Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Ahh… yeah… give it to me! Give me that fat cock!” the woman screamed.

“Yeah… I’ll give it to you.” I chuckled to myself. “Take it!”

“Ahn…it’s so big! Harder. Harder!”

“Oooo… I’m going as hard as I can!” I muttered. “Fuck, I’m going to cum.”

“Oh, baby… cum inside me!”

“Too late… fuck!”

Fap. Fap. Fap!

An explosion of cum shot out in front of the television screen, barely missing the screen itself as it plopped down on the hardwood floor. Sitting on that floor with my legs spread open and my dick out in my hand, I watched in satisfaction as a few more gobs of cum dripped out in front of me. I imagined that the floor was the tit’s of the pornstar on the screen and that I was cumming on them.

I wondered what real sex was like. As I watched the girl moan and suck on the guy’s cock, cleaning it after he came on her, I wondered what that felt like too. Regrettably, it wasn’t in the cards for a guy like me to get a girl. There were several reasons that was the case. One of them was that I lived with seven women already. That made bringing a girl home impossible. It was hardly the fantasy you’re imagining though.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Hey, you still haven’t taken the trash out yet!” A young girl’s voice called out.

“Ahn… Fuck me harder!” The girl had started round two.

I realized that when I had been cumming, the audio jack cable had gotten loose, and now the audio from the porn was blaring out loud.

“Ah… fuck…” I cursed, looking down at the mess over my hand, the floor, and my pants as I fumbled desperately for the remote with my only good hand.

“Brother… what was that noise? Did I hear a girl?”

“Fffuu….” I growled the partial word, turning off the television. “It’s nothing, I’ll be right there!”

I reached out and grabbed my tissue box, pulling out several tissues as I desperately tried to clean my hands and the mess. My younger sister hadn’t responded to my yell. Instead, I heard the sudden thumping of footsteps as she ran to the room next to mine. The walls were thin, so I could hear everything clearly.

“Mackenzie!” I heard her voice in the room next to mine. “He says he’s too busy watching porn to take out the trash!”

“Fffffffuuuuk!” I growled hatefully, cringing at my hateful sister.

Weren’t younger sisters supposed to idolize their big brother? Well, she didn’t idolize me at all. Worse, she went and tattled on me to Mackenzie. I heard Mackenzie’s heavier footsteps leave her room as she came to my door. I quickly hid all of my porn and tossed the tissues in the trash. Half of the tissues made it in the can. The rest fell out of the overflowing can and onto the floor.

This was so infuriating! I was sixteen now, I didn’t need a freaking babysitter. Worse, Mackenzie was only one year older than me. Just because she was eighteen didn’t give her the right to boss me around.

Thump. Thump.

Mackenzie’s heavy knocking showed her annoyance and anger. “Open the door, Noah, before I kick your ass!”

“Can’t I have some damn privacy!” I cursed, feeling completely aggrieved as I unlocked the door and looked out. “I said I’d get the trash in a moment!”

A tall, beautiful girl with nice size C breasts, a ponytail, and brown eyes was glaring at me with her arms crossed. “You forgot to take it out last week! You now have twice as much garbage. It stinks! Not everyone who lives here is a pig like you!”

A girl poked her head out from behind Mackenzie and stuck her tongue out at me. Kelsey was only younger than me by a year. Yet, she wasn’t even close to being as mature as her big sister. Well, there was one area she was more mature in. That was her chest, which had sprouted out to D’s recently. Kelsey was an athletic girl, and she was another beauty. That will be a recurring theme in my household. 

“I’ll do it!” I shouted back. “Just give me a minute.”

I tried to close the door, but Mackenzie put her hand out and forced it open, taking a step in. Only a single step in, she glanced around and sniffed the air. It still smelled a bit. Wait, my big sister couldn’t possibly know what male spooge smells like, right? Her eyes fell to the trashcan full of waded up tissue paper and then she rolled her eyes.

“You really were watching porn?” Her face turned disgusted.

“I was not!” I lied. “Just get out of my room. I’ll get the trash when I can.”

A girl peaked out of the room across from mine. She looked almost identical to Kelsey, but she was less athletic, making her have a bit more baby fat. She had a lazy air about her. She was almost Kelsey’s exact opposite. Where Kelsey was athletic and into sports, she spent every day lying in bed, watching the television and eating junk food.

“Brother is so gross. I could hear it from my room. He should die,” she responded sleepily.

“Twinsy knows what she’s talking about!” Kelsey nodded excitedly.

Her name wasn’t Twinsy. It was Kristy, but since they were identical twins, Kelsey always called her Twinsy. Kristy shook her head and went back into the room the pair shared, no longer interested in the conversation. She only popped out just long enough to aim criticism at me.

Mackenzie had also backed out of my room and the disgusted face she wore was enough that it really did hurt my feelings. However, there was nothing I could say. I really was watching porn. They always teamed up on me in this way and bullied me. My life was shit!

“Your zipper is undone,” She finally spoke, turning away and covering her nose like she couldn’t even handle the smell of me. “Just do your job.”

I checked my pants and immediately growled. “Fffffffuuu… mmmm…”

I zipped it back up, wondering how much she had seen and noticed a white stain there where some cum had dried. Kelsey laughed at me one last time as I glowered in embarrassment. However, the drama she caused was over, so, Kelsey spun around and entered the room with her twin. As for me, I slammed my own door closed and gave a silent curse.

There was a thud on the wall adjacent to mine. “No slamming!”

Fuck this house! It was way too small, and it was covered with women who were always cruel to me. I hated it. The worst part of all is that those three were only some of the girls in my life. Along with my mother, I had six sisters in all. Three of my sisters were older. Three of my sisters were younger. That made me the middle child and the only male in my household. My father couldn’t handle this feminine environment. That’s why he took off on us about thirteen years ago when my mother was still pregnant with the youngest girl.

As for me, I wanted to get out as soon as I could. As long as I got a job, I’d be leaving this place! Who was I kidding? It was impossible to find a job in this market. Every guy I interviewed with just took one look at me and then said they’d consider it. When I thought about my bad luck, I started to just lose hope that I’d ever make anything of myself. Girls seriously had it easy. They weren’t expected to work or do anything.

For example, I was the only one with the assigned chore of taking out the trash. None of the girls would do it. They claimed it was a guy’s job and the bag was too heavy for them. Instead, they got to wash the clothing and clean the dishes and all the other easy tasks that didn’t make them have to go outside in freezing weather, snow, or rain. I also had to mow the lawn in the summers! Meanwhile, my older sister Dawn had no chores because she was studying for her SATs.

Well, I’d need to study for my SATs too! However, if I said something like that, mom would just roll her eyes and tell me I was just going to waste my time playing video games! It was probably true, but that didn’t mean it was any fairer!

As I walked by one of the bedrooms, I knocked when I saw a young girl on the bed. She was wearing Pajamas that were a bit too small for her. She also had an mp3 player with headphones that were blaring loud music. My youngest sister, Bethany, must have recently gone through a growth spurt. Her shirt barely reached her belly button, and she was wearing shorts so small I could almost see her crack. I didn’t realize I was staring at her ass until a pillow suddenly hit my face.

“Brother is disgusting!” she said in a breathy voice, looking like she was about to cry.

She had noticed me watching her and removed her headphones. 

Fearing that she’d run to Mackenzie to tattle, I held out my hands defensively. “Hey, I was just wondering if you had any trash. I’m taking it out!”

“You are the trash!” she said, “Standing at the doorway grinning while you look at your sister. You’re a pedophile!”

“You’re 13 years old, pedophile refers to attraction to girls 12 and younger, so…”

“The fact you know that is exactly why you’re a creep!” she cursed, running up and slamming the door in my face.

It hit my toe and I cursed as I jumped down the hallway. Bethany and I used to get along, but ever since she started puberty and had her first period, instead of treating me like a loving brother, she started to look at me with disgust and called me a pervert. A door opened just a crack, and a single eye glanced out from the room that was the study, the hallway’s light causing a gleam to bounce off her glasses. 

“I have no trash. Don’t bother me.” The door shut without another word.

That was the most interaction I had with Dawn in an entire week. She was seventeen years old, with dark hair tied into twin ponytails, glasses, and a nerdy vibe about her.

I finished collecting all the trash, grumbling the entire time. As I went outside, dragging a full bag behind me, a car pulled up in the driveway. Two older women got out of the driver and front-passenger side. They looked like an older and younger sister, but the truth was that it was my mother and her oldest daughter, London. London was twenty-four, and actually had a place, but for various reasons she came to the house all of the time.

London wasn’t dad’s daughter, so she was only a half-sister to me. As a result, we weren’t really close. Well, I wasn’t close with any of my sisters. It was better to say there was no resentment between us. To London, I was just another younger sibling in the house. She was always more worried about her own life than anyone in the family. 

“You’re taking out the trash… good!” Mom gave me a tired smile. “Make sure to clean your room too.”

I grimaced. She was always like that. She could never compliment me without adding something else to my workload. I couldn’t complain too much though. She worked more than any of us. Right now, she worked two jobs to support the household. There was a time I wanted to work and bring home money and support my mother and sisters. However, given how my sisters treated me, could you really blame me for preferring to just get out as soon as possible? I’d accept anywhere, really.

“Mom… I can’t believe you’re not helping!” London whined.

“Honey, I just can’t afford to pitch anything in for the wedding. I still think it’s too sudden anyway.”

“Is that what it’s about? You think I’m getting married too quickly so you’re going to sabotage it!”

Mother’s head dropped, showing her exhaustion. It was clear they had been having this argument for some time. For me, this was the first time I had heard that London was getting married. That was exactly how much anyone told me anything in the house.

“Honey, I’m happy you’re getting married. Isn’t the husband’s family supposed to pay for it?”

“Mom… that’s so thirty years ago,” London protested. “You know that Dan has a band and he needs to put all of his money into his work!”

I could only roll my eyes at her words. I had only met Dan once, and I knew that guy was a piece of shit. Everyone knew that guy was a piece of shit. However, it wasn’t my place to say anything. As a guy, I wasn’t permitted to be involved in those kinds of conversations. For mom, London wouldn’t listen to her in the slightest.

The two continued to argue as they entered the house, London insisting mom needed to pay for the wedding while mom sighed and shook her head. As always, I was basically forgotten. Living in a house with seven beautiful women? Whoever said this was every man’s dream? I would hit anyone who even suggested it.

It’s just, sometimes, I wished the women in my life knew what it felt like to be a man.

As I thought that, I didn’t notice a shooting star crossing the darkening sky. I dropped the trash bags on the curb, stretching my back. It was only then that I noticed a car veering off the road and heading up onto the curb directly at me. I could see a woman in the driver’s seat looking at her cellphone rather than the road.

“Woah!” I shouted, but it was too late.

She saw me and hit the brakes, but the car ended up hitting me anyway just before stopping completely. I fell back on the curb, and as I landed my head smacked painfully against the cement. Darkness overtook me.

When I started regaining consciousness, not very much time had passed, as the sun still hadn’t set all the way. I felt someone tinkering with my pants. My eyes groggily opened, and I saw the girl who had been driving. She had a hold of the hem of my pants and she was peeking down them, looking at my underwear. I couldn’t see her face until she turned to me. When her head spun around, her eyes instantly locked onto mine. She was a very pretty girl with long eyelashes and a cute smile.

Although, her face was kind of odd right at that moment. Her expression turned from a strangely perverted one to one of complete shame. She suddenly jumped off me, landing on her knees. She immediately bowed down, her head touching the ground.

“I’m sorry, sir! I mean, I didn’t do it! Rather… if I did it, which you can’t prove, it totally wasn’t what you thought I did!”

As she babbled on with a blushing face, she came off as really really cute. Suddenly, a strange feeling came over me. Before I could even stop myself, my mouth moved.

“Can I get your number?”

Her mouth fell open, a shocked expression. I winced. Why did I ask that? She’s such a pretty girl. How could she be interested in giving me her number? I really was a loser after all.

Just as I was thinking these things. “My number, Yes!”

She jumped up and ran to the car, grabbing a pen and paper and immediately writing on it like she was in a race. She then ran to me and held out the paper scrap with both hands, her head lowered.

“Please, take my number! I’ll definitely pay any hospital bills.”

“Huh?” I shook my head, still feeling slightly dizzy. “No, I just wanted your number because you’re cute.”


I winced again. That was the second time I said something inappropriate. I really had hit my head, but that was no excuse for this level of stupidity. The first time I asked, she thought I was angry about being hit. Now that I said such words, there was no way I wouldn’t embarrass myself. I was waiting for a slap. However, when it didn’t come, I was hoping there was still time to undo the damage.

 “Ah… forget it… I’m sorry…” I tried to push a scrap of paper back to her.

“N-no!” Her eyes turned serious and she shoved the paper to me. “Please call me! I mean… if you want to. I’ll definitely answer! No… I mean… yeah… whatever, that’s cool…”

The more she talked, the cuter she became. I realized she was really nervous. I just didn’t understand why. Maybe she thought I owed her because of the car. Well, I wasn’t so great of a man that I wasn’t willing to use that situation to get close to a girl. I eagerly took her number and smiled. Suddenly, my abysmal day had just gotten a million times better. I got a cute girl’s number!

She also seemed to really like me. She kept smiling and blushing. She almost tripped twice as she went back into her car, saying goodbye three times before she finally drove away. When I finally got up and dusted off my pants, I was about ready to jump for joy. Of course, what I didn’t realize was that this was just the start. Everything changed. As soon as I entered the house, I was in for a brand-new world.

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