Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“I’ll be back later!” I called out before slamming the door and nearly running to my bike.

I pedaled quickly and didn’t stop until my house was out of sight. Only then, I slowed down and took a breath. I didn’t want to have to encounter anyone, so I snuck to the door, and then fled. Everything at home had been way too much for me. Dealing with my sisters the way they were now was a lot to take in. I was confused, horny, and a bit ashamed.

Playing around with people I barely knew, or a childhood friend I hadn’t talked to in months, that was one thing. To see my sisters running around topless and my mom acting like a pervert, it really was a brain overload. I needed to spend some time to myself, and I’d never get that at home, locked in that room of mine that isn’t really my room. I needed a breather, and a chance to deal with things myself.

There was one problem. I had no clue where I wanted to go. I slowed down my bike and started to catch my breath. Why don’t I think about it rationally? I was in a world where men were chased after and women were rather easy. I remembered watching a video once where they sent a guy and a girl out, each asking 100 random strangers for anonymous sex. The man couldn’t find a single woman who said yes, while the woman had around half of the men say yes. That was without a conversation, just walking up and saying, let’s fuck!

Some argued that the evidence was skewed because of this reason or that, but I still thought it was pretty telling. Whether women wanted it or not, they were taught to reject it outright. Since the values in this world were reversed, then that meant it was now men who were chaste and women who sought out sex. I didn’t know how long this world would remain this way. It was too much to believe it was just a dream at this point, but that didn’t mean this world might turn back to normal tomorrow.

So, the question I should be asking myself is what should I try out while things were still crazy. What things have I always wanted to do that I never got to do? Shouldn’t I take advantage of this? In many ways, it’s every guy’s dream to be in a world like this. So, pretending that I only had the world in this state for the next twenty-four hours, what should I do?

While I was contemplating that question while half-standing, half-sitting on my bike, a car pulled up next to me and a window rolled down. I glanced over to see a woman peeking her head out. She was a middle-aged woman. She was neither particularly pretty nor particularly ugly. She had mid-length straight brown hair, brown eyes, average tits, and wore typical jeans and a shirt. There was nothing remarkable about her. She was a pretty average woman who normally I would have ignored and would likely have ignored me in the old world.

“Hey, beautiful, you need a ride?” she asked, giving me a smile that I felt was slightly off.

“Seriously? I’m sixteen!” I said in a flabbergasted voice.

She blushed ashamedly but recovered quickly. “Y-you look older. It’s fine. I can take you wherever you want.”

“You want to fuck me?” My expression darkened as I managed to connect this scenario with my old world.

“Ah! N-no! I just was offering a ride! I swear!”

“You think I’m stupid?” I suddenly felt some anger bubbling inside me.

“I was just offering, damn, don’t be such a bitch!” Her expression turned ugly, and she pulled away, ready to drive off.

I couldn’t exactly understand why I was upset, but partly it was because she was so blatant about her desires. It wasn’t even like she was being subtle. She drove over and offered a ride to a guy alone. I’m riding a bike! Did she expect me just to abandon it? She totally just wanted to fuck some cute sixteen-year-old.

Is that what I was in this world? Is it cute like my sisters were cute in the old world? I had to assume I must be at least somewhat attractive and not just to my sisters, my mum, and my friend but also to my friend’s mom, the doctor, and even the first woman who hit me and caused me to end up in this world. They had all hit on me or seemed to desire me in one way or another.

So, I found myself in one of those situations women talk about where they were creeped out because some older guy hit on them. Except, I didn’t feel creeped out at all. I felt annoyed. First off, I was already sexually frustrated because of everything I had to face at home. Then, as I’m trying to think about it, I suddenly have some woman in her thirties pulling over and hitting on me. She’s not as old as my mom, but she wasn’t young either.

A normal girl in this situation would run away and blog about how scared she was to her friends. However, I wasn’t normal. I was completely unlike them. So, how would I act in this situation? Still feeling angry, I opened the door and stepped into her car. Her eyes were wide as she had been just about to pull out of park when her door opened. She glanced over at me uncertainly. I met her gaze with a glare.

“It’s your lucky day! You get to fuck me! So, where are you going to fuck me? Do you just want to do it here, or do you got a house to go to?”


“You’re wasting my time. You want me to leave?” I started to open the door.

“No!” She locked the door before I could pull the handle, looking desperate. “Ah… we can go to the motel!”

“Why not your place, you married?”

She blushed. “Y-yes…”

“Fucking creep.” I crossed my arms.


As I noticed her watching me, I gestured with my hand. “Well, go! If you want this dick, go get the motel!”

“Yes!” She immediately pulled out of the park and drove off.

I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just felt angry and confused, and found release somehow by dropping this frustration on this random stranger. The fact she took it without complaint was strange but also strangely exactly what was expected. I looked at the rearview mirror to see my bike lying abandoned on the sidewalk as we drove off. She looked ahead, her eyes only occasionally darting my way before she licked her lips. I didn’t say anything in response. My mind was numb at the moment, and I wasn’t really thinking about anything.

The drive was only five minutes, as there was a motel fairly close to my house. I had never stayed here, but I knew that during prom, students would try to rent out a couple of rooms for after-parties or sex. They had pretty lax rules here and didn’t ask questions when you had a fake ID, not that I was cool enough to have one.

Two minutes later, she had a key, and she parked us in front of a shitty motel room. She then looked over at me, like a sheep waiting for the shepherd. She was following my lead, afraid she’d spook me off and lose the chance at sex. Was this what it was like to be the gatekeeper of sex? I shook my head and got out the door, slamming it shut a bit too hard. She got out and went up to the motel room, unlocked the door, and the two of us walked inside.

It was small, smelled a bit, and had only one hard looking bed, but it was private enough.  

“D-do you need to get ready?” she asked, nodding to the bathroom.

“Take off your pants,” I ordered.

“Yes!” She immediately stripped them off and flung them aside.

She was wearing some ugly cotton panties with various holes in them. They weren’t cute or sexy at all. Despite her hitting on me like a dog, it was clear that she wasn’t expecting to get this far today with anyone. A normal woman in my world would have turned down their closest lover if it meant that he saw her in the wrong underwear. This woman didn’t give a crap as long as she got laid.

I reached into my pants and then fished out my dick. As soon as it came out, she inhaled her breath, and her eyes were locked on it like a fat kid on cake.

“Suck my dick,” I ordered.

“Uh…” For the first time, she suddenly hesitated.


“Ah… I don’t do that. I’ll give you as much cunt as you want, but I won’t put that dirty thing in my mouth.”

“Then, get the fuck out.”

Her eyes popped open. “Wh-what? D-don’t be hasty! Besides, you owe me! I already got this room!”

“I don’t owe you shit,” I responded, deflecting the typical man lines that she threw my way.

Her face turned dark and she looked as angry as me. “You little slut! Were you just going to be a cunt tease?”

“Cunt tease? Aren’t you the little bitch who won’t even put my cock in your mouth?”

Her expression grew even worse, and she reached out and grabbed my wrist. “Get in the bed, now!”

My eyes widened and then narrowed. “The fuck you think you doing?”

“Shut up, skank! I’m gonna ride that fucking cock of yours until I’m done!”

Somehow, this situation that should have been terrifying didn’t scare me at all. She was an older woman, but she was still four inches shorter than me and about fifty pounds lighter. My body didn’t change in this world, so I was going to guess I was still stronger than her.

Even before, I had heard that women could rape men. Women were able to coerce, scare, or otherwise confuse men into sex all the time. In this world, that had to be how it was done because when it came to physical strength, women were clearly weaker. That meant if rape was a problem in this world for men, it’d be 100% psychological.

For me, who didn’t grow up with this kind of conditioning, I had no problem showing my strength. I grabbed her wrist which was holding on to mine and then I pulled it off. She brought up her other hand to strike me, and then I grabbed that one too.

“You wish you could ride my cock!” I snorted, pushing her back down on to the bed.

“H-how are you so strong?” Her eyes which held anger and scorn started to grow worried and confused.

“Shut up and take my cock!” I shoved her down and got on top.

I let go of her hands, then lifted her legs, ripping off her underwear before pinning her down. This wasn’t much different from the position I had used on Sam. Seeing the girl who thought to dominate me under me and unable to move, it filled me with a sense of satisfaction. My dick was already hard, and I could tell her pussy was wet. She was extremely horny, and her scent had started filling the air from the moment she removed her pants.

As soon as she realized I was going to fight her, her anger diminished, and she didn’t try to push me off. Rather, her eyes seemed to shine bright and eagerly.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, but the horniest and perverse excitement in her eyes was something she was unable to hide.

Sliding my dick into the skank raw, I began to fuck her hard. Holding her legs tightly, I ploughed her pussy, only using a few strokes to wet my dick before I was shoving it into her as hard as I could thrust.

“Ah… damn! That feels good! You’re a freaky boy! I love it!” she moaned excitedly.

“Love this!” I snapped, grabbing the nipples of her breasts and twisting them until a bit of pain flashed on her face.

Yet, even with the pain, came only more perverse pleasure. She was a married woman, but thought nothing of picking up a sixteen-year-old boy she didn’t even know off the street, running to a motel, and then fucking him without protection. It could easily be said that her limits were almost nonexistent. A normal woman might grow concerned, afraid, or modest when being abused or molested, but in this world, women adhered to a new norm. That norm was that they’d do anything to feel good!

Wouldn’t that make me the nympho who bit and scratched like an animal? She seemed completely unconcerned, and very forgiving of any pain and discomfort as long as she felt my dick inside her. I fucked her hard for several minutes, wet lewd sounds filling the air. However, the more I thought about how skanky this girl was, the more pissed off I got, and the more aggressive I became. I grabbed her hair and pulled it. I didn’t show any mercy, yanking her head like my own handle bars as I fucked her pussy hard.

“Ah…. Gah… Ahhhhn!”

 She suddenly came like a fountain, shooting liquid all over my legs and cock. She liked that too. Her perverse nature seemed to come out the more I fucked her.

I spun around, turning away, so I didn’t have to see her perverse face. I was afraid if I kept looking at her, I might grow even more sadistic. Yet, in this position, her ass was right there. My hand went down and slapped it. I continued to piledrive her, and with each thrust, I would slap her ass. My cock went so hard that my balls slapped her pussy, and with my hands smacking her ass, the motel room was filled with the sounds of flesh against flesh.

The only thing louder was her own moaning, which she didn’t quiet down at all. I always had the impression in my old world that women moaned loudly, and men were quiet. If that was supposed to be reversed, then I was an abnormally quiet man. However, next to this woman who moans like a pornstar, maybe my perceptions were incorrect. Or, maybe no matter how much you took womanly aspects from a woman when it came to their base instincts, they were still naughty sluts.

“Fuck! Fuck! Damn! You are crazy! Fuck… I’m cumming again!”

“Aren’t you the disgusting pervert getting off on this?”

“Hah… Hah… I fucking love you. You’re amazing. Nothing like my husband.”

“Don’t make me sick! You’re just garbage…”

“Ahhnn… ahhhnnn… ahnnn…”

The more abusive the language I threw at her, the more ecstatic she grew. She came countless times, and my legs were growing tired, and my balls were growing sore. Since I hadn’t been particularly attracted to her, and even grew a bit disgusted with her, I had managed to hold off cumming far better than I did with Sam. We lasted for a good ten minutes. As we went, it seemed like nothing could offend her, and she happily took all of the abuse.

In the end, my anger wore out first. The feel of her cunt did feel good, no matter what. She wasn’t unhygienic, and she wasn’t ugly, so there was nothing about her that kept me from enjoying this. Thus, once I exhausted my fury on her and found her still wanting, I finally reached my limit.

“I’m gonna cum deep in your pussy!” I said through gritted teeth as I realized my cock was already starting to cum.

“Cum! Fill this pussy up! Fill it up!” she cried.

I ended up cumming deep inside her, rich gobs of hot nectar bursting deep inside her womb. When I finished cumming, the exhaustion of what I was doing caught up with me. I ended up collapsing down next to her.

“Hah… Hah…” She panted noisily. “That was the best fuck of my life. Holy shit. Are you really a teenager?”

“Why, feeling disgusted with yourself?”

“Hehe… what? The age of consent is sixteen here. You’re old enough. You should be my boyfriend. We can do it raw all the time. If I get pregnant, I’ll just have my husband raise it. Haha.”

“Just get the hell out of here,” I muttered, suddenly feeling slightly sick and turning away from her.

“Whatever… you are just crazy, but that’s the best part.” She sat up, reached over, and slapped my butt. “I’ll take my leave first. You can keep the motel tonight if you want. Just don’t fuck any other girls in it, okay! I’d get really mad.”

“Hmm…” I responded noncommittally, my head still in a pillow as I lay away from her.

She got up and stretched, then went and grabbed her underwear and pants and sat on the foot of the bed. I just lay there naked and waited in silence. She put her clothing back on, checked herself in the mirror, and then eyed me, a worried look on her face.

“Look, bitch, I’m not sure what you’re going through. Bad breakup. Drugs. Money problems. All of the above. I don’t really care that much, but you’re okay on your own, right?”


She sighed and scratched her head, “I was joking about the boyfriend thing. Actually, it’s best if you don’t contact me. I’m getting a promotion soon, and I don’t need some crazy guy going to my husband or stalking me. It was fun, but let’s just leave it here. Here, take this. It’s enough to buy yourself something nice.”

She reached out and grabbed my butt one more time, in a gesture she seemed to think was reassuring or affectionate.


She looked back one more time, but didn’t say anything else as she left the motel room. I slowly turned to see a stack of twenties on the nightstand. I looked through it to see she had left $200 in all. For all intents and purposes, it wasn’t prostitution money. It was hush money. She came here because of her horniness, but once she came, she started worrying this might hurt her and her family, so she bailed quickly. I didn’t even catch her name. So… that’s the kind of world this was.

“Damn… this is fucked up…” I muttered to myself, dropping my head back into the pillow.

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