1) I want to bookmark my place.

The links in the Table of Contents change colors after you’ve gone to a post. As long as you’re not cleaning cookies and history, then the last post you were on would be the last post that has a “darkened” link.

2) I want the website colors different!

If you click on the handicap icon in the menu (upper right for desktop), you can put the screen in light mode.

3) I don’t know what benefits I have!

When you signed up, they were right here.

4) You should have a Q+A.

I do.

5) Organize the store so its easier to buy eBooks.

I did.

6) I want the ability to search by tag or keyword.

It’s been there for years.

7) I think erotica novels should be tagged so we can find them easier.

They are.

I also tag chapters with erotica in them, although this isn’t always up to date. Like so…

8) I want a longer list of recent posts.

Right there. You get every post in the last month starting with the latest.

9) You should write books with longer chapters.

You mean like every book I write besides My Dungeon Life and Power of Creation?

10) I don’t want to pay a recurring payment, use credit card, or Paypal. Guess I can’t be a member.

I accept bitcoin, gift cards, work assistance, literally just about anything that can be exchange over the internet. It’s in that Q+A you didn’t read.

Disclaimer: Three chapters of content were sacrificed in making this content instead. Enjoy!