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“Cornelia Bartrum…”

I froze, glancing back. “Cornelia was the name of a dead woman.”

“Aria then… do you even have a last name?”

“Is that a way to ask if I’m some kind of noble in secret?” I turned back to Devon. “Aren’t I just a slave?”

I had just been leaving the village, parting ways with Baron to meet up once again with my forces at the labyrinth. However, a movement caught my eye, and when I turned, I found Devon standing there at the edge of the forest, watching me with a cautious eye. I supposed I should be thankful he made himself known instead of following me. If he had seen what I was doing, we probably wouldn’t be talking right now. In the future, I’d have to make sure to be extra careful. I thought with my high deception, I was already sneaky enough, but apparently, that wasn’t the case when it came to the prince.

Devon frowned. “You’re not a slave any longer. I had thought, perhaps, that you worked under Typhon, that you were a demon spy, but he released you so easily, I’m not sure anymore…”

“Not a slave?” I sneered, reaching up and touching my neck, where a magical ring still denoted my death curse.

I wore a tight decretive collar around my neck at all times now to hide it. I had never forgotten it was Devon who had grabbed me and done this to me. It was as close to slavery as anything. No, it was better, because I could ignore slave collars. I didn’t know if my abilities extended to death curses, and I didn’t want to bet my life to find out.

“I don’t plan to use it,” Devon growled.

“Oh?” I raised my eyes. “You have had me surprised.”

“Aria, you’re dangerous. Out of control. My country… my family…” He stopped, his lips twisting for a second. “Maybe they deserved what was coming to them. Maybe they all did. However, that doesn’t stop the fact you’re a wild card. Only I know how dangerous you truly are. I barely managed to get General Maford to even acknowledge your presence at all. Even then… I had to make sure there was some way to control you.”

“Hmm… therein lies the problem.” I shot him a hateful look. “Your desire to control me. I am not something for you to control.”

He blinked in surprise. “Ah, that’s not what I meant!”

“I know what you mean!” I snapped back. “Yet, it really doesn’t matter, does it? My goals? My desires? They’re secondary when it comes to your politics.”

“We’re talking about a war here!” Devon was now raising his voice. “Millions could die!”

“Millions have died!” I responded. “And millions more will always die. This is simply a world that eats, rapes, and kills. Monsters eat and rape the humans and make demons, the demons kill the humans. The humans kill the demons. They both kill the monsters. It’s just a never-ending cycle!”

He closed his mouth, looking away for a moment, and then turned back, “Aria, I won’t force you to be an assassin for me. It was wrong of me to put that on you. However, I will ask you. Please. We must kill the general here. It’s the only way to stop this war.”

I stared at him for a moment, seeing the sincerity in his face. “You’re wrong about Lord Typhon.”

“What are you saying?” He frowned.

“You want to prevent a war? It won’t be by killing Typhon. He’s the one who’s pushing for peace. I don’t know where you get your information, but it’s the Truthsayer who seems to be trying to start a war. I think he’s trying to get rid of the Demon King. Or maybe he works for the Demon King. I don’t know. All I do know is that you have the wrong man.”

“That’s… impossible.” Devon touched his chin thoughtfully. “Are you sure about this?”

I snorted. “Does it matter if I was? Would you trust my words anymore? Goodbye, Devon.”

I turned, starting to walk away back into the forest. When he noticed, a flash of reluctance appeared in his eyes and he stepped forward.

“W-wait, where are you going?” He demanded.

“I have things to do, same as you.” I responded with an exhausted tone, “Or, would you rather make me stay?”

I pointed at my collar, indicating the death mark underneath. Devon at least had the decency to blush and look away.

“No… you’ve… given me things to think about.”

“Then, goodbye.” I turned away.


I stopped without turning back. “Yeah?”

“I’d really like us to be on the same side. You are… important to me. It would like it if we could work together, rather than against each other.”

“That depends on the side you take,” I said, walking away.

I was confident that he wasn’t following me at this point, but just in case, I double back and zigzagged a few times to be certain. However, it wasn’t long before I was back in the underground layer. There was a Hobgoblin standing in front of various rows of normal goblins and goblin riders. I had summoned him to take control of the goblin units. He was larger and smarter than normal goblins. Under my command, he was working on training the goblins now. He wasn’t quite at the level of the devil in my boss’s room, but he was strong enough to put fear into all of the goblins and change their lazy lifestyles.

“Hello, Mistress…”

“I love you, mistress.”

I also passed the women breeders. There were more than before. They had gathered nearly twenty women now. The ones I had yet to brainwash were chained in a corner, staring around with fear and disbelief as the other women chatted happily.

The first batch was nearing the point in which they had a baby. Even though they looked like they were about to burst, they chatted happily about baby names and rearing advice. For the women who weren’t pregnant yet, a goblin would come up and tap them, they would greet them like an old lover, even kissing their lips before spreading themselves openly. For the newcomers, this left them confused, but even more afraid.

I ignored them for now, only giving a nod to the happy mothers-to-be who smiled my way. Then, I slipped through the cracks, entering in the back of the boss room. The devil watched me walk past him, but didn’t say anything.

I approached the labyrinth, gently stroking it pulsating skin. “How is my baby doing?”

It seemed to pulsate happily. I found I needed to make these trips, as the labyrinth grew depressed and absorbed less mana if I didn’t give it attention regularly.

“Although I can’t fuck you, shall I play with more of your toys?” I asked.

The labyrinth then pulsated again, this time with excitement. Since I had tamed him, I became more and more conscious of his needs and desires. I could tell his emotional state, and even understand what he wanted to a certain degree. Therefore, when I asked to play with his toys, he was totally on board.

As to what his toys were, they were naturally monsters from his dungeon. I had selected the species that maintained my interest the most. I enjoyed minotaur, orcs, halflings, and the like. My favorite was the half-orc, which is as close as this labyrinth could get to making a human. As to what I did with them? Of course, I needed to level too. I gained experience for having new sexual partners, and I had a machine that could generate as many sexual partners as I wanted.

Once I had used one, the labyrinth could dissolve it, recover the mana, and then reuse it. In that way, I could always have a new sexual partner. It wasn’t enough for me to grow my army. I had to become stronger as well. After much thought, I decided that this was necessary. There were times in the past when I felt the need to power level. This was one of those times.

I hoped with the next level, I’d be able to remove this death curse, and finally have complete freedom. I vaguely wondered if I did remove the curse, would I stay here? Would I remain in the labyrinth with my army and my monster toys? Even I didn’t know the answer to that. I no longer concerned myself with the future. I needed to concentrate on the now. Perhaps, a part of me figured that I didn’t really have a future anymore. Every attempt I had to forge a future over the last six months had been obliterated. The best I could hope for was to make it through my current trial. Keep surviving.

The door to the boss room opened, and a line of mobs produced by the labyrinth came in. I calmly unbuttoned my dress and let it fall to the floor. Despite everything I had been through, my body was more perfect than ever. My proportions, my skin, even my face was immaculate and perfect. If anyone of those women out there had ever seen me like this, they would have assuredly looked on with envy and jealousy.

Then again, as the monsters came to me, and I fell to my knees, those same women my reel in terror, thinking that perhaps they had it lucky. With my title set to Town Bicycle, Gang Banger, and God Killer, I satisfied one monster after another. I used my mouth, my pussy, and my asshole, sometimes enjoying three at a time.

At no point did I feel overwhelmed or scared. This was my sanctuary. This is where I was at my most powerful. This was all in my control. Their wills, their positions, even their minds were under my control. They were simply my tools, come to deposit their experience all over my body.

I didn’t even bother with illusions. Who cared if they were brown, green, wrinkled, or scaly? These were my lovers, and their cocks felt wonderful. I came many times, feeling their muscles, stroking their tusks, sucking their dicks. I remained in a blissful state, tasting all of the flavors that this labyrinth had to offer.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Enchantress Lvl 20!

In a single day, I had managed to gain three levels. In ten more levels, I would finally max out the enchantress perk. I was able to obtain this speed as I put my 18th level’s point into Enhanced Positions. It upgraded to Kama Sutra.

{Kama Sutra – Add multiple to experience gained based on the number of positions. Limit 10X}

Being able to play with my positions, I even added a few more.

{Pretzel Dip has been unlocked.}

{The Caboose has been unlocked.}

As for my level 19 and level 20 points, I picked up a skill called Influence and I put a point into Lover’s Breath.

{Influence – By simply being in your presence, people start to trust you.}

I also remembered almost dying under the devil’s hand and decided that it would be best to increase my Lover’s Breath. I had hoped it would work like Enhanced Positions, just increasing my time. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case at all. Lover’s Breath evolved into Mana Breath.

{Mana Breath – Consume mana to breathe. Breathing generate mana faster.}

It worked exactly as described. In my sanctuary at least, I could hold my breath indefinitely by consuming mana. The consumption was rather low, and unless I was doing something major, I could use it as much as I needed. This actually tied with my stamina. My biggest limitation with stamina was my inability to breath hard enough. I could essentially do something forever, but there were limitations to how vigorous I could do it. With Lover’s Breath, I could push back the costs, but not eliminate them. Now, I could essentially pull out my high stamina to its greatest degree.

It seemed like a small thing, but it wasn’t to me. Add to that breathing to produce mana, and I actually increased my mana production by 50% when I hyperventilated. A lot of my initial abilities depended on stamina, but more and more of my stuff depends on magic now. Mana breath gave me a distinct edge as an Enchantress.

I stopped having sex, cleaned myself with Immaculate, threw my clothing back on, and left. I had run out of time for the day. I headed back to the meeting spot I had decided with Baron. However, after seeing my leveling progress today, I knew I could get stronger. Soon, no one would be able to threaten me again.

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