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Anna drove us deep into a nearby park, not really saying anything as she drove. She glanced my direction several times out of the corner of her eye, but she was nearly shaking with nervousness, so I didn’t want to make it any worse. I found it a bit cute how nervous she was, but I didn’t want to make her feel bad about it, so I kept my mouth shut. Women could be very fickle if they had their womanliness questioned. At least, that’s what I had been finding in this world.

We stopped in a parking lot, and Anna immediately turned the car off and looked at me nervously. She had picked an area where there wasn’t anyone nearby, but the weather outside wasn’t so bad, so I decided to open the car door and step out. Anna followed me immediately, closing and locking her car. She was like an eager puppy with a treat being held on her nose, just waiting for me to give the go-ahead for her to eat it.

Having lived a life where the roles were changed and having a chance to experience life both ways, I had found that there were benefits and problems from either side. I could understand the difficulties and fears of women a lot better than I used to, and I understood the insecurities and uncertainties of men even better. When it came to Anna who was acting like a man at the moment, it was easy to read her. She walked by me, and slowly our hands touched and we began to hold them.

“I consider you my girlfriend,” I said.

“Oh… right, about earlier, what I said…” She responded hastily.

“No, it’s fine. I get it.” I chuckled. “I just wanted to make it clear how I see you…”

“Right! And I… you… um… too.” She blushed. “I see you as my boyfriend, I mean.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “However, I have two other girlfriends.”

She missed a step. “Wh-what?”

“Is that a problem?” I asked, stopping and pulling my arm away. “I mean, we don’t have to if you don’t…”

She lunged and grabbed my arm. “No! It’s fine. I mean… it’s just… two?”

“One is a childhood friend… and the other is… well, she’s kind of a stalker. I could say no, but I feel like she looks out for me, so that’s nice.”

“I-I see… you’re frank about this.”

“I just don’t want to be that kind of guy who strings people along. We don’t have to force ourselves if you don’t…”

She grabbed my shoulders. “No! I really want… I mean, I want you.”

Was I manipulating her a little with that? I guess I was being a bit naughty. However, how could you sleep with multiple women without being just a bit of a dick. At least I wasn’t hiding them from each other, right? I just liked all three of them. She was dependable and cute. Samantha was loyal and caring. Abby was kinky and intense. I liked something different from each other them, and that was dependent on my feelings for my sisters and mother.

As she looked into my eyes, her expression just a tad desperate, I leaned forward and kissed her. Our mouths met softly at first, but our lips pressed together tighter and began to open. My tongue came out and explored her mouth, and she kissed me back roughly. The pair of us stood in a dark grassy field for several minutes. I finally withdrew my tongue and we pulled away, our eyes still watching each other. She was slightly out of breath.

“Wow…” She said.

“Good?” I asked.

“I-if you kiss me like that again, I don’t think I’m going to be able to control myself any longer around you.”

I smiled. “Is that so?”

Why would I give up such an opportunity to challenge those words? I leaned forward again, and our lips once again pressed together. We immediately began kissing roughly, and her hands wrapped around me, and then I felt them squeezing my butt. I decided to squeeze her butt too just for fun. That seemed to cause her to become even more aggressive, her tongue diving down my throat as her hands pressed against my butt, trying to grind me against herself.

“Mmm…mmm… mmm…” She let out moans of pleasure as her hands wildly stroked up and down my back like she wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to touch my butt or grab my head or something in between.

It was kind of hot, and I was starting to grow excited too, my cock tightening in my pants and pushing against her where she was continually rubbing herself against me. She had lifted a leg even and was all but dry-humping me in the air as she savagely kissed me. Whether she ran out of breath or became afraid she was moving too fast, she finally pulled away, gasping heavily. Noticing spit still trailing between our mouths, she wiped hers quickly, her cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

“Come on…” I nod to a location deeper in the forest.

She gulps and then grabs my hand, half letting me lead, have led the way herself as we step through a line of trees into a small clearing. As soon as I found a place and stopped, she bit her lip and looked around anxiously. Confirming that we were alone, she reached down and unbuttoned her pants, and then pulled down her pants and underwear. My eyes couldn’t help but widen as she exposed herself to me first, standing completely bare below in the empty clearing.

“What do you think?” She asked shyly.

“It’s… um… good?” I didn’t know how to respond.

“Is it tight enough for you?” She asked.

“Oh… I mean, I wouldn’t know until I’ve touched it, right?” I laughed before realizing this was probably the equivalent of a guy asking if his dick was big enough.

“R-right… then, if you want.” She reached between her legs, spreading her lips slightly.

She did look tight as a virgin, which she admittedly almost certainly was. That wasn’t necessarily super common in this world where women were constantly horny. Many of them had already stuck any number of cock-shaped things into their pussies long before a guy came along, so an intact hymen wasn’t exactly a guarantee.

I had only casually picked up a girly magazine one of my sisters had laying around, but it had an article where a woman was worried if she kept sticking progressively bigger things in her pussy, then she wouldn’t be tight enough for her man. The article presented this as completely true and even encouraged women to keep the hymen and not let their horniness ruin the man’s first time. Of course, then there were other women arguing that if you wanted them to enjoy their first time, then you needed to train your pussy. There was an entire fifteen-page workout article on pussy training. When I got to that point, I had put the article down and walked away.

I didn’t know at all if Anna was a pussy trainer or a pussy purist, although her pussy did look very cute. I realized she was standing there holding her pussy open while I looked, waiting for me to do or say something. It was my turn to blush.

“Oh! Lie down.” I quickly commanded.

She immediately sat in the grass right where she was, lying back and spreading her legs. As embarrassed and nervous as she acted around a lot of this, exposing her pussy to me seemed to be the thing she was least nervous about. Rather, her eyes seemed to possess an almost desperate desire to have her pussy touched.

“Please… lick it. I want you to lick my pussy.” Her voice was filled with desire.

I kneeled, my eyes on her wet slit. She was shaved down there, keeping a clipped triangle above her snatch. She was also very clean. Perhaps, she had been hoping for this, although I had taken her straight from her house and I wasn’t sure where she had a chance to clean up.

I gently leaned forward and then kissed the inside of her left thigh, my lips pressing against her skin softly. I used my tongue to tease the soft skin on the inside, slowly making teasing little circles moving up her thigh and toward her mons vulva. Her body seemed to shiver at the touch, her breathing erratic and untampered as she was touched in a place she had never been touched before.

“I want your tongue in my pussy so bad.” She begged.

Her words were extremely provocative, and they did tempt me to just dive in, but I managed to resist. She was already really excited, and besides being exceptionally wet, I could practically see the steam rising off her cunt in the cool night air of the clearing. I kissed her right thigh this time and then worked my way down again. She thrust her hips up as if trying to push her cunt into my face.

“I can’t take it anymore. You’re driving me crazy.”

I chuckled, and then put my hands on both thighs and pushed, spreading her legs open just a bit more. She had already spread them wide for me, but she would have done the splits at that moment if I’d just lick her. I finally brought my tongue out and licked her clit, slowly running it down the entire length of her pussy until I reached the perineal area just above her anus.

“Yes… yes! More!” She moaned, her body panting in anticipation so much that I thought she might explode.

Feeling I had teased her enough, I moved forward and buried my face tightly into her crotch. She thrust forward in response, ready to fuck my face if I didn’t give her the proper tongue work. I obliged with my tongue, started with deep, long strokes, moving slowly up and down her pussy, saving her sweet taste.

“Y-you’re amazing!” She moaned. “Oh… God… Oh… Shit.”

From top to bottom, I used the broadside of my tongue and openly ran it up and down the folds of her labia, occasionally sliding my tongue inside her in an arch, pulling out her inner juices. I worked steadily and firmly, not allowing myself to grow too excited or eager as I made sure to lick her thoroughly, teasing her clitoris but not lingering there.

Her clitoris started to engorge with loss, and she was growing even wetter than I could lap it up out of her hole like a dog. Anna was lost in her lust. She had brought her shirt up past her chest, and her small tits were exposed. She was cupping her breasts as her hips moved up and down. If I didn’t have a good hold on her lower half, she would have shaken me off her several times. She was especially squirmy as she enjoyed the feel of her pussy being savagely eaten.

“Noah… ahhhhn… Noah!” She moaned, her eyes closed and her volume gone.

On her next lick, I lingered on her clit, and then with each pass, I lingered there a bit more. I sucked down hard on it and then left just as her body started to shudder, only to return in the next pass and tease it again. I kept alternating between her vagina and her clit, not allowing her to get too far in her orgasm, but driving her higher and higher with each moment.

My tongue wiggled excitedly around her clit, flicking it roughly now. She was gasping and moaning in lust, her body sweating as she writhed and kicked in my grasp. Her nipples were completely hard, and she didn’t hesitate to grab and pull them as she grew more and more aroused.

“Fuck! Don’t stop! I’m almost there!” She cried out.

I used that moment to clamp down on her clitoris, sucking on her roughly and attacking it with my tongue in a frenzy. I no longer moved slowly or gently but sucked on her aggressively like I was trying to drink the moisture from a dried spring, but soon she provided her nectar fruitfully. She went over the edge, and fountains of liquid began to squirt out of her. She climaxed aggressively, her body arching, and her pussy erupting. Her back arched until she turned on to her side, clawing the ground in pure ecstasy.

I would have kept going, but she was so squirrely she managed to finally get out of my grasp. She pulled away as if she couldn’t handle my stimulation any longer. Her body still convulsed, but she closed her legs together, her body spasming in, place.

“H-holy shit…” She panted as she regained enough breath, looking at me in awe. “Are you a porn star?”

I laughed. “Now… that’s an option.”

“What?” She gave me an innocent, confused look, and I grinned.

“For now, I’ll settle for fucking you!”

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