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I was sitting on a couch in an otherwise empty room wearing nothing but underwear while fighting back my own sexual excitement. Then, none other than the adventurers who had saved me when I first came to this world walked through the door. Their companions, Darius and Damus, were now dead. Darius had been killed by Ricardo himself, and Damus was likely eaten by fire wolves. These two men must have survived that night.

I had no animosity to Marvis. I had even wanted to fuck him for a while as a thank you; although, that never ended up happening. The reason for that was Ricardo, who had turned me into his sex doll for nearly a week. Part of it was likely my fault. I had struck him with seduction a few times. However, he was much like Nova without restraint and brainpower. While I felt like I could manipulate Nova at this stage, Ricardo felt like a wild animal, dangerous and unpredictable, even compared to the monsters I’ve been fucking.

“We thought you were dead,” Marvis said cautiously.

Ricardo suddenly broke into laughter, slapping Marvis on the back. “Well, that isn’t the case. Clearly, she made it back to town and started selling herself in the redlight district. Although, to think the nobles would hire you for us. That king guy is alright.”

“Only one?” Marvis asked, raising an eyebrow to Ricardo.

Ricardo thought about it a second and frowned. “Those cheap bastards. Well, she’s the same girl I plowed in the forest. I’ve got dibs, you’ll just have to whack off in the corner. I’ll make sure to put on a good show.”

“The hell?” Marvis growled. “I’m not going to watch your hairy ass thrust into her. Since there is one, she’s probably adept at two men at once.”

Ricardo’s eyes flashed, and I thought it might turn violent, but then he let out another laugh. “Alright, alright, you saved my ass in the raid, so I’ll tell you what, you can have her ass. But I get the pussy, look, it’s already wet thinking about me.”

“You’re so generous.” Marvis shrugged, and it wasn’t clear if he was being sarcastic or not.

Their talk of having their way with me was stimulating, and my libido was already nearly out of control to the point that I would have leaped on anyone. The room likely already stank of my sex, which was a testament to how wet and turned on I was. I downed the rest of my drink and then put my arms over myself, giving them an angry glare.

“What are you two doing here?” I demanded. “This is the castle!”

The two men looked at each other, but it was Ricardo who spoke up, “Haven’t you heard? We defeated a whole band of thieves. Saved a small village from destruction. We’re heroes!”

“You are not heroes,” I snapped back, taking several steps back while keeping my hands over the parts they kept eyeing.

“You got a lot of lip for a whore.” Ricardo snorted. “But then you always did. Why don’t you put this big cock in your mouth and give it something more productive to do?”

My body was so wound up thanks to Richard’s prepping, that I almost dropped to my knees on command, but instead I turned away, making full use of my role playing ability where my carnal resistance ended. I was a princess, and my deception and role playing would have me act like a princess. Remembering to assemble the mask, it became slightly easier to resist them. Regardless of my sexual cravings, I was a princess, and they were a couple of adventurers.

I picked up my dress immediately and put it over my body while making a noise of disgust. “I am not your whore. I’m a princess.”

Ricardo had pulled his dick out the top of his pants and had taken a step towards me, but when I spoke, he stopped. He looked back and Marvis gave a shrug.

“You wouldn’t be Princess Cornelia, by chance?” Marvis asked cautiously.

I nodded. “That’s right. I’m the foreign princess. I had been captured, but I didn’t tell you earlier because I was afraid you’d extort the kingdom.”

I quickly put together the lie to get myself out of this conversation. If I was careful, I could make it through. The King would likely learn that I was kidnapped by goblins before being kidnapped by pigmen. That’d seemed rather unbelievable, but it’s not like this world lived on a calendar, and the timing matched up close enough I could sell the lie. Even if Ricardo suddenly ran his mouth about fucking a princess, that wouldn’t be any worse than the rumors already going on about me. It didn’t matter much because tonight was my last night, anyway.

However, their reactions were not what I was expecting. Ricardo and Marvis looked at each other a second time and then Ricardo chuckled to himself before turning back to me.

“You’re no fucking princess,” Ricardo responded darkly.

With deception, acting, and role playing, I should have been able to trick men as dumb as them, so I was surprised they were resisting. “Well, of course, I’m…”

“You’re Nova’s bitch,” he finished, and my body froze.

Ricardo walked right up next to me, his dick touching the back of my hand. In a state of shock, my mind once again struggled to start working. As if by instinct, my hand turned and gripped his shaft, immediately running my fingers up and down it. He grinned at me, a mouth that was missing a few teeth at this point. After having spent a month with nobles, I was now accustomed to perfumed, cleaned men, although Ricardo’s rugged adventurer’s body touched me in some different ways.

I prepared myself to hit the men with seduction, but first, I had to ask. “How?”

Marvis had moved up to me too. “We are currently, err… employed by Nova as well. The village we ‘saved’ was merely a ruse.”

“Some fucking ruse!” Ricardo spoke out. “We lost two men, and we had just found replacements too. That leader of theirs was seriously trying to kill me. Ah, good, harder girl.”

“Well, it had to be convincing.” Marvis sighed. “And besides, I think the thieves he sent were some clan trying to get in good with him. They weren’t even aware they were being set up.”

As they spoke, I was fully stroking Ricardo’s cock with my hand, although I was focused on them and barely even thinking of what my hand was doing. The feeling of his warm cock in my fingers was like an aphrodisiac, and all the resistances seemed to be falling apart. My other hand dived into Marvis’ pants, and a second later, I brought out his cock as he looked on with surprise.

“Anyway,” Ricardo treated me stroking his cock like it was the most natural thing, “we got into the castle. We’re supposed to check and make sure your plan sounds legit, help make sure Nova can get in. When he said there was a fake princess I never thought it’d be you. Ah, you’ve improved. Did Nova make you practice on every bandit in the camp? There were some rumors of some whore princess. I bet that was you.”

“Mmm… yeah… I practiced so hard. I’m just a dirty whore…” I moaned.

The words seemed strange coming out of my lips. I assumed it must be dirty talk kicking in. Suddenly, I found myself immensely turned on by being called a whore. I wanted Ricardo to insult me, I wanted him to have his way with me. The voices that protested in the back of my mind were quickly silenced by my insatiable lust and the shamelessness of Mental Fortitude.

“At least you know your fucking place. God, I’ve missed your ass.” He reached around and gave my ass a slap and I responded with a pleased noise and a smile. “Well, I’ll just have to tell Nova that you’re mine when we get back. After what I’ve done for him, he owes me. That sound good to you? You can be Ricardo’s little slut.”

“Yes, baby, I’m your dirty little slut baby. Do whatever you want with me. Fill me up with your thick, hard penis.”

Dirty Talk has increased to LVL 2.

Technique Unlocked: Subliminal Message

I didn’t know if I was driving the dirty talk, or the dirty talk was driving me, but it’d suddenly increase now of all times. My body was completely out of control, but for the moment, I could barely care. Both dicks felt so good in my hands, and I was so wet now that my panties could no longer absorb any more. Drips of liquid were leaking down my legs. I just wanted these men inside me. Both of them, either one, anyone… it didn’t matter.

Ricardo certainly didn’t seem bothered by my extremely slutty nature. Well, both men had seen how slutty I could be. Ricardo and I had often fucked anywhere and everywhere, and I wore a smile as he blew a load on my face. I might have thought something about how quickly Nova would murder these men if he knew what we were doing, but those thoughts were honestly lost on me at the moment.

While Ricardo was pawing at my ass with one hand, Marvis couldn’t help himself and reached around with his hand, grabbing the other cheek. Ricardo gave Marvis a sharp look for a second, and once again, just as I was afraid things would come to blows, Ricardo relaxed a second later with another laugh.

“Like I said, her ass is yours, but your balls touch me and I’m cutting them off.”

Marvis gave an uncomfortable shrug, but I already wasn’t hearing what the pair were saying. My seductress ability had completely overtaken my senses, and there was nothing that would stop me from fucking at that particular moment. As both men pawed at my body, each groping a cheek of my ass with one hand and running their hands up my bra with the other, they stripped me of the only clothing I had left.

Somewhere, in the back of my mind, there was a voice telling me that Richard could come back any second and that we could be caught easily. However, by the time the voice reached my consciousness, it only served to turn me on even more, the fear of getting caught immediately being converted into sexual arousal by the strange state I found myself in.

As if I was in a daze, I went down to my knees, taking turns sucking the guys off. I’d go back and forth, each time pulling away with a gasp and a sucking sound before switching to the other guy. My max-level Blow Job and my increasingly high-level Deep Throat would have brought these guys to climax in under a minute. By swapping back and forth every thirty seconds or so, I was able to increase both guys’ sexual excitement without causing any premature accidents.

However, swapping back and forth like that was a messy business. By pulling their dicks out of my mouth so many times, I couldn’t swallow and keep things contained. Therefore, my mouth was covered in spit and pre-cum, destroying the lipstick that I had applied before leaving, smearing it between the two cocks and my face.

I couldn’t take it any longer, though, and so I found myself bringing them down to the couch. With my hands on their cocks, they went wherever I put them, and that left Ricardo lying on the couch while I positioned my pussy over him. I was so wet now that my pussy glistened, and the way Ricardo looked at it with hunger, I was tempted to sit on his face and let him taste me. However, with his dick primed and my pussy waiting, I couldn’t stop myself from dropping down and plunging it deep inside me.

As soon as his warm, hard dick filled me up, I instantly came, giving out a satisfied moan. My body squirted, liquid running down his cock and soaking into the couch under his legs. It wasn’t the greatest orgasm I ever experienced, but the pure need for it satisfied me in ways I rarely felt. It was like a drug addict getting their fix. Never before, even with Min, did I ever see my actions like an addiction, but for this particular moment and time, I was an insatiable nymphomaniac.

A hand on my back pushed me forward before I could start riding his cock. True to his word, Marvis shoved his dick into my butt. I moaned pleasurably as I was filled up by both men, nearly reaching climax a second time with just this. Between the three of us, being sandwiched between both men this way was really the best configuration.

Marvis was smaller dick-wise, and a hairier bear of a man, so having him behind and in my butt allowed me to focus on his perfectly sized dick in my ass. Meanwhile, the more muscular and handsome Ricardo with his bigger dick dominated my pussy. Neither man was as big as some of those I’ve had recently. They sat more in the average and below-average range, but they were adventurers, so what they lacked in size they made up for with stamina and vigor.

Whereas most of the men I experienced in the underground meeting lasted an average of around 5 minutes, these men were pounding both my holes for fifteen minutes without losing a breath. It felt amazing. Their smaller size meant that it put less wear and tear on my ass and pussy, and rather than become sore, I felt like I could keep going. For the first time, I realized I had underestimated men with smaller dicks. I was starting to see the advantage of a smaller man and promised myself I wouldn’t always look for the biggest dick around.

And they went hard. Even though this was a double penetration, the men didn’t fall on me to do the work. Using his place over me as leverage, Marvis worked my ass with hard, unforgiving, and relentless thrusts. Meanwhile, Ricardo thrust his hips up into me rhythmically like a piston. Neither man let up, almost like they were in a race to fuck me the hardest, to stick it in me the most times with the most thrusts.

Usually, when a man was on the bottom, he expected me to do most of the movements. Rarely did I experience a man who took the initiative to fuck me from the bottom, pushing against the gravity and weight of my body to thrust up into my juicy honey pot.

I was moaning and screaming as two men thrust away, one behind me and the other in front. I had long since lost the ability to keep my body up, so I had fallen forward. Ricardo had buried his face into my chest, sucking on my tits one after the other while his hands reached around and grabbed the cheeks of my ass, holding them open so that Marvis could violate me from behind more deeply. Marvis returned the favor by pushing down on my back, keeping my chest jiggling in Ricardo’s face.

It was something I had never really experienced before during sex. It was teamwork. The two men were working together, double-teaming me. As adventurers, they were used to working together, and that same knowledge splendidly blended into their sex. Every other time I’d been with two men, the men had been out for themselves, only trying to gain their own sexual excitement. These two men had fought together in life or death events, and they understood that the most gain could be achieved by working together.

Whether they realized it or not, they worked together to bring me to new sexual heights. Their relentless thrusts were perfectly timed. Both men thrust into me at the same time, every time. The effect was my body being simultaneously filled with two cocks, which would dig deep into me until they slammed into each other, with only my body as the go-between, before pulling out at the same speed and then slamming in again.

Their teamwork and their perfect timing caused me to cum over and over again, and the sexual lust I had built up was finally starting to disperse. However, in the middle of the act, I was still nothing but their fucktoy, and so I became a cog in their oiled machine, leaking out spurts of sex every few minutes as I came again.

While it felt like we had been fucking for hours, it probably had only been about twenty minutes, which was incredibly long to be fucked by two men at once, the intensity of the sex was euphoric. The two men pulled out of me as fast as they had come in, and for a second, I grew confused as Ricardo tossed me off of him and stood up. Both men had their cocks out, and they were stroking them as they stood over me.

I quickly got the message. This was the fabled cumshot where a guy would cum on your face after fucking you. It was very common in pornos, but I found it a lot less common in real life. Most guys liked to blow their load inside me, and it was rare that they’d be willing to pull out, especially when we usually wore condoms. In my life before, I was still scared of STDs, even if I couldn’t get pregnant, and they usually lasted longer than when we went bareback.

I wondered why the two men went in this direction when most of the men I had been with usually just came inside me. However, the answer to that came pretty quickly. The men I had mostly been with were thieves, who wouldn’t give a shit if I got pregnant, and nobles, who also wouldn’t give a shit if I got pregnant. For adventurers, though, they were probably used to fucking whores and drunk women, so the cumshot likely was a common way to end sex. I recalled that Ricardo rarely came in me, even from before, usually making me swallow. He seemed to cum in me more for the shock value and had seemed disappointed that I liked it. To a commoner woman of this world, becoming pregnant was likely a grievous sin. All of this worked its way through my head in the time it took me to get on my knees and open my mouth like the dirty slut I was.

“Give me your cum,” I moaned, already more than sexually satisfied.

Just as those words left my mouth, the curtain along the wall in front of me slid open with a loud noise. A second later, Ricardo came and a streak of white landed across my mouth. My mouth was already closing as I was looking down, but a second later, Marvis came too and it hit me in the eye, causing me to blink as I had to wipe.

As I tried to orientate myself, confused at the sudden light bursting into the room, the two men continued to burst semen all over my face and chest.

Charm Resistance has increased to LVL 2.

“Huh?” I shook my head, wiping the semen from my face as I tried to look towards the wall that suddenly disappeared.

The two men over me seemed confused too, pulling away as their dicks leaked semen onto the floor while softening.

“Behold! Our Princess Cornelia!” A voice declared loudly.

My ears instantly recognized the voice. It was none other than the bitch, Sylvia. While wiping semen out of one eye, I finally was able to look with the other to see her holding the curtain back. However, she wasn’t the only person behind the curtain.

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