Yurtdışı Yatırım

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When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that I was no longer in the cave. I was staring up at a star-filled sky that was perhaps clearer than any sky I had ever seen before. The only thing obscuring my vision was the presence of numerous branches from nearby trees. I appeared to be in a forest, most likely the one I had sprouted in some time before.

The second thing I noticed was that I was wearing actual clothing. I was lying on a blanket, on a much comfier floor than the cold rock. I appeared to be wearing an oversized shirt and trousers that looked like they came from a guy’s spare clothing bag, and I was covered in a nice warm blanket. A glow to the right caused me to turn my head, seeing that I was near a fire pit that someone had made.

The images of a goblin being run through came to my mind. It looked like some knights or something had saved us. Well, I had no clue, but it was typically a knight that rescued women from goblins in these fantasy settings, wasn’t it? However, the feelings that welled up in me weren’t normal. I didn’t feel very much relief over being saved. I mean, I was happy that the other two girls were safe, presumably, but I didn’t have any particular feelings of happiness myself.

In fact, if I felt anything right now, it was a little bit horny. I didn’t know how long I was unconscious, but in the height of my Seduction over my goblin lover, I was getting it 4-5 times a day. I was used to being woken up to my legs being lifted over my head and some goblin meat being stuffed in me. Waking up warm was nice, but I’d rather be woken up to something being stuffed into me.

I cautiously looked from side to side. The other two girls were similarly covered in blankets and appeared to be fast asleep. There was a man, presumably one of the men who had saved us. He was facing away from me right then, looking off into the darkness like he was keeping watch for something. He hadn’t noticed I was awake, and probably assumed I’d be asleep for a while along with the other girls. Without my frequent leveling immediately restoring my health, I’d probably be in as bad of shape as them.

Perhaps there were other things I should have confirmed first. This would be the first person I could talk to someone who wasn’t traumatized to find out more about this world, after all. However, I had certain priorities. My hand slipped into my pants and immediately found my womanhood, already wet and warm.

Maybe my brain was broken by the goblins. Maybe it was whatever the effects of being a seductress had put on me. Either way, I needed it first thing upon waking up. What? The alternative was jumping that guy’s bones. While I’d be appreciative of the experience, I’m not sure about the rules and etiquettes of this world. In some ways, having sex with brutish goblins was way safer than interacting with other humans. At least, that’s what I thought.

I tried to keep my voice down and my movements sparse. It was one thing being perverse, it was quite another letting other people know you were being perverse. To my credit, I don’t think the blanket moved all that much, just in case someone out in the darkness was looking my way. I also don’t think I breathed too hard. About halfway through…

Conceal Skill has increased to level 1.

I barely prevented myself from laughing. The text had just been so sudden and so adequate. Even this was considered a skill? It seemed like one I could use right away. My body didn’t really feel different at all. I continued on and found that I was able to move a little more aggressively without moving the blanket anymore. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything different, and yet those movements had less of an effect on my body. I was so fascinated by the concealing effect on my blanket that I wasn’t paying attention to keeping my voice down. I let out a little sound as I climaxed. I immediately put my head down and pretended to sleep, opening one eye just a bit and glancing at the man on the other side of the campfire.

He had turned his head this way and was squinting, but it looked like he couldn’t see through the flames. The sound must not have been much louder than the fire since after a moment he shrugged and looked away. I let out a low, deep breath as the final wave of my much-appreciated orgasm took me. It’s been a while since I did it myself, and I don’t mean to brag, but I know me well. Then…

Position Unlocked: Fingering (self).

Masturbation Skill has increased to level 1.

You have gained the title: Solo Player.

+5 Wisdom, +10 Mental Resistance, +25% experience when using toys (Can only collect experience from masturbation once per day)

Oh, haha.

I gave the new text in front of my eyes a glare. Was fingering even really considered a “position”? I mean, there are a lot of ways to do it. The new title did give me a clear idea of how titles worked. It looks like every title gave you a small stat boost, a small resistance boost, and an experience boost for special circumstances involving whatever the title name. Unfortunately, it was hard to predict what would give you a title.

One thing for certain was that I needed to get my hands on a toy for that extra experience. I guess every world has toys at some point. As if reading my mind, the title also confirmed that I can only gain experience from masturbating once a day. That’s a shame. If I could just rub out orgasms until I leveled, that’d be a bit game-breaking and also very unhealthy for me. It looked like I’d still need to level the old-fashioned way. This left me staring at the back of the adventurer. I still get the first-time bonus for new guys, it was a reward for promiscuity…

Just as I was about to say something, another guy came walking into the light. He was soaking wet, but more notably he was completely naked. The other guy made a loud noise of disgust and turned away.

“Ugh, man, what are you doing, prancing around naked.”

Oh? So, they speak English. I did have some concern that my language differed from my time in the caves. Min hadn’t said anything but her name, and she could have figured that out just by the circumstances.

“Oi.” The naked man laughed. “What’s wrong with naked, it’s how God made me!”

He walked up to the fire, still dripping, then shook himself like a shaggy dog. He wasn’t as hairy as a dog, but still hairier than your average man. As he shook himself, his dick shook back and forth too. My mouth fell open at the size of the dick. No, that wasn’t right. A month in a cave being fucked by goblins, I had lost perspective on the size of man’s junk. He was only average, but that still meant bigger than my goblin lover and the biggest dick I’ve seen in months.

“Seriously man! Cover yourself, you’re getting me wet!”

I agreed with him, but we probably had entirely different meanings.

“There’s a natural hot spring down that way.” The naked man pointed behind. “It’s a nice night for it. Been traveling for weeks, we could all use a bath. The girls we rescued too. We should drag them over there and wash them up.”

“Those girls were being used as goblin breeders for months. How do you think they’ll act if they wake up and see you standing over them naked? Let alone if they’re naked too, you want to traumatize them for life?”

“Traumatize them? We saved their lives. When they wake up, they ought to suck our cocks in appreciation.”

The other man just shook his head irritably. “Just get your fucking clothes back on. Some of them might be worth awards. You can get one of these damaged goods to fuck you for a night, or you might get paid and take home a different barmaid every night for a week.”

I found myself nodding at the naked man’s words and shooting the sitting man an angry glare. Then I realized that was probably backward. Normally, you don’t want strangers to push you to the floor. Normally, you don’t want a man to expect sex in return for helping you. Even I didn’t think like that before becoming a seductress. Was this just my high mental resistance mixed with that Mental Fortitude? It was like my inhibition unit was on the fritz.

The naked man dried enough and walked over to a pack. The other man stood up and walked to the edge of the forest, muttering something about taking a piss. I decided that the other two girls would probably be safe for now. For me, that spring sounded like exactly what I wanted. I mean, I wanted to have sex with one of those guys. If they got a little “appreciation”, it might help me later when they found out I didn’t have any award coming. At the very least, I’d keep them from acting out sexual frustration on the other two girls.

I also decided I wasn’t going to use Seduction for a while. Increasing someone’s appreciation for me was all good, but with that goblin, it quickly grew to a terrifying degree. Love was scary. I’d be much happier keeping it as lust.

On that note, I wasn’t going to get very much lust smelling like goblin sex and looking like dung. I remember I had changed my Beautification to focus on goblins. I set it back to human before I snuck through the forest as quietly as I could, trying to hide my body. Although the guys had probably all seen a good portion of me, I still had hopes of putting on a better first introduction.

Sneak Skill has increased to level 1.

I guessed Conceal and sneak are two different things. Maybe concealing was the non-moving form. Something like hiding. Meanwhile, sneaking would be producing no sound while you move. So, Conceal made me hard to see, and sneak made me hard to hear. At least, I imagined it as something like that. I wished they’d give you a manual for all this stuff.

I could smell the hot spring long before seeing it. There was a sweet dampness in the air which immediately gave me a really good feeling. Soon after, I made it to the spring. My clothes hit the ground and I almost dived into the spring.

The spring was neither large nor beautiful. It was just about a meter wide. While I called it a hot spring, the water was only mild and there certainly weren’t any bubbles in it. However, the water was surprisingly clear, and it looked cleaner to wash in than a pond or something. No pond scum or nasty-looking growth.

I washed down my body, but as I went, I started to regret not alerting the people who had saved me. At the least, they probably had something that constituted soap. Not to mention I was unfortunately hairy right now, and it left me a bit embarrassed. Don’t get me wrong, after a month as a goblin cum dumpster, the relief of cleaning up was extreme. The bath felt amazingly refreshing.

So refreshing, in fact, that I decided to practice my solo abilities once again. It was the same night, so I wouldn’t get more experience, but what could I say, this one would be a freebie. We could say I was just being extra thorough in cleaning myself. I raised one leg up onto a nearby rock. One hand braced me from behind, while the other slid in and out.

I was just getting into it, my eyes closed, my body surrounded by beautiful warmth when there was a sudden gasp. I dropped my legs and closed them in a second, moving my hand away. When I looked over there was a guy standing there looking away from me. He wasn’t one of the two guys I had seen talking earlier. He actually looked a bit young, maybe even a year or two younger than me.

His face was blushing. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize one of the girls was taking a bath in the spring.”

The way he said it made it sound like he was embarrassed about walking in on a naked girl. It almost sounded like he wasn’t aware of what that particular naked girl was doing. Maybe he didn’t notice? Although, it didn’t really matter if he did. With Mental Fortitude in effect, being caught naked and masturbating barely seemed to affect me. When did I become so shameless?

In fact, the only thought going through my mind was how I was going to get him into the spring with me.

“So, are you joining me, or what?”

Smooth Aria… smooth.

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