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After the King violated me with magic, the remainder of the meal seemed to finish without anything particularly remarkable. Well, Julian started feeding Gregory grapes in a sensual manner. He had his hand on Gregory’s chest and made sure to say “ah” until Gregory opened his mouth. Each time usually ending with Gregory sucking on Julian’s finger as he slowly pulled it out of his mouth.

I used Conceal and Deception to continue to hide my amused and curious expression. I certainly didn’t want it to look like I was intrigued and a little excited by the two boys’ eccentric behavior. Of course, I had to continually remind myself that despite the fact they couldn’t look more different, these were brothers.

The King merely grimaced and avoided looking in their direction. Devon remained focused on his plate, pretending that the giggling sounds coming from these two men were not happening. Richard seemed to ignore it all, merely waiting until the end of the meal. After the awkwardness seemed to drift on, I tried to excuse myself from the table.

“I need to check to make sure my servant is preparing my room properly before it gets too dark.” I made up an excuse.

“Ah… yes, that elf girl, is it? You should have just had one of our maids do it, they could do the job right without micromanaging.” Richard flapped his mouth again.

“It’s… as my husband-to-be says.” I ground my teeth. “But I’ve grown attached to her.”

Richard looked up in surprise, but then a corner of his lips smirked. “You might want to be careful, that kind might just steal your dresses or jewelry or something when you’re not looking.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I grimaced internally, feeling a growing hatred for this man.

“And make sure to come to see me once you’re done, Cornelia… I’ll need to take good care of you,” the King said, a glimmer in his eye.

I gave my best curtsy and a smile. “Yes, my lord.”

The King waved his hand. “Oh, you need not be so formal. We’re practically family. I already see you as my daughter, and from now on, you should call me father or papa.”

“Papa! Father… she’s nearly 18, hardly a little girl!” Devon sputtered while the King merely gave another laugh.

“Yes… father…” I gave another curtsy while hiding a wry smile behind my Deception.

You see me as a daughter, but you’ll finger me with magic at the dinner table? What kind of daughter do you see me as? Well, considering I remembered his sexual kink was incest, I was quickly realizing exactly the kind of daughter he wanted to see me as. I decided to deal with this strange predicament when it came. I already felt exhausted and this was the first day meeting this family. If the rest of the nobles were only half as bad as the royal family, I didn’t know if I could make it.

At the very least, I needed to recuperate, and after an hour, asking for directions from three servants and finally forcing the fourth to just take me to my room, I finally made it. No sooner did I approach the door than I noticed a note attached to it. It was a letter with the name Cornelia written on it. I tore open the letter with my hands and pulled out a piece of paper. This world’s language was English, thankfully, although they just called it Common tongue. I didn’t know if they actually spoke English, or whatever brought me here just made my brain interpret it as English. The note had two simple sentences on it.

I would like you to know me better. Please come to my room after the bell rings 10.


Richard’s handwriting was pretty bubbly and artistic for a person as pessimistic and distasteful as he seemed. I supposed all writing was like that in the middle-aged-style fantasy world. I shrugged and crumpled up the note. I would probably go. I did have to integrate myself as part of Nova’s mission. However, right now, my opinion of the man was pretty low, so if he tried to put the moves on me… well, I mean, I’d still do it for the first-time bonus, but I probably wouldn’t cum.

I let out a sigh and entered the room, and what I saw caused me to stop in my tracks. My eyes opened at the sight in front of me. It was absolutely atrocious. It was the kind of thing that could burn my eyes out of my sockets, yet I just couldn’t look away. It was so…

“Pink,” that word came out of my mouth.

Now, the dress Nova had put me in from the real Cornelia’s stock was pink, that’s true… but now that everything had been brought out…

“Mm…” Min spoke up as she was going through the saddlebag with a frown on her face.

As I glanced around the room with a look of horror and wonder mixed together on my face, I could see a room of pink. There was a pink rug. The blankets were pink. The canopy was pink. The towels were pink. There was a closet full of pink. There was a box of jewelry, all pink. It looked like I had wandered into a Disney princess room or at least a six-year-old girl’s Disney princess room.

“Is this all Cornelia’s stuff she brought?”

“Mm… I replaced all of the room’s furnishings with the stuff from the carriage.”

“Replace them back!” I said snappier than I intended.

“You… sure?”

I grimaced. “No… I suppose it’d look weird if I brought stuff but then didn’t use it. We can leave the room the way it is. But I’ll need you to make me more dresses for the future.”

Min frowned a bit, then turned back to the saddlebag, continuing to look for something.

“What is it?” I asked, after a moment.

“Mm… missing.” Min had a look of annoyance on her face. “Dresses.”

I gave her a look of confusion after seeing the wall of pink in the closet, but then I realized what she meant. “Oh, the ones you worked so hard to sew!”

Min nodded, and I joined her with a frown. My brain connected this with what Richard said right before I left. He said that Min might steal my jewelry or dresses. Of course, that was absolutely ridiculous. Min had spent all night making those dresses and didn’t make one in her size despite my wish. Even if I would have suspected Min, and I absolutely didn’t, it made no sense.

“Min… has any jewelry gone missing?”

Min gave me a frown, then glanced at the jewelry box before speaking. “Don’t know… lot of jewelry, but found… empty box.”

I gave a slight nod. I didn’t really care. Like she said, there was a lot there, and half of it was an unusable gaudy pink color. However, what game was Richard playing at? Was he trying to get me to get rid of Min? I only just met him. As I considered what I was going to do with him, I figured I’d find out more tonight if I went to his room as he asked. He was probably going to show me the missing items and say he found Min sneaking them away or something. Why did he hate elves so much?

Meanwhile, I moved forward almost unconsciously and wrapped my arms around Min. She stopped looking as I gave her a tight hug. She was such a small girl, but she delivered so much comfort at this moment. She was the only one who knew my secrets, all of them, and yet she hadn’t fled yet. Even the scent she gave off gave me comfort, so I breathed her in while I gave her a hug.

“Vessë… level more… with my body?” Min asked.

I dropped my hands and took a step back like I had just been hugging a bear. “No! No… it’s not that… I mean…”

“Oh…” Min’s expression didn’t give away whether that made her relieved or sad. “But it would be fine… if it’s you.”

At that point, a little red formed on her cheeks and she looked slightly away. She looked so incredibly cute that I wanted to tease her a little bit. The problem was that I knew myself, and I seemed to lack the self-control to just tease without going farther. Plus, I had to meet the King shortly. So, instead, I put on a serious look.

“I’m sorry… about how the nobility is treating you, I really am. I’m glad you’re here, with me, is what I wanted to say.”

“Min is yours…” She nodded.

I gave a wry smile. “I see you as a lot more than my slave, you know.”

“Mm… of course… more.” Min gave a look as if that was obvious.

Even though she spoke a few words, always broken, that was enough to make me feel leagues better. I really worried about her. After a moment, I informed her that I needed to clean up and make a visit to the King upon his request. There was a washbasin on the table, so I used it and started cleaning up. Since my only wearable dresses were now gone, I’d stay in this one for now, even though it was still a little dusty from the walk here and a little stained with my previous lust.

“Will you… level with the King?” Min suddenly asked.

“Hm? W-why would you think that?” I asked, stuttering a bit.

“Washing… down there.”

“R-right…” I was, in fact, using the washbasin to wipe my privates at the moment.

But… that wasn’t exactly it. He made me cum like twice in my dress, and so I just wanted to be fresh… for him… but Min didn’t know any of that anyway. Can’t a girl just want to feel clean down there after walking around all day in the hot sun?

“You got it wrong, Min, I’m not doing anything indecent. I-it’s a checkup! It’s just a checkup. The King knows light magic, I guess…” As I said that, I nodded and then turned to leave.

“Liar…” Min stared at me accusatorily.

“Eh? Why would you say I’m lying?” I asked, feeling a bit hurt at her unfounded accusation while trying to squeeze out the door.

“No underwear…”

I froze a second. That’s right, underwear. I ran back into the room, went to the cabinet, and pulled out a  pair of underwear without looking, and then slid them on under the unceasing stare of my friend.

“I forgot, that’s all.”

It wasn’t completely untrue. After weeks of going underwear-free under Nova’s care, underwear had started to feel constricting. I felt cleaner down there when I didn’t have some unneeded cloth blocking my womanhood from the elements. I mean, why did girls really need underwear, anyway? Min, stop giving me such a cold look! I fled the room after making sure I was covered.

Rather than spending another thirty minutes looking for the King’s study, I got another servant to guide me there. It wasn’t because I was eager or anything! The King was an attractive man for his age, but he was old enough that he really could be my father, so it was not like I had any particularly large desire to experience more of his magic.

When I knocked on the door to his study, a manly voice beckoned me in and a certain part of me tingled a bit in anticipation. No! I couldn’t do anything more with the King. He may have wanted to have a little sadistic fun with his daughter-in-law, but that same girl couldn’t pursue him. It would go terribly! A bad ending for Aria, certainly.

“Ah… I see you’ve refreshed yourself.” The King gave a nod when I walked into his study.

I gave a deceptive blush at that, wondering if he somehow knew I had cleaned up for him. I also took the time to glance around his study, which consisted of quite a few books, enough that it could probably be called a library in this world, and his own oversized fine wood desk sitting in the middle.

“I’ve come, my lord.” I gave another formal curtsy.

He gave out a chuckle and held out his arms, a second later he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Come on, Cornelia, like I said, you’re family now, you can call me papa.”

“Y-yes… papa…” I said it very quietly, although his eyes swam when the words left my mouth.

Yes, the seductress in me knew too well that this was his fetish. He also seemed content pretending that what happened at dinner didn’t happen. I couldn’t believe he didn’t know I knew it was him, so it was probably one of those situations where he knew I could never accuse him, and had to keep my mouth shut. It was his game, but he didn’t know who he was playing with.

“Well, let’s see… I’m going to touch you with light magic. Let me know if anything is wrong.”

“Okay… m-m…papa…” I used the name again, sounding like I was struggling with it.

In truth, I was ready to have him ride my ass while he pulled my hair and I called him daddy, but this level of role-playing had its own appeal at the moment. There was a tingling sensation as magic ran through me. It was like the magic I felt when he used his analysis skill on me. I concentrated on feeling it, hoping to be able to continue to level up my magic skill. I was still painfully stuck at only level 3, so I felt like I could take any practice I could get.

He put out his hand and touched my shoulder. My body shivered at the feel of his rough hands. They started working their way down my arms. They were getting lower, and lower. I closed my eyes, waiting for the moment when this would turn into sex.

Then there was a clap, and I jumped while my eyes opened. The King was standing in front of me with a smile on his face.

“Well, I don’t see anything wrong with you, so you seem fine!” He laughed.

I almost leaked out a stupid noise. I was absolutely convinced he was going to use this time to molest me. Was the hour or two since dinner enough that he was not drunk? Was that whole display earlier just his drunken advances? Part of me felt very disappointed. Okay, so Min was right, I was cleaning up expecting a little fun.

“Before you go,” the King spoke up. “I just wanted to let you know you should make yourself comfortable here. Spend a few days getting familiar with the castle. My sons seem a bit strange, but I implore you to give them a chance, especially your husband-to-be. Believe it or not, he’s been infatuated with you since the moment we told him you were his betrothed. But he’s a terribly shy boy, so give him a chance to open up.”

That was not something I easily believed. Likely, the King had some kind of blinders on where he thought highly of his children, even though they were messed up. Well, Devon seemed okay to me, but the rest were definitely not normal… even though that attracted me a little bit to the two older brothers. I’d pay a few golds to peek in on those two once they were behind closed doors.

“You also should start making acquaintances. There are numerous high and low nobility living in the capital. We frequently have teas, gatherings, and balls. I will invite everyone to the castle to greet you in three days, so try to be comfortable before then.”

Three days to just sit around and do nothing? The noble life sure was leisurely. Suddenly, I found myself wishing that Nova contacted me and started giving me some orders. I really didn’t know how long he planned to run this con. The ring on my finger was starting to chaff.

“Anyway, run along now, my daughter.” The King gave a little gentle smile.

It seemed so genuine for a moment, I almost felt like I was his daughter that he was sending on her way after a gentle discussion. If it wasn’t for the dinner session finger bang, I would have completely thought he was a gentle and wise old man. However, I knew better at this point, and at this moment, I decided I wasn’t going to leave empty-handed.

This probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do at the moment, but my pride as a seductress demanded it. I couldn’t just be sent on my way like a clean and honest daughter-in-law. That simply wasn’t in my nature. Following the King’s flow, I had taken a few steps towards the door while the King went to his desk and sat down.

“Is there something else you need?” He asked curiously as I stopped and turned back.

“Y-yes… erm… about before… uh… in the dining room.” I brought it up.

“Before? Hmm?” There was a twinkle in his eye like he was taunting me.

Perhaps, he had been waiting for me to bring it up. Perhaps, he saw it as some way to embarrass me. However, there was one thing I knew that he didn’t. I knew his preferences and kinks, and I knew how to use them.

“Well. I-I… earlier… there was this discomfort,” I explained.

The King put on a look of concern, and if my Deception was lower I probably wouldn’t have noticed how fake it was. Either way, I continued to play along.

“Discomfort, is it?” He asked.

“Y-yes, papa… it was really weird…like… this pressure… down below.” I turned my head, blushing on command in the way only someone with nearly maxed Deception could.

“Can you describe it?” His eyes were wide open, and he was breathing slightly hard, but he held the “concerned” look on his face.

“I-it… was like… a feeling… on the inside. At first, it felt wrong… but then… it started to feel good.”

“R-really… y-you liked this feeling.” The King was leaning forward.

“R-right. It just kept feeling better and better, and then it felt great… bu-but… then…” I turned around a look of abject embarrassment on my face.

He was leaning forward on his seat. “It’s okay, you can tell your papa.”

I looked at him with my head down, giving a demure look. “Is it really okay? Papa won’t be mad?”

“No, I could never be mad at my precious little daughter.” He shook his head.

“Well… I felt really good, a-and… then… I think I wet myself… I peed… but it wasn’t the same. I… I soiled this dress…

“The one you’re wearing,” the King asked excitedly. “Right, of course, this was the dress you were wearing. Here, come to papa.”

Tears were forming in my eyes, but I let the King bring me over. He sat me on his knee. Of course, this was all an act. I wasn’t even acting my age. I was the 20-year-old Aria, acting like the 18-year-old Cornelia, acting like a 12-year-old daddy’s girl confessing to her papa. It was like one of those bad high school musical dramas where twenty-year-old actors pretended they were teenagers, although it was also getting me really excited. I knew it was working for the King too because as I sat down on his knee, I felt the hardness brush my butt cheek.

“Cornelia… you don’t need to worry, you didn’t pee yourself. This is a very natural reaction when a girl feels very happy.”

I was crying a little, and the King graciously wiped the tears from my eyes. “R-really?”

“Yes, Cornelia, my sweet baby, there is nothing wrong with feeling good. And when you feel good, something sometimes comes out.”

“D-does papa also have something come out when he’s happy?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes… of course I do.”

I gave him a look of surprise, my Deception keeping the act of someone who lacked any sense at all. Of course, I didn’t really believe the King was buying this. He wasn’t an idiot. He had to know that I was making this all up and we were just pretending. In a way, this entire exchange was an unspoken agreement. We both agreed, without exchanging any words, that I’d pretend to be the virgin daughter, while he took the role of the father teaching me.

So he’d suspend disbelief that a supposedly 17-year-old girl had never had an orgasm before and had no concept of the birds and the bees, while I treated him like a kind and concerned father only looking for my best interests. It didn’t matter that it was a lie… it was the fantasy that mattered.

“C-can I tell papa a secret?” I asked.

“Hmm? Of course, my pretty little daughter.”

“I really liked it… I want to… leak again.” I put my hand over my face, practically giggling, not because what I said was ridiculous, although it was, but as a shy daughter who just said something naughty she doesn’t quite understand.

“Is that so?” The King asked. “Do you want me to show you how?”

“Show me… please.”

“How can I say no…” The King was breathing really hard, and I could feel his dick pressed against my right butt cheek pretty hard now.

He slowly moved a hand to my dress, and I gave him a completely innocent nod, and so he lifted the dress up. When my panties were revealed, I almost high-fived myself on the luck. They were a pair of pure whites with no lace. Rather than something sexy, they were 100% pure white panties. The perfect pair for the situation. I couldn’t stop the fact they already had a wet spot forming in the middle, creating a small see-through effect from my excitement.

“Alright, my daughter, whenever you want to feel good, you must take your underwear and pull it aside like this. Then, you must slowly touch down there, rubbing it lightly. However, you can rub harder the more you go.”

I gave him a confused look… “Eh? Really? But mommy always said that was dirty down there and I shouldn’t touch.”

He gave a light laugh. “Oh, yes, your mother, I remember her. She would say something like that.”

I didn’t know if he was talking about Cornelia’s mother for real, or if he was just following the role play. Either way, his fingers were practically sliding over my clit since I was sopping wet in a very un-virgin-like way.

“See daddy, it’s getting wet right now!”

“Mmm… that it is, that just means you must be really happy!”

I nodded enthusiastically. “I am because it’s papa. I love you, papa!”

“Haha…” He smiled. “I love you too, my daughter, I’m glad we can bond so well.”

“Yes, papa, yes!”

“Now, why don’t you try with your own fingers?”

I gave a pout. “Mmm… I don’t want to.”


“I want papa to do it, papa feels good.”

“Oh ho… well… how can I say no to my daughter? Well, then I’ll try my best.”

And like that, I ended up on papa… I mean the King’s lap while he fingered me. The roleplay was intense, and about something quite taboo. The King had also earned his third tier, and his fingers worked my pussy almost as good as I would myself. Before long, I was cumming in sweet release.

“Ah… yes… ah… papa… keep going… yes… yes papa… ah… it’s coming. It’s coming out papa. I can’t stop it!”

“Don’t stop, my dear, be happy!”

While “be happy” wasn’t the most arousing thing to tell a normal sexual woman, I was still obliged to cum, my pussy throbbing around his fingers.

“Ah… ah… papa… is great. Cornelia is happy.” I gave him another bright smile, then I let out a yelp.

“What is it?” the King asked.

“Ah… oh no, I got papa’s leg wet.”

“Oh ho… don’t worry, I’m happy as long as Cornelia is happy.”

I put on another pouty face, stood up, and then moved to my knees. I immediately started grabbing at the King’s pants.

“Ah! Cornelia? What are you doing?”

“Papa made Cornelia’s stuff come out, Cornelia must do the same.”

“Oh, Cornelia, don’t worry, it’s fine. Papa is really happy!”

“No, Cornelia must work hard!” I insisted.

“H-how do you intend to do that?” He asked.

I lifted up my dress and tossed it to the side, leaving just my underwear, still pushed to the side where he fingered me. He started to panic. I understood why. Aria in this fantasy was an innocent girl who didn’t even know naughty words, to suddenly spin around and suck his cock like a pro, or worse, ride him for all he’s worth, would destroy the fantasy. However, I had moved past the point of simple lust or a need for experience. I was committed to the role, and it was my pride as a seductress on the line that we’d finish this together satisfactorily.

At this exact moment, I was no longer Aria the seductress, but Cornelia the ignorant virgin princess who was being sexually exploited and taught by her father-in-law. A moment later…

Deception has increased to level MAX.

Conceal has increased to level MAX.

Role Playing has increased to level 1.

Acting has increased to level 1.

Stealth has increased to level 1.

Disguise has increased to level 1.

Sleight of Hand has increased to level 1.

The sudden flood of skills jumped up into my vision. I had finally maxed out a skill, well two of them at once. Surprisingly, it was Deception and concealing as opposed to any sex skills. Perhaps that spoke some deeper truth about the role of a seductress, but I didn’t know it. Many of the skills I had already been using without having received a skill. It seemed like maxing a Tier 1 skill unlocked several Tier 2 skills.  Role Playing and Acting were likely tier 2 Deception skills. Stealth and Disguise were tier 2 concealing skills. Sleight of hand could be Deception or conceal… perhaps it required both? Would that make it a tier 3 skill?  Still, with the new skills, it made everything feel even more natural. I was so in character that I’d react just like an innocent little girl even if something suddenly happened to disrupt our tryst.

These thoughts quickly went through my head, my acting skill taking over for my distracted mind. However, I was soon drawn back to the situation at hand. I stood over the King, his dick had been freed from his pants and was now bouncing excitedly in front of me. He had a worried look on his face, concerned I was going to break his little fantasy. At that point, I grabbed my breasts.

“M-mom said that breasts make men happy, so I will do it!”

With that, I wrapped my breasts around his cock and started bobbing them up and down. He looked completely confused for a second, but after a moment, he laughed. It really was an unexpected, yet childish event. Still, I was titty fucking him now, so even if my experience wasn’t given when he fingered me, hopefully, this would do the trick.

“It’s so big and warm,” I said.

In truth, my C breasts weren’t so big that they could engulf a cock, but they were nice enough I could get some friction going. He had already released a little precum, hot and bothered from fingering me for several minutes, so I used that as lube. I also immediately took advantage of the Sleight of Hand. I had kept a vial of the orc lube in my dress, and using my skills, I managed to get the vial open, and a few dollops from my hand to my breasts without ruining the fantasy.

And with that, his cock rocked between my breasts, shooting up my neck each time I bobbed my body down on it. The King also let his side of the fantasy slip, and he was rolling back his head and enjoying the feel.

Titty Fuck has increased to level 1.

“Papa is so hard… Cornelia will use her mouth too!” I announced.

“Mmhmm!” The King moaned, already past the point where he could maintain any pretense.

Therefore, I continued to bob up and down. I brought my head down, and every time his dick popped up between my breasts, I would catch the head with my mouth. Sometimes, I’d lick it like a lollipop, other times I would suck the tip for a second before letting it slide back down to the bottom of my tits.

The King’s moans started to grow, and I moved quite fast, fast enough that the sound of his dick sliding between my tits made an audible noise. It was a wet sound, the kind that made me hot. Mixing maxed Conceal with Sleight of Hand, I fingered myself with one hand, while using the other to keep my breasts tight around his thrusting cock.

Masturbation has increased to level 5.

I was on a roll tonight, and that only infused me with more vigor. He was now moving his hips as well, thrusting up into me. The first two times he did so caused his dick to fly off to the side, hitting me in the cheek instead of the mouth. After a few thrusts, I got the hang of it and continued to bring the tip to my mouth with each thrust.

“Oh… daughter… oh yes… Cornelia is such a good girl… your boobs Cornelia, they’re so good… make papa happy!” He moaned.

“Yes, Cornelia wants papa happy!” I said while shooting him a smile.

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