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Once the girl and her father were a sufficient distance away, I worked my way back out the window with the communication device in my backpack. I’d have to figure out how it worked sometime later. I then shimmied across the roof one more time. I didn’t immediately jump into her room. I had been scorned by women before, so I was naturally suspicious of this girl. Minutes passed, I considered just ditching her. Unfortunately, my curiosity won out over my senses, and I continued to wait. If she had something I needed, then this trip would be invaluable.

It was nearly thirty minutes, and I was just about to open the window and look in myself. Just as I had that thought though, the window opened on its own. I refrained from jumping in shock, but my body tensed, and my hand went to my knife just in case. If anyone but her poked their heads out, I would be killing tonight. However, a familiar head peeked out, and I allowed my shoulders to relax just a bit. When her eyes fell on me, she gave a strangely excited smile and a nod.

“Come in! I sent daddy away and my door is locked.” Her head went back into her room.

I didn’t just jump right in but took a cautious peek first. It was as she said. The door was closed and she was the only one in the room. There was an oil lamp in the corner that was emitting a low lite. As I pulled myself into the room, I started to feel like something was off. There was a thick smell of perfume. The bedroom seemed to have been rearranged slightly. The bed was made, and it looked like someone had picked up. The room had been neat, but just a bit cluttered when I had entered it earlier.

As for Alesha, she was standing there watching me with expectant eyes. No, the part about her that was off was that she had her hair up, was wearing makeup, and appeared to be in her night clothing. None of these things had been the case when I saw her enter the room earlier. Which meant part of the time I had been waiting, she had been cleaning up, getting dressed, and doing her hair. My eyebrows twitched as I turned to her.

“What is it that you wanted?”

“You’re Miles, right? You killed the former governor.”

“I am…” I responded, my hand tightening on the knife sheathed in my belt. “And I’m not afraid to kill again.”

“R-really? You’ll kill me?” She looked up at me through her eyelashes in a strangely coy look.

“I will if I have to.” I shot back.

She shook for a second, but it didn’t seem like fear. Her eyes seemed to have a slightly excited expression.

“I’ve… never met a murderer before.” She said, looking down with a blush.

“I don’t kill people who didn’t deserve it. Your father and the governor killed my uncle, and tried to steal my ship.”

“Daddy told me you’ve become a pirate. He said you allied with monsters and killed everyone on your island, and then came here to do the same. They say you committed treason!”

I could help but stare in disbelief. The gall that the magistrate had to spread such a rumor. I supposed he needed to come up with a reason or the population wouldn’t accept that a supposed ally would kill the governor for seemingly no reason, but this was a particularly slanderous lie. Piracy and Treason were the two highest crimes on the islands, and both were sentenced with death.

“Do you believe such a thing?” I demanded, not able to keep the agitation and anger from tinging my voice.

Her breath quickened. “I-I don’t know, that’s why I asked you here.”

I turned away. “If you have nothing of importance to discuss, I’m leaving.”

“No!” She reached out and grabbed my arm, causing me to pull the knife from my sheath with an audible noise. “Please… Miles.”

Of course, she should know my name. However, when she used it, it seemed to dig into my heart. My grip on the knife wavered slightly. However, her eyes were on my knife. Once again, she wasn’t looking at me with fear, but she had kind of excited demeanor.

“What do you want?” I demanded for a final time.

“Your… reputation.” She said. “I’ve heard of you visitors from the North and your uncle… I mean before…”

“What of it?”

“They say, that you’re a man who is very… good with women.” She bit her lip nervously.


“It’s just… have I not developed into a healthy woman?” She reached up and tugged at her neckline provocatively. “Do you… see anything you like?”

As a man who went from getting it daily to someone who hasn’t had it in weeks, the sight of her failed flirting instantly made me hard. I found myself licking my lips as I slowly turned back to her. I was still cautious, but there was a beast inside that started trying to fight its way out.

“You’re a virgin,” I said, sounding more like an accusation.

“I-I know… that’s why… I don’t want it to be anyone on this island!”

“Why me?”

“Because you’re beautiful.”

I reached up and touched my eye. “Hardly.”

“That’s… it only makes you distinguished. You’ve been through so much hardship. I thought of giving it to you before any of this happened. I had heard how you were a gentle, yet wild lover with experience, and I wanted my first time to be with an experienced man. However, you never visited. I tried to go there with your cousin so I could lose it to you. I even joked with her about it. We’re good friends, you see. We even talked about losing it together on the same man… she’s dead now… isn’t she?” Her eyes suddenly turned slightly sad.

“I don’t know,” I responded truthfully. “I believe she’s a slave. I will try to save her.”

“But I won’t see her again?”

Thinking about how big this world was turning out to be, I slowly nodded. “Probably not.”

“Then… please have my body. This way I can feel closer to Rosaline. If you find her and save her, then we can have our dream completed together.”

“You know, this will piss off your father.”

“Heh.” She covered her mouth, but her eyes held a great deal of mirth.

It turned out that pissing off her dad was the biggest reason yet.

I couldn’t believe I was even considering this. My eyes had shrunk to pinpricks. As far as I could tell, everything she had said was completely the truth. Her room and attire was proof she had been getting ready just to sleep with me. Her reasoning was complex. It was partly a kind of survivor’s guilt that she didn’t fulfill her pact with a friend who was now gone. It was partly anticipation from a man she had admired from afar where this was her last chance. It was partly a bit of thrillseeking, and desire to satisfy a dangerous man. Finally, it was because she hated her dad, and there was no one she could sleep with that would probably piss him off more than me.

I sighed. I was but a man, after all. As long as the door was locked, I was safer in here than I was anywhere else on the island. Putting my backpack down, I started to unbelt my pants. I pulled my hat off and put it down on the side of the bed.

“Very well. In that case, you can start by getting on your knees?”

“Knees? Not the bed? Oh-okay…”

She slowly knelt in front of me, but she had a confused expression on her face. When I pulled my thing out, her mouth fell open and she audibly gasped.

“That’s big… they never said how big it was!” She looked at it with interest.

“Put it In your mouth!”

“My mouth!” She looked up at me in surprise. “But… don’t you, I mean… isn’t it dirty?”

“If it is, then you’ll just have to clean it with your tongue?” I declared.

“Ah! S-sorry… then, please, I’ll do this.” She reached up carefully and grabbed the shaft from the top with two fingers, holding it up like a delicate parfait.

Every so slowly, she stuck out her tongue and moved toward it. Her nose was wrinkled, and she couldn’t help a look of disgust on her face. She was truly a virgin in every sense of the word. There were no true virgins on the North Island, except maybe my previous sister. I had made sure every girl there of appropriate age knew all about sex. Yet this girl seemed to know nothing.

Feeling extremely horny after weeks of abstinence, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my dick in forcefully.

“Mmm!” Her lips closed on it, and I could feel her warm tongue and throat against my cock.

This was a feeling I deeply missed. I could help but let out a satisfied sigh. However, a moment later, she caught and spit it out.

“Ah… ick… it tastes salty!” She said unhappily. “Why do I have to do this?”

“Because the place it’s going next is your pussy!” I said irritably, “Do you want my cock to be nice and wet so it goes in, or do you want it to rip your open dry.”

Her eyes widened and she let out a cute noise as she covered her mouth. “That… I … I will work harder!”

I sighed, patting the top of her head. “Just suck on it like you would a lollipop. Once it is nice and wet, I’ll slide it inside you and give you a night to remember.”

“O-okay.” She agreed, taking my cock in her mouth more readily this time.

She still made a face, but she continued to suck on it, using a nice rhythmic sucking that felt very satisfying against my cock. I positioned myself leaning against the wall, letting the satisfaction overtake me as the young governor’s daughter satisfied me with her mouth. If this turned out to be some elaborate deception, at that moment, I would have both figuratively and caught with my pants down. What could I say, it was a weakness of mine?

I ran my hand through her hair as her head bobbed up and down, and once she acclimated herself to the feel of a hard thing in her mouth and the taste of a dick on her tongue, Alesha began to increase her speed and enthusiasm. She lacked the skill and experience that my maid had earned after countless practice sessions, so she had trouble keeping her spit in her mouth. Her chin had become covered in spit, and so had my cock. The wet noises of her tongue occasionally slurping against my cock filled the air.

Then again, perhaps she had taken it literally when I said she was wetting my cock because it was quite covered right now. I straightened myself back out, pulling my cock away from her mouth. She looked up at me expectantly as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

“Get on the bed, lose your underwear!”

“Y-yes!” She excitedly jumped up onto the bed and spread her legs as eagerly as my slutty maid ever could.

I fact, having sex with Alesha sort of reminded me of my time with my maid. I had been with many women just like this, and they were now all dead or slaves. I told myself I was just enjoying her body and denied myself from letting any emotions get involved. It still wasn’t perfect, and a strange sense of melancholy pushed against the sexual excitement I felt from touching her body.

My arms crept up her bodice, untying the strings and opening it. I pulled off her gown and then grabbed her legs. Pulling them, I brought her to the edge of the bed with her legs up in a V. Kneeling against the bed with one knee and standing on the ground with the other, I lined my cock up against her tight little slit.

“You’re so wet on your own, you must like BJs.”

“Th-that’s not true!” She responded, blushing while modesty covering her exposed chest with her hands.

I grabbed the wrists with my hand, forcing open her chest. As I admired her small but decent breasts, I shoved my cock inside her.

“Ahhhn! It hurts!” She cried out.

“I can stop if you want.”

She looked up at me tearfully. “D-don’t, you’ve already started so…”

“So, you want it all the way inside you.”

“When you say it that way…”

“Hehe… I get it. Then, I’ll put it in the rest of the way.”

“Ahhhh! Ahhh!” Her butt buckled as I forced it in, but grabbed her hips and used the angle to shove it even deeper.

Once it was all the way in, her butt fell to the bed, and she started gasping for a breath of relief. Her eyes were disordered and her expression was both stressed and amazed. I looked down to see a droplet of red run down.

“So, you really were a virgin.”

“O-of course.” She blushed. “It-it really fit.”

“Heh… that’s not all it can do!”

Grabbing her tiny waist tightly, I readjusted myself and then began to rock my hips roughly, pulling it in and out. I already had a feeling that Alesha was a bit of a masochist, so I only gave her exactly what she wanted. Her looks of pain also showed a light of pleasure in them, and she was showing no signs about wanting to stop. I had played with many maidens in my day and taken the cherry of several women, but I rarely did so this roughly.

I unleashed all of my animalistic lust on her without giving any mercy. Even though she claimed she didn’t believe me to be a murderer, she had shown interest in me exactly because she saw me as someone dangerous. I’d like to say it was all an act, but for me, it had been weeks since I had last had sex, and in that time, I had faced countless pain and suffering. It appeared like I had become a rougher person as well, less considerate and more selfish of a lover.

I pounded into her roughly, treating her body as my own personal sex toy, throwing away any decorum or desire to woe her. In my other conquests, I had to go on living with them for countless years after. There couldn’t be bad blood between us. Whether it was making sure they didn’t get pregnant or making sure they didn’t feel violated, I had to concern myself with her feeling and emotions. However, I’d be leaving this place, and I had no plans to come back. After I was finished releasing my lust on her, I didn’t plan to even talk to her again. It was a shockingly freeing feeling, which led to me holding down her shoulders and pounding her even harder.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! My insides are melting! Ahh… so good!”

Her face was scrunched up in sexual agony, and she was letting out willful moans of sexual delight. The sounds she made were noises I had never created in a girl before, and they were noises I rather liked. The edged me on to wreck this beautiful maiden even more. She seemed to be rising to a sexual height I had never managed with any previous woman. A combination of my devil-may-care attitude and her masochistic needs caused perfect sexual compatibility.

“Ahhhh… Ahhh… ghhhhaaa…. I’m… I’m going to explode!” She cried out.

My hand ended up moving to her throat, and I started to choke her. I couldn’t threaten her life with the one hand, but it was a show of danger and power that seemed to excite both of us. Her eyes started to bulge, but rather than look fearful, her panting grew ragged and her body started shaking. Her eyes rolled up in her head, and her little tongue came out of her mouth like she was a panting tongue. The beauty of a newly elected governor’s daughter had morphed into the face of a lustful whore. If any man on the island saw such an expression on her, her entire image would have been ruined for life. A distant knocking sound distracted me for a second, but my mind and body were focused on Alesha.

I reached my limit at that moment, and so I shoved my dick deep inside her. For a moment, I considered filling her womb with my side. Since I was leaving, it didn’t matter if she was pregnant or not. I could leave the magistrate and now the governor who betrayed me with a baby he could care for the rest of his life. It’d be an act of beautiful revenge. However, the sudden thought of having a child brought the image of my stoic father. Family wasn’t something to be played with.


I pulled out my cock and lifted it. Weeks of built-up lust exploded out, and it splashed up her tummy, over her small breasts, and then stuck her face. She held out her tongue with her mouth open, trying to swallow the loads that reached her mouth. That ended up only being the first three spurts, as each subsequent spurt had less strength. Most of the cum ended up on her tits. She wiped her mouth, and then gave me a look of adoration that I recognized as a girl I had managed to seduce.

“That was amazing… I love you, Miles.” She spoke in silken words.

“Alesha!” There was a muffled shout.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Bang! The door blew open as a man slammed into it.

I realized that in the end there, I had been so focused on finishing with Alesha, I had only been distantly aware of just how loud we had become. Although her door was locked, what father wouldn’t kick down a door after hearing his daughter screaming and moaning. The magistrate sat up, and his eyes fell on his daughter. She was stripped naked, and a man was on top of her. Her lower parts were a mess of fluids, and she had white stuff leaking all over her body.

“Now, I’m going.” I grabbed my hat, kissed Alesha on the lips, and then leaped off the governor’s daughter.

He had been staring in complete shock. Luckily, he didn’t have any weapon on him. Why would he need a weapon in his own home? I had grabbed my bag and had a foot out the door before the governor or his daughter had recovered from the shock. The governor’s eyes shot to me. Pure rage filled his face.

“Miles! I’ll fucking kill you! GUARDS!”

Meanwhile, Alesha raised her blanket to cover her naked body, but she was looking at me with love-filled eyes and even waved her hand as I left. I blew her a kiss and then leaped out the door. The fat governor didn’t dare chase after me. Instead, he shot his daughter a disgusted look before running to find his weapon. I leaped from the roof to the outer wall. My knee hit it painfully and I flipped over to the other side, but I ended up outside as several guards raced out into the backyard.

Then, I did was I was best at. I used [Flee].

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