goblins mated and created a baby, that baby was unbound. Although it could subside a bit on the miasma, they’d require food. Thus, if a labyrinth created a ton of bound goblins, it wouldn’t earn DP very fast, so its goal was to summon goblins, have them breed, and then create a colony in which the labyrinth supports. Send out the bound goblins to die first. Unless ordered to leave, the other unbound goblins will likely stay in the labyrinth and continue. Should an adventurer come along and slaughter too many of them, then more bound goblins can be summoned to reinvigorate the population.

It was a complicated and time-consuming process, but it was possible to snatch a few goblins every breeding cycle to add to my army. However, I had weeks, not years, before the final results of this peace treaty.

Therefore, if I truly wanted to increase the numbers of my monsters, it wouldn’t be possible to do it with the labyrinth alone. Simply put, its DP creation was far too low. I wasn’t afraid to use the labyrinth up even if a drained it dry. It was only a tool to help me create my army. However, before that happened, I had to guarantee I had an army to protect me.

What I really needed though was a leader. Although my devil was fine keeping the labyrinth safe, and my control of him had increased since the labyrinth had become my subordinate, I had realized it was impossible to part him from the labyrinth’s boss room. He was the boss tasked with defending the labyrinth, and he had no interest in training or managing my army.

What I needed now was a servant who had an intelligence. It had to be someone that the goblins would respect and fear. If they could spend dp points themselves, even better. They also needed to be something I could seduce. I found with the skeletons that my control of them was only as deep as my control of the labyrinth. My attempt to tame them went nowhere. They had no sexual parts or libido, and thus my ability to charm them was severely stunted.

 I went through the dungeon lists, trying to decide what was the best option would be. I considered a vampire. There was also a necromancer. Was that a human? What was a human that was attached to a dungeon? How did that work? I supposed if a goblin could be created by a labyrinth, then a human should be able to be created too, but it still left me with questions. Did they have memories? A personality? A background?

Corrupting mana and using it to create life, isn’t that something in the realm of a god? Perhaps that was why mana was considered corrupt once it is turned into miasma. There was something inherently wrong about the whole process. Even I felt uncomfortable thinking about it, so it was no wonder that both demons and humans universally agreed the labyrinths must be suppressed or destroyed.

My searching finally landed on something I found very fascinating, but when I saw the price, I could only hiss. The name of the monster was a corrupt hero. Could I truly summon my own version of Bryson and use him to run my army? The problem was, it used up most of the labyrinths dp. Like this, I’d be unable to increase the army using the labyrinth anymore. It would take nearly five years for the labyrinth to recover the amount of dp I was looking at using.

“Although, maybe… there is another option.” I thought, a sudden idea emerging in my mind.

I reached into my traveling pack and pulled out one of my potions which I had made. It was mana potion that was created using semen.

“Labyrinth… dissolve this for me.”

Even though the heart of the labyrinth was behind the boss’s room, the entire structure was the labyrinth, and it could hear me from anywhere inside it. I could similarly access the menu and make adjustments at will.

Upon giving my order, the potion began to dissolve into the floor. It was unlike the time when my former party had been consumed by the labyrinth right before my eyes. The labyrinth can spend dp points and turn them into things, but it looks like it could also do the opposite. That means that I could consume weaker monsters and items in order to create stronger monsters and items!

I needed to use the wolves to help me gather more monsters. If they didn’t join me or proved too weak, then I could just sacrifice them to the labyrinth. I could also jump back into my alchemy. That potion was worth about 1/10th of a goblin. If I mass-produced my potions, especially using my semen amplifying abilities, I could feed the labyrinth manufactured mana.

Just as I was completing this plan in my mind, I heard scared shouting and crying. I looked up to see a group of goblins coming into the camp. They were pulling along five tattered women. They weren’t women I recognized, but they appeared to all be human. The goblins dragged them to a corner of the room and then used chains to bind them down. Once they were bound, one goblin came with a knife and began chopping off their clothing.

The women cried out, but the fight seemed to have been left out of them. The room was filled to the brim with goblins, and it was clear that escape was a pipe dream. A grouping of 200 goblins was nearly unheard of, let alone the wolves. As for myself and the skeletons, the women hadn’t seen us.

With narrowed eyes, I walked over and grabbed Narg. “What the hell is going on here?”

Narg looked up at me confused and then glanced over at the women, who had now been stripped naked. A goblin was poking one of the women, trying to get passed her defenses so he could push her down. The goblins were all lined up in a row. It was like a scene I had vividly remembered from my own passed. The goblins were raping these women!

The realization shot through me like a bolt of lightning, but then a voice in the back of my head spoke up. What did you think was going to happen? How do normal goblins increase their numbers?

I stared as the goblins began to mount the screaming, crying women one at a time. Since I didn’t continue to bother Narg, he turned away and began to bark at some of the other goblins. Meanwhile, I just watched the all too familiar scene, a sense of numbness coming over me.

This was simply the kind of world it was. No one asked these women to get caught by the goblins. Had they been more careful, they might not have been. It was simply their bad luck that had thrown them in this situation.

I needed an army, and goblins made goblins by raping women. They’d pop out within two weeks after this. That meant five more liters for my army. A single goblin liter could create as many as ten, so that’s another fifty goblins if I played my cards right. Unlike elves who got pregnant with difficulty, humans were very good incubators, and these women were probably already pregnant with that. After about five goblins had put their seed in each woman, I waved them away. The tame goblins instantly obeyed, abandoning the women, even though some of them were still horny.

The women still hadn’t noticed me. They were lying on the rocky floor crying, scratches all over their naked bodies, the tattered remains of their clothing scattered under them, and milky cum leaking from their crotches. An older woman who was more worldly and experienced seemed to recover enough to notice me first. She let out a cry as soon as she saw me, but then she covered her mouth and glanced at the goblins. Only as she realized the goblins were aware of my presence did her eyes start to furrow and confusion filled her eyes.

At this point, the other four women started to look up to. The youngest was probably in her teens, while the older was in her sixties. They looked like army followers. They probably were out picking fruit for the men in the army when my goblins managed to snatch them.

“Hello…” I said, looking down at the five women. “My name is Aria.”

The older woman already got the sense something was wrong and was looking at me suspiciously, but the teenager shot up with a flash of hope in her eyes.

“A-are you here to save us?” She asked in a somewhat hopeful, but mostly pleading voice.

I shook my head softly, causing the hopeful expressions on the women to drop one by one. Some of them still had looks of disbelief, as if they didn’t understand what was happening to them.

“Why…” The older woman finally demanded.

“Isn’t this the way of this world?” I responded bitterly. “The monsters consume the weak. I’m just looking for the strength and power to live. The same reason you follow along the army hoping to find a strong man to take care of you… protection. That is the reason that I need you all to take care of me now.”

“P-please… just kill us.” One of the women begged, suddenly bursting into tears.

“You must all make babies for me,” I responded. “I won’t kill. Quite the opposite, I hope you survive passed labor, so that you can make even more.”

The women who weren’t crying finally started and the old lady glared at me even harder. “Y-you’re a monster.”

“This world is only good at making monsters.” I sighed giving each of them a solid look. “There is only one thing I can promise you. The rest of your life may be hell, but you’ll enjoy every moment of it.”

I began to use seduce on them along with the illusion. Just like the cambions did, I put them in a state where they thought every goblin was a man they held dear in their heart. It was laughably easy to brainwash them. When I allowed the goblins to get back on top of them, they eagerly embraced their partners and moaned just like the sluts they deep-down were. Just like I would.

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