I thought the many times I announced this was enough, but I guess I was wrong, so…

The $1 Tier no longer exists! If you paid into the $1 tier, you’re no longer getting any of the locked chapters!

So, can’t log into new chapters with you $1 account? GOOD! That’s what that thing I just said means. You want to continue to read? Pay $2.

This was not done as a cash grab or anything. I had my reasons for doing it.

Are some things still $1 while others are $2? Duh! It’s called a transition for a reason. Everything isn’t instantly going to be changed.

Sorry I had to announce this separately, but after the half dozen “UR WEBSITE IS BROKEN!” emails, I thought this needed to be specially announced.



P.S. Oh, and if you switch to $2 tier and it won’t let you access new content, CLEAR YOUR CACHE! I can’t tell you how many emails I resolve weekly where “CLEAR YOUR CACHE” is the answer. It’s as mind-numbingly simple as “have you tried turning your PC off and on again”. Come on, people, learn to internet.