Summary: On the day Miles becomes a man, his entire life is taken from him as his town is destroyed and the small island where he lives is ransacked by a mysterious ship full of strange pirates. Finding a ship under the island made with the technology of the ancients, and with a slimegirl as a first mate, he sets off to build a crew of slave girls and save the Heaven’s Sky Archipelago from certain destruction. However, he’s about to learn that the world is far far larger than the only four islands he has ever known. To save his family that was sold into slavery and get vengeance on the one’s who did it, he sets out from his home into the vast sea beyond.

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The Last Dreadpirate is currently not a regular release web novel. I release one chapter every five weeks on rotation (check schedule in newsletter for more info). You can also order Sponsor Chapters when available. If Sponsor Chapters are closed, it’s either because I have a chapter ordered, or are otherwise too busy to work on them.