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“Has Noah really had sex with everyone here?” Mackenzie cried out.

“Kelsey!” Kristy kicked her.

“Ow! I was just saying.”

“Brother… you’re really naughty.” Dawn sighed, crossing her arms.

“Even Mom?” London’s eyes popped open. “Noah, please say you didn’t bang my mom!”

“W-well… she’d technically not my mom, so…” I responded weakly.

“Haha… why, you’re worried this old woman has a better pussy?”

“How can that be?” Mackenzie snapped defensively. “It was just a pity throw with you.”

“What are you saying? We didn’t even need protection. I was definitely better.”

“I’m the first sister he had sex with.” Dawn declared. “First shows his preference.”

“I have both experience and youth.” London declared. “Plus, I’m a doctor, so I know what I’m doing.”

“Experience? Doesn’t that mean your pussy is already used?” Dawn made a face. “Virgin pussy is always tighter.”

“Calling your Frankenstein monster pussy virgin is laughable!” Mackenzie snorted. “It was probably filthy and unwashed.

“I washed my pussy before he stuck it in!” Dawn responded defensively.

“We double-teamed him!” Kelsey’s competitive side got the best of her. “Even guys fantasize about twins. He prefers us! Right Twinsy?”

“Please stop talking,” Kristy responded, her face crimson over this conversation.

“W-well, he stuck it in my ass!” Mackenzie declared, causing everyone to look at her. “Ah… so, clearly, I’m the best.”

“You know what? The only way we’ll get an answer is from Noah himself!” Kelsey declared, causing every eye to turn to me. “Hey, Noah! Which was your favorite pussy?”

“Wh-what are you asking?” I cried out, wondering how the conversation had so quickly devolved into this. “Uh… choosing between two sunsets…”

“Yeah, but mom’s sunset would have been a cloudy day with a chance of rain.” London chuckled.

“Oh, it rained alright.” Mom grinned.


“Okay, maybe that wasn’t a fair question… how about who is just the tightest?” Kelsey still seemed to be determined for an answer.

“Can you tell them my pussy was clean?” Dawn cried out.

“Her pussy was filthy, wasn’t it?” Mackenzie asked.

“Okay, maybe my pussy wasn’t the tightest, but it was the wettest, right?” London admitted.

I held up my hands. “Girls! Stop!”

I was a bit surprised when they all did. My family was pretty crazy. Just listening to all of this, it was pretty clear that the cat being out of the bag didn’t seem to change anything. I had slept with every girl. I wouldn’t say they all necessarily had feelings for me. There was love there, but the sex part had been purely physical. You could care about and love someone without being in a sexual relationship with them, and if you were in a sexual relationship with them, it didn’t mean it needed to be something more.

Seeing the girls all get along really did warm my heart. I was just about to open my mouth when I suddenly realized one of them had been very quiet. I remember that I hadn’t slept with every girl! There was one who had been out of the loop. I turned to the side, only to see Bethany there, a bit shocked, with her mouth open.

“You… had sex with everyone?” She asked, tears forming in her eyes.

The way she said that felt like a dagger in my heart for some reason.

“Um… You see…”

“Oh? You spared your little sister?” Mom asked.

“Oh, shit, Bethany’s still a virgin.”

“Whatever!” Bethany shouted. “I don’t care! I didn’t want brother’s skanky cock anyway!”

“Bethany!” Mom frowned.

She looked at all of the girls accusingly, and then she spun away, racing off to her room. The door slammed a moment later.

“What’s she so upset about? Can she even get wet? Owww!” Kelsey snorted, only to get pinched by Kristy.

“I think we all got a bit too riled up.” Mom sighed. “I’ll go talk to her.”

“No.” I stopped her. “I’ll go talk to her.”

Mom hesitated for a moment and then nodded. This was a problem that I had caused. I needed to step up and talk to her. I needed to start taking responsibility, and I’d start with my little sister. I had known her feelings for a while. Ever since I had helped her with that bully, I had known she was enamored with me. She had started working out and trying to be a stronger woman, all because she wanted to win my affection.

Today, she had saved me from a bad situation, and rather than get rewarded, she was abandoned at home while I went off with Mom. Then, she discovered that the boy she was pursuing had already been with all of her big sisters. It had to be a blow for her. As I left the kitchen, I heard Kelsey muttering behind me.

“Is he going to bang her?”

“Okay, that’s it, who’s in favor of waterboarding Kelsey. Say Ai.”


“Wait, what? You guys are joking, right?” What are you doing? Why are you pulling me outside? What are you doing with that gardening hose?”

I didn’t hear anything else after the door slammed shut. My focus was instead on my little sister’s room. She had locked her door, but we had those doors that could be forced open with a bit of jimmying. I didn’t hesitate to grab a wire and pop open her lock. If I had ever done something like this before roles were reversed, she would have screamed her head off and called me all manner of names. However, as I stepped into her room, it was silent. Bethany was lying on her bed, her face shoved in her pillow, her butt slightly raised.

She was wearing her loose-fitting shorts, the scandalous ones that had always used to catch my eye and get me in trouble with her. I closed and locked the door behind me, and then walked over to the bed and sat down. She didn’t say anything or move from her position.

“Bethany.” She didn’t respond to me. “Bethany, you’re my cute little sister. I do love you.”

She still didn’t move. Her silence felt somewhat reminiscent to me of our relationship in the past. She barely even talked to me or acknowledged I was there. If I even looked at her, she’d immediately close the door, cover herself, and at best she’d call me a pervert. I didn’t believe that Bethany was secretly infatuated with me like Mackenzie was. Rather, her interest in me only came after I had inserted myself into her life.

As I thought about it, I began to wonder if that was the point. Bethany had felt alone. As the youngest, she had always felt like the one who was left behind and forgotten. Maybe, the point was that she wanted to reach out to her. She had closed herself off in her room. The other girls all had the things they worried about. The twins had each other, and that would make it difficult for Bethany to relate to them. Dawn was worried about her future, while Mackenzie had her issues. London was never there, and Mother was too busy working and trying to keep everything together. As a result, Bethany was always on her own, a background character.

However, I didn’t feel that way about my little sister at all. I had always seen her as a pretty and adorable girl. I had naturally found her sexy, and perhaps because of that, I had kept my distance. I was no longer willing to keep my distance from those I loved. My eyes fell to her butt again, where those loose shorts hung off her skin, barely covering her naughty parts. Every time I had seen her lounging around in her room, wearing a small shirt that showed her midriff and those shorts which didn’t have panties underneath, I had wanted to do something.

My hand reached out and pulled aside the material, giving me a view of her tight, pink slit. She didn’t specifically react, but I could see her body tensing. My fingers moved forward, slowly stroking along that smooth, closed entrance. By that point, I had enough experience with girls that I knew how to tease them and how to touch them. My index finger slowly ran its way up and down the opening, increasing pressure with each stroke. I watched the back of my sister’s head as I did it, wondering just what kind of cute face she was making.

My finger started to move more intensely, and her slit began to give way to a wet inside. As her lips pulled away, my finger sunk into her. However, I remained just on the inside, still running my finger up and down. She let out a whimper into her pillow. She started to move her knees, pushing her butt up more and giving me more access. Her body was telling me exactly what she wanted.

I brought my thumb around, pushing into her untarnished lips and finding the nub at the top of her pussy. As my index finger continued to slide through her moist lips, my thumb began to rub her clitoris. Her body shook slightly, and I could feel her insides contracting a bit. Was my naughty little sister already orgasming. I could faintly hear the sound of panting in her pillow.

Feeling even more inflamed, my finger began to flick up and down, a lewd wet noise coming from her cunt. Her clitoris must have been very sensitive, because it was only a few moments later when her body began to shake, and I could feel her insides contracting again. This time, a gush of liquid made her pussy lips wet. They started to glisten with lust.

“Mmm…mmm… mmm!” She let out cute noises, her hands clenching her pillow tightly as she tried to control herself.

I had enough play, and her moaning and erotic body were pushing me to the edge. I began to push one finger into her, taking her slowly.

“You know what, sister?” I whispered in her ear. “I think you might end up being the tightest…”

“Mm! Mmmm ahhh!” She had jerked her head up at my words, and without the pillow blocking her she let out such a sweet sound.

Her face turned red, and she shoved it back into her pillow. However, my finger was already inside her up to the knuckle, and I started to slide it in and out of her while my thumb continued to torture her clitoris. I could feel her cumming again. This tight, the tight walls of her pussy clamped against my finger, suckling it desperately. I moved my finger faster and faster. I didn’t put a second finger in her, although she was wet enough to accept one. I didn’t want to tear my poor sister apart. I just wanted to tease her a bit more.

As I picked up the pace, a wet gushing sound followed every time my finger plunged inside her. The liquid was running down my fingers, my sister gushing out lewdly from my touches. She finally gave up on the pillow. She was panting so much that she couldn’t have a pillow blocking her or she would hyperventilate. Once she was free of her restraints, I could hear all the sounds she made.

“Ahn… Ahh… ahhh… brother… Ahhh…” She moaned in a chime-like voice.

This only encouraged me to move faster and faster, the slick wet noises becoming a rapid sucking sound. Her voice raised, and her back arched forcefully.

“Ahhhhn! C-cumming!” She moaned.

Her body shook as her body spasmed more powerfully than she did before. Her body began to tremor, and a bunch of liquid leaked out in a squirt all over my hand. It was much more powerful than all of the previous orgasms. When Bethany reached the end, she finally collapsed on her bed, still gasping for more breath. Seeing her there like that, I might have gone a bit overboard.

“Bethany, I’m always going to be there for you,” I whispered in her ear. “I’m also never going to leave you alone. You’re my cute little sister, and also my hero.”

I kissed her temple. She looked up at me, a slightly surprised expression on her face.

“I-I didn’t do anything.”

“You saved me,” I responded. “If you didn’t come when you did, I might have seriously lost my mind. Instead, you allowed me to realize something about myself. For that, I will never forget. That’s why you’re my hero, and why I’ll always be your brother.”

“What did you realize?” She asked, her breath still hard, her face flush.

“It’s time I stopped being a boy and started being a man.”

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