Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Come, dear. Time is short.” Mom gestured for me to follow her to the back of the tent and then pulled a cloak and hood for me to hide under. “I’ve only bought us a few minutes.”

She pulled out a small blade that was concealed against her thigh and then cut a long hole in the back of the tent. Her knife moved with practice alone a seem. When she was done, she gestured for me to step through. I took one step and then looked back when I could see it was clear she wasn’t leaving.

“You’re not coming, Mom?”

She smiled gently and shook her head. “No… I’m going to be sewing the hole back up here.”


“The less they know about the exact specifics of how you escape, the better. I can sew it in a way where they’ll be none the wiser. Before I was a whore who took it up the arse for a copper, I had trained as a seamstress. Fate seems to come back around on people. Those skills I learned ages ago are just the skills I’ll use now. Now go! My girls are outside waiting for you!”

I gave her one last nod, feeling like this would probably be the last time I’d look on the old woman with a makeup covered face. As soon as I stepped out into the night air, I heard the hushed whispers of two women. My eyes adjusted to the night quickly, and I glanced over to see two girls at the end of an alley of tents. One girl was gesturing for me wildly to come while trying to look casually in front of her. Meanwhile, the other girl was pretending to adjust her panties.

While keeping low, I moved swiftly. With all of my skills in concealing, I moved deceptively fast, and both girls nearly cried out in surprise when I had already reached them and then slid perfectly into the cart. I landed in a pile of female undergarments. This was the combined underwear for the entire camps working women. It reeked of boob sweat and unwashed cunt. Of course, these weren’t smells I had an aversion to anymore.

Had I had the ability to get a sexually transmitted disease, I might have been wary about burying myself in this cesspool of debauchery. However, the current me had no issues about burying myself in undergarments so that I wouldn’t be seen. I had already figured out their plan was to sneak me out of camp in their dirty laundry as they took it to the river to wash it.

“Do you need any help?” A youthful guard asked, causing me to duck even lower

“Ah… no… bless you… I managed to get it… wedgie from hell, that is.”

“Hehe… well, if you need some to help open up your crack.” Another older guy said, slapping the first guy on the back.

“N-no! That’s not what I meant!”

“Oh, my…” The girl giggled. “If I ever need help again… with my crack… I’ll be sure to find you.”

“Ah… ah… y-yea… anytime…” The youth stuttered as he spoke.

“Come on, lad, get back to watch.” The other guy snorted. “I’ll show you how to play with the whore’s later. Right now, we have a job.”

“Of course!”

“So, ladies, what is it that you’re moving here?” The older man asked while poking it with a sword.

The sharp steel narrowly missed my back, and I suddenly wished I had dived even deeper in.

“Ah! That’s our… our…” The first girl stumbled.

“It’s our privies! What you be doing putting your sword in my knickers!” The other one declared.

The guard laughed as she lifted up the sheet covering the cart quickly, showing a mound of underwear and then dropping it before he could take a closer look.

“My, my…” He reached out and groped her behind lewdly while pulling her up to him. “How about I shove my sword into your knickers right now.”

“Naughty boy… you know I have chores.” She laughed flirtatiously, not showing any annoyance or comfort.

Mom had picked well. These women were professionals. Even though this was far beyond what they had signed up for and they were likely so scared they could pee themselves, they seamlessly flirted and bantered with the men. You could say a whore’s primary job was deceit. It wasn’t enough to simply spread their legs. At least for a good whore, she had to make the man believe she genuinely wanted it when all she really wanted was the majority of his money at the least effort.

In some ways, I could learn a thing or two from these girls. I had it a bit easy. Thanks to my screwed-up disposition, I wanted it just as badly as I got it. I didn’t have to act like I wanted to fuck an unattractive or slovenly man. I was attracted to anyone and wanted to fuck all of them! It made it a bit easier to deceive when all of my filthy, naughty desires were completely legitimate. The thought of faking an orgasm seemed like an impossibility for me. I was practically to the point where I could climax just by thinking hard.

“Hehe… since your privies are in there, I wonder what’s underneath…”

“Ah! Mister… please… I have chores to do…” He was groping her quite aggressively now, his hand up her skirt in moving in a way it was clear her was sexually touching her.

“Oh? Well, they can be a little late, can’t they?”

It was starting to take too long. It’d be any minute that someone walked in on Mom and then raised the alarm. If we were still here near the scene of the crime, my chances of escape were almost nothing.

“I-I heard that there is a woman who is offering free services nearby. Perhaps you can try her?” The woman attempt to stop the guard.

It wasn’t clear if she was referring to me, or the prostitutes who were paying for Mom’s entrance into my tent. Either one would have been fine, but unfortunately, the man wasn’t deterred in the slightest.

“I don’t want her. I’m having fun with this cunt right here. Bend over the cart for me.”

“What happened to ‘we have a job to do, and we can play with whores later?’” The other guard had returned and immediately protested.

“What can I say? Daddy likes this little slut. Why don’t you sit back and watch how a man gives it to a woman?”

The youthful guard’s eyes danced between the two women and then scowled. “There are two women here? Why do you get all the fun? Come… slut… get on your knees and suck my cock.”

The woman with the older man was pushed against the cart. She was now holding the cart edge, her dress pulled up, while the guy pulled out his cock and slid it into her from the back. He didn’t hesitate to start thrusting into her, causing the cart to rock with each thrust. Through a crack in the cover, I could see the girl’s helpless face as she was raped against the side of the cart. Our eyes met, and she silently mouthed an apology.

“Master… we really do have chores…” The other woman answered uncomfortably. “I’m sure my companion will be happy to satisfy you both while I complete the chores.”

“Nonsense!” The guy snorted, “I’m not sharing this guy’s sloppy seconds. I said get down on your knees, whore!”

It was exactly reasons like this that the whore district in the camp existed. The women usually traveled in packs, and would rarely travel out in the tents alone unless they were being promised plenty of coins. If this occurred where the whores congregated, they would resolve an issue like this immediately. The men would get blacklisted and might even invoke the ire of their superiors.

However, out here among the tents, a whore was just a whore. This is what they honestly thought of them when they weren’t be threatened by numbers and retribution. Could the women go back to camp and tell? Possibly. But it would be very difficult to finger out these men, and they could always cry ignorance. In camp, the girls would remember their faces, find out their name, and then subtly send messages through their conquests that this guy needed to be dealt with. Here, they were like ghosts that could do whatever they wanted.

The only reason these girls had ended up in this situation was because of me. I was stuck in a cart which was rocking as one of my rescuers was banged against it, and on my other side was the other girl, who had been forced to her knees and was now being forced to swallow his dick. Since neither girl was allowed to say know, the buckled up and tried to satisfy the men quickly. The best they could do was cause the men to cum and hope they could escape as the men recovered.

As for me, I was useless within the cart. If it was me in either position, I could bring the man to climax in under a minute and then knock him unconscious. However, they were too alert as sexually excited as they were to be affected by Master of Dreams, and if I targeted them with Pheromones, it would only increase their horniness. They may cum faster, but they’d also be compelled to go a second and a third time.

I could only listen to their grunting moans, the wet noises of one girl sucking cock, and the dirty patpat of another girl being fucked while she exhales uneasily. Although they were basically being raped, neither woman voiced any protest. After all, these were professional whores. Being raped and molested came with the territory for them.

“Ah-Ahhhh…. Fuck cuming!” The guy who was ploughing the first one from behind reached his limit.

“N-not inside!” She hissed.

“Ah… haha… too bad. You’ll just have to have my baby!”

“You… ba-“ she caught herself from cursing him as he came inside her.

This was a genuine disrespect for whores. You didn’t cum in whores unless they allowed it. That was a rule. How unlucky were we to run into the pair of guards that cared nothing about the rules? Perhaps, their shitty attitudes and behavior were the very reason these two were guarding randomly inside the camp rather than an important strategic place on the edge of camp. However, it was clear that they were just treating the girls with disrespect.

“Ah, shit… I’m about to cum…” The younger boy breathed out orgasmically.

I started to breathe easier. We’d be finally on the move in less than a minute. Suddenly, the alarm bells in the camp erupted. A loud banging sound could be heard everywhere. I let out a curse. I was going to get out of camp easily, but these fucking bastards had to ruin it! I had already made sure they both had the Black Widow. They would both die, but suddenly that didn’t feel like enough.

The guy who had just finished looked around. “What’s going on? Are we being attacked?”

The girl tried to pull away to look who was sucking the younger guys cock. However, about to cum and with his eyes closed, he grabbed her head and shoved his cock all the way in, gagging her. As the camp started to grow more and more hectic, I could hear Mom shouting as she was dragged from the tent. Damn… she didn’t even try to escape. Either way, we were out of time, and if I failed, then all of Mom’s sacrifice would be for nothing!

I reached out over the head of the surprised woman, still bent over as cum leaked down her legs. I grabbed the sword at the belt of the man who was currently looking away and drew his sword.

“Huh?” He looked back.

However, I didn’t give him a chance as I sliced off his head. Blood spurted across the backside of the woman I covered the girl’s mouth to keep her from shrieking with my hand that was still holding the bloody sword. The two on the other side, one being forced to deepthroat while the other came with his eyes closed, didn’t see what happened yet.

I summoned my celestial whip and sent it out at the youth’s foot. It wrapped around with a snap, and I pulled in a swift motion. This was the first point he realized something was wrong as he was suddenly yanked down. However, unfortunately for him, he had shoved himself do deep in her mouth, that his balls caught on her teeth as he plummeted down. Her head was pulled with him, and when she hit the button, her chin was slammed. With a crunch, her teeth closed, and he was finally free from her mouth.

That is to say. She had bit off his cock and balls. He looked down at the bloody mess where his cock should have been. I dropped the whip, pulled the sword from my hand that was still holding the first girl’s mouth shut and swung it, letting it fly. Just as his eyes went up to me and he started to shout, it struck his forehead and impaled him to the ground. He died in an instant.

At this point, the other girl had stumbled to her feet. She made a gagging motion, and then a small pink thing flew out of her mouth along with a streak of blood. Staring at it, and then the dead man, her mouth opened as if to shriek. I turned my hand to her and activated Sexual Paralysis. Luckily, it took, and she froze just as her scream started, cutting it off with small squeak that couldn’t be heard over the noises of the camp.

“We need to go now! If you scream. You die. Understand?”

The girl whose mouth I was covering nodded desperately, while the other girl’s eyes watered as she looked around desperately. I let go of the girl next to me first. She let out a gasp, took one look of terror and me, and then began to grab the cart. I looked over at the other girl.

“Come here,” I said, peeling back my hood and releasing her sexual paralysis.

The girl didn’t look away from my eyes as she approached the side of the cart. I reached out and grabbed her. She made a squeak as I brought her close to me. I licked the blood from her chin. I used Cat’s Meow to heal the cut and scrap, although I wouldn’t be able to do anything if it bruised tomorrow. She was shaking, so I stroked her hair, trying to soothe her nerves.

“You’ll live,” I whispered into her ear, and then gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, removing any status misalignments, just in case. “Just get me out of here.”

I didn’t notice it at the time, but women who had been molested, threatened, and raped by two guards had done so stoically and without hesitation. Yet, in my arms, looking into my eyes for just a few moments, this woman’s body shook, and her bladder lost all control, causing pee to run down her legs and onto the dirt road below.

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