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Despite my incredibly lame attempt to come on to the first man I saw, it was surprisingly easy to get him into the spring with me. He asked if I was being serious, I said yes, and a moment later he was out of his clothing and jumping into the spring.

He was shockingly modest, attempting to hide himself to the point I had to really look to get a view of the equipment he offered. It made me feel a bit like a pervert. However, once I got a look, I knew I wanted it. If the other guy was just average, then he’d be modestly above average. Maybe part of the reason he looked so big was that his body was so scrawny.

Yes, it’s true, he had fair skin, a flat stomach with only the traces of muscle, and thin scraggly arms. He had hair, but not a lot. Very little on his chest, with just a nice little brown patch above his uncut dick hanging out in front. He was probably just over the legal age if this place even had a legal age. If he wasn’t acting so shy and cute about it, I might have dismissed him entirely.

Examine Skill has increased to level 1.

Name: Unknown

Race: Human

Level: 12

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Oh, there you go, finally a skill that could help me. I wondered if I kept watching people, would my Examine skills increase? What would I be able to tell just by seeing people? If this world is like a game, then will I see their names? Maybe their class and their statistics? Or would it take a more sexual edge to it? Would I see their sexual orientations? Relationship status? I realized none of this information would have mattered to me before.

However, I was reborn now. I was the seductress, and the only thing I could do when I saw something I wanted, was to make it mine. So that left both of us in the spring. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I might have been a little embarrassed over my appearance. Haven’t shaved in a month, haven’t used soap or conditioner, and certainly not wearing any makeup. In my old life, any one of these things would have caused me to flee in shame. The new me seemed to have no shame anymore.

Which was exactly why my foot was floating up between his legs, my big toe tracing up and down his inner thigh. The guy was giving me shy looks too. However, when our eyes met, I knew there was a desire in them. He was glancing at my breasts, which floated just at the edge of the water, my nipples barely visible through the clear water. With just a look, I could also see his dick, now fully erect and jutting out from between his legs. I could tell he was glancing down at me too.

I don’t know how much of my hair showed, but it didn’t seem to bother him a bit. It was dark out, with only the stars giving us light, so it’s not like either of our bodies were on display or anything. I moved forward. The spring was quite small, just moving forward from my seat on to my knees already put my chest up against his, and my face next to his.

I looked at those big, brown eyes of his while he couldn’t look away. I could see the desire in them. He cautiously brought out a hand and timidly touched my chest. I immediately let out an exaggerated moan. My breasts were more sensitive now than they were before, but it was more just the feeling of having someone give them attention, as it has been so long. My goblin lover always ignored my breasts.

He put one nipple into his mouth and sucked lightly. Then the other. I let him fondle my breasts while my hand went down and grabbed his shaft. He let out a moan into my chest at that. I smiled, lifting his head away from my chest and kissing him on the lips. Meanwhile, my hands began to do their magic, moving up and down his shaft with a decent speed.

 Hand Job Skill has increased to level 1.

Position Unlocked: Ol’ Fashioned

Was Hand Job a skill? I mean, I expected another position to pop up, but it’s actually something I can level up? This wasn’t my first Hand Job. I’m not saying I was some kind of Hand Job queen, but I never had any complaints. On that note, masturbation was only level 1 too? I know I wouldn’t call my handwork a level 1. So, what does level 1 mean? I don’t really know how levels work comparatively, but I should at least be a level 8 or a level 9, right?

While I was thinking this, I wasn’t paying attention to my hand. I was stroking his dick very enthusiastically, and he already had his arms wrapped around me. My chest was pressed up against his, and he was panting into my ear in between sloppily kissing the side of my cheek. Well, I’m not finishing him off this way.

I climbed up onto the rock he was sitting on, positioning his cock right up against my clit. A moment later, I slid his dick right into me. It felt incredible going in. That was definitely something that had been waiting for too long. Admittedly, his dick was about twice the size of a goblin dick, but that was only part of it. Goblin dicks were shaped differently. They had a big bulb on the end and it sort of resembled a lollipop. Human dicks, on the other hand, were much thicker all around. It felt considerably more filling. Plus, he was already deeper than I’d had anybody in me in what felt like months.

Even in my original world, it had been a bit of a dry spell, so this would have been appreciated even if my libido wasn’t in overdrive lately. He looked at me with a slightly a gaped mouth, pure bliss on his face. Not wasting a moment, I start to ride him, rocking my hips and using my knees to get his dick sliding in and out of me.

Riding someone on top was another thing I’d been without for a long time. Being in control of the motion was absolutely great, and this adventurer was purely happy to be taken along for the ride. Therefore, I obliged, taking his body and riding his dick. For right now, for this moment, this adventurer was my sex toy. At this moment, I was using him to get off. His penis was there to make me cum. Every move, every touch, and every slide were there to bring me to a climax.

As I stared into his eyes with an intensity I didn’t realize on my face, we both came into an understanding. This act of sexual intercourse was mine. It was for me. And since it was for me, I mostly ignored him. I didn’t know if I was pushing him underwater if my breasts were smothering him, if I was hurting his junk every time I jumped down on it, or if he was bent in an uncomfortable position. I didn’t know anything, and I didn’t care. I fucked him and I continued to fuck him. It was only the moment that I came, my hands grabbing two chunks of his brown hair fiercely and my breasts splashing on the water each time I drove his dick into me that I started to hear again.

The sounds coming from him were hoarse panting and moaning. A few moments after I came, dropping down against him, my breasts pressed into his face, I felt something warm explode inside me. I could feel his dick pulsate inside of me, releasing satisfaction deep into me.

Neither of us had said anything to each other since the words that got him into the spring, but we communicated completely with our bodies, taking what we wanted from each other without reserve. I left his dick inside me, staying on top of his body. He played with my breasts for a bit, we kissed for a bit more, but I left it inside until it went soft. Only then did I pull away and lie back down into spring.

Warm water permeated my body, and a trail of semen and lust dispersed into the water from my parts. I let out a satisfied sigh as he continued to catch up his breath, his eyes half-closed and a satisfied look on his face.

Position Unlocked: Lap Dance

Vaginal Intercourse has increased to level 1.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Level 6!

All stats have increased by one.

You have one special Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Higher Pleasure (Passive): Increased sexual pleasure from breasts.

Lover’s Breath (Passive): Can go without breath during sexual activities. (30 minutes maximum)

Mother’s Milk (Active): Produce breast milk.

Lapdance? Is that what that position is called? I had no clue. I guess it doesn’t matter. Since I don’t know what positions did, they could have been called anything for all I cared. On the other hand, I leveled, and that was something to be excited about. Apparently, intercourse was a skill too. If Hand Job was a skill, I guess so was intercourse. Why did I not earn it earlier? Does it only work on humans? What other skills were there? I already imagined anal sex and blowjobs were a skill, how about titty fucking and footjobs? Either way, this round didn’t get me anything I was too excited about.

I didn’t really want my breasts to be too sensitive. Sure, it’d be cool if I could climax just by having my breasts played with, but that was kind of overkill. I could see it being detrimental too. If a guy could make me come easier, then that would just take away the fun and the buildup. Meanwhile, I’m not looking to cater to people whose fetishes would strike on the other two. If the guy was excited about breastmilk, I’d be a little creeped out. If a guy wanted to suck on my nipples, that’d be fine, if he wanted to suck on my nipples because he was expecting a meal, I would draw the line there.

Meanwhile, anyone who got their rocks off through strangling… is probably a dangerous person to be sleeping with. There are no guarantees I wouldn’t end up in that kind of situation. I never thought I’d be Congo line fucked by goblins either, but things don’t always go the way you expect. However, after thinking about it for a bit, I realized Lover’s Breath isn’t just about strangling. What about underwater sex? Even right now, I could give the adventurer a blowjob and be able to stay under there for 30 minutes. That’s pretty impressive.

I went with that one right away. Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking I tried out the Lover’s Breath and went down on him right away. It was the perfect opportunity, after all. However, while I was making my new choices, I had already sent him off to get me some soap and a pair of his clothes. I already imagined his stuff fit me a lot better than wherever I got the clothing from in the first place.

By the time he got back, he was already dry and dressed and I was starting to get pruned. The soap wasn’t great nor did it smell like much of anything. I used it anyway, then used his towel, and got dressed in his clothing. Yeah, I didn’t make him go for another round. I already had the experience bonus, and while I was sure I could unlock plenty of new positions and titles with him if we played around, I really needed to focus. Playtime was over, and I needed to get some answers.

After getting dressed, the pair of us headed back to camp. There were three other men there now. More, the sun just started to peak, starting the new day. It was finally about time to start my adventure in another world. It was too bad that I didn’t know my adventure was about to get disrupted once again.

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