Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“David… you are not the father!”

“N-no… why…” The man on the screen broke into tears.

“Hah! I told you!” The woman jumped and started pointing at the man. “You don’t get to stay in my home anymore. Get the fuck out!”

“I love him; I still want him in my life.”

“Tough, he ain’t yours. Get lost.”

I was watching an episode of Oprah, which functioned more like Jerry Springer. Everything was the same, but also different. Some things couldn’t change. Women still had the babies. A woman certainly couldn’t be confused whether she was the mother or not. Yet, in this world, men seemed to be protected if they got a woman pregnant. They would live in their house and take care of the child while the woman went off to work.

Women cheating on men wasn’t odd even before, but the women here seemed much more shameless and less prone to lying. The guys, on the other hand, would often act silent, or shameful, or bitchy. It had been three hours since that woman had left me in the motel room. I decided to stay for a bit. It really was a good place for me to clear my head.

Lying naked on the bed, still smelling of sex, I flipped through the channels one after another. A few shows were gender-swapped, but most weren’t. Although, the nature of the shows were completely different. The soaps had turned into crime dramas, and the crime dramas appeared to be romance stories.

I was still in the motel room, taking the strange woman’s advice and using the privacy to get my mind in order. That got boring pretty quick, so I took to watching television instead. Most of the day had passed by with me chilling in the room. I decided since it was on her dime, I’d raid the refreshment minifridge for food and drink. I even ordered a few movies, including one porn, billed to the room, of course.

The porn was similar to what I had seen on television. The focus was on the man, including many closeups of his dick and ass. Suffice it to say; it didn’t appeal to me at all. I watched a few movies too, and while they were similar to what I remembered, they were just as often different. I just couldn’t handle the differences and eventually stopped watching them. That left me with daily television, which I had been skimming through the last few hours. Of course, even that followed its course.

I raised the remote and turned the television off. I had seen enough to have a basic understanding of how this world functioned now. I was just trying to hide from my problems. It was around dinner time now, and mom would probably be wondering where I was. At this point, I had two options. I could hunker down and prepare to live my new life, or I could go out and take advantage of a new world.

If there was a God out there, there had to be a reason he put me in this world. I was reminded of Groundhog’s Day, where Bill had to relive the same day over and over again until he finally lived the perfect and selfless day. I didn’t have an eternity to grow as a person, and for all I know, the world could be back to normal the next time I bumped my head.

In that case, I should make a list of all the things I’ve always wanted to do. Maybe, if I filled out this checklist, my world would go back to the way it started. If it happened sooner than that, I’d only regret not living this fantasy to the fullest. I pulled out a pad of paper and pen from the nightstand and started writing while talking to myself.

“First off, no unprotected sex.”

STDs weren’t as prevalent in this world. It was harder for women to transfer STDs than men. Harder, but not impossible, and naturally there were slutty men who were promiscuous too. The rates were lower, but not to the point of being nonexistent. It was enough that I should be safe. Plus, I don’t want to end up with a baby.

“Get a Sugar Mommy,” I spoke while writing.

An older, yet still attractive rich woman who would buy me things for sex? Yes, please! I lived in a single-parent household with five siblings. You better believe I didn’t have much stuff of my own. All of my video games and consoles were second hand and purchased with birthday money from grandma. It would be so nice to have someone take me out or buy things for me.

“Bang really hot girls.”

I frowned after I wrote that down. It was easier written than said. Hot guys wouldn’t just fuck any girl with a pussy in my old world. I mean, at this rate, I could just say I want to sleep with a celebrity. I’m sure there were tons of women who wanted to screw Brad Pit, Idris Elba, or Ryan Gosling. That didn’t mean that they got to do it! I needed to be realistic here. I could fuck perverted, horny women, but it wasn’t like I could have anyone I wanted.

So, it stood to reason, and I couldn’t just act like a slut to get sex from an unusually hot girl. Furthermore, I didn’t even know any hot girls to chase. The hottest girls I knew were my own sisters. Maybe one of them had a hot friend I could fuck. Screwing my sister’s friend? That sounded great. After years of torture, it even felt a bit like vindication. I underlined that one.

“Strip at a bachelorette party.”

I blushed after I said it, but I still wrote it on the page. A bunch of drunk, horny girls, wanting you to dance? I mean, most guys wouldn’t dare to be a male stripper. You needed a certain degree of sexiness and talent to pull that off. However, just about any girl with a pretty face could strip. Well, maybe I’d never complete this part of my checklist. We’ll just call it brainstorming.

“Get a girl to pay for my dinner, and then ghost her!”

That might sound bitter, but I wanted to do it for all men who had that happen to them. It had never happened to me, but I had read girl chat online and had a few friends this happened to. After a guy buys them dinner and puts all this work into the relationship, the girl is just happy walking the other way and not even giving him the basic decency of saying she’s not interested.

“Of course! Two women at once. No… why stop there? How about an orgy! Like, five women!”

It could happen in this world. I could have a gang bang with a bunch of horny women. Did women in this world resist homosexuality like guys in my old world? I had to assume yes. It’d be a delicate process of finding women who were happy touching each other. First, I’d go two women, and then I’d build from there.

“Build a harem…”

It’s got to be possible. In my old world, there was no way I was charismatic enough to pull it off. Now though, if I found a group of girls who were on board, it’d be a rather easy matter.

“Sex with a stranger… well, I already fulfilled that one.”

I immediately marked it off the list. The woman who gave me this hotel room was someone I had never met before. It was pretty exciting having sex with her, and while I felt a bit sick at first, overall, I’d have to say I didn’t regret getting in her car.

“Sex with my sisters- ah… what am I thinking!’

I scribbled that one out until I almost tore the page. That was not going to end up on this list. They were my sisters. A little revenge was fine, but actually trying to seduce them was another matter. It’d be cruel for both of us.

“Sleep with a boss to keep job… ah… I need a job. Sleep with the boss to get a job!”

“Fuck pizza girl for the tip.”

“Molest girl on the bus.”

At this point, I was just writing down every sexual fantasy I could think of. There were entire genres online dedicated to this kind of thing, and they were typically my favorite kind of porn. As a man, you could only dream of a girl one day wanting to suck your cock for a tip or something. Now, with me, it was a very real possibility! Yet, was there nothing about this world I could take advantage of other than sex? There had to be some advantage women had over men.


Women sports were more popular than men sports here, but that didn’t mean I could be an athlete. I didn’t have super strength or anything. Guys were still guys. I may have surprised a single stranger by overpowering her in a situation when men from this world typically act meek, but it was too much to assume that I’d be competitive. Heck, I probably wouldn’t be competitive against women from this world. I could barely run a mile without collapsing.


I was in school. I had little chance of going to college before. However, now I was the equivalent of a girl by societies standard. Girls used to have special scholarships and were looked at differently than guys. I bet there were all-guy universities I could apply to, and maybe a slight edge of acceptance too. Everyone knew that they wanted more girls in STEM. That meant they needed guys in STEM in this world. Therefore, I could jump right into that field and be surrounded by women.

With that, I gave a sigh and looked over my list three times before gently folding it and placing it in my pocket.

“My future, huh?”

I had never thought about that before. All I did was play games, jack off, and sleep. Something about having my entire life turned upside down seemed to change that. Was it because I had sex for the first time? Was it because I was in a motel room having just played with a stranger? I didn’t know, but suddenly I was thinking about what I would do in the future.

Yet, which future was I going to live? Was the world going to go back to normal, or was I going to have to face a new standard of living?

I finally left the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I washed until I was clean, and then I left the motel room. I wasn’t very far from the house. It’d be a half-hour walk, so I left the key and started heading back home. It was now late in the evening. As long as I was home by 7 pm, mom probably wouldn’t worry too much.

Eventually, I made it back to where the woman had picked me up. My bike was no longer there. Someone had ended up stealing it after all. It was a piece of crap we bought from a garage sale anyway. Patting my pants which contained $200, I figured I could buy a new bike if I really wanted to. In a world filled with perverted women, I could probably make even more money doing things I’ve always wanted to do and thinking that made me feel a little sad though. I’d have to be doing it not with the people I wanted to. I was probably lucky that the strange girl was clean and normal looking. It wasn’t like this world had a shortage of ugly women.

Since makeup and nice fashion seemed not to be the focus of woman from this world, there were uglier women all around. Women who didn’t care about their appearance were many in this world. They didn’t care about their appearance probably because they didn’t have to in this world.

I shook my head, not wanting to think about it. Would I need to start wearing designer clothing and makeup just to get jobs? I really hoped not.

A small frown formed on my face as I got closer to the house. I saw a strange car in my driveway. As I got closer, I realized that there was a police car parked in front of my house. I continued to walk, and my frown deepened. I started to worry that something happened and that one of my sisters was hurt. As I got closer, I saw my mom standing on the front porch. She had a scowl on her face and her arms crossed. My three younger sisters and Mackenzie were standing outside too, with equally worried expressions on their faces.

They were talking to a policewoman, who was writing something down. It was at this point that Kelsey noticed me walking across the lawn. I was walking much faster now, and my heart clenched with fear that someone was hurt.

“It’s Noah! He’s here!” Kelsey cried out.

“Noah! Where have you been?” Mackenzie cried out, running over and grabbing my arm.

“Huh? Out? I yelled, didn’t I?”

“You’ve been gone all day!” she snapped angrily. “Anything could have happened to you?”

“Eh? I’m fine? It’s not even 8pm yet?”

“Noah is okay?” Mom yelled, her expression looking both relieved and furious.

“He’s okay, mom.”

Mom suddenly marched over to me and grabbed my other arm a bit hard. “What did you think you were doing?”

“Huh? I just needed some time to myself?”

“I found your bike just lying on the side of the street!” Mackenzie said, nearly in tears.

“We thought someone snatched you!”

“I’m sixteen…” I said in disbelief.

“Yeah? You’re a sixteen-year-old BOY!” Mom snapped. “Do you know what perverts could have done with you?”


“You! This isn’t a joke! One of our neighbors even said she saw you getting into a car with a strange woman.”

“Ah! That’s… that was nothing. They just offered a ride.”

Mom’s eyes narrowed. “How could you be so stupid! She could have kidnapped you! Raped you! Don’t you care?”

Her words were so abnormal, and I did something I absolutely shouldn’t have. I giggled. This was exactly the wrong thing to do. Mom’s face turned red. I had never seen her so angry, certainly not on my account.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on with you, but this is unacceptable! I have London out right now looking for you, and we thought you might have been kidnapped. How can you be so careless and inconsiderate!”

Seeing her expression, I was frozen like a deer in headlights. My eyes were wide, but I couldn’t say anything. Mom was actually shaking, and Mackenzie was glaring at me too. Kelsey and Kristy also wore angry expressions, but they looked like they were trying to emulate mom.

“I-I’m sorry…” I managed to mutter weakly, not sure what else to say.

“Get your ass inside! You’re grounded for a week!”

“What? But I wasn’t even gone that long!”

“Don’t start with me!”

She pointed to the house, but I couldn’t even bring myself to be angry. Instead, I just turned and walked into the house. Mom went to the policewomen and started to apologize for wasting their time. The policewomen assured her that this kind of thing happened all the time. The last thing I heard before I went inside was them advising her to teach me how to protect myself from female predators properly.

I went into my room and closed the door, moving to sit on my bed. I was still completely stunned. I had never expected in a million years that this would happen. I knew that mom was always strict on the girls to not stay out late and to let her know where they were. However, it wasn’t nearly to this level. Typically, she had never really cared when I returned home.

I wasn’t angry, though. I felt somewhat warm. Was that what it felt like to have someone worry about you? Guys were typically expected to just deal with it. At least, that was my experience. I pulled out my list I had made in the motel. I looked at it one more time, crumpled it up, and then tossed it in the trash. Let’s just let things play out one step at a time, for now.  

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