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I was fucked in the pussy. I was fucked in the ass. I was fucked in the mouth. My three holes were used exquisitely by hundreds of men. Sometimes, I gave the men the gift of Black Widow. Others would walk away to live from the encounter. The choice of who lived or died was always arbitrary. Sometimes, it was because they made me cum. Other times, it was because they seemed nice.

I’d like to say I sent all the assholes to their death and spared all the good men, but that would imply that I cared. I killed a young boy of only seventeen because his dick popped out just before I was going to cum and it took until the next man before I could finish. I let an asshole live because he had said that I smelled ‘real nice’.

Jenai stayed with me for a bit, unknowingly turning certain encounters into a threesome, but she eventually ran out of stamina and had to go back to whatever realm she existed in. As for me, I never grew tired.

I remained tied up the entire time. A few men offered to untie me or help me escape. Those who were sympathetic to a girl like me who had been ravaged by countless men. I usually let them live when they did, but I never took them up on their offer. These bonds were just a formality. They didn’t restrain me. As for my appearance, sweaty, covered in fluids, cuts, and bruises, my makeup and hair ruined and my body as well. It was also just a formality.

I came dozens of times, and the night was euphoric. Monsters never quite had the same feel as a human or demon. There was something exciting that came with free will that my slaves and tamed monsters couldn’t match.

As I did so, my level increased again. I was up to level 28. As to what I had selected for level 27, I didn’t like any of the offered skills, so I tossed it in Immaculate. I had thoughts that the next evolution of immaculate would yield some interesting results. I wanted to see if perhaps it’d allow me to store the semen men deposited so that I could collect and use it more efficiently. Or, perhaps, I’d gain the ability to clean my environment as well, cleaning the bed I had left ruined in sex.

However, the skill I ended up with instead combined with Restoration. Restoration allowed me to heal wounds twice as fast, and Immaculate allowed me to clean my body. The resulting skill was called Perfection.

{Perfection (Active) – Restore the body to a perfect sexual state. Can be used once a day.}

This was an ability that allowed me to heal all wounds, remove all damage, and clean my body. This was the basic equivalent of a +1 lives. Even if I was stabbed in the gut, I could use this ability to heal it. It was like Healthy Sex, which could be used on someone else, but only much better. Health had certain vague properties to it, whereas perfection was perfection.

There was only one weakness, and it was the one that sent Lord Typhon to his grave. That was that it only affected the body. As for the soul, that was another matter entirely. Jenai was a wraith, and her attack was aimed at the soul. That’s why, despite healing Lord Typhon so quickly, I wasn’t able to save his life. His soul had already been severed from his body by Jenai. Even if my body was perfect, my soul would be vulnerable.

Once I left this place, finding a way to protect my soul would be my next task. Well, that’s what I thought, but my freak skills seemed to catch what I wanted and provided an answer right away.

Congratulations!!! You have levelled to Enchantress Lvl 28!

All stats increase by one.

You have one skill point.

Soul Defense {Passive) – Protects your soul from soul attacks.

Soul Bond (Active) – Tie someone’s soul to your own, if you die, they die with you.

Soul Bind (Active) – Bond a soul permanently to a body or object.

I was just about to select soul defense when my eyes landed on a different ability. Soul Bind… Soul Bond sounded interesting and might be a way to protect me from some people. However, if I was able to Soul Bond someone who was strong enough that it would make a difference, then I wouldn’t need the Soul Bond. At least, that’s what I thought.

The one that did catch my attention was Soul Bind. It was hard to put my finger on it. It had a resonance with me. I instinctively felt like this was a skill that would allow me to progress as an Enchanter. The most powerful items always had a sentience to them. They had a soul bound to them. I could do the same, creating more powerful items and equipment. Furthermore, it would bring me into the realm of Soul Magic. Perhaps I’d unlock Soul Magic skill and other such things.

With Jenai as my servant, it was time that I learned how to use her more efficiently. In fact, if I did use her, then I could put her soul into a new body. Like that, I could have Jenai back. I wish I had practiced that ceremony on Min back when I had the chance. If that was the case, and then she wouldn’t have died.

“Cumming!” The man on top of me yelled as he filled my womb with more cum.

I had been injected with so much cum lately, that the chances of me becoming pregnant were basically certain. Well, I would take the herb, and I wouldn’t get pregnant, but it was still a ton. There was semen all over my body. It was on the floor, in my crotch, my ass, my hair. Piles of it were everywhere. I had enjoyed at least ten times the men as compared to the bandit camp that one time.

When the man left, another did not enter right away. I had been checking my status, so I didn’t notice right away, but when I did, a frown formed on my face. It didn’t reach dawn already, right? Had I waited too long? I had seriously hoped I’d be able to get to level 60 before I left. Just as I was starting to feel some fear that I had put myself in a tight spot, the flap of the tent opened, and a person stepped in.

Rather than a man, it was a stout woman. My eyes widened.

“Mom?’ My voice came out in a croak, countless rough blowjobs having caused it to grow raw.

Mom, the sturdy prostitute who was Fanreek’s favorite lady, was standing in my tent looking down at me with a pity-filled look.

“My poor girl. What have they done to you?”

“Why are you here?” I asked.

She let out a breath. “You can still talk. That’s good. I was afraid you’d be in shock. Well, if you can talk, you can move. And if you can move, then I plan to help you escape.”

I had my own means of escape, and I had planned to stay longer and far more experience. However, I didn’t know the exact time, and another soldier wasn’t going to pop in and tell me the time. It was probably best that I didn’t push my luck and end up risking my life. It looked like Mom and the other sisters who I had spoken with and gotten on good terms with had seen me and had worried. I didn’t know what favors they pulled to allow this time, but it was certain they would pay those favors with their bodies.

For a moment, I felt just a hint of warmth in my heart. However, it was a heart that had gone cold long ago. I would use these women to escape. It would help conceal my true abilities and would be the best route. I made that decision quickly, but rather than immediately confirm my cooperation. I decided to ask a question.


“He’s… alive.” Mom made a bitter expression. “He’s been beaten up trying to get to you. No one thinks he’s a traitor. They just think he’s bewitched by you. They’ve changed your name from the Fairy to the Witch of Whitewinter.”

“How quickly I fall…” I said wryly.

She gave me another pitying look. “Oh, gods, my dear. You’ve certainly gotten yourself in a pickle. I don’t know if I had to experience a thing like that when I was your age if I would have been able to keep my sanity. You are a strong woman.”

“Or something…” I bit my lip, which she took as contemplation.

“Then, let us get you out of those bonds. There are only a few hours until sunlight, and then they plan to kill you. They already have the gallows erected out front.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about ol’ Mom, dear. I always turn out fine in the end.”

Although she said it, there was a feeling of finality in her words. Perhaps, she planned to take credit for all of it, and allow herself to die so that none of the other prostitutes were punished. I could have stopped her bold sacrifice, but it really was the best way to cover my own tracks. Besides, this was her choice in the end.

“Very well.” I stood up and the bonds that had been holding me down suddenly just fell apart.

It was almost like they had never been holding me in the first place. It wasn’t that they came untied. However, they simply provided no obstacle, and as I stood, they fell to the ground at my feet. No sooner had that happened that I used the Perfection ability.

A dull light carpeted my body, and when it was gone, my hair had been returned to a glossy and natural stat. The cum had left my body. The wounds were all healed. I was back to the state I had been in before ever entering this place. It was as if I had never been tortured, let alone raped by hundreds of men for the last 12 hours. I couldn’t see my face, but I suspected there wasn’t a single smudge.

“What in the world?” Mom took a step back. “Wh-what are you?”

I glanced over at Mom and gave an awkward smile. “Just a woman, I think.”

She continued to look at me with an awe-struck expression until I started to feel uncomfortable. Only then did she snap out of it and shake her head.

“For a second, I was thinking, perhaps the rumors were true. You are some Fairy or Goddess.” Mom said. “Although I wonder which…”


“The rumors, my dear. If a Goddess came to Earth, there are only two results. They will either be a Goddess who saves humanity from some great evil or one who destroys us all. I just wondered if you are a Goddess, which will you be?”

I looked back at her and bit my lip. “I’m not sure that I know the answer to that either.”

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