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“Is it… a demon, or a monster?” Baron licked his lips nervously.

I chuckled softly. “I wonder…”


“I’ve been with so many of late. It’s difficult to tell. I only noticed a few days ago in my status. I haven’t even started to get morning sickness yet.”

“You may already be a dead woman…” He said. “Why go to this effort?”

“Hmph… you’re trying to put reason into something that by nature is unreasonable.”

“What nature?”

“My own…” I chuckled softly. “I will fight and crawl from any depths to survive. I won’t allow this wretched world to defeat me. If one day it succeeds in killing me, I will have made my mark on it. Don’t you also crave survival above all else?”

“I do…” Baron admitted. “So, you can imagine why I am wondering why I’m still alive.”

“Didn’t I already explain?” I tapped my lips seductively. “Everyone has a purpose. You will fulfil yours as well.”

“What purpose is that?”

I laughed, reaching down and stroking the outside of his pants. Even with this environment, I started to feel something stiffening beneath my fingers. I was a professional when it came to enticing a man, so Baron had no choice. There wasn’t a single situation where I couldn’t make a man rise to the occasion. It was my speciality.

“You can’t be serious…” His voice came out breathy, his voice already growing unsteady, and that was just with my hand through the pants.

He should wait until it was in my hands, or better yet, my mouth. I began to playfully untie his pants, swinging slightly from the web precariously fifty feet in the air. I had no fear of falling, though. Even if I did, the web below was soft and would absorb the impact. I had always wondered about those who worked in the circus. Contortionists, gymnasts, trapeze artists… did they ever try to have sex while performing their respective skills? Well, I admitted I could get a little jealous at that level of skill. It left me a bit curious myself.

“It came to my realization that we still haven’t done anything. I’ve offered, but you always rejected. I wonder why…”

“Isn’t it obvious?” He said through clenched teeth, trying to fight the pleasure my hands had on his member as I reached in and fondled it. “You’re a crazy bitch.”

“Oh, come now… you’re an adventurous man. I would have rocked your world. Rejecting a girl so coldly will naturally hurt her feelings.”

“Y-you!” He cried out as I punctuated my sentence by squeezing his balls just a bit too hard, digging my long nails into them to cause just a hint of pain.

The penis was a funny thing. It liked to force its way into holes, exploring unknown depths, but it also was so averse to danger, that it would shrink and hide at the slightest provocation. Yet, no matter how many times it was abused, it wouldn’t hesitate to come back out again with appropriate egging.

“I’m going to give you the best fuck of your life,” I whispered into his ear lightly.

“…” His body shook, but he didn’t respond, trying to deny what was happening.

Wrapping my foot around a web so I didn’t fall, I bent over and put his hardening member in my mouth. I moaned at the warm feeling of it inside my mouth as it rapidly filled with blood. The feel of a cock growing erect in your mouth was an out of the world feeling that many girls just didn’t appreciate. It wasn’t just the strange feeling of something expanding in your mouth, but the rush of blood and warmth that came with it. You could feel it if you were quiet and felt for it.

It was like the quickening of a heartbeat. Blood was redirected to fill up and engorge that thing, slowly pumping its way up. My tongue rested against the fleshy undercarriage of his shaft, feeling the normally wrinkled skin grow taut.  A thing that normally looks wrinkled and decrepit became strong enough to pierce a woman in the span of a minute. I didn’t like to miss a second of the feeling. Baron had closed his eyes and was panting, clearly affected by the feel of my mouth as I tasted him.

I began to bob my head up and down his member, my entire body swinging slightly with each thrust. His hips started to thrust forward, fighting against the restraints to hump my mouth. It was the unconscious movements that his more animalistic desires forced out of him. In his current state, it wasn’t like he could fight back, so he released just a bit of his animalistic lust. Of course, he was still stuck to the wall, and so his attempts were futile, but I didn’t mind the attempt.

I rewarded him by sucking even harder, giving his cock a vacuum-like suction using my skills. A normal man would have already released, but Baron was trying to hold back. I found it a bit funny, so I began to twirl my tongue around his cock, utilizing a few of the sex techniques I had picked up with tongue craft. His moans were filling the cavern now, even going so far as to echo a bit off the distant rock walls. The webbing on the nearby walls insulated such sounds, so it was only his voice that could be heard. If someone was standing at the entrance, it might sound seriously like a man was losing his life.

Well, Baron was losing something certainly, and I was there to swallow it all up. Of course, as the warm fluid poured down my throat, I didn’t let up on his cock a bit. My fingers worked skillfully to massage his balls, and I sucked him recklessly, unwilling to let his cock grow soft. After pushing through his sexual agony, Baron came out the other side breathing heavily with his cock still hard.

I lifted up my legs within my web swing, wrapping them around the ropes that held it to the ceiling and swinging forward. My pussy ended up striking just where his cock was. As if guided by fate, it even slid in partway before the angle was off, and it tried to push me back away. I didn’t allow such a thing to happen, reaching out and putting my hands around the back of Baron’s head. With my web-wrapped legs up to the point they were nearly resting on his chest, and my pussy the lowest part of my body hanging freely, I began to rock forward humping his cock with the assist of a swing.

Usually, when a girl was in a sex swing, it was the guy who held onto her and had his way. This time, I had reversed the situation, using my mobility on the swing to satisfy myself against the man stuck to the wall, his long-curved cock being the only thing protruding from the wall. Having mounted that cock, I took delight fucking it with each swing.

As fun as it was, the thrusts were weak and hardly fulfilling. I eventually dropped my legs, digging them into the webbed walls until I clung to him like a monkey. I then began to ride his cock much more forcefully, finally getting the long, hard strokes that made me cum.

“Ah… Ahh… Ahhhn….” I panted moans into his ears.

At some point, I had released seduction, and Baron had grown lost in his lust. He didn’t fight back or defend himself. He freely fucked me, or I should say, he freely allowed me to fuck him. I rode his body for all it worth, taking every ounce of satisfaction his dick could provide. I rode him against a wall as freely as I might have if I was on top. His cock was pointed up, and each time I plunged my body down, I brought him deep into me, nearly reaching his strained balls.

I moved faster and faster, orgasming again and again. Each time brought me a feeling of delight, pleasure, and release. In this world that hated me so, sex was one of the few releases I truly had. Fortunately, it was a world of rape, and such a world became my playhouse.

I kissed Baron’s rugged face, allowing his scrappy unshaved face rub against my soft skin. The white, nearly perfect skin because bruised and rashed. Although I was the one taking all the fun, it was still I who took on the brunt of the abuse. That was also the way of this world.

I didn’t pay attention to how many times I orgasmed. When Baron started to quit on me, I injected a bit of Rejuvenation of Healthy sex and started all over again. I caused him to slip into a state of dreams. He truly had the most erotic experience imaginable. I took him away from the cave, and I showed him an eternity of pleasure where time had no meaning and sexual pleasure was in endless supply.

Distantly, I knew what I was doing was destroying him. Drugs destroyed people by giving them a feeling of pleasure that they couldn’t meet otherwise. I did such a thing to Baron. His sexual highs were at a peek that couldn’t be reached. So many endorphins pumped through his brain that I likely fucked up his body and mind permanently. Yet, even then, I wanted more.

At some point, after he had cum a few times inside me, and my womb was full of his seed, I began to feel some sort of rich energy emanating from within him. I wanted to take it. I wanted every part of him. I began to absorb that energy and that essence. I consumed him little by little, sucking away the energy each time. More and more energy filled me, and I felt my own euphoria. Lost in the dream I had created, I pleasured him wildly, becoming an animal as I rode and fed.

 Then, it all ended nearly as quickly as it had begun. The dream faded, and I realized where I was once again. I was in my swing, pushed against a web wall, humping a desiccated mummy. That was all that was left of Baron. I finally pulled myself away, allowing his member to fall out of me. Strangely enough, it was the only thing that still contained any resemblance to its former appearance. The rest of him was no more. Just at that moment, text exploded in my vision.

Congratulations!!! You have levelled to Enchantress Lvl 29!

All stats increase by one.

You have one skill point.

Height Advantage {Passive) – Gain a better sense of balance in high places.

Web Slinger (Active) – Extrude a sticky thread.

Soul Eater (Active) – Consume the souls of the living for experience and power.

“Extrude a sticky thread from what?” I said while making a face.

I commanded a spider to lower my swing, putting me back on the ground. The other woman who was pregnant had burst sense before. Obviously, it had been spiders, not demons. I shook my head with a sigh, slowly heading out of the cave. As I did so, I used my special skills to clean and recover my body. As for the ability I chose, it was rather simple.

I would be willing to do anything to survive. Soul Eater would allow me the chance to level faster and gain the strength I needed. I truly was starting to sound like a villain. However, none of this would have been necessary if the world just let me be. Min said that she wanted me to be a hero. Perhaps, she had come up with Bryson as a means of showing me how. She wanted to lead by example.

However, she taught me something she didn’t intend to. Bryson was no hero. He was a yes man who did whatever he was told. He didn’t make the world a better place. He just followed the flow. A hero is someone who does what he must. Sometimes, that meant going against the grain. Sometimes, that meant doing what you knew was right, even if the world said it was wrong. A villain was only a hero who hadn’t won yet. That is what I believed.

This world was broken. It needed to be fixed. It was time to change. I stopped outside the cave. As far as the eye could see was an army of monsters. They had all been gathering here while I was in the cave gaining just one more level. Skeletons, goblins, imps, spiders, flame wolves, minotaurs, zombies, and even more had come to my call. I had been seeing them as my family, but they really weren’t. You didn’t just throw your family away when it suited you. You didn’t march them into danger to satisfy your own desires. I needed to see them for what they really were, tools.

“Come…” I announced in a loud voice, a smile forming on my lips. “Let’s change the status quo.”

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