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She kneeled before me and lowered her head to the ground. Around this time, another man entered my tent.

“What this then?” He demanded and then grinned. “A tied up little slut looking to get some of my big, fat cock!”

I pursed my lips at him. “Well, come here daddy and teach this slut a thing or two.”

“Mouth on you… is it? I’ll put it to good use.”

“Use my mouth… daddy. Use it all.”

His smile faltered, and he glanced around for a second, suddenly afraid he was in the wrong tent. This was the tent where a woman was being raped and tortured for information, right? He didn’t walk into a slutty prostitute’s tent by accident? I was supposed to be acting afraid, but since Jenai was there, kneeling and unseen by any but me, my mind had been distracted, and I had acted on my seductress impulses. It was too late to pretend now, so I used my deception and instantly built up a lie.

“I had hoped you would come first,” I said breathily. “I had seen you around camp and immediately became aroused by your manliness. I’ve been aching for you, but regrettably, I was a slave and could never have you.”

“S-seriously?” His mouth had fallen open.

I bit my lip, my eyes welling with tears. “My only crime was that my heart belonged to something else other than our Lord. Yet, somehow, all the blame was placed on me. Please, Draven, if you have my body before it becomes too tattered and ruined by other men, I can die happily.”

His eyes completely widened when I used his name. Of course, I just quickly had used Identify on him. However, he seemed to forget that was a thing, or maybe he didn’t have it and had never seen it used like this. Either way, it gave the impression that I had known him intimately. Truth be told, I kind of did. With maxed identify, I could tell all sorts of personal details. Not just his name, his jobs, and his level, but his favorite sexual positions, his sexual kinks, his previous sexual partners, and much much more. The list was so large I’d get a headache if I looked at it all, so I tended to only focus on the information that mattered to me at the moment.

Draven blushed, a strange look on a bearded, muscular demon of a man. “Ah… well… I mean, come here, I can’t set you free, but I can help a bit.”

My arms were still tied up, but he released me from the straps of the chair. The pair of us kissed, and then he gently placed me on the ground. I can say that is cock was not big, or fat… but he treated me very gently. His breath tasted of alcohol, and he stunk of BO, but neither were things that disgusted me. BO was the scent of a sweaty man. Men sweat when they worked hard. I liked it when many worked me hard, so how could I not come to love this scent? As for alcohol, well, I had too many drunk lovers to count.

“Ahn… Ahn… Ahn…” I grew absorbed in the sex while Jenai sat on her knees and waited patiently, looking on without light as if she was awaiting a death sentence.

When he finally came inside me, I kissed him and thanked him. The man got up and put his small pecker away, but then he looked uncertain for a moment.

“I can… maybe… save you. We could…”

I shook my head. “This is my fate. You should head on to your own.”

He nodded, having made the gesture haphazardly due to his conflicted views. He really didn’t want to betray his country and his army, even if the pussy was tasty. Of course, I let him live. There was no real reason for it. He probably wasn’t a good man, and it was only my skilled deceit that convinced him to treat me gently, but it was a kind of day where life and death were casual decisions.

As soon as he left, I glanced over at Jenai, still tied up like a pig, my legs being the only thing free to move. Of course, since selecting Bondless, these bonds couldn’t hold me. I was allowing them to remain wrapped around me. I don’t know what it was, but I felt like if I just willed it, the bonds would fall away without a moment’s notice. I only remained bound on the floor because I wanted to be. It was that kind of feeling.

“Jenai, where have you been?” I asked this question first, hesitating on the other more pressing question.

“I was weak… for a really long time. I had a feeling if I came to Master’s call, I would definitely die.” Jenai explained. “However, I slowly began to regain strength, but then Master stopped trying to call me.”

It’s true… I tried to call her for over a month, but when I found myself unable, I gave up trying, looking instead for alternative means of protecting a wraith. It looked like I had just needed to wait a bit longer. That still left me wondering the next part.

“Why did you kill that man?”

It should be stated that I had no built up anger toward Jenai. I spoke the question as to the curiosity that it was. She worried me, as a potentially unstable ally who went against my word despite that it should have been impossible to do. Lord Typhon was a means to an end. I didn’t love him. I didn’t allow myself to grow attachments, not since the Cambion village. That had been the last straw.

He hadn’t been part of my plans and had even at one time been considered an obstacle. Although he had given me a way out, it was so short-lived that I didn’t have much time to grow dependent or focused on the idea. Thus, his death, while inconvenient, was not a thing that left me emotionally devastated. My mental resistance was beyond human comprehension, and his death meant almost nothing now. His actions had moved me to tears, but his death had left me empty.

“I had no choice… I felt like I was being forced! It felt like when Nova had the control enchantment around my neck, except even then I could resist. Here, it was like I was a tool for someone else’s game.”

“I see…” I said, nodding thoughtfully.

I’m pretty sure I had things figured out. The enchantment around my neck was called a Soul Binding. On the surface, it’s a death wish. It was something like do as I say or you die. It binds your very soul to the orders. In many ways, it’s much like my own Possession. I had claimed ownership over her soul, and someone else had bound mine. For me, I had the capacity to ignore the influence. However, to someone already dead, soul binding took on a different form.

Assumedly, had I refused to do the tasks and died; the Soul Binding would have held my soul. I would have been at the whim of the ones who cast it. Perhaps that was the human side’s goal from the beginning. They would send me as an assassin, and whether I died or not, they’d end up getting my soul to interrogate after where I could no longer deceive and mislead.

Then, it ended up being a loophole. My soul was bound, but not controlled, yet I had a soul attached to me that was already controlled. My curse was used to control my wraith, who was forced to kill Lord Typhon.

Had that been the plan from the beginning? When had they learned about my wraith? I was very curious. Perhaps, they had always known. After all, she had eaten the heart of a Prince in the middle of a keep, not to mention Nova whom I had left for Devon to find. It probably didn’t take much research to come to the conclusion that it was a wraith I had used back then.

Another man stumbled in. Comparatively, he was much drunker and didn’t hesitate to flop on top of me. He was rough, smelled of piss, and his dick softened at the wrong time, and most of his cum squirted sloppily all over my leg. He actually passed out on top of me. I glanced over at Jenai.

“I do not blame you. This is actually probably the best situation I could be in.”

“Only Master would ever say that.” Jenai let out a sigh of relief as if to say this was expected.

“I’ve made preparations. It looks like I was right. It wasn’t a matter of being on the human’s side, the demon’s side, or the elves’ side. I can’t get along with any of them. The only side that will allow me to be live in peace is my own side.”

“Do you need me to untie you, Master?” Jenai asked.

“No,” I shrugged. “I’m fine.”

After a few minutes of silence, the next man checked, saw the guy knocked out, and made an annoyed gesture.

“Oi… this dumb fucking drunk, he’s going to smother her. Get him off!” The man came in with two others and worked to toss him out of the tent.

Hmm… perhaps this guy will live.

Jenai was still sitting there, looking awkward. I hadn’t dismissed her, yet I hadn’t given her orders. She was just a disembodied wraith sitting watching her Master get raped repeatedly man after man. She wanted to kill them all, and I could feel that desire within her. Perhaps, I could let her have a snack eventually, but not until I had my fill.

“Is there anything else, Master?” She asked worriedly.

“You can sit on my face if you’d like. I’d like to get the taste of that last man out of my mouth.”


Jenai didn’t hesitate to lift up her dress slowly, then moved over my head, and squat down. Was my order serious or a joke? It didn’t really matter. She wouldn’t hesitate to do it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to enjoy it. By the time the men were finished tossing the drunk out of the tent, and one man came back into fuck me, and an invisible wraith was riding my face, her sweet taste which I hadn’t enjoyed in a long time back on my tongue. It had been a long time since I had tasted a woman in general, and I realized I kind of missed it.

As for the expression on my face, it was anyone’s guess what the man who couldn’t see Jenai was thinking. All I could see was a furry patch and the lower half of Jenai as she moaned and gasped and rocked her hips erotically. He probably saw me with my tongue sticking out making weird licking noises. Of course, I didn’t give a fuck what he thought. Whether he could sense the feel of Jenai’s presence or simply wanted nothing to do with the weird expression on my face as I ate her pussy, he only worked with my lower half.

He had a big dick and combined with the familiar taste of Jenai and her pleasing erotic sounds, and I found myself cumming. I decided that he was allowed to live.

It wasn’t long before I reached the next level.

Congratulations!!! You have levelled to Enchantress Lvl 27!

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