FYI, this is a complete story that has already been financed. As in, someone paid for it, I already worked out the entire plot with him, so this is a thing that will come out. You just get to read it for free.

Summary: It all started with a single change. After finding out his wife was contacting her ex and daughter’s real dad, Jim realizes that things need to change. He has a wife who won’t touch him, a stepdaughter who won’t talk to him, and a job he hates. He’s been fat with no energy and no confidence for too long. However, a call to a beautiful exercise coach might just be the change he needs.

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Many injustices existed in the world. There were the injustices of sex, the injustices of race, the injustices of wealth, and the injustices of birthright. However, to me, there has always been one injustice that seemed to trump them all. It was the injustice of fitness.

Many laws and rules protected people from prejudices caused by race or sex. Being poor might suck, but anyone was that one right job away from making as much money as they needed. No matter how bad a person’s family, when they turned eighteen, they could leave and start a life of their own free of such a family.

Nothing quite shackled a person down like being fat and unfit. First off, everything started to hurt more. Your health deteriorated. You were tired all of the time. The more you fell into it, the harder it became to get out of it. Most importantly, the only people who cared about the issue were the ones profiting off so-called weight loss plans.

Being fat made it difficult to move. Every calorie of work you performed required just that much more energy than the same work done by a skinny, fit person. Your chances of getting a job plummeted. It made society as a whole look down on you. Being fat destroyed your sex drive, and it made you less appealing to those of the opposite sex. You’d have sleeping problems, waking problems, and it wasn’t supprising if depression followed.

Despite all of these setbacks, you wouldn’t hear any sympathy from society. After all, being fat was a choice. You could have been fit, but you chose not to be. You didn’t want it bad enough, and you needed to live with the consequences. Some of us would try desperately to climb out of a lifetime of bad eating habits by jumping from one diet to the next. Perhaps a few of those would climb out of their rut, but many would fall right back into it. The rest just give up, accepting a life of being overweight and unhappy.

That was the rut I had fallen into myself just a few years prior. I didn’t start out fat. When I went to college, I was a pretty fit guy. I had a pretty big dick, and I got some pretty nice use out of it my freshman year. As I went for a business degree, I found two ways to relieve my stress, fucking and food.

However, have you heard of the freshman fifteen? Well, I gained all fifteen pounds, and while I still didn’t have too much problem with the ladies, my confidence had already taken a hit. My freshman fifteen became the sophomore thirty. The sophomore thirty became a junior fifty. As I gained weight, my confidence dropped, my success with the ladies dropped, and stress increased. Without sex, that meant more food, and so I ended up gaining a hundred pounds by the time I finished college.

I did earn my degree though, and I told myself that now that the hard work was gone, I’d get my life back in order. How did I know that work was going to be even more stressful than college? Thankfully, there was a saving grace, and that saving grace turned out to be a woman. She was very cute, and she didn’t even mind that I was a bit chunky. Beauty-wise, she was as hot as any of the girls I banged back my freshman year, and she was willing to be with me even though I was already nearing three hundred pounds!

How did I end up so fortunate? Well, Beth was sort of damaged goods. She had fallen in love with a guy in high school, and she had decided to give up college to support him going to college. She’d work and put him through college, and then when he graduated, he’d take care of her as she raised his family. You can probably tell where that went.

Four years later, she was pregnant with his child when she found him cheating on her with freshman college student. He broke it off with her, and so she ended up with a one-year-old baby and no prospects. Her future as a loving wife was obliterated, but that’s when I met her.

I knew that she wasn’t that attracted to me. After all, she was a hotty. Even though she had just had a baby, she had managed to immediately lose the weight with a strict workout. Her appearance mattered to her greatly. Meanwhile, I couldn’t even see my penis anymore. Unless you’re fat, you might not realize this, but the extra fat takes away from the length of your cock. Fat guys have smaller penises since the fat blocks an inch or two.

Since it wasn’t my looks or my virality, the thing that attracted Beth was stability. I made a steady paycheck at a job I hated, and she just wanted a steady life for her and her child. So, we eloped. It wasn’t like our marriage was loveless. She’d sometimes fuck me. She would never put it in her mouth though, and anal was out of the question. My wife was as vanilla as could be. She told me it was because her ex used to fold her into all kinds of positions, and having sex like that reminded her of him. Why would I want to remind my wife of another man when I was banging her, so I was dumb enough to accept her excuse.

I took care of her, and to a lesser extent her child. Her daughter’s name was Emily, and she was a major dad-con. Not me, her real father. She wanted to spend all of her time over there, and she hated me. She would never listen to anything I said, and eventually, her behavior was so out of control that we sent her to an all-girls boarding school. That was expensive, and I had to work more to afford it. I ended up gaining another hundred pounds.

I remembered the last time I was truly intimate with my wife. When I was done, she said that I was too heavy and it felt like she was being smothered. I offered doggie, but she immediately made a face, turned away from me dismissively, and that was the last time we had sex. That would have been two years ago.

You’d think at that point, I would have realized that my life needed to change, but unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough. The wake-up call I needed came almost six months later. My wife and I had been sitting on opposite sides of the couch. I was watching television while she texted friends on her phone. We rarely spoke much anymore, and we never touched each other.

Around that time, she had started looking better, doing her makeup, and focusing on yoga. Her body was still as tight and sexy as it was when she was twenty-two. I thought she might be trying to rekindle the romance between us. I wanted to pounce on her, but part of me was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to get it up. I had been having trouble. Plus, I was almost certain she’d say no, like the last two or three times I had tried, when she had just rejected me with a “maybe later.”

My wife got up to use the restroom, and she had forgotten her phone on the coffee table. It was a very cliché event, but her phone kept buzzing every few seconds, and I finally got irritated and picked it up. The phone was locked, but I knew the pattern she liked to use, so it was easy to get in.

That’s when I found out that she had started talking with her ex again. Some of those texts got pretty flirtatious, although it wasn’t at enough of a level that I’d say she was outright cheating. I had always kept his social networks saved on a tab, and so I knew he was married, good-looking, and rich.

He had managed to get his life together only a few years after ditching his wife and kid. He owned a used car lot and sold beatup cars to the gullible. The reason my daughter loved her daddy so much was because he had a pool at his big house, a yacht he could take out on trips, and he even got her a horse for her sixteenth birthday, although she only kept it until she went to her private school. Why was I paying for her private schooling? That was any one’s guess.

He was hitting up and flirting with my wife, even though he had a wife of his own. She was a smoking hot girl too. She was ten years younger than him, still in her twenties, and they didn’t have any children. Why did such a bastard have to go after my wife, when he had a young beauty of his own? Well, his name was Tom, did I need to say anything more?

It made me so angry, and I very nearly prepared to confront my wife when she returned. I knew she’d deny anything happened or would happen, and she’d only make me feel guilty for being jealous. It’d be a disaster and I’d be the one to pay for it.

That’s when I noticed that his wife appeared to have a side job. She was an exercise and fitness coach, and she was nearby. I jotted down her number and then pretended I saw nothing when my wife returned.

A few days later, I called the number. I couldn’t tell you what was going through my mind when I contacted her. If Tom and my wife were going to chat, then I would chat with his wife. I didn’t like that my money would end up going to that rich bastard, but the idea I’d get to go and see his wife in tight clothing, that we’d be in close contact with each other, sweaty and breathing hard, for an hour every day, it tickled my fancy.

“Hello?” A youthful and energetic voice answered the phone.

“Um… I was calling about the fitness, uh… never mind.” I couldn’t do it; I went to hang up.

“Wait, wait!” She stopped me just as I was about to hang up. “Are you overweight?”

I winced. What kind of question was that?”

“Yeah,” I responded.

“I used to be overweight too.”

“What?” My voice was incredulous. “In those photos, you’re so hoo—aawww…”

I couldn’t believe I almost said that. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she hung up on me.

“It took a lot of work to lose that weight.” She admitted quietly. “In high school, I was always that fat girl. Boys weren’t interested in me, and girls teased me. I realized I was always going to be just that… a fat girl unless I did something and changed my life. That’s why… that’s why I want to help someone else change their life too!”

“I don’t… know…”

I felt a little strange. She sounded so impassioned, that I was feeling guilty. I really just wanted to get back at my wife’s ex. It was starting to feel like I was exploiting her good will though, just a little bit.

“Just meet with me. Once. No charge.” She insisted.

I finally agreed, wondering if she was excited about weight loss, or if she was just really just wanted my money. Still, I ended up meeting her for the first time at a nearby park. It had an outdoor gym, a few pipes sticking out to the ground that let you do pull-ups, pushups, and a few other exorcises. It was a brisk afternoon, and when I saw her there bundled up in gloves, a sweater, and a beanie, I was a little regretful I couldn’t see those tight workout clothes she had underneath.

When she saw me, her eyes seemed to light up, and my heart started beating faster. When I saw her, I was just glad she didn’t have her husband tag along for protection. It wasn’t just because it would be awkward. She and I had never met before. I gave her a fake last name, so she had no clue who I was, but her husband had seen me a few times and could probably recognize me on sight. This really did feel like an affair. I was even more regretful.

“You know, meeting a stranger like this isn’t very safe.” I had meant to come up with an excuse to leave, but I ended up saying such a ghastly thing.

She smiled, her eyes twinkling. “You’re right. I could push you down and have my way with you as soon as I get you someplace alone.”


She covered her mouth, her cheeks blushing. “I’m sorry, it’s a nervous habit. I flirt when I’m nervous. Back when I was… bigger, the only time guys would pay me any attention was when I threw myself at them. It drives my husband crazy.”

“Oh? You’re married?”

“Mm-hmm.” She smiled. “Are you.”

“N-no…” And there it was, no going back. “And I can’t imagine any guy who wouldn’t go for you, you’re beautif-ahem… I mean.”

She giggled, seeming to find my attitude amusing. I wasn’t too happy with myself at that moment. I had a wife, but there I was flirting badly with some other woman. My only condolence was that I was certain that it was never going to go anywhere. She was really hot, and I was some fat guy. Her husband was rich and decent-looking. She was only treating me nicely because she wanted me to pay her money. That’s all it was. That’s what I thought back then. I had never been so wrong.

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