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“Ahn… Ahn… hah… hah… harder…” I panted.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

“A-a-almost there! Fuck… more!”

Thump. Thump. Thump.

“Ahn… it’s coming out!” I cried out as my body spasmed in pleasure.

When I finished, I turned and spat blood onto the floor. “Ready for the next round?”

“What is with this bitch?” The soldier said, looking at his bloody fists.

“I may be a bitch, but you hit like one.”


My head whipped back as he punched me in the face again. I was sitting in a tent, tied to a chair naked, while two men were standing around me. The soldier had been hitting me for about an hour now. It was the first time I climaxed. On another night, a girl could call this a good time. However, Lord Typhon was dead, and one of the men before me was simply known as a Truthsayer. That would mean, someone who ascertained the truth, or perhaps, someone who spoke the truth. Of course, in this guy’s case, it was someone who invented his own truth.

“Enough!” He growled. “Sign the confession. You murdered Lord Typhon. I can make this all stop if you just admit to it. Even if you don’t, I can fake a confession, so all of this pain won’t spare you.”

“Stop now? Why? I’m just getting started.” I chuckled. “Although you should find a better man for me, this guy has weak hands.”

“You whore!” The soldier drew his sword, but the Truthsayer stopped him with a hand.

The Truthsayer’s methods were amateur compared to the pain I’ve experienced in my life. I had a high pain resistance, an unbreakable mental resistance, and even if I didn’t, I could convert the pain to pleasure anyway. Each time this man hit me, it sent a tingle that shot through my groin pleasingly. Where it came to the physical pleasure, I was the 2nd tier with a high regeneration rate. This kind of surface damage would heal quickly for a girl like me.

“Who do you think you’re protecting?” He asked, instead.

“Where is Fanreek?” I asked back.

“If you don’t show yourself to be useful, I’ll just kill you now.”

“Why aren’t you the one punishing me?” I asked, causing the man to snort and look away. “You’re a tier-one, right? You don’t have the strength to hurt me, do you?”

“We need to find out what this woman knows.” He spoke to the other man in a whisper, but I heard everything. “It’s clear she’s working for someone. She’s a spy of the highest tier, but even a spy has weaknesses. She’s only a woman, so this won’t even be difficult. Give her over to the army. Let them take turns raping her. They don’t have to treat her nice.”

I lifted my head and cried out. “No! Not that!”

“You had your chance!” He snorted and then nodded to the other man. “See… women have their pride. After she’s been used by five or six soldiers as a fuckhole, she’ll be eager to give up her secrets. Tomorrow morning, we’ll get our confession from her.”

“Yes, my lord!” The other man nodded.

The Truthsayer grinned maliciously. “You want to have her first, don’t you?”

The guard blushed. “She’s very beautiful…”

“I suppose she is. If I didn’t have an enchanted item, I’d likely have fallen for her charm too. Go, have your fun and then keep the fun coming. No one is allowed to kill her. She must be in one piece come the morning. Otherwise, do whatever you want.” The man shot me one more glare, spun and left the tent.

“Dumbass…” I started chuckling as I looked at the bodyguard that had given me such a weak pounding earlier.

He looked at me and then glared. “What are you laughing at? Do you understand what’s about to happen to you?”

“Do you?” I burst out laughing.

“Shut up! Is that a threat?”

“No… no…” I shook my head, stick chuckling. “I’m going to give you the best fuck of your life, whatever piece of it is left.”

“What does that mean?”

“Do you know what Black Widow is?”

“Black Widow? What are you on about?”

“It’s a woman who attracts a man to her, and once she ensnares him, she consumes him until he’s nothing but a corpse. Tell me, are you ready to give your everything to lie with a Black Widow?”

“Y-you’re crazy! You lost it!”

I equipped my title, The Reborn once again, cranking my charisma that already left what it meant to be human to the level that even give gods pause. His eyes immediately were trapped on me.

“Since you only have two weeks left to live, come, taste my flesh.”

With my charisma this high, I didn’t even need to resort to seduction, not that I cared to. A mindless drone was predictable and boring. I had lied with enough beguiled people to know that the sex was subpar. I’d rather someone who still had their mind. They could do things I didn’t expect and keep the sex interesting.

For example, rather than untying me, he grabbed my head and pulled out his cock, pulling it down. I was still strapped to the chair and bound by rope. My hands were stuck behind me, and I couldn’t even pull my chest away from the back of the chair. I was completely bound, but that didn’t stop him from bending my neck down and sticking his cock in my mouth. I had done a little play bondage in the past, but in this case, I was genuinely tied up. It felt a bit hotter, especially my face half swollen from the earlier beatings.

Being beaten and then forced to suck cock, perhaps I should be terrified, but this was my element like none other. Now, I was getting what I wanted. I could only level so fast on monsters. The ones I could generate were only 1st tier or low second tier. Meanwhile, the army consisted of people from level 30 all the way to 70. Although the tier threes were usually captains and elites, I might get lucky and play with a few.

The demon soldier whose cock I was sucking didn’t explicitly show his demon characteristics. Like Reinhart, he leaned on his human side. They’d say he had a thin bloodline. The parts he did have that were demonic, two little nub horns and some ridges on his nose, gave nothing away as to what monster he once came from. His cock was very standard fare. It was probably in the above-average range, but after taking, so many monsters and selecting men who were bigger, my sense of proportions were skewed.

A cock that once would have been immensely satisfying and even stretch me now seemed a bit small. He sat on the barely acceptable side, which was about six and a half inches long and an inch thick. Of course, I wasn’t picky, and I’d satisfy a man of any size, but he was too small to make me feel like I was choking. This was important because he had a hold of my face and was pumping it roughly.

I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t need to. Mana breath would keep me going forever, and I was able to gobble his dick down to the root. He didn’t get any teeth, and I even had room to work my tongue along the fatty bottom of her cock. His cock tasted good, and the warm feel of its hard length was satisfying against my throat. I really wanted his cock to go farther, to go down my throat, but alas he was too small.

I was treating him like I treated my monsters. With the sexual art that had long maxed out Blowjob, a simple man couldn’t last. I loved it how he pulled my hair hard as he blew his load. He was using it like the reins to a saddle, my face being the mount for his cock. It was super-hot, but no sooner had I felt the tasty warm shoot down the back of my throat than his cock started to soften.

He was already done, and I felt disappointed. I shot him a glare. He would die in two weeks just from a measly blowjob. Well, he had a dumb grin on his face, so I guess he was satisfied. He gave me one last snort before turning and leaving. It wasn’t long until another man came in. I guess it was part of the orders that they weren’t to let me loose from my restraints. It was probably a good idea, although I wouldn’t make an attempt to escape until morning came.

The second guy went straight for my pussy, lifting up my legs and fucking me in the chair. This was more like it! He didn’t seem to have the desire to hurt or embarrass me. I decided to let him live.

{You have unlocked the title: Slut.}

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The man who was on top of me grew really offended at it and slapped me a few times. He would die. However, in the meantime, I found that Slut increased endurance, mental resistance, and +50% experience during sex. Yes, please. I couldn’t believe that such a title would come up now. Sluts from this world must be really busy. I had to have at least one thousand sexual partners since I came to this world, and only now, I was called a slut.

Wait, if one thousand sexual partners were the key to unlocking Slut, then this man was my one-thousandth customer. Shouldn’t that earn him a reward? Maybe I shouldn’t kill him after all. Oops, too late. No Backsies. Sorry, lover, but you shouldn’t have slapped me.

Slut quickly became one of my equipped titles. The points and resistances didn’t matter at this time, but I was always looking to take advantage of experience. That’s why I eventually dropped Reborn. Town Bicycle, Slut, and God Killer caused my experience to rise steadily. First, I got 100% extra experience with God Killer and Slut, and then I got 10% more with each extra lover. By the time I equipped it, that already meant another 50%. So, each man was worth three from the start, and it was only going to get higher. I could Beguile them and increase it better with The Reborn and Illusion Breaker, but that was less fun.

Congratulations!!! You have levelled to Enchantress Lvl 26!

All stats increase by one.

You have one skill point.

Bondless {Passive) – Able to break from restraints and bindings easily.

Bondage Lover (Passive) – Increase experience while tied up.

Restrain (Active) – Create unbreakable bonds that cannot be broken by those under your level.

Every single option sounded tempting in their own way, however, I needed not simply to think about skills, but the potential that skill had with higher levels. Unbreakable bonds sounded great, but I didn’t see it as necessary. I already had a perfectly capable means of controlling those around me if needed. Why worry about restraining their body when I could move their heart and soul?

The increasing experience was always needed, but levels would come no matter how many multipliers I had. With the labyrinth at my side, I’d had an infinite potential for growth. In fact, the only thing I didn’t have was the freedom to escape. In that case, the option was Bondless. Perhaps I could grow it to the point that no one could hold me again.

I selected Bondless. It was only then when a thought came to me. I had been thinking about my physical restraints, but my status called the thing around my neck a soul binding. I had equated this to a death curse since its fundamental point is the ability to bind someone’s will to your own. However, I’m far too willful to be controlled. Thus, death is the only option. Yet, I can now break bindings.

When the next man finished up inside me and left, I concentrated on the restraint around my neck, channelling mana into it. This was a dangerous move and could be the last thing I ever did. Yet, the choking sensation suddenly shattered a moment later. I suddenly felt like I could breath better.

“I-it worked…” I gasped, even I was surprised.

After all this time, it was as simple as enjoying a little bondage play. I felt for not the first time like this world had been deliberately screwing with me.

It was at that moment a familiar form stood next to me. “Master!”

Jenai bowed her head. My eyes narrowed. For all intent and purposes, she was the reason I was in this mess.


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*Sort of a retcon. In her status, she should have seen the curse around her neck in her status, but I forgot to include it. Now that you know the name, you can probably understand what has been up with Jenai.