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I won’t go on to say my first time with a woman was magical and opened up my world to new tastes. We were both filthy and smelled. We’d been pumped full of so much goblin seed over the last month and on top of that, we haven’t even shaved. She lied on the cold, rocky ground, and I got over her. I began to stick out my tongue and lick her vagina, and surprisingly, she did the same to me. I had half expected her to not hold up to her end of the bargain. All the trauma might have caused her to freeze up.

However, this felt completely different than the times with the goblins. For starters, she had soft skin. Her body was pressed against mine, and for those few minutes, I felt the warmth of another human being pressed up against me. Even my seduced goblin lover never cuddled. He’d just pick up my legs, thrust in until he came, and then walked away.

Just the feeling of a warm body against mine after a month of naked hard, cold ground was enough to drive me crazy. Her tongue wasn’t bad either, and the more she got into it, the more I got into it too. I initially thought it would be very awkward. I’d rub her into an uncomfortable orgasm and then we’d both go our separate ways.

It wasn’t like that at all. After a month deprived of human contact, we both needed this desperately. I grabbed her legs, surprised that they were hairless and smooth.  I heard some girls didn’t grow as much hair as others. I fought down a slight sense of jealousy at that. She grabbed my considerably hairier legs, and we fed on each other, moaning and gasping. I came harder under her machinations than I ever did with my goblin lover. When we both came, the familiar ring sounded and the text reappeared.

I ignored the level screen for a bit. Instead, I turned my body around and pressed myself up against Min. The pair of us sat like that for a while, our naked bodies intertwined. It wasn’t anything like lust or love.  It was a simple and primal need for human companionship. That was it. It was something I had almost forgotten since my life went to hell. She pressed up against me and cried soundlessly.

I lightly patted her head, not wanting to fill the silence with any empty words. Instead, I finally acknowledge the text floating in my vision.

You have gained the title, Lesbian Lover.

+5 Endurance, +10 charm resistance, 2 X experience when with a woman

Cunnilingus Skill has increased to level 1.

Position Unlocked: 69

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Level 5!

All stats increase by one.

You have one special Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Sheep Counter (Passive): After sex, you have a 50% chance of putting your partner to sleep.

Wet Dream (Passive): Sex can replace the need for sleep, fifteen minutes per hour of sleep.

Rock A Bye (Active): 80% chance of putting partner to sleep during sex. This consumes stamina.

Great, I can be Aria the Lesbian Lover or Aria the Gang Banger. I decided to leave Gang Banger on. Although I didn’t know if the 50% experience bonus did anything, I did know that the endurance and damage resistance sounded better. I didn’t anticipate being with that many women, although even if the situation arose again, I could always just equip it immediately before.

With regards to my own level, Wet Dream sounded amazing, if I was in another situation. Stay up all night having sex and starting the next day feeling fully rested? Who wouldn’t want that? However, it’d be useless here. In fact, it’d be even worse. This is a dank and miserable cave. Even though my goblin lover has been sneaking me extra blankets, it was still a cave floor and I was still barely dressed. Did I really want to be up 24/7?

So that left Sheep Counter or Rock A Bye. They both sounded like skills I could use. Used correctly, I could bring down half of the goblins with just one more pheromone round. However, this ability felt like it’d be troublesome later on. I knew I was making my choices for immediate survival but did I really want every time I have sex to knock out my partner half the time? Therefore, active was the better choice. Rock A Bye it was. After selecting it, I checked my stats one more time.

Name: Aria

Class: Seductress

Titles: Gang Banger (selected), Lesbian Lover

Level: 5

Statistics: Strength 9, Intelligence 9, Wisdom 9, Endurance 14, Agility 9, Charisma 15

Resistance: Carnal 1, Concussion 1, Damage 10, Mental 12, Pain 1

Standard Skills: Cunnilingus 1, Flee 1, Throwing 1

Special Skills: Beautification, Mental Fortitude, Pheromone, Seduction, Sexual Experience, Sexual Saint, Rock A Bye

Status Effects: Infertile, 50% Experience when Using More Than One Hole During Sex

Positions: Cowgirl, Doggie Style, Missionary, 69

You have one skillpoint remaining.

I still didn’t get the point of unlocking positions. So, cunnilingus is a skill, not a position? Either way, that wasn’t important at this point. Right now, we needed to escape. That meant I needed to use my goblin lover. I moved back to my place and waited for him to make his conjugal visit. As he walked in, I used Seduce on him for the seventh time. His eyes only seemed to grow more feverish as they looked down on me. I gulped down the lump in my throat and decided to go for broke.

“Hey! Lover! If you love me, can you break this chain?”

I pointed to the chain, touching the wall, and then making a breaking gesture. It was so obvious what I wanted that even an idiot could figure it out. However, the goblin still gave me a look like he had no understanding whatsoever. Oh, my poor, idiotic goblin lover, it was not the size of your brain that led me to pick you. It wasn’t the size of a certain other thing, either, so stop giving me those cold looks!

After a moment, I started pulling on my chain, doing the motions that I wanted him to do. Come on now, pull the chain out of the wall, just pull…

He grabbed my shoulder and pushed. I immediately fell to my knees, and before I even had a chance to recover, he was already sticking it in from behind. I didn’t hate it. After lying on my back for a month, this new position worked well for me. It did scratch my knees and elbows a bit on the rocky floor. Still, that big knob on the tip of his cock hit me in just the right spot, and even though I had just been with Min an hour prior, I still found myself cumming shortly before he did. The only thing that would have made it better is if he had pulled my hair and slapped my ass, just a little bit.

Position Unlocked: Doggie Style

That was satisfying. No… that wasn’t satisfying! I didn’t pick him for his satisfying dick! He was supposed to be helping me escape! I activated my new active skill, Rock A Bye. He was still finishing cumming, and as soon as the skill struck, he shivered and then fell. A second later, his body fell on mine, pushing me down to the ground. Sadly, this was the most cuddling I had ever gotten from the big lug. Only a little regretfully, I shoved him off of me. He was definitely sleeping.

So, Plan A failed, but it looked like Plan B went off without a hitch. The fact that Plan B wasn’t so much a plan as it was a last-ditch effort didn’t stop the fact that it was underway. I pushed my goblin lover to the side, then activated my Pheromones, getting ready for round two. If I systematically knocked out all of the goblins, one of them had to have the key on him, right? I just hoped my stamina could hold out.

As each goblin started to do his business, I’d activate Rock A Bye. If it didn’t work, I’d do it a second time. Another goblin collapsed on top of me, snoring like a baby. No sooner did I shove him aside than a new goblin jumped on. These guys didn’t even think for a second about why their friends were all mysteriously passing out unconscious. I didn’t know if It was Pheromones or if they were just that stupid.

However, the act was putting a toll on me. I wished I had gotten that soul essence when I had the chance. Then I realized that this ability wouldn’t work since they passed out before they came. I also wondered if I was getting experience for these since they weren’t finishing. It’d be pretty upsetting if I didn’t get anything for all my hard work.

By the time I had knocked out the twelfth goblin, I was already losing a great deal of my stamina. I had to keep going. Thirteen goblins out now. My eyes started to close, the stamina bar was flashing. It looked like one more level wasn’t enough. I was feeling bad about it. I had promised Min I’d get her out of here. Fourteen goblins down. Please just keep going.

2nd Wind has increased to level 1.

My stamina suddenly jumped a bit. What a useful skill! However, it wasn’t enough. Fifteen goblins down. I can’t… I can’t anymore. There was no way I could knock out 5 more goblins. The entire room was already covered in unconscious goblins. I didn’t know how long they’d be asleep, but I knew I couldn’t manage another second.

My eyes were blurry, another goblin stood up in front of me. He had his pants down around his ankles as he rubbed a below-average dick, grinning stupidly and ready to shove it in me. Suddenly, his face turned into one of surprise. There was a sword jutting out of his chest. There was a sound. Someone was yelling. Another goblin fell. A man started moving from unconscious goblin to unconscious goblin, stabbing them in the throat in a swift kill.

I fell back to the floor, turning to see my goblin lover lying there. His eyes started to open, but before he could move, a sword slammed into his throat as well. His looked turned over and glanced at me, and then the light left his eyes. I guess that was the end of my fiery goblin romance.

A moment later, my eyes closed, and darkness overtook me.

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