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After recovering from my odd encounter with my mother and sisters that was completely different from what I was used to, I walked cautiously out my door. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt. Both were a bit tighter than I was used to, but they weren’t something I would not have worn in my old world. I cautiously looked around, almost afraid to encounter my sisters. They had changed so drastically that I had become extremely wary of them.

Mackenzie was still in her room from where she fled after that strange moment in my bedroom. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it. Did we almost kiss? I felt up my sister’s chest, and not only did I get no repercussions, but she was also the one embarrassed and hiding in her room. Kristy and Kelsey were also in their room. Usually, the girls left their doors open unless they saw me walking by. They would then deliberately close it as if they had been waiting just to shut it in my face. Now, the doors were already closed, every girl demanding privacy.

It was the same with Bethany too. Four sisters, three closed doors. That was when I came across the first door that was open. Well, calling it open was a bit off. It was only open a crack. It was as if Dawn had closed the door but forgot to latch it all the way. Out of pure curiosity, I peeked through the crack in her room.

So messy! Her bed wasn’t made, and there was stuff all over the floor. It looked really dirty. There was no light on at all. Instead, there was a computer in the corner that offered the only glow in the room. Dawn was sitting on a chair. I couldn’t see anything but the top of her head from the angle the crack afforded me, but I could see her computer. Also, as my eyes adjusted, I could hear something being said over her speakers, although they were down low.

“Ah… Ah… Ah… Fuck yeah! You’re grabbing my dick. It feels so good.”

“Hehe… Do you like that pussy? Take that pussy! Fuck it!”

My eyes popped wide as there was clear porn on the computer screen. There was a girl there, but the camera was completely focused on the guy. You could hear her talking, but she was just a disembodied pussy that seemed to be bouncing up and down on this cock excitedly. Meanwhile, the guy had a silly expression on his face and seemed to be lying back, barely doing anything while she rode his cock for all it was worth.

I accidentally leaned forward a bit, and the door inched open. The extra light from the hallways flooded into the room. There was a click and the porn minimized, and then Dawn spun around. She had a confused but angry expression on her face. When her eyes landed on me, they turned white, and then she bared her teeth angrily.

“Get out of my room, Noah!”


“Damn, you’re so annoying!”

She got up and started walking toward me. However, she was in her underwear and nothing else. I could see her entire body. Dawn was a nerdy girl with glasses and twin tails. She wasn’t thin or athletic, but a bit plump. This didn’t mean she wasn’t cute. All of my sisters were hot, but she had low self-esteem because of her weight and glasses. She also didn’t get a whole lot of sun, giving her a pale look. Basically, she was your typical nerd girl. Fantasy girl to all male nerds but spurned by most women.

“Sister, I…” I wanted to apologize about seeing her almost naked, but she didn’t seem to care at all.

She shoved me out and then slammed the door in my face. Somehow, this felt like it always did, yet it was all completely different.

Her room smelled of something too. Was it kind of a fishy smell? When she pushed me, her hand had a scent on it. It felt somewhat familiar like I had smelled it yesterday when I was with Sam. She wasn’t… it wasn’t… I shook my head, deciding it wasn’t something I needed to dwell on. I finally turned away and headed out to the kitchen. I had wasted enough time.

“London?” I was really surprised to see her there when I walked into the kitchen.

I noticed that she was cooking food in the oven.

“Noah! You’re up, I’m relieved.”


“Mm!” She nodded. “I was still worried about you after last night. I was so busy that I had to just leave you like that, but I wanted to follow up and make sure you’re still good. Stupid mom here was trying to make you cook after suffering from a head trauma!”

She nodded into the living room, which could be seen from the kitchen. Mom was sitting in a chair and seemed to ignore London. She had a shirt on, but she was sitting in her panties like this was normal. She was watching the television, which appeared to be another sports game. Even when I was a guy, I didn’t understand the appeal of sports. Watching mom watch it so intently; it filled me with an odd feeling.

At least I wouldn’t need to worry about cooking right now. My skills really were basic.

“You are doing okay, aren’t you?”

“Ah!” I turned and made a noise of surprise when I realized London was right next to me.

She reached out and touched my forehead with her cool hands. She was really close to me, and I wondered if when I gave her a peck on the cheek if it had affected her more than I thought it would.

I suddenly had a massive urge just to come clean and tell her everything. I had spoken to Sam, but she hadn’t believed most of what I told her. In the end, I had only gotten her in a bunch of trouble, and she wasn’t able to help me at all. London was kind of different though. She was older, and she had someone. There wouldn’t be that weird tension between her and I, like there would be between a girl and a guy. Plus, she was pre-med, so she was smart and probably had an idea or two on how to help me.

Instead, a strange thought came to me, and my hand darted out and pinched her nipple. She made a noise and pulled away. I jumped for a second, seeing her react like a normal girl.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she said, covering her chest and blushing.

My mouth fell open. For a moment, it felt like everything had returned to normal. Then, my mother spoke up.

“Haha… Noah has been interested in girl’s chests lately. You should show him your tits.”

She shot her mother a look, and then her eyes widened, and she grabbed my arm, pulling me away. I was surprised by her sudden movement, but she had a serious look on her face. Only when we were hidden away and out of mom’s view did she whisper in a low voice.

“You didn’t, did you?”

“Huh? What?”

“With that… girl! You didn’t let her… you know… sex?”

I blinked, surprised that such an innocuous action had caused her to guess the truth instantly. Last night, she had driven me to Sam’s house. Now, she was afraid that I did have sex with Sam, and it was why I was acting so weird today. It looked like her parents didn’t tell my mom. Maybe they didn’t want to have that conversation. If the roles were reversed, who would want to call a girl’s father to tell him their son banged her while at their house?

The tone of her voice was starting to annoy me. In fact, this whole world was starting to annoy me. Why was my sex life her problem? Why was my sex life anyone’s problem? Why did people keep overlooking things or treating me differently? I hadn’t changed at all. The whole world had gone crazy, though.

“What of it?” I crossed my arms. “What does it matter if I had sex? Don’t you have sex with your fiancé?”

“Y-you’re too young!” she snapped and then blushed. “And if you must know, we haven’t done any of that.”


“He wants to save it until we’re married…” London said, looking distantly before shooting me a glare. “As should you!”

“What if I want to have sex now?”

“You… you’re a boy… you just need to…”

I had only been in this world for two days, and I had already gotten sick of hearing the words “you’re a boy”. I damn well know I’m a boy, but that doesn’t mean I’m any different than before! I wanted to shock her. Or confuse her. Or just stop her by any means possible. I didn’t know what was going through my mind, but my hand suddenly came out, and I brought my hand up her skirt and touched her right there.

“I want you to be my first!”

I had already lost my first to Sam, but how could London know that? I was just trying to shock her. It worked because she suddenly gasped, and words stopped coming from her mouth. Her eyes widened for a moment. Then her expression turned a bit serious. I guess I really had gone too far. She suddenly grabbed my arms tightly. It was a little painful. I got it; I was stupi-

Her lips pressed against mine. All thoughts disappeared as a tongue slipped into my mouth. My 24-year-old sister was kissing me. A hot college grad with large breasts, a great body, and more besides was kissing me aggressively, and my hand was squeezed between her thighs, touching her underwear. It felt like she was getting wet, but it could have just been sweat. As for me, I felt incredibly dizzy, but my body also responded.

She finally pulled her lips away. “No… I’m getting married… I can’t…”

I leaned forward and then kissed her neck, sucking it roughly. Her thighs relaxed slightly, and it allowed me to move my fingers. I started stroking the soft linen material down there. I could feel the lips through the cloth. My fingers moved along them more and more. I could hear her breathing growing ragged in my ears. My head felt hot, and I couldn’t believe that this was all it took.

Her hand had started grabbing my dick. She was rubbing it with her hand excitedly through my pants. Her other hand grabbed and squeezed my chest, massaging it like I might have grabbed her tits. We kissed again, this time more intensely. Her fingers were moving quickly up and down my shaft, stroking me through my pants. Not wanting to be outdone, my fingers stroked her just as fast. Now, she was definitely wet, but I wasn’t much better, a damp spot forming on the tent of my pants.

“Brother… fuck…” She whispered erotically. “Your cock feels so good.”

“You want my cock inside you?” I responded, lazily kissing her cheek and neck while she did the same to me.

“Damn… you’re such a fucking tease.”

“I don’t have to be…”

“Please, you’re going to make me do something we’ll regret. I’m not a good girl. If you let me, I will wreck your dick,” she purred, her eyes filled with lust.

“Ah… fuuuuu-!” I hissed as I came in my pants.

The words, the movements, and the feel of her body were more than I could take, and I found myself cumming before I could even do anything.

“Brother creamed his underwear…” she moaned, kissing my lips one more time.

“Hey, is something burning in there?” Mom’s voice broke us apart quickly.

The eggs on the stove were in fact smoking, and London ran over and immediately pulled it off. “Shit!”

I stood in the corner, still panting. There was now a big dirty wet spot on my pants. I was frozen though, completely unable to wrap my head around what just happened. My sister had jacked me off through my pants. I could still smell her pussy on my fingertips. This literally just happened.

Once London calmed down the kitchen, she walked over to me and whispered, “Go change your pants, Noah.”

“Y-yeah…” I went to walk by her and then she grabbed my shirt, stopping me.

“This is… our little secret?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, heading back to my room.

As I walked down the hallway, Kelsey ran out of her room. She was only in her underwear. She was also waving a bra in her hands.

“Give it back, you bitch!” Kristy snapped, running out the open door and trying to hit Kelsey.

“You’ll have to do better than that, twinsy!” Kelsey ran down the hall, jumping around me and taking off into the living room.

Kristy glared at her as she left but didn’t follow. Her breasts were in full view, and she only had panties and shorts on. She noticed me looking at her and suddenly blushed.

“S-sorry, Brother.” She nodded politely and then went back into her room.

Neither girl had noticed my wrecked pants nor cared that I saw them almost naked. I reentered my room, closed and locked the door, and then curled up on my bed. Maybe I wasn’t ready to face my second day in this world just yet.

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