I just wanted to announce that the Patreon goals were reached so all 5 bonus chapters will be written for WoW. Furthermore, they will be released and available for ALL Patreon users, $1+. You will all be given a copy of the PDF/epub next month.

Furthermore, I will start releasing WoW this Saturday. My first thought is to release the bonus chapters first, and then once all 5 are released, then release chapter 1… so that you guys get all the interim chapters first. However, let me know in the comments and/or my discord survey which you prefer. I can start releasing Chapter 1 before the bonus chapters. I mean, technically the bonus chapters aren’t needed… so you’ll have to decide.

This leaves one last financial goal. If funding reaches $2000, WoW will release twice a week. Furthermore, I will also release the next part of Hero’s Vengeance. At that point, I’m set. $2000 is the cost necessary to maintain the WOW twice a week release schedule. It is the amount I need to make to support myself as a writer permanently. If it falls below, WoW will fall back to one.

I also put a goal of $2200. This will bring back certain characters in WoW who left. Yeah… if you pay enough… I’ll change the story a bit for you. The polls seem to be 50/50 on whether they want these changes. Just remember this is a world with magic, and there is no “grand story” that is being ruined because I bring back a character.

Thank you once again. And enjoy the start of WoW this Saturday. Make sure to let me know your preference in the comics or discord.