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“I-is this really what you want to see me in?” I asked.

Abigail nodded her head excitedly, and I could only helplessly sigh as I stepped out from behind the changing curtain. I was wearing a banana hammock and a very tight shirt. I wasn’t some muscle-bound guy with a six-pack, so I felt completely ridiculous wearing it, but somehow Abigail had convinced me to try on some clothing for her. She was now looking at me with eyes filled with perversion.

The video game competition was coming up next weekend, and I should be practicing my game so I didn’t embarrass them, but it was Abigail’s day to have me and she was having a particularly perverted day. Abigail was a bit of a nerd. If she was a guy, she’d be that creepy artistic type who drew hentai and stole girl’s underwear from the locker room. I think she had stolen some of my underwear at one point, but I never had the nerve to point the finger at her.

We were in the large shed behind Abigail’s house which she had turned into her pervert pad. Naturally, her parents who both worked all of the time hadn’t paid attention to her extra-curricular activities, so they didn’t know she was the notorious online pervert Peepshow. Well, since meeting me, but Abigail and Dawn had settled down with their perverted ways.

I think having a real boy who was eager and willing to fulfill all of their perverted fantasies had caused it to become too real for them. Teenagers certainly fantasied about all the crazy things they wanted to do when they finally found a willing partner, but the vast majority settled on missionary, doggie, and maybe anal if they were feeling adventurous. Those who created sex rooms and got into the kinkier stuff were a rather small part of the population. In Abigail’s case, she had made the sex room before she had a partner to share it with.

She was wearing her overalls with the straps just covering her breasts and her hair in pigtails again. I didn’t know why she wore that every time her shed came into place. I supposed every potential serial rapist had to have a costume. I had to admit that it was sexy though. Whenever she leaned forward, the strap loosened and I could see a slip of her nipple. I tried to avoid looking though, as I did not want to get an erection while wearing this ridiculous getup.

Dawn wasn’t present at this time. She hadn’t told me at the time, but Abigail’s sex shed had caused her to grow somewhat uncomfortable. Realizing that her photography had advanced to the point where she was dragging her brother out in the middle of the night to a stranger’s shed to film him having sex, one could say she had an epiphany. That’s the real reason why she closed down her up short website and went legit. She didn’t want to end up like Abigail, leading innocent men into her perverted red room.

Of course, I was joking a bit. I didn’t think Abigail was necessarily that bad, or I wouldn’t have come here, even if it was daytime now. She had me to unload her sexual desires, after all, so I didn’t think her perverted nature would grow into being a full-blown deviant. In a way, I was keeping her stable. That probably wasn’t healthy. I knew my sisters, especially Mackenzie, worried that Abigail might go too far and do something to hurt me. I wasn’t as worried. I just remembered to follow a couple of rules. No restraints when I was alone with Abigail, that was a major one.

The strangest thing about not having Dawn present was that there was no photography. In other words, I was wearing these outfits just for Abigail’s satisfaction. She was sitting in a chair, breathing heavily, her cheeks red and her eyes lit up with intense light. It was like being watched by an animal. Her glasses even kept fogging up, which she kept cleaning before staring at me again.

“Should I put something else on?” I asked, wondering when we’d get to the sex already.

She thought about it a second and then shook her head. “No, come here.”

Her voice was low and filled with a slightly scary intensity. I couldn’t help but feel complicated that the innocent girl who came to my house after school with groceries, acted politely, and got good grades was such a dark person at home. Then again, didn’t most of those stories about obsessive and crazy boyfriends start with the guy seeming perfectly normal until he had her right where he wanted her? Well, my position was a little different. I had a lot of sisters, for example. Abigail knew that if she took things too far, Mackenzie, the twins, and even Samantha would take turns pummeling her. Furthermore, she was not a fit girl, so I was pretty sure I could take her.

That said, I still walked toward her as she asked, playing along with her sex games. I did it mostly because I was curious, but also because I was amused. Something was arousing about having someone look at you like that. Having grown up without a single woman ever looking my way, to have one staring at me so intently like she wanted to devour my body caused me to get pretty excited.

As I approached her, I realized I had allowed my thoughts to slip to sex again, and the banana hammock started to stretch as I grew erect. Abigail’s eyes bulged, and a cruel smile formed on her lips.

“My, my… someone’s being a naughty boy.” She purred.

Her hand came out and grabbed my dick through the tight shorts, and then she stuck out her tongue and licked the underwear in a lewd manner. I could feel her tongue through the thin material, but it felt strange to have her do it through the material. I couldn’t help but fidget uncomfortably as she continued to lick my cock, but without any direct contact. She seemed to notice this and looked up at me, giving me a questioning look.

“What is it?”

“I’d rather you pull the side,” I responded honestly.

Her expression grew into a smirk. “Oh? Do you want direct contact? My little slut can’t take this anymore?”

I understood what she was doing immediately. She was trying to tease me like a boy would tease a girl. I suppose that she wanted me to deny I’m a slut, and then continue to tease me until I would admit it. There was probably a time when I would have gone along with it. Guys pretended they were manly men who would take a woman and put her in her place, making her do whatever they wanted sexually, but that was just a power fantasy. In reality, most guys would do whatever it took for even the barest level of acknowledgment and sexual satisfaction.

I was pretty confident that if a girl was hot enough, she could ask a guy to fuck her with a dildo in his ass, and most guys wouldn’t hesitate to agree to it, presuming it was something that stayed between the pair of them. As long as he got his sexual satisfaction, what wouldn’t he do if a woman asked nicely enough and was worth it? Wasn’t that the entire reason men paid for dates? All the woman needed to do was lie there and be pretty.

When I had first come to this world, I was like that as well. I was a horny virgin teenager, so whatever girls asked of me, I would give them. That led to me taking the submissive role in the relationship more often than I’d like. Wasn’t that what I was doing? Wasn’t I wearing outfits to please her? I had told myself I was just trying to get her excited for sex, but since she took things to the next step, I had come to the realization I was just doing it again.

I had already learned that I could get sex whenever I wanted. I didn’t need to do what they demanded to please them. That’s not to say that I wanted to make Abigail feel bad, but if the girls of this world were anything like the boys of my world, she probably wouldn’t care five seconds after getting what she wanted anyway! They wanted it just as badly as I did, so why did I need to play some part in her perverted fantasy?

As I thought of this, I started to have another epiphany. In my world, which guys were women more attracted to? In my mind, they seemed to like the selfish assholes the most. Meanwhile, the other guys who would chase after women buying them dinner and acting nice would rarely end up with anything at the end. It seemed like no matter which world you lived in, the submissive guy was the loser. It had taken being on both sides before I finally realized it. A man needed to have confidence in himself and not define his behavior based on a woman, even if he was into her.

I had come so far since the world had changed, and yet every day I was finding out I still had a lot more growing to do. Well, I wasn’t even seventeen yet, so I supposed there was still time. However, when it came to my relationships, I had promised myself I wasn’t going to play around anymore. That meant that I needed to put Abigail in her proper place for once.

Abigail was still trying to excite me, growing more enthusiastic. She had misinterpreted the crease on my forehead as I came to my conclusion as a desperate attempt to resist her charm. That wasn’t the reality at all. I crossed my arms.

“Suck my dick,” I said in my most authoritative voice.

Abigail blinked for a second, but then her cruel domineering expression returned. “Hehe… you’ll need to beg if you want any more.”

I couldn’t help but make an irritated noise. Did she think I was so weak that I would immediately submit to a little teasing? I pulled away from her, causing her to nearly fall flat on her face as she was leaning on me so heavily.

“Who do you think is the slut in this relationship?” I asked teasingly.

“You’re the man!” She responded angrily.

I grinned. “You’re right, I am.”

I grabbed her and shoved her down onto the floor as I started ripping off her underwear and pants. She resisted, but not very much, and soon her lower portion was down.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, although her eyes were trying to hide her eagerness.

I stopped just as I spread her open, leaning down and sniffing. “I wonder what that smell is?”

Her face turned red. “Wh-what are you smelling? It’s sweaty. Girls always smell down there. We’re girls.”

“Oh? Aren’t you quite a bit wet for a sweaty girl?”

I just casually touched her wet slit, causing her body to shiver. She was panting hard now, but it was clear she was unhappy that the fantasy she had carefully orchestrated was being upset by me. I took my cock and pressed it up against her, but I made sure not to slide it in. Instead, I kept rubbing my head up and down her slit. Meanwhile, my thumb rubbed her clitoris, moving around in rapid circles. Her angry expression was no longer able to remain on her face as the pleasure began to hit her.

“Ahh… ahhh… ahhh… fuh…aahhhh…” She moaned, her body shaking.

I waited until her moans grew, and then I slowed to nearly a stop, allowing her to calm down. Then I did it again, and then one more time. On the third time that I slowed down, she got annoyed.

“Stick it in already!”

I grinned. “You’ll need to beg if you want any more.”

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