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“Honey, I’m home.” I walked in the door and gave the cliched line as I dropped the keys into the mail sort.

The lights were on, so I assumed my wife was home, but I didn’t hear a response. I’d been working out with Jenny for a while now. I had more energy than I used to, but I still had a long way to go. I hadn’t dropped too many pants sizes, and my shirts still fit me, so I couldn’t have lost that much weight.

I was reminded of all of those overweight people who showed their previous pants that they could fit three of their current selves inside, and I hadn’t even gotten close to that state. It wasn’t that I wasn’t working out enough, it was just that every time I did work out, it seemed to become muscle and I’d gain weight as fast as I lost it. It was maddening. Jenny’s reaction earlier that day had been all of the information I had needed to tell me this was a road I’d be going on for a long time.

Although, despite that ending, it was a really good day. Jenny was wearing short shorts and a tank top, and damn was she hot. Watching her run, her boobs bouncing as she went, I couldn’t help but chase her. I even kept up with her, but why wouldn’t I? That view from behind was outrageous.

Since I had started losing weight, I had felt my libido slowly coming back to life. I was getting hornier and hornier, and it was getting harder and harder to not flirt with Jennifer. At this point, I had nearly forgotten my original grievances, the fact that she was Tom’s wife. Beth hadn’t done too much I’d consider suspicious over the last year, so I had nearly forgotten about all of that.

It still bothered me that Beth was talking to Tom behind my back, but I was talking to his wife behind her back, so it mostly evened out in my mind. As I headed into the family room, I became aware of a sound upstairs in our bedroom. It was the sound of the shower running. My wife was upstairs taking a shower. In the past, I would have just made myself a sandwich and watched television until she came down.

However, not only did I run 10k today and was feeling a bit of a workout high, but I had to run it behind Jenny’s beautiful behind. Just the thought of her bouncing boobs and tight butt was enough to cause me to grow hard.

I was almost certain that if I entered the shower with my wife, she wouldn’t be receptive, but my horniness quickly overcame my reason. With a grin, I abandoned the family room and crept up to my room. The distinct sounds of the shower grew as I entered my bedroom. My wife had laid out her clothes on the bed. I glanced at it and was a bit surprised.

Wasn’t this a little scandalous? I had never seen my wife wear such naughtier lingerie. The outfit she had selected also looked a bit naughty, a short skirt and a tank top. Was she going through a midlife crisis? A small voice worried that such an outfit wasn’t for me, but some other guy. That only meant I needed to go hard on my wife, so no other man would touch her.

I lifted her underwear and then gave it a sniff. Was it a little perverted to be sniffing my wife’s underwear? Maybe, but that was how long we had last had sex. It had a faint smell of detergent, and even that was enough to make my dick throb with desire.

I pulled off my clothing, tossing it on top of hers. If she wanted to get dressed, she’d have to go through me. Damn, what was with me today? I was acting like a teenager too. Maybe, that was something the both of us had in common.

I stepped into the bathroom, and I instantly could see her naked silhouette past the curtains. I let out a sigh. She was beautiful. I was eyeing Jenny like a pervert when I had a perfectly beautiful woman right here. Had she lost weight? Her boobs were looking particularly pert.

“Hey, babe, you mind if I join you?” I asked.

I thought she might not have heard me, but then she started nodding her head enthusiastically, and that was all of the warnings I needed. I slid open the back of the curtain and got into the shower. A puff of steam immediately fogged my glasses as I stepped in. I ignored it though, reaching out and grabbing my woman. As soon as I grabbed her, I heard a yell.

This happened at the same time I heard the door downstairs slam shut. I looked down in my arms, only to see that the naked woman in them wasn’t my wife. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. Her body was pert, smooth, with still some hints it was still developing. It was my stepdaughter!

What? What? What?

My mind was short-circuiting, and the way she was staring at me like a deer in headlights, her mind seemed to be frozen too.

“Jim, are you home?” A voice called up from the bottom of the stairway.

That voice seemed to snap both of us out of it at once. Her eyes widened in shock, and I almost could read her mind. Her mouth opened to yell, and I instinctively grabbed her, putting my hand over her mouth and then holding her forcefully so she couldn’t escape. Holding her so close, I realized that she couldn’t hear me beause she had headphones in at full blast. Were they waterproof, or was she just taking a chance?


“Yes! Yes, I’m home!” I yelled, louder than her muffled cry. “I’m just showering after my workout!”

“Oh, well, I’m just letting you know Emily is going to be home.”

Her eyes met mine, still dancing around wildly as she struggled in my grip.

“I see…” I responded darkly before yelling. “Why isn’t she at school?”

“She got kicked out… don’t argue with me right now. We’ll talk about it later.” Beth shouted preemptively.

“Kicked out…”

“Mmm! Mmm!” She was struggling against me, but her smooth naked body pressed against mine was stimulating.

In particular, her butt kept rubbing back against me. The second I had seen her, my wood disappeared, but with her butt wagging back and forth, just in front of it, how could I not respond. It grew hard once again and ended up poking her in the butt.

“Mm!” She jumped when she felt it.

“I’m going to let go of your mouth, but you’re not going scream, okay?” I hissed in her ear.

She nodded, and I closed my eyes and took a breath. How did I get into this situation? It wasn’t like I could do anything to her, not really. I slowly pulled my hand off her lips, but I left it just over her mouth so I could cover it again quickly if I had to. I could feel her warm breath against my palm.

“Why are you in my shower?” I asked in a hushed whisper.

“I’m in mom’s shower because her shower has better water pressure.” She reached up and pulled her headphones out of her ears before matching my tone. “You’re a fucking pervert. I knew mom should never marry you.”

“I’m the pervert? Aren’t you the one who wants higher water pressure so you can masturbate to it?”

“How did-” Her face flushed red. “I’m going to tell mom about you!”

I had guessed correctly. I had increased the water pressure in this bathroom exactly because I knew my wife used the showerhead to please herself. Sometimes, I’d listen at the door when she took a shower and took care of things. It was the most intimacy I got these days. Her daughter was eighteen now, so it stood to reason she’d have similar desires.

“You won’t say a damn thing!” I growled.

When she threatened me, I reached out and slapped her ass. The movement caused my dick to slide the rest of the way between her legs. The feel of her young teen thighs against my neglected pecker was nearly enough to cause me to cum right there. This was my stepdaughter, though, so how could I do something like that. Then again, how could any of that be happening?

“Ah! You… fuck…” I thought my actions would set Emily off, but she suddenly grew a lot weaker in my grip.

She nearly fell, and I had to reach out and grab her, holding her against me. She looked over at me, but her eyes didn’t hold hate, but another look. Her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing hard. That’s when I felt her legs squirming. I focused on the feelings my penis was experiencing, and that’s when I realized where my cock was.  It was jammed right up her crack, the tip of it pushing against her clitoris. Her body was rocking slightly, causing my dick to stimulate her clit.

Her body was extremely hot to the touch, and I realized she was getting close to orgasming. Perhaps, she had already started during her shower, and I had interrupted her fun time. For the first time, I started to grow extremely aware that I was with a young eighteen-year-old girl. She might have been two when I married her mom, but she had been away for the last two years at boarding school, and so I hadn’t seen her develop into this sensual young woman in front of me.

The feel of her body in my grip was more than I could take, and I found myself reaching down and grabbing her clitoris, spreading it open. I then began to rock my hips, pushing my cock between her legs and wrapping it up her slit before it barely teased her clit. She reached down and grabbed my wrist as if she wanted to pull them away, but she ultimately didn’t.

“Hah… Hah… n-no…” She moaned quietly.

What the hell was I doing? How had this ended up this way? I was in the shower violating my wife’s daughter. I was scum, but it felt so good. I moved faster and faster, my hips thrusting as I slid my dick between her wet, smooth thighs. Her body started to shutter in my grip, and I used my thumb to rub her clit. I finally reached my limit. I was far too horny, with one last thrust, I started cumming. Of course, my dick was between her legs, so it shot mostly out in front of her. A little ended up on her stomach, but most of it fell to be washed away by the shower harmlessly.

Her own body quivered, and I realized she had shoved a mouth full of her hair into her mouth to keep her cries stifled. She finally collapsed as my dick started to soften. Her head fell on my chest like she no longer had any energy. With my sexual frustration released, I started to realized the horror of what I had done. I didn’t just cheat on my wife. I cheated on my wife with her daughter!

Emily’s eyes seemed to regain lucidity as quickly as mine. She immediately went to pull away from me, but I grabbed onto her one more time.

“Wait!” I hissed in her ear.

She shuddered but remained in my grip. At that moment, the door to the bathroom opened just a crack.

“Did you hear me?” Beth asked from the other side of the door.

I quietly reached out and turned the bathtub knob off, stopping the flow of water. The naked Emily was still in my arm, dripping wet.

“Uh, no, what?” I spoke loud enough for Beth to hear.

“I said that we’ll order out tonight when Emily gets home, but tomorrow, I have someplace to be and you and Emily will be on your own, okay?”

“Yeah, fine,” I responded.

She closed the door again, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Y-you pig! Never talk to me again!” She elbowed me in the ribs, and I finally let go of her.

Stepping out of the tub, she went for a towel. I took the opportunity while holding my gut to check her out. Emily was extremely sexy. Her body was so smooth and perky. Her butt was tight, and her breasts were firm. The feel of them matched the appearance completely. Just the look seemed to trigger my libido again, and I started getting hard.

Emily threw the towel over herself, finally blocking my view of that wonderful body. Once she tied it, she turned again to shoot me a scathing glare, but it slipped off her face and she let out a little gasp. Her wide eyes were trained on my erect dick. It did feel large again after losing the weight I had lost. There was less of a fat pouch and the hot water had let it come out to its full size. Emily’s face turned red as she probed me up and down.

“See anything you like?” I asked.

“P-pig…” Her voice had much less force in it, and she didn’t look at me.

After making sure my wife was downstairs, I helped her flee to her bedroom with her clothing that had been hidden under my own. She slipped out the window, something she had done enough of while she lived here that boarding school had happened, and then made her debut at the door. I got dressed and went down to eat.

Beth was clueless, talking with delight over her Emily. Emily kept her mouth generally quiet, occasionally slipping me a look.

I had half expected her to finally reveal the truth. I had been waiting for this whole fantasy to come crashing down. However, we finished supper, and Emily went to her room without a word. Beth went up to our room a bit later. The moment of justice never came. Had I gotten away with it?

I joined Beth in bed a few hours later. I put my hand on her hip and leaned over and kissed her.

“Not now… Emily’s in the other room.” She mumbled into her pillow, half asleep.

It was real. I couldn’t believe it. Not only had I done stuff with my stepdaughter, but it appeared like it wasn’t going to cause me trouble down the line. I leaned back in bed, marveling at my luck.

Well, look at that. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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