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“M-master!” She giggled as I pulled her head up to me.

I was in the bathtub that the maid had prepared for me. It’s technically big enough for three people, so the maid had more than enough space. I was sitting up in the tub, and she had been on her knees. She was butt naked. Bubbles hid her breasts and outlined the crack of her ass perfectly, but everything else was hidden in white foam. Under the surface, though, her hand had been working studiously to pleasure me.

“Mount my cock!” I ordered, kissing her soft lips and playing with her nice tits.

“M-master… I just cleaned, if I do that, I’ll dirty it again!”

Although she said the words, the maid was crawling toward me, her round buttocks gently rocking the water back and forth each time she advanced. I brought my legs together as she moved her legs to the outside, using motions the both of us had practiced innumerable times. Once her hips were over my own, I reached out and grabbed her bare, wet ass and pulled it toward me. This sent her chest into my face, where I happily played with her cleavage and then sucked her nipples.

The maid reached down and spread the lips of her lotus before lowering down on my staff. She let out a cry of pure lust as she was penetrated deeply by it.

“Has Master gotten bigger again?” She moaned.

Those words were hardly new. Every time she mounted my cock from the age of thirteen, she’d say those words. However, it didn’t mean that I didn’t like hearing them. She began to rock her hips and ride my staff, letting out cute wet noises. Meanwhile, I played with her breasts. I scooped up bubbles from the tub and then dropped them on her breasts, watching them fall down the cleavage. Sometimes, I would hold her tits together and see how many bubbles I could fit in her tits.

It was a calm and peaceful night, doing actions we had performed again and again. Yet, there was a somber feeling to all of this, as this would be the last time, I’d have her. Tomorrow, I’d definitely be too excited to think about such things, and besides, I’d have already tasted the governess and my cousin. Part of the reason I wanted to fuck her was a somber last time.

By the time I got back, her beauty would have diminished, and she might even be married. As for me, I might be engaged by then. Although the thought of playing with her one last time while she was married excited me, it’d never be quite like this, with the maid’s body and soul being 100% mine. That thought dulled my excitement, and I frowned as I looked up at the maid riding my cock.

“Master…” she moaned breathlessly with her eyes closed as she bounced up and down. “You feel amazing.”

“This might be the last time you get to fuck me,” I responded. “I’ll be leaving in two days.”

Her body froze for a second, and then she lowered her head. “I heard, Master. I wish I could go with you.”

“No servants, sadly. The path of the citadel is a lonely one. That’s what they say.”

“I will miss Master every day.” She said, her eyes growing teary just like a woman would.

I stroked her wet hair and smiled. “Will you only think of me?”

“O-of course! Master has been my one and only. When you were thirteen, and I was sixteen, I gave it to you, and since then you’re the only man who has had me!”

“Mm… but we’ve only been together three years, and I will be gone for four. That’s a long time to wait.”

“I-I-I’ll wait!” She insisted fiercely.

“You know I’ll end up getting a fiancée… it probably won’t be you. Are you aiming to be my mistress?”

She looked away and blushed at my embarrassing remarks. “Master, I wouldn’t dare.”

“It’s okay if you do. You are getting on in age. No man on the island will probably want you.” My words were a bit cruel, but I didn’t like my things being played with.

In truth, I knew two guys who had an interest in her, but I had already told them off, and just to make sure, I was going to lead her along too. Well yes, it might be amusing to play with her while married, the thought of her being with another man already irritated me. I wasn’t the kind of guy who shared. Even if I wasn’t going to have her, I didn’t want any other man to have her either.

“So then, I supposed I’ll just have to cum in you today.”

She gasped. “Master, it’s not a safe day!”

Of course, I knew that and snickered just a bit. “Then, all the better. I can make you pregnant with my baby. Then, you’ll definitely be mine forever!”

“I… master…”

With my hands on her chest, I could feel her heartbeat speeding up. She was clearly excited by my words. Normally, I’d use the pullout method. She accepted my release into her mouth or on her chest. I had her ass too, but I didn’t cum in there. I was always careful.

“Then, if you want my baby, you better work hard,” I said.

“Y-yes… is… is it really okay?”

I smiled devilishly. “Of course.”

“Then… I’ll definitely make Master pleased!”

She grabbed the back of my head and rode me with all of her effort. I was amazed. The water sloshed, and a lot of it fell out of the tub as she rode me hard and fast. I came quickly inside her, but the little minx wouldn’t accept one chance. She kept rubbing it with her cunt until it was hard again and then started anew.

This turned out more successfully than I had anticipated. I wanted her to work hard, but I didn’t think she had this in her. Had I known I might have teased her with getting her pregnant sooner. This girl who wanted to have my baby and become my mistress was far more aggressive, bobbing up and down with her tits bouncing as she worked my cock for all it was worth. I came inside her two more times before I was done.

I had accomplished my goal. Now that I had released my seed, I could show the governess a much better time tonight. You couldn’t go with a new woman without at least releasing a few times. It cleared the mind and allowed the seduction to go smoothly. If I was too horny, my eagerness would come up, and it’d be a major turn off. So, my last time with the maid was just an appetizer for the main course tonight.

When she couldn’t get it hard again, she cleaned it with her mouth, and then I got out of the tub. At this point, 2/3rds of the bathwater had ended up on the floor. It ended up leaking to the floor below, and an old maid ended up scolding the younger one for being clumsy. She ran to clean it up while I got dressed and left. She left me one last look of pure love and hope before running into the bathroom to soak up the mess.

As I said to my father, I was always careful about such things. She’d never get pregnant with my baby. I had slipped into the tub a tonic that prevented birth. No matter how many times we did it, a baby would never come. It was best this way. Having a baby with the help was just a mess. I had my reputation to think about. However, she’d obsess over me for months. Maybe years. She’d also blame herself for being unable to get pregnant. By the time she considered moving on, I’d be coming back soon, and she would probably hold off for me.

At the very least, she won’t try to move on for the next few months until she was certain she wasn’t pregnant. That would give it enough time for her suitors to make a move and get rejected. After that, things were up to fate. If she was married or with another man, I’d probably fire her and silently have her sent to another island. It was simply a matter of pride.

As I was walking back to my room, I heard my mother’s voice coming from my sister’s room, and I stopped briefly. Standing at the door, I could see Lily in bed while mother read to her.

“And from each falling star, rose up another dynasty. Some were large, spanning across the endless sea, while others were small, living in only a small island.

I recognized the story she was telling Lily. It was the tale of the Great Voyage. It chronicled when the Citadel made the journey to the four islands. We supposedly left our home to follow the burning star in the sky. It was a journey that took countless years, although I couldn’t imagine a voyage that would take years to complete. Some claimed it took generations, but I found that unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine someone being born and living their entire life on a ship.

Supposedly, before the burning star was reached, the ship broke. That ship was none other than the citadel. You could understand why this was hard to believe. Although I had never seen the citadel personally, it was supposedly larger than our largest island, and one could go inside and outside it. It supposedly was submerged, with half of it under the ocean. It was so vast that the citadel touched the ocean floor yet still jetted up into the sky.

If someone could tell me how something like that could float, I’d never seen it. Even more ridiculous stories suggested that the ship didn’t float on water, but traveled amongst the stars. I was too old to believe such silly things. My teacher had told me that texts pertaining to the citadel as a starship were a metaphor. Apparently, when one was out in the endless sea at night, the stars shone on the sea perfectly reflected the image of the sky, giving the illusion that you were floating amongst the stars.

I knew these stories were all bogus for one simple reason. No one was able to point out to me where this burning star was. If this burning star was so important to our journey if it burned in the sky so brightly that our ancestors left their homes to find it, then why wasn’t it still there? It should be extremely obvious. The only explanation I ever got was that I once heard an old man claim the sun was the burning star. How ridiculous! How can the sun be a star?

Unlike me, Lily’s eyes were bright as she bought into the story in her youthfulness, “What are they like? The dynasties?”

“Terrifying. Scary. Powerful.” Mother admitted, but when fear started to show on her daughter’s eyes, she smiled and tickled her. “But also beautiful. Magical. Wonderful.”

“Mom!” Lily giggled as her mom tickled her.

“Beyond the endless sea, there are great wonders. There are islands that float in the sky. There are oceans that collapse into an endless pit. There are species of all kinds. Some look similar to us but have the ears of a cat or the nose of a dog. Others are so foreign that they’d look like monsters to us.”

“There are also Monsters too. Slimes aren’t the only threat out there. There are insects as big as birds and as hungry as pigs. There are great Leviathans larger than the island we live on, and mighty Krakens that would eat a ship in a single gulp if we aren’t careful.”

“Eek!” Lily hid under the blanket.

Mom chuckled softly. “We are safe on the four islands. The ocean here isn’t very deep. Well, if you swam down, you’d never reach the bottom, but that is nothing compared to the deepness of the endless sea.”

That part was the only part of all of that that I actually believed, and it was enough to give me shivers. I couldn’t imagine how deep the ocean was. All I knew was that it stretched on to eternity, and there was no point in trying to reach the end. However, as I watched the comforting scene between mother and daughter, I could only smile gently as I watched.

The realization that I wouldn’t see my sister again until she had developed into a young maiden did hurt. I hoped no man set his eye on her until I got back. Of course, I wasn’t going to stop her from getting into a relationship, but that man would definitely need to be approved by her big brother, that was for certain! As for my mother, it felt lonely imagining I wouldn’t be able to embrace her for the next few years.

I found a tear running down my cheek, and so I quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed. How womanly. I cleared my throat, causing the pair of women to turn to me.

“Brother?” Lily asked questioningly.

“Miles, did you need something?” Mom smiled pleasantly.

“Ah… no, I just thought this story might be too exciting for Lily. She seems even less likely to sleep. You should tell her the story about the bunny who couldn’t hop. That one always put me to sleep.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “I’m fine, Brother! I like to hear exciting stories! When I grow older, I’m going to sail out into the endless sea!”

“Oh my!” Mother chuckled. “Well, well, I suppose your skill will come in handy out there.”

I blinked. “Sister has manifested a skill?”

“Of course! I’m reaching womanhood, why shouldn’t I have a skill!” Lily demanded poutily.

Mother nodded. “Lily’s skill is singing. {Sing} allows her to have a perfect pitch. She has a beautiful voice.”

I made a face, causing Lily to glare at me and then stick out her tongue. “It’s better than {Flee}!”

“Ah…” That was a low blow, but I supposed I deserved it.

I definitely couldn’t argue with her. {Flee} and {Glibed Tongue} were truly trash skills. Now that I remembered it, Lily always did like to sing. She had a very pretty voice and last year she had even sung during one of Father’s banquets. Knowing that I had a sudden urge to hear her one last time before I went.

Red appeared on my cheeks, and I didn’t meet her wide eyes. “Tomorrow… if you want, you can sing at my party.”

Lily’s eyes brightened. “Really? You’ll let me?”

I nodded, feeling even more embarrassed at the excited expression on her face. This meant a lot more to her than I expected. She would always be my adorable little sister.

Mother smiled and gave me a slight nod, the kind she gave when she approved of a choice I had made. It caused my heart to feel even lighter. Rather than read another story, she patted her daughter’s head and told her it was time for bed.

“Ah… Mother… one more?”

Mother tapped her lips for a second and then leaned close. “How about a song? It’s one you can learn.”

“Yes… Mom. Please?”

“Very well.” Still standing, she leaned over Lily’s bed and sang a light song while stroking her hair gently.

The child who sleeps at night, at night, at night.

He had a great fright, a fright, a fright

But it is always darkest without the light, the light, the light

He always must seek out the bright, the bright, the bright

As she sang, her voice was soft and peaceful, Lilly began to join in, just a second behind her mother’s words, but repeating her pitch almost perfectly.

He sails where the wind blows, it blows, it blows

He follows where his path goes, it goes, it goes

He’ll never think about the morrow, the morrow, the morrow

Living a life without sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.

And he will not bend, not bend, not bend

He will make it to the end, the end, the end

After it all, only then, and then, and then

He will finally comprehend, comprehend, comprehend

By the end of the song, Lily’s eyes had closed, and her words had come out in a mumble. Mother gently bent over and kissed her head. Finally, she stood up, straightened her dress, and walked up to the door where I was still standing. Even I couldn’t say why I was still there. I wouldn’t have much time before I left, so I felt like I wanted to see my family every last second that I could.

“My son,” Mother pulled me into a hug at the door. “Do not be so hard on your skills. One day, they may be the difference between life and death. The higher powers gave us these skills for a reason, and one day, you will find your reason. Believe me.”

“Yes, Mother, of course.”

I only said the words to put her at ease. In truth, I didn’t think that would ever be the case. Rather, I had my eyes set on a new skill I could learn. I just needed to get my hands on a skill orb. I would work hard at my studies, get a skill worthy of the governor of North Island, and return to my family a grown man.

I wished Mother a good night and returned to my bedroom. Instead of getting ready for bed, I switched out of my comfortable clothes and put on my nicest casual clothing. By now, it was dark out, and she would be waiting for me. It was time to take the governess on our date and seal the deal. I headed out into the night.

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