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It was another two days before I was allowed to give the monsters another go. Regrettably, I was only allowed in the cellar under Min’s expressed supervision. This dampened a great deal of the fun. I was only able to act so excited by the monsters. She also wouldn’t let me stick anything in my pussy. I was limited to Hand Jobs and Blow Jobs.

Fortunately, the strange pain I was suffering from had completely dissipated. Whatever this duality thing Reinhart had spoken of was, perhaps the battle between my nature as Aria and a seductress was causing issues. Or maybe, the ring wasn’t meant to be worn for all that long, so by pretending to be Cornelia for a solid month, it was some kind of feedback.

The second idea seemed to make the most sense, particularly since most of the nightmares involved violent nights under Nova. The dreams, regrettably, hadn’t gone away, even though they were a bit less lucid. I still felt myself under Nova. He’d be fucking me hard, laughing as he did. He’d bite me, pinch me, slap me… Sometimes, the pain felt good. It actually brought me to climax faster. That only added to the horror of it all. Being forced to feel sexually satisfied by a man you hated was terrible.

Min supported me where he could, but there was very little he could do other than hold me in his arms. We’d always make love afterward. I used the words make love over fuck because that’s the kind of feelings I felt when I was with Min these days. I genuinely loved him. I wasn’t ready to settle down and marry him, but I loved staring into his eyes as he held me. He would thrust himself in and out of me, his small nipples flicking over my bigger tits.

We’d hold each other long into the night, far past the point that he had cum and softened inside me. As to why that wasn’t enough for me? Min, in my heart, was still a woman too. He thought like a woman, and he felt like a woman. The kind of man I could see myself with had to be bigger, and more muscular, and more daring, and just a bit selfish. Min would make those changes if I asked him to, but that was the thing, I liked Min the way he was. I didn’t want to see him become burly, or hairy, or selfish.

It was stupid and complicated. I loved Min the way he was, but at the same time, he wasn’t a man I’d want to marry and spend forever with. However, he seemed to accept me the way I was, so all I could do was accept him the way he was. Therefore, our relationship had reached a standstill. It wasn’t blissful happiness, but I didn’t think Min was unhappy. We were both comfortable with our situation with the other.

Which left me under Min’s supervision in a dungeon holding a whip. I was whipping the goblin’s chest at this point. It made a sharp snap as it struck his skin, and he made a sharp scream.

Whip has increased to LVL 2.

Part of me wanted to wear the whole leather mistress getup, but it came too close to the mistress woman I had an unfortunate encounter with, and that was something that bothered me. So, I wore a normal princess dress, which made the gap between a pretty princess standing in a dungeon whipping a goblin strange.  If anyone but Min saw this, there would be plenty of strange looks.

Why was it the goblin that I seemed to be picking on? To be honest, the minotaur kind of scared me. I didn’t want to strike him. The same could be said of the orc. The pigman was very noisy, and the sound of a pig like he was being slaughtered was not something I wanted to listen to.

Meanwhile, the goblin was actually most responsive to this treatment. His doorknob cock was rock hard, and he had a smile on his face despite the grunts of pain. As Reinhart had explained to me, goblins were submissive by nature. They were easily bullied by other monsters, and in the cases that a smarter than average pigman or orc came into being, they would often recruit goblins as their cannon fodder.

Since he actually enjoyed the abuse, it made the abuse easier for me to endure. I needed to increase my experience with using a whip, and for what it was worth, I was improving steadily. I could now make it crack every time. Two out of every five strikes actually landed where I aimed. Once, I had sliced the tip of his cock and another time gashed his leg, but it mostly landed somewhere between his face and stomach.

If you asked why I concentrated on his front and not his back, the answer was simple. I healed him using cat’s meow, and I had no intention on licking his butt. It wasn’t really that it bothered me on a fundamental level. Mental Fortitude worked there. It was more about my pride. I felt like the goblin was beneath me, and it was already my generic concern for life that ensured I healed him.

How this paralleled what Julian used commoners for at his parties wasn’t lost on me. Other than the fact that they were monsters, I really had no excuse as to why it was acceptable to do this while what Julian did was wrong. That was good enough excuse for most of the people of this world. It didn’t seem like they had developed any form of PETA here, or at least PETM, I guess. Would this world eventually reach a state where “monster abuse” was a thing of concern? I was just glad I wouldn’t have to deal with those kinds of questions down in this dungeon.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 24!

All stats increased by one.

You have one skill point.

Available Special Skills:

Perfect Bondage (Passive): Always tie perfect knots, escape is much more difficult.

Containment (Active): Secure someone in a nearly unbreakable barrier for 1 minute.

Slash Break (Active): Slash of a Whip can cut through just about any material for 30 seconds.

“What?” I nearly dropped the whip in surprise.

“Mm?” Min asked.

“I leveled again…” I said frowning.

Almost every time I leveled was punctuated by some kind of event. I just finished up sex, usually, and it was clear where the experience came from. However, the last two times I had leveled seemed almost random and considerably faster than I expected. Admittedly, I had given every monster here at least four hand jobs, and with 9 plus Min this morning, I’d be earning about a 90% boost in experience, so nearly every time I jacked off a monster, it was closer to two times with Town Bicycle equipped. However, that still didn’t account for another level.

There wasn’t much I could do about this strange event though, and so I mostly just focused on finishing up. I had accumulated enough semen that I could continue to run experiments, and I had managed to gain the last level I was looking for. I should just count my blessings and continue on.

Of course, this level didn’t seem to do anything for me. These special skills seemed nice, but nothing popped out as game-changing. Perfect bondage didn’t seem necessary. It was a supplement for something that could be accomplished with skill. In fact, I had already acquired the skill. I had gained level 1 bondage the previous day as I practiced tying the goblin to the bars.

Bondage has increased to LVL 1.

So, Perfect Bondage seemed like a way to just pass getting Bondage to level 10 on its own. That left Containment and Slash Break. One was a defensive ability, and the other was an offensive ability. Did I want a powerful attack with my whip, or did I want a powerful barrier? Neither worked long, but I knew one minute could be enough time to escape, and thirty seconds was all you needed to kill a man. I also noticed the ‘just about’ and the ‘nearly’. Those words made all the difference and suggested these skills could fail awfully at the worst times.

In the end, I picked nothing. I didn’t have a good reason. I just didn’t have any ability to fight yet. Having attack or defensive skills when I couldn’t think of a single situation I could use them made them useless. I was hoping for a skill that augmented potion making or turned me poisonous. Those skills were still beyond me.

That’s how I ended up spending my last week in the castle. I was in the lab improving on my potion making, which increased another two levels, regrettably coming short of my goals. I practiced my magic daily and practiced with Min as well. I would work on the monsters, practicing my whip. I eventually convinced Min to let the monsters fuck my tits, and so I was finally able to increase Titty Fuck. With nine monsters to sample, even if two of their dicks were so large my tits had no hopes to contain them, I went up two levels.

{Potion Making has increased to LVL 8.}

{Magic has increased to level 6.}

{Whip has increased to LVL 3.}

{Titty Fuck has increased to LVL 3.}

Of course, he wouldn’t let me be fucked in the ass by monsters, so my ass was Min’s alone. That was regrettably not enough variety to increase a level. On the upside, Masturbation increased a level, although I was quickly realizing that it might not actually be a core ability. If it was, I should have maxed it ten times by now. You’d like to think seductress means all things sex, but I guess self-satisfaction didn’t count.

Masturbation has increased to LVL 8.

Although I tried to practice a lot of other things, I had no luck increasing any of my other skills, whether it was role playing, acting, dirty talking, or sleight of hand. However, I could tie a cherry stem with my tongue now, so I was excited that I had managed to jump over that hurdle.

The week passed by too quickly, and as each day passed into the next, I only became more worried. I checked over the plans with Min a few dozen times. I would go to Nova while she packed up and fled the castle. We’d meet up in a nearby village. By that time, I’d have turned Nova into my sex slave. I’d leave him with a death curse and force him to remove the ring, and then I’d take the treasure and Jenai.

It wasn’t a complex plan, but I wasn’t particularly good with complex plans, so this seemed to fit into my nature. I was practicing multitasking, which involved me working a dildo in my pussy while stroking Min’s cock and trying to tie a knot with my tongue. That was when a knocking came at the door.

Of course, just in case we were disturbed, neither Min nor I were indecent. It took only a moment to slide the dildo out of me, push my underwear in place, and tossing it in the drawer. Min quickly put his cock back into his pants with a cough. We checked each other’s bodies quickly to make sure there was nothing amiss, and then Min went to answer the door. After seeing who it was, he gave me a look, so I approached the door and he took a step back. The person at the door was Devon.

“Ah, Devon, what are you up to?” I asked cautiously.

It had been nearly two weeks since we had last had any conversation. The night I had dropped the naked girl in his lap was the last night we had spoken. It wasn’t that I was particularly angry with him, it was simply that the situation was awkward, and I didn’t want to put myself into an uncomfortable situation. Devon could have sought me out sooner himself. Although, I understood how silly it was to expect him to chase after me while I did nothing.

“I… I’m just here to let you know that I received the letter from the illusion. He had disappeared about a week ago, but his letter only arrived today.”

“And?” I asked cautiously.

“The girl is safe. He found her a family. A man and a woman who couldn’t have children of their own. They were happy to take her in.”

I breathed out a sigh of relief. However, after telling me that, he didn’t leave, so I had the feeling that there was more that he wanted to discuss. After a brief period of silence, I decided to break it.

“You know, they’ll just find another sacrifice.”

Devon winced. “Yeah… I know.”

“Devon, you know what they do at these things.”

Devon turned his head away. “I don’t want to hear it.”

“Not the society in the light. The one in the dark. They rape women. They kidnap women and they tort-“

“I said, I don’t want to hear it!” He shouted, and it only caused another surge of anger to arise in me.

“Then who will hear it? You’re the prince.”

“And Julian’s the heir. And my father is the King. What could I do?” Devon demanded.


“Something?” He sneered, “There is nothing. If there was, I’d have done it.”

“Bullshit! You’re just a coward!”

“I know how you may think that but…”

“How long do you plan to sit there with your head in the sand, refusing to see this country for what it is? This country is dying. Julian… his views… it’s a cancer on this city.”

“You’re one to talk,” he shot back.

“You’re right! I’m a hypocrite. But you don’t have to be. You can be better!”

“Well, I’m not! I’m only me! There is nothing I can do!”

The pair of us were shouting now, and it was to the point a nearby guard had peeked around the corner. Upon seeing the fourth prince shouting into the princess’ room, he turned around and found something better to do.

“I thought you were a Knight…a hero…” I said. “But in the end, you just want to hide your eyes from the truth.”

“Are we done?” He asked darkly.

“Yeah, I think we are.”

He turned and walked away, and I shut the door behind him. Min went to comfort me, but the truth was that I didn’t need very much comforting. I had already had all of these arguments in my own head before. I was hoping Devon would be someone he simply wasn’t. I wasn’t upset, just disappointed.

The next day came too quickly. It was the day of the Harvest Festival and my last day in the castle. This was the day that everything would come to an end. They say that all the best-laid plans fall apart after the first shot is fired. There was a knock on my door in the early morning, and that was the start of the collapse of all of my plans.

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