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“Where are you going? Do you not hear the alarms?” A group of six guards protecting the perimeter growled.

We had managed to move before anyone saw our spot behind the tents. Pushing the cart at a frantic pace that might have been suspicious if everyone in camp wasn’t running around at the same time, the two girls managed to get me out of the camp. However, we were still a bit from the river, and now we were stopped by a group of six patrolling guards.

Unlike the crappy men who just wanted to molest prostitutes, these men had suspicious looks and were serious about maintaining their security. This turned out to be a somewhat bad situation for us to be in. After witnessing the last two guards perish, the two women’s nerves were frayed, and the acting I had complimented them with had become nonexistent. Open fear painted their faces, and if someone looked close, there was fear in their eyes. This also wasn’t too abnormal given the alarms. It wouldn’t be unreasonable if the two thought the camp was under attack.

“I’m sorry, my lord, we must wash these privies!” One girl said bowing.

“It’s just captain.” He snorted.

The girls knew that, but they also knew that men liked being complimented or praised. A commoner being mistaken for a lord was bound to make him feel just slightly good, and they needed to take anything they could get at this moment. The other girl, the younger one who had almost swallowed a severed cock, she was in worse condition and kept shooting peaks to the cart. I wanted to slap her for making this more difficult.

“Well, my lord, we were previously detained by soldiers in camp,” The older woman continued after a brief glance at her companion. “You can even see my friend’s knees are bruised. Poor young ones not used to that sort of treatment outside of the tents. However, if we don’t get there soon, the women won’t be happy, and I don’t think the men who visit them will like the smell either.”

I wanted to kiss the girl. She still managed to keep her cool and even managed to excuse the other girl’s nervousness. Had they just been pushed down, it not only explains their ruffled states but the other girl still shaking from rough abuse.

The words seemed to have an effect on the Captain’s men. Some of them made disgusted noises when they heard that these women were pushed down. These men trusted to keep the border of the camp were cut from a different cloth than the other men. Some of them didn’t use the women’s tents and simply felt sorry for prostitutes in general. Others understood the prime rules, where these women should be treated with respect. You simply don’t treat them like toys, or the good ones will leave, and all that will be left are the old and ugly. The Captain in front flickered with sympathy, but he wasn’t so easily swayed by a few words.

“That as it may…” He started. “That bell is indicating an escape from the prison tents. Until we’ve searched everything thoroughly, no one can be allowed out of camp. If this is a pressing matter, then we’ll allow you to take a few bails of well water. It’s cleaner than the river. Just wash enough to get you through a day or two, and then you can be back at the river tomorrow.”

Damn! Honorable and smart. I’d have much rather faced a dumb, horny bastard like the last two men. They were easy to be dealt with. This guy provided the girls with a solution, and it was clear they were trapped now. They had to get me out of camp, but if they turned back now, it’d never happen. The chances of me getting caught were basically certain, and they would likely die with me. Perhaps they could play dumb that they had no clue I had snuck in there. If I lied about it, there was a chance they might live. However, it was unlikely considering how they tried to leave the camp during an alarm. It was far too suspicious to be ignored. Once Mom was considered, no, even then, they would die.

“Ah… as to that… of course… if my Captain says it is okay…” the older woman glanced at the cart.

The two girls weren’t that smart, and it was clear on their faces; they were considering their options. Well, they didn’t have many options. They were already at the end of the line. As for me, I didn’t have the time to continue to worry about them. I had to get out of the camp, and this looked like the closest I would get. I supposed this would be as far as they would take me. I’m so sorry, but I have to think about myself. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate their help, but when all things were considered, I wouldn’t die for someone else.

Unfortunately, the Captain noticed the older woman’s look at the cart, as well as the nervous woman’s frequent glances. His eyes narrowed on the cart. He started to approach it, his hand on the hilt of his blade.

“P-please! Don’t look!” She cried out, taking a step forward. “It’s embarrassing!”

She had open fear on her face now, and the other girl was practically hyperventilating. She tried to grab the Captain, but he held up, and hand and the two women were grabbed by his soldiers. He was certain there was something suspicious now, but what he didn’t realize was that the women weren’t scared of him. They were scared for him. They didn’t want him to have to die like all of the others. I knew this because they were shooting pleading looks at the cart.

Fine… they didn’t want anyone to die? Then, they could take on the consequences.

“Frenzy,” I whispered.

A soon as the word popped out of my mouth, the men and women all seemed to freeze. The Captain stopped his footsteps toward the cart. His back stiffened and his eyes seemed to dance wildly like impulses were exploding through his body. As if a flip was switched, the men who had previously been holding the women gently started savagely tearing off their clothing.

The women weren’t fairing any better, their eyes excited, and their mouth’s panting as helped the men strip them clean and then ravaged their bodies. The Captain attacked the younger woman, who had caught the interest of two of the men. The other woman already had three guys on her, kissing her body aggressively as they squeezed and pinched without restraint.

It was only about a minute before the girls’ three holes were being filled, and the men were lost, taking out their lust on the women. They were professionals, so a foursome like this should be nothing for them. At least, that was what I thought. This could be their last favor to me.

Silently, and using my deception, I snuck out of the cart. I shrunk my presence as much as possible and then snuck away, passing the orgy of six on two and slinking away under the rising sun. At this point, they should have been pulling me out of the tent to kill me. Instead, I finally made it to the river, leaving the cart and my saviors behind without even a thank you.

With the alarms behind me, I moved quickly to return to the forest. Although I felt like I could handle it, it would be unfortunate if I ran into any patrols and had to seduce or kill them. I already left a trail a mile wide for them to follow me. Hopefully, the girls will make it out alive, but there is no telling for certain what would happen now. As for me, I planned to return back to my cave.

The journey took about two hours, but I remained stressed and frustrated up until the point that I saw the familiar setting. I dived inside to see the familiar setting. Yet, it was also different. This was my home now. Out there, the demons wanted me dead, and the humans agreed. In the end, I had failed. There was no place for Aria among humans or demons. Among monsters, it was the only place I could be myself.

Yet, as I learned among the Cambions, there was no safety among monsters. At any point, a group of adventurers or a small army could come in and destroy your day. If the monsters wanted their freedom, we had to build it. Therefore, I would fortify this place, my home. I would create a labyrinth and defend it with an army. Humans and demons will never be able to stop us. Under my leadership, I could carve out a piece of land here so that I could live in peace.

I might even allow a few humans, demons, and elves to live in my kingdom. They would be seduced, of course, and bound to me with soul magic, but they could enjoy anything I could get them. I had a monster’s horde of wealth. You would want for nothing.

As I had these thoughts, I walked into the cave and observed the typical environment. The goblins were still training, becoming quite proficient riding on wolves, archery, and weapons. If these had been the goblins who had kidnapped me all those years ago, a straggly group of 1st and 2nd classes would not have been able to save us. I’d likely still be in that cave to this day, although I might have become the Goblin Queen or something.

Fate was a weird thing. I would never have thought my life would end up here. I thought I might have ended up a hero, but it was clear I wasn’t the type. Here I was, more comfortable in a room full of all kinds of monsters. There were goblins, skeletons, wolves, wraiths, spiders, trolls… all were working along because of their love for me.

I glanced over at the pregnant women. A few of them were on their second pregnancy. With my help, they made it through their difficult births and were able to produce more. The 1st wave was just getting old enough to hold spears, although they were still half the size of the other goblins. They all smiled and waved happily toward me. One girl even giggled when I smiled back, all while getting ploughed from behind by a particularly old and ugly goblin.

These girls could be part of my kingdom. They were happy with their lots in life and got to have tons of sex every day and even have children who would grow to protect this kingdom. What is there not to love? I went over and kissed all the women with princess kiss to free them of any status misalignments they earned due to their conditions. Yeast infections did seem to flare up regularly, as well as vitamin deficiencies. I would work on ways to resolve that. Now that I was here all the time, I could micromanage and make sure they had better food. Semen has everything a baby needs to grow. Maybe I should have them swallow more of it with their mouths than their wombs.

Well, I didn’t need to come to a solution now. Instead, I wanted to relieve some stress, and the best way to do it was to have fun with my man. My man, of course, was the devil that protected the labyrinth. His big dick and really stretched me, and I definitely had the most fun with him. After a night of sex with low stamina, small penised humans, I wanted to get wrecked by a powerful beast who could go all night. Just the thought of it already made me wet.

 I slipped through the crack leading to the boss’s room, a small smile forming on my face as I let what happened earlier slip my mind. The path that Lord Typhon had offered wasn’t truly my path. It was a moment of weakness. This was my home. This was where I belonged, my labyrinth, my army, my family. The devil Ruin was like the patriarch, and I was his queen. Well, I couldn’t forget the labyrinth who made it all possible, but he felt more like a loyal dog. He was useful, but not boyfriend material. He had no sex organs, for starters.

I took two steps in when I realized something was wrong. It looked like a battle had just taken place. The ground was gouged with cuts and pocks from powerful attacks. Furthermore, the door to the boss’s room was closed, and an event that only happened when there was a trespasser.

Movement nearby caused me to turn my head. Ruin came out from the back of a pillar. He had numerous cuts and bruises on his body, but he was still alive. I let out a sigh of relief. A powerful enemy had come, but he managed to thwart it. I had almost been scared for a second he was killed.

The devil gave me a smile. It was the first smile I had ever seen on his face. It was a smile that seemed to say he was happy to see me. I felt my heart swell with affection. Of all the monsters, Ruin was the one who I had fucked the most. He was violent and aggressive during sex, but that only made it hotter and more enjoyable to me.

I reached out my arms to hug him, but then he suddenly collapsed to his knees. My eyes went wide as his eyes started to glaze over. There was the ring of steel, and then his head flew from his shoulders. With a thump, that head rolled over, stopping near my feet. I didn’t move even to look down at it. Instead, my eyes were locked on the corpse, which collapsed to the ground, revealing a smaller form behind it.

That form was none other than Bryson!

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