Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Cousin, what are you doing?” I screamed as blood spurted from the Governess’s stomach.

She pushed the other woman away and stumbled back, holding her gut. I watched as my cousin giggled, taking the bloody blade and licking it.

“It was really too easy.” She said. “I mean, you yokals, you don’t see family, what, once a decade? When the last time you met someone, they were six, they really could grow up to look like anyone, right?”

“Wh-what are you saying?”

“Wh-wh-wh… “ She laughed. “You’re so cute, Miles. I couldn’t say it wasn’t fun watching you try so hard to fuck me. I’m supposedly your cousin, but that doesn’t stop a hornball like you, does it?”

I shook my head, the shock and confusion compiling until I didn’t really know what to say to this woman at all.

“I’ll say it simply then. Your cousin’s ship was commandeered nearly a month ago. I took her place.”

“No… that…”

It was true that she had come strangely. The ship had sailed by, but it didn’t get close enough to view with binoculars. They simply dropped her off and expected her to row the rest of the way. She said it had to do with an infestation on the ship that they didn’t want contaminating our food supplies, but suddenly it became much clearer. The first time I saw her, I didn’t think she looked that much like my cousin, but she was supposed to be my cousin, so I sort of just excused it.

“You… you’re a pirate?”

“I have to thank you, Miles, your tour of the island gave me the perfect place to launch my signal flares and for us to conduct a night attack without being seen at all.”


“Don’t look so glum. If it makes you feel any better, my investigation found that the North Island is so weak that we wouldn’t have even needed any tricks to raid it.”


“Oh, it’s nothing personal. We just needed to replenish supplies. We’re on a journey south, you see, and we have to take food and cargo where we can get it. Your island was just a convenient and easy stop on the way.”

“We would have sold you all that?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry, I wasn’t buying.” She let out a laugh.

I glanced over at the Governess. She was on the ground now, holding her gut as she glared at my cousin in silence. No, not my cousin. Just some unnamed pirate.

“But… to find an actually ancient relic here? Now that… that’s truly a find. Captain will definitely promote me. If we can get this ship working, maybe she’ll give me her old ship as she captains this one. That would be something. I could be the captain.

“It belongs to us!”

“It belongs to those who have the strength to take it and keep it. That’s how this world works. That’s how it’s always worked!”

I closed my eyes and leaned back, finding my strength starting to leave me. “Was none of it real?”

She glanced over at me in amusement. “Well, my skill is [Acting}, so I’m very good at pretending to be something I’m not. If it’s any consolation, I seriously considered giving you a ride before your big day. Ah! That’s right. I remember. Today is your seventeenth birthday. Congratulations!”


I didn’t know what to say to her. This was a woman whom I thought was family. My father was dead. My sister and mother were gone. Selena was gone too. My cousin was gone or sold a month ago. This woman was a lie. It was all a jumbled mess of loss and sadness.

“Well, by the look of it, you’ll probably die on your own with or without me.” She said with a sigh, “But I’d rather not take a chance without.”

She pulled her knife again, approaching the governess.

“No! Kill me first!” I screamed.

“I’m not taking requests,” she laughed, leaning over and batting away the governess’s feeble attempt to block her.

She slid her knife into the governess again. She let out a scream, but the other woman covered her mouth and laughed.

At that moment, I noticed slime moving by my foot. Unable to stand back up, I scooted over. With desperation, I shoved my hand into it. I immediately felt the burning sensation as the digestive acids worked on my hand.

Meanwhile, the pirate who was once my cousin had left the knife inside the Governess but was moving the handle from side to side, trying to cause as much pain and damage as possible. Her eyes rolled up in her head, and she passed out.

I could see parts of my hand dissolving. The pain was intense, but it was also keeping me awake when the biting cold wanted to make me sleep. I lifted my shaking arm with the slime on it.

“Hey… bitch!” I snapped.

Rather than spin to look at me, my Cousin sighed. “Name-calling isn’t appropriate. Perhaps I should teach dear cousin a lesson by cutting off his dick and making him eat it!”

She spun around with that, only then noticing that I had a strange blob on my hand.

“Eat this!” I threw my arms out with all of my force. The blob went flying, and my hand detached and went with it.

I let out a howling scream, collapsing to the ground and clutching my arm. As for the blob, it landed right on her face, and her open mouth. Never open your mouth if you have a slime on your head. That was a cardinal rule. She let out a scream, but all I heard was a gargled gurgle. Slime flowed down into her stomach and throat. It enveloped her head in seconds. She tried to grab at it, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t remove it now that it was attached to her.

“She ran around desperately, her cries all cut off and noiseless. After a solid minute of this, only then did she collapse to the ground. As the slime slowly enveloped her body, I passed out unconscious.

When I woke up, I didn’t feel any better. I felt even worse. It hurt to even breath. I was so cold I felt like I could shake through the floor. Looking up to where my former cousin had fallen, she wasn’t there at all. Instead, I saw perhaps the largest slime I had ever seen. It had… digested her in entirety? Was it a slime with a taste for human flesh?

The slime began to move in my direction. Slimes would eat anything that was helpless. That was an indisputable fact. I cried out, desperately trying to back up. However, I was like a fish out of water. I could only flop around. Meanwhile, the slime moved closer and closer.

“Please… no!” I cried out. “Please… don’t eat me… please…”

I was screaming and crying now as I tried to escape my fate. I had seen my Cousin’s last few painful moments. I didn’t want to go that way. Rather, I didn’t want to die at all. I wasn’t ready to pass on. I had to live.

“Please… stop!” The slime seemed to jiggle in response.

At that moment, I saw the Governess on the other side, still leaning against the wall of the ship. The knife was in her. Her skin was deathly pale. She had lost tons of blood. She didn’t appear like she was moving. She was basically already dead.

“Go… eat her!” I pointed to the other woman. “Not me! Her!’

For reasons I couldn’t even comprehend, the slime did exactly as I said. It turned and started inching in her direction. I let out a breath of relief. However, when it actually did reach her food, I couldn’t help but bitterly look down. I was still alive. She was dead. This was only the right choice. That was what I thought, but when the slime reached past her knees, she suddenly jerked, and her eyes opened.

I stared at her in complete shock. Was the governess still alive? No… wait… I thought… My body shook. She started struggling, trying to kick the slime off her legs. However, it was persistent, and it crawled up more and more.

“Ah!” She screamed. “Ah, no!”

Her screams were hoarse and weak, but that sounded like thunder in my ears at that moment. The whole process only took five minutes before the slime enveloped her whole body. She opened her mouth too, as it covered it.

I looked away, shutting my eyes tightly. I couldn’t see it.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” I bawled.

Tears fell down my face freely, and I cried over everything. In the end, I had saved no one and even gotten people killed. The Governesses eyes were on me until the very end, but I couldn’t look at her. I just kept yelling; I was sorry. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t mean to. It was my fault. This was all my fault. Please… I don’t want to die. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

After what felt like an eternity, I finally passed out into blissful unconsciousness. My dreams were dark and murky, and they felt as cold and hopeless as being awake. However, there at least, I didn’t have to face reality.

“I’m… still alive?” My croaky voice broke into the room as light pierced my eyes once again.

By now, a slime should have eaten me too. I had passed out once again. I had lost a hand. The blood loss should have killed me. Yet, I felt something strangely warm on my arm. That warmth next to my body was liked a blanket, keeping me from freezing to death. I pushed against it, letting the warmth press against me before I fell back into another murky sleep.

I woke again, this time, finally feeling like I could open my eyes again. Everything still hurt, but the ever-present warmth was still by my side. I slowly allowed my eyes to adjust to the light. I was staring up at the ceiling of the cavern. It hadn’t been a dream. I was still here. I had hoped, somewhere deep down, it was all just some fever-induced nightmare. The warmth by my side, it was my mother hugging me and comforting me. It was what it reminded me of the most.

If I was still in the cavern, what was the warmth next to my body? Ever so slowly and weakly, I look down and then let out a scream. A slime was resting on top of me. In particular, it seemed latched onto my arm, or more specifically the stump where my hand used to be. I pulled away, backing up frantically. To my relief, the slime let go of my hand as I back away desperately to a wall. I was breathing hard and couldn’t help letting out a painful groan. My head burned. Yet, surprisingly, my arm didn’t.

I had lost my hand, yet the wound was sealed up quickly. There was no sign of infection, and I hadn’t bled out. Wait, that slime had been on my arm. It wasn’t dissolving it. Had it been… keeping it clean and sealed? I shook my head, causing a wave of nausea. I really was in bad shape if I started to think a slime had done something for me.

The slime was on the ground next to me now. It was green in appearance and was very large. This was the one that had eaten my hand, right? It ate the pirate who I thought was my cousin and then grew much larger than the normal ones, so it was easy to pick out. A normal slime had a mass of two or three coconuts. This one had a mass closer to that of a human. Of course, it did, it had eaten a human.

With that thought, my eyes turned to where the Governess had fallen. Her body was gone too, completely dissolved and eaten away.  Even the blood on the ground had been devoured. There wasn’t a single trace of the beautiful woman I had brought down into this place. This monster had eaten her too. Yet, strangely, it hadn’t grown larger after consuming her. It seemed to have become as large as it would become.

The presence of the slime also seemed to have caused all the other slimes to flee. I couldn’t see any on the deck of the ship. They had instead fled to the corners of the cave, giving this particular one a wide birth.

It started to move towards me. My breath quickened, and I tried to move away, still finding those movements difficult.

“Stay away from me!” I cried out.

The slime stopped, but it bubbled and bounced like it was saying something. I couldn’t even guess what a slime would want to say. Maybe I really was crazy. I was here wondering what a slime was trying to tell me. That was definitely the trademark of a madman. What happened had caused my mind to break. I was certain of that.

Just when I took a breath of relief, it started to approach me again. I gritted my teeth and glared at it.

“What’s your problem, you stupid slime! Go away!”

It stopped again, but it also stubbornly remained just a foot away from me. I wanted to kick it, but I was honestly afraid of it too. Slimes usually ignored your presence unless you were injured or went out of your way to touch it. This one, on the other hand, seemed fascinated with me. It’s only saving grace is while I was concerned about this strange slime, I wasn’t thinking about everything else that had happened. If I did right now, I would likely collapse back into a fetal position and cry. It was just too much to face.

The slime, staying in its spot, suddenly sent a tendril out, reaching for my foot. I pulled away, feeling even more agitated.

“Fuck off! I only like women! Do you hear? Beautiful women, like that Governess you… you…” The tears were returning.

I pointed at the governess. I offered her to the slime. Was it my fault that she died such a gruesome death?

The slime pulled back its tendril. I was just about to relax when it suddenly made another move. This one was much more violent than the previous motions. It suddenly lurched up, expanding and spreading out. I let out a cry of shock, but I found myself already in a corner and unable to move any farther away.

The strange creature began to change shape, its main body slimming out as four tendrils stretched from it’s front and back. I watched in wide-eyed confusion as its body changed and molded slowly over the course of a minute. I realized exactly what its shape was becoming. It was the shape of a woman!

It had a head, breasts, a butt, two legs and two arms. It kept forming, growing more and more detailed. The green skin suddenly turned colors, changing into a light and flawless skin tone that could no longer be seen through. Then more and more details, and before my eyes emerged a flawless girl. It was a girl I knew all too well.

“The… governess?”

That was right, kneeling in front of me, was a perfect replication of the governess. However, first of all, she was completely naked. The slime hadn’t replicated her clothing in the slightest. Secondly, she was completely bald. Her eyebrows, her hair, and even down below, it was all perfectly smooth. As the governess was so beautiful, it ended up giving her an exotic, otherworldly appearance.

“Are you… the governess?” I asked.

She looked at me, her eyes seeming to function just like normal eyes. She then shook her head. It had been a clear response! I had thought the slime might be responding to my words, but this was the first time I was certain of it.

“You understand me?”

She looked at me for a moment before nodding. Her responses were a tad slow like she had to process what I said before she could come up with a proper answer. However, it was working. I was communicating with a slime! I didn’t think there was anyone in the history of this island who had ever done the same!

I licked my lips. “Wh-why didn’t you eat me?”

A look again, and then she answered with a shrug. Interestingly enough, she not only understood my questions, but she understood how to respond to body movements. It was clear she couldn’t talk, but this was something else entirely.

I was trying to think of other questions to ask, but what kind of questions did you ask a random slime? More importantly, what questions could I asked that pertained to me and my current dilemma?

“Will you eat me?” I asked nervously.

It made a scrunched-up face and held its hand out. It seemed to mean something like, not right now, but who knows about the future. I wanted to laugh, but it would only cause me more pain.

“What is it that you want with me?” I finally asked.

The slime waited for a bit and then brought out its palm. I looked at it, but it didn’t move. I brought out my palm, and then slowly moved mine toward the slimes, and our hands touched. Her hand was warm, and it felt like skin. It wasn’t like a smooth, rubbery slime, but it had the feel of real skin, supported by bone and muscle.

“You want… to touch me?” She nodded, but then cocked her head to the side and shrugged.

Close, but not exactly.

“You want… to be with me?”

She nodded more enthusiastically this time. Then, she took my hand and put it on her chest.

“You want sex?”

She shot me an annoyed look and then moved my hand, so I squeezed her breast. I shook my head, not getting what she wanted.

“You want… me to please you?”

She raised her hand and then spun her finger around in a circle.

“You want to please me?”

She nodded again and then closed her eyes. I leaned back against the wall, the energy leaving me. I didn’t know what to say to that. A slime appeared out of nowhere, ate several people, and then declared that it wanted to serve me. That was strange, anyway I looked at it. I began to shiver as a bout of coldness overtook me.

The slime saw this and then began to crawl towards me. I lifted up a hand to push her back, but when I felt bare, warm skin, my arms lost all of its energy. The girl lay on top of me and then wrapped her arms around me. She was soft, warm, and comfortable.

Another wave of exhaustion overtook me, and I fell asleep while being held in the arms of a girl made of slime. That was how I spent the rest of my seventeenth birthday. 

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